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Can a previous cortisone injection lead to knee bursitis?
In August I received a cortisone injection in my left knee for a degenerating meniscus. They gave me the injection because I wouldn't have enough time before leaving for school to have arthroscopic surgery. The pain came back fairly soon. I have been very active since being at school and about two weeks ago, I basically diagnosed myself with bursitis. The bursitis is in the same exact area that I was given the cortisone injection. Do these have a correlation?
Catrina Cropano
  I do have some trouble believing that everyone who is having these surgery's are all having the same problem. To find out if you do have something else other than a muscle that is tight and causing the problems you are asking about try these methods of releasing the muscles. If after you don't find any success then it will be off to the dr. A lot of people have found the answers in these so I hope they work for you also:
While sitting wrap both hands around one leg right behind the knee. With your fingers find the ligaments behind the knee, two on the inside and two on the outside, only one of them is part way up the outside of your leg. (About one inch or less from the one found inside the knee) Press into them with a good amount of pressure and hold tight. Now relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After on minute slowly slide that foot forward until your leg is fully extended. Remove the pressure but rest your leg there for one minute longer.
Kneecap: (Use a chair that has no cross members on it.)
While sitting start with your leg out in front of you extended out to a comfortable length. Wrap your hands around it so you have a good two inches working area. Place your thumbs about two inches behind your knee and press into the top middle of your leg hard and hold. Relax. After 30 seconds, slowly slide that leg back until it is pulled up under the chair as far as you can make it go. Then release the pressure but hold your leg there for one minute longer.
Douglas B
How long does pain in shoulder last after cortisone injection?
I had an injection of cortisone& lidocaine 3 days ago and am in servere constant pain with lack of mobility of that arm. Is this normal response to injection and will it clear up once the medication settles? How long should I expect for pain to last?
What's the closest thing to a cortisone injection that I can take w/o going to doctor?
What's the closest thing to a cortisone injection that I can take w/o going to a doctor?
My shoulder pain goes away immediately when I'm injected with cortisone.

I'm in a tournament so rest is not an option.

  otc painkiller--aspirin, acetamenaphin, alieve, (one of those otc brands for arthritis would probably do a good job), Goody's powder, etc. ?

Glucosamine pills, arthritis cream.

My bro has achey shoulders & takes Cherry (extract) pills. He's a huge guy, not easily medicated, has done a lot of heavy lifting over the years & has a warehouse job. Had this pain for years. He SWEARS by his cherry pills. When the ache starts, he takes just a couple or up to 4 over the course of the day & can tell a difference the next day.
  I need it for tmj
Dr some one
Can cortisone injection for shoulder bursitis make it worse?
Got a cortisone injection for my shoulder yesterday and it was more painful last night instead of less. Is this normal? Any other suggestions to decrease the pain?
  it probably hurt worse because the novacaine wore usually takes 2-3 days for the cortisone to fully kick in..try putting ice on it in the meantime
How much would a cortisone injection cost?
How much would a cortisone injection cost? I have no health ins right now so it would come out of pocket. I need it for my right elbow. I'm playing baseball and it bothers me when I swing/throw.
  You need to ask your doctor. Many clinics can offer payment plans if unable to pay up front.
What happens if a cortisone injection does not work?
I got a cortisone injection in the joint of my elbow yesterday, and i have to go back in 3 weeks with for a followup visit. My MRI and EMG came back relatively normal, just a decent amount of inflammation. I am a baseball player, play semi-professionally and in college. What would be the next step?
  Athletes are primarily given NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and steroid injections because it is the standard of care. Just because something is the standard does not mean it is correct. Cortisone and other steroid shots are given to athletes joints, especially the knees, when exercise and NSAIDs don’t relieve the pain. In essence, they are given because the family physician, team physician, or orthopedic surgeon has no more treatment options. As depicted in Prolo Your Sports Injuries Away! , continued pain in the athlete signifies that a structure is still injured. Nutritional supplements such as glucosamine, MSM, bromelaines and others help athletes heal sports injuries In addition, the athlete may need Prolotherapy to directly stimulate the joint or joint structures to heal.

It is commonplace of an athlete to have a sports injuries and go through exercise, physical therapy, NSAIDs, then a stronger NSAID, and eventually progress to cortisone shots. Once this level of care is reached it is only a matter of time before arthroscopies follow. Arthroscopies are offered to ‘clean up’ the area. They do not repair anything typically just scrape away damaged tissue. Well the athlete should be asking “why is the damage there?” It is there because of all the NSAIDs and steroid injections, which were given by the same physician that is going to the Arthroscopy and eventually the joint replacement.

If one looks at the pathophysiology of arthritis it is clearly a condition that occurs when a joint becomes loose because of ligament injury. Non-healed ligament injury causes an excessive amount of pressure on the other joint tissues such as the menisci. Once these go, the cartilage deteriorates. Arthritis means that the joint is deteriorated as manifested by a thinning or degeneration of the joint. Excessive bone forms to try and stabilize the joint which is loose from the underlying ligament laxity. Ligament laxity or weakness is thus the underlying problem in most degenerated joints. Because Prolotherapy gets at the root cause of arthritis it is very successfully in treating this disorder. Prolotherapy helps all stages of arthritis but is best done as early as possible. Prolotherapy can help stimulate the repair of all the structures inside the joint including the ligaments, tendons, menisci, cartilage, and joint capsule. Prolotherapy is the future of sports medicine and eventually will be the future of arthritis care.

It is extremely easy to prevent arthritis from forming. All an athlete has to do is heal completely all sports injuries. Since physicians who utilize Prolotherapy are experts in ligament injuries it is best to have one of them on the athletes treatment team. Prolotherapy physicians can help an athlete determine when complete healing has occurred. If an athletes ligaments and tendons are as strong or stronger than before the injury there is no risk for arthritis forming in the future. If an athlete continues to play on an injured joint or ligament then arthritis is sure to form. It has to! Arthritis is the bodies response to stabilize a loose joint. A bone spur or bone overgrowth is occurring because the underlying joint and joint stabilizing structures (ligaments) are still weakened and stretched. By obtaining Prolotherapy and strengthening the weakened structures, the impetus for the arthritis forming stops and so does the pain.
Is there a drug interaction with neurontin, ceftin, lisinopril or prevacid after a cortisone injection?
I just had a cortisone injection in my heel for a heel spur and I didn't think to ask if this would interact with my medicines. I listed my meds on the doctor form so I assume its okay. Thanks for any help. (I would call the doctor but they are closed for the day)
Why is my wrist bruised and painful after cortisone injection?
I recently (4 days ago) had a cortisone shot in my right wrist on the left side for my inflammed tendon. (De Quervain's Tenosynovitis) And I thought the pain would go away quickly but it is still painful to the touch and very bruised. My skin around the injection area is a dark purplish color. Is this normal?
  I had cortisone injection before and I understand what you mean. It should get better in a few days, but if it is still purple then I would call your doctor to ask him about that. I know that it lighten the skin pigment for months before it gets back to its regular color.
Has the cortisone injection given to me to reduce my scar made it worse?
I have a tint scar on my shoulder and mentioned it to my dermatologist, who then gave me a cortisone injection to reduce the scar/prevent it from expanding. The fluid immediately caused it to expand, but the dermatologist assured me that it would go down. Its been 3 days and the scar is harder, more swollen and is surrounded by what appears to be bruising and/or blood around surface. She is not willing to see me soon and I am concerned as the scar is now much more noticeable and red!!! Should I be concerned, or is it to soon to see a difference?
  Give it a few more days, it should go down.
Mr. Sonny
Cortisone Injection?
I've been suffering from a chronic shoulder injury for several years now and I've been to many doctors. My shoulder has recently started to improve but I, just today, went to see an orthopedic physician. The specialist recommended that I take a cortisone steroid injected into the joint combined with physical therapy. He gave me the shot, and not only did it NOT help my shoulder, but it seemed to have worsen the condition. Theres been extra pain and discomfort all day long, and I feel like I may have made a mistake accepting this injection into my system. Can one of these injections permanently mess me up? Can someone tell me more about these injections. Recommending that I "consult my doctor" really doesnt do much good since he seems to be always in a rush and isn't able to take the time to answer my questions...
  It would be pretty rare to have a true traumatic event that caused mechanical damage from a cortisone injection. It is common to have more pain for the first couple days after the injection...mostly due to the nature of injection and also stretching of the capsular tissues with injection of the fluid. There is some discussion as to wheather steroidal anti-inflammatories is detremential to the healing process of torn tendons. In otherwords, if you had a large rotator cuff tear, this may be thought to weaken what was left of the tendon. Yet, realistically, if you had a tear that was that large anyway, you would've most likely needed surgery in the long run.

I would give the injection a couple days and the initial inflammation from the injection should subside and the cortisone should take effect.
Cortisone injection....?
I had a cortizone injection in my back yesturday and it was in the spine. I was told that I would be given a sedative for it and that I should expect to be in a lot of pain. When I did get the injection, I didn't get any sedative and it really didn't hurt that much. It felt more like getting blood drawn but with a little more pressure. After having it done, it was a little sore but could still get around without too much pain. Is this really normal and has anyone else experienced this before?

I'm not complaining any, but I was expecting it to be much worse since I did get the injection in the spine. I have been told by others who have gotten them that they do hurt a lot when you get them in any kind of joint.
I do go to Physical Therapy, have tried heat and cold and it doesn't work, and I am also on prescription anti-inflammitories and pain meds. So far the Physical Therapy and exercises and the pain pills have been the only thing to help.
  Well i have had many in my ankle and if they don't do it right it hurts like they probably did it right........Flo
How to get rid of wrinkles due to prolonged use of cortisone?
After prolonged use of cortisone, there are wrinkles on my daughter's neck and the front part of the elbows and other areas with creases. Is there any way to cure or get rid of them?
She's been using cortisone because of eczema and the doctor never warned us about prolonged use.
If there are solutions and suggestions I would appreciate it if you post them here.
Thanks in advanced!
The Puti.
  My daughter has had eczema ever since she was an infant and she has had that same problem due to the medications prescribed to her. The only cure I have found for was to change her lotions, soap and detergent to natural products. Her skin, especially dry, wrinkly patches got better within a couple weeks. She rarely gets flare ups now.

Hope this helps!
Lily Ryan
Does any of these contain Cortisone?
Few years ago a dr put me on Cortisone eye drops which increased my eyes pressure. When I went to my original dr she told me that I could lose my sight, because my eye pressure was very high. It was 30 in both eyes.

Anyway, now I use a product (decongestant, antiseptic & anti-histaminic) called Ocumethyl which contains the following:
1- zinc sulphate B.P
2- Naphazoline hydrochloride U.S.P.
3- Diphenhydramine hydrochloride B.P
4- Methylene blue E.P

Does any of those ingrediants contains Cortisone?
  None of the ingredients you list are compounds themselves. They are individual components of the compound that makes your medicine what it is. If the Ocumethyl had cortisone in it it would list it as a separate ingredient. Hopefully your pharmacist and your doctor would know if cortisone were in your meds, and if it is important to stay away from it you should make double sure that they know about that.... Good luck!
how do I use cortisone pills?
i have 30 pills of Cortisone Acetate 25mg. how should i use them and for how long ? and if i stop taking them after i finish them, am I gonna have side efects?
Nick K
  If these were prescribed by your doctor, you should have the instructions. If they were not prescribed by your doctor, you should NOT be taking them as it can cause problems. Usually Cortisone pills are used for adrenal problems. I would suggest you talk to your doctor before taking anything!!!!!!
For treatment of severe Crohn's Disease, what are the benefits/side-effects of cortisone vs mesalamine enemas?
At various times, my daughter has been on either cortisone or mesalamine daily enemas, to treat her severe Crohn's Disease. Right now, it is the cortisone variety. What experiences have any of you Crohn's patients had with benefits and/or side-effects of either of these treatments? Can cortisone enemas cause side-effects similar to those of oral prednisone (weight-gain, "moon face"...)? Thank you!
My daughter is in the care of a great gastro. practice at a regional children's hospital. She does take a double-dose of Remicade, every eight weeks. Despite that, she was hospitalized all of November and was on the usual mega i.v. prednisone, TPN, etc. While in the hospital, they had her using some type of suppository and a mesalamine enema. Upon her discharge, they discontinued the suppository and prescribed a cortisone-based enema. She was able to start tapering down on her prednisone fro 60mg/day and is now at 15mg/day. This time around, her body hasn't noticeably gained weight, but her face in huge. (Of course, I do not hint to that!). My question about the cortisone enemas boils down to whether her being on them could be prolonging the length of time for some of her prednisone-related side-effects to wan away, What are your thoughts?
Elisabeth L
  Hi Elisabeth, if your daughter is in a big flare, why isn't the GI trying Remicade, Humira, or Entocort to get things under control? Is she on any pain meds to be made comfortable? Make sure she is on something as she has that right to be.

When I was younger, I found that the enemas really didn't help so I was on oral steroids until they stopped working at 80 mg and needed surgery to improve my quality of life.

Check out the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation for more information. They have live chats, a hotline, an open forum, plus they have meetings for kids under age 18 as well as their parents.

I know it's hard to watch your child suffer, educate yourself, ask the GI questions or even attend a CCFA meeting to talk to those who are in the same boat as yourself. Best of luck to you.

In regards to your question 4 days ago:

If I were you:I'd attend one of the CCFA support meetings & ask the members about their experience w/these meds, and then I'd ask the GI or pharmacist. But that's just me.
common sense
Does this eye drops contains cortisone?
I use a decongestant, antispectic and anti-histaminic Eye drops that contains the following
Each 10 ml contains:
Zinc sulphate 10mg
Naphazoline hydrochlorise 10mg
Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 10mg
Methylene blue 0.3mg

Does any of these components contains any form of cortisone?
Thanks for help
Zinc is Zinc
Naphazoline is an non steroidal anti-inflammatory (like motrin)
Diphenhydramine is Benadryl
Methylene blue is color
Bill K
How do you handle injection site reactions to vivitrol?
Is there anyone who has had injection site issues with this shot? I have had a hard time finding answers that I need about the injection reaction I am having.
which is stronger cortisone or solu medrol for Sciatica pain?
I have a bad sciatica pain in my right leg. It feels numb all the time. I am not sure if Solu medrol is better or Cortisone is better in terms of strength?
  Unfortunately each person is different in terms of reaction to certain steroids. Not sure if you're looking at taking these orally or through an injection but I put some links below to help you out.
Are the drugs Decadron & Solu-medrol the same thing?
Would they ever be mixed and given as a single injection?
Decadron can be injected- I have had the injections many times before.
I went to the doctor for sinusitis and received an injection. The doctor said it was a steroid shot and I received a bill for a $70.00 injection.

The bill shows it is Solu-Medrol and Decadron injection combined.
It's Just Me
  Are they the same? Yes and No. They are both glucocorticoids but chemically not the same. Decadron is dexamethasone. Solu-Medrol is methylprednisolone. They shouldn't be mixed together.

EDIT: I've looked in all of my injectable medication compatibility references. There are no references to either support or denounce mixing them together. My statement above is based on the fact that there is no evidence which says it's OK to mix.
Itchy red bump from bicillin injection?
Hi, about two weeks ago I got a bicillin injection for strep throat. It was a large dosage so it had to go in my left buttock. Now I have had a large itchy red lump in the same spot where I had the injection, I've had it for about three days now. What's going on? Should I be concerned?
m&fn princess
  I would check with the doctor. Sounds like an allergic reaction of some sort, or the spot could be infected.
Hgh injection(somatropin) injection pain/info needed.?
Hi, i'm taking hgh injections(somatropin) at 2.8 a dose. My problem here is that with every injection regardless of the place i feel a very odd discomforting pain. It is annoying but i can deal with it, my only question is am i getting the full effect of the medicine with this pain? i know i'm doing it right but could the pain mean something along the lines of absorbtion?
  Are you treating yourself?

dangerous stuff.
My doctor has me scheduled to have 6 celestone injections in my back. Is this too many?
Celestone injections are similar to cortisone shots, which is probably what's typically used. Celestone is Betamethasone (coricosteroid) which as explained to me is stronger version of regular cortisone. I've had some people tell me to not get more than 2 or 3 because these types of shots can weaken tendons and connective tissue. The dosage of the medicine is 6mgs. Am I worrying unnecessarily, or is this a legitimate concern? I'll be talking to the Dr in a few days, and wanted to get some insight first. Thanks
Ellis J
  I wouldn't say it is safe for babies:

Always question your doctor. Have you seen a chiropractor or ND for this condition? If not, I would suggest going that rout before filling your body with toxic substances.
suggestion for Hip Bursitis care?

I am 42 year old healthy woman.. suffering from pain in my right hips since last couple of months.. today went to ortho specialist for check up.. after checking he said what I am suffering from is - Hip Bursitis.. he gave me cortisone injection surprisingly it did not effected me and prescribed pain killer Sulindac 150 mg tablets..

My Hip xray looked good.. Doc said apart from this he can not help me much..did not suggested physical therapy or any suitable exercise to relive this chronic pain.. I was very disappointed

so Pls suggest me any other treatments, exercises that can help me and share you stories

Thanks in advance
Arun's Mum
  I have been suffering from that for 8 years now, I have had 3 cortisone shots and been prescribed physical therapy and anti inflammatory and unfortunately nothing has helped. I do find that massaging the area with icy hot can be a small help for short periods of time
okay what can i use for this itchy to stop!!!!!!!!?
ok i been using cocoa butter to masturbate i know, you not suppose to i just found out now i got 4 creams here which one can i use to make it back normal again?? first on CORTISONE CREAM 1/2% SENSITIVE SKIN 1/2% HYDRO CORTISONE ACETATE ANTI-ITCH CREAM or Triple antibiotic ointment or TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT PLUS or Triple Antibiotic which one??? sorry for the rudeness but it hurts like hell
John Doucette
I'm taking Tapazole for my hyperthyroid diagnosis.I've noticed weight gain. Is this normal?cortisone involved?
I was prescribed Tapazole for my Hyperthyroid problem a few months ago. I've notice some weight gain. I was wondering if the Tapazole might contain Cortisone as an ingredient in this medication. I can't stop using this medication-it's for life. Thanks in advance...
How long does a Haldol injection last?
If a person was brought to a hospital in an agitated delirious state and they received a Haldol injection to calm them down, how long would it take the injection to start working? And how long would it last?

I'm not wondering about the Haldol shots that you get every 6 weeks to combat schizophrenia, but instead the kind of emergency shot that attempts to halt a psychotic episode.
  There is considerable variation from patient to patient in the amount of medication required for treatment. As with all drugs used to treat schizophrenia, dosage should be individualized according to the needs and response of each patient. Dosage adjustments, either upward or downward, should be carried out as rapidly as practicable to achieve optimum therapeutic control.

Haldol administered intramuscularly in doses of 2 to 5 mg, is utilized for prompt control of the acutely agitated schizophrenic patient with moderately severe to very severe symptoms. Depending on the response of the patient, subsequent doses may be given, administered as often as every hour, although 4 to 8 hour intervals may be satisfactory.

The bioavailability is 100% and the very rapid onset of action is seen within about ten minutes. The duration of action is 3 to 6 hours. If haloperidol is given as a slow IV infusion, the onset of action is slowed, but the duration prolonged compared to IM injection.

God bless & take care as always.........
Are you on LUNELLE?
Hey, when you start on Lunelle, the birth control injection, you don't give yourself the injection, right? Do you have to go into the doctor and have them give you the injection?
Nourah Amber
  I had considered Lunelle back in the late 90s (and it went off the market as far as here in the U.S. back around 2000) because I liked the idea of not taking a pill every day.

To get the injection you have to go to the doctor's office to get it. No self injecting involved.

I hope that Lunelle comes back to the U.S. so that there's another option available to women besides Depo-Provera. If it is back now that's great.
does the antibiotic sulfamethoxazole with tmp come as an injection?
If so, can you give an 16 month old infant this injection?
Edith E
  Bactrim DS which is the the name brand for this drug is available for IV ( intra venous) administration, but not for IM ( a shot in the muscle. So Yes, your 16 month old can recieve this drug and it is approved for usuage in their age for certain infections IV.
Yvette C
Is bleeding normal when giving myself a Byetta injection?
I just started Byetta this morning. I put it about 3 inches away from my belly button, like the nurse said who showed me how to give myself the injection. I didn't bleed when I did the practice shot with her. This morning I set up my new pen and gave myself the first injection, and when I took it out I was bleeding a little. Is this something to worry about? What if it happens again tonight? I looked and didn't see any blood around the needle when I took it out, so it happened when I took the needle out, not going in.
  i get bleeding everyday, nothing to worry about, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't tbh u just have to live withit like me! x
What hcpcs code do I use for Bupivacaine(marcaine) injection?
We file our claims electronically through WebMD. Although I haven't found any insurance company that pays seperately for S0020(Marcaine injection) most of them will accept the claim through the clearinghouse and then deny the line item on the claim for marcaine. However, Medicare claims with this code will not even get through the clearinghouse. I've been taught that you bill all insurance companies the same. So in this situation I really don't know what to do. Either find a suitable code for Marcaine or stop billing for it all together and my doctor will not go for that. Help!
The Bupivacaine is not given via an infusion pump, it's drawn together with lidocaine and kenalog and given as an injection into a joint. Would you still use the J7799 for injection of Bupivacaine?
Kimberly A
  S0020 is not valid for Medicare.
You will have to use J7799 with a description of the drug.
Hydro-cortisone contribute to lines and wrinkles???Psoriasis and chemical peels?
I use hydro-cortisone to help control my psoriasis on my face. Being out in the sun helps to keep my face clearer, but neither of them completely clear it up. I used diprolene which worked great, but it stopped my periods for 6 months, gave me multiple bloody noses a day, and caused hair loss. I don't want to take any drugs that increase my risk of skin cancer. I'll take my chances with the sun.

I have noticed that I'm getting fine lines on my face. I'm getting older, I get that. I haven't used sunscreen in over a dozen years. What I find interesting is that I only have lines on my forehead where I've used the hydro-cortisone cream. It is on the inside part of the car, so it's not like it's getting more sun exposure then the other side. I also use salicylic acid face wash too. Of course I use it on my entire face.

I also have severe psoriasis on my scalp. Of course the sun can't get there. If I perm or color it, the chemicals actually burn it severely. It all scabs up, sometimes bleeds for a day, then it is clear for about a couple weeks. Do you think a chemical peel would help the facial psoriasis?? Have you heard of anything that I could try???

I'm really sick of dealing with it. I'm very self conscious about it on my face. At least it isn't visible in my hair.
  Steroid creams thins the skin, especially face skin. So it is not a good idea to use them for a long period of time. Natural remedies worked better than anything else I've tried for my psoriasis(I had it on the skin and on the scalp). I used serenaskin psoriasis remedies - ointment and spray on the skin, and psoriasis extract - internally. This treatment cleared my skin in a few weeks. Extract keeps breaks out away.
Copaxone shot injection sites really acting up?
have been on copaxone for MS for 2 weeks now. my injection site's have become very very swollen and very very itchy and very painful also very hot! even the ones i have done almost a week ago. any help as to what might be going on would be great thanks!
mother of two awesome girls!!
  call your doctor and/or go to the ER.
nancy jo
Thyrogen injections for Thyroid cancer?
has anyone had these treatments for a radioiodine injection and scan? I am having my first injection on monday and i have to do something quite important later that day. i'm wondering about any side effects....did you feel jittery or nauseous or anything else i should know about that might prevent me from going about my day???
any information would be greatly appreciated!!
  I had thyrogen a couple months ago. I didn't have any side effects. The whole appointment took about 2 minutes and I went straight to work afterwards. Nausea is listed as a possible side effect, but it's a small % of people.
bicillin (antibiotics) injection question?
i recently had this injection but i forgot to inform my doctor that i was diagnosed with colitis and kidney stones the year before by another doctor. will this be a problem?
Mister Mister
I went to the ER tonight for severe back spasms and i was given a injection of something called toradol.?
I was just wondering has anyone heard of this stuff??
I have never had it and was wondering if anyone knew how safe it was.
Also, if I did have a reaction to it or was allergic to it how soon would I know? The injection site burns.
  Yeah toradol is the only NSAID (antiinflammatory like advil) available through the IV. It's pretty much the same as advil but a bit more powerful. It goes into the muscle usually so that might be the burn, it'll go away though.
Is there an allergy pill that is similar to a celestone allergy injection?
I have tried several allergy pills over the years, they are now all over the counter and don't work. When I get a celestone allergy injection it works right away, is there a pill similar to that injection?
Pipe Creek
  Celestone injections work for you because this is a "corticosteroid". (IT is not the same as illegal steroids that athletes use to bulk up.) It is actually NOT an allergy med -- it stops the allergic response in a totally different way. I imagine you are NOT getting these very frequently! If you are getting them frequently, your doctor is mis-using them.

Is your doc using this medicine to stop an asthma attack? There are good asthma pills that are taken daily, of different sorts, to help prevent asthma attacks. People with asthma also use "rescue inhalers" (they breathe in the medicine) that have steroids in them to stop a wheezing attack.

There ARE oral (taken by mouth) corticosteroid pills, but these types of steroids are typically an emergency type measure, for after a very bad allergic reaction.

If you are very allergic, you'd also want to consider carrying an epi-pen at all times. This in a medicine that is injected by needle when you have a bad reaction to food or insect bites.

I have found the allergy pills that are supposed to be "non-sedating" (don't make you sleepy) to not be too effective, either! The only one that works for me is tripolidine, which WILL make you sleepy. It's in Actifed and the generic equivalent of Actifed. You must ask for it at the pharmacist's counter, tho, because it has another ingredient in it that the pharmacists must register.

Be sure to ALWAYS tell any doc or NP (Nurse Practitioner) or PA (physician's assistant ) about ALL the medicines, herbs, vitamins, supplements, etc. (including herbal drinks and teas) that you are taking, as some medicines or herbs might interfere with other ones.

Have you considered allergy shots? For me, they have made a major difference in my life: i can be outside, or go to a friend's house with a cat or dog, but before the shots i could not do this. I carry an epipen and an inhaler at all times. I also wear a necklace with an alert on it that i have asthma.

I hope you are seeing a CERTIFIED allergist for your allergy management!

i hope this helps!

kathy MSN, RN
Where can i give myself a Glycopyrrolate injection Shot?
i read online that it can be used to treat my serous hyperhidrosis problem...its ruining my life,sweating for no reason--all over my face,hair and neck....

and i cant find any glycopyrrolate tablets...only injection

where on my body do i inject it?
Le Darkness
Zoladex Question -- First Injection this Monday...?
I will be going for my first and only injection on Monday for Zoladex to stop my periods before my endometrial ablation next month. What are the side effects? Pls inform. Serious answers only... Thanks! :)
  I have used Zoladex 3 times to help treat endometriosis. Some side effects you may notice is that of possible hotflashes, headaches (to start off with), some weight gain or weight loss.

If you need to talk some more about this please feel free to e-mail me off site any time.
Has anyone had an endometrial ablation without having the Lupron injection?
I've heard that some people have horrible reactions to the Lupron Depot injection and my ob/gyn is willing to do my ablation without the shot, but it may not be as effective. Just wondering if anyone else has gone this route and was it successful?
Tracey B
  I didn't have the Lupron injection and 18 months later all is well.....

Of course I had a false cycle right after the procedure for about a week and some pain (very mild) nothing compared to the other gyno procedures I've had done.

My cycles are minimal (if any....light spotting for about a day or nothing at varies) the painful, heavy, excessive periods are gone. I was told that sometimes a few people have to repeat the procedure in a few years but I've been pleased since mine.

Good luck.
What is a Thyrogen Injection?
I am having my second series of scans following my thyroid cancer treatment. I was told I could have a Thyrogen Injection which would spike my hormone levels and they could perform my tests without me having to go off my thyroid medicine. Are there any side effects to it and what exactly does it do?
  Thyrogen is a recument TSH and you won't have to go hypo for a scan. It lessens the time you are hypo, when you are hypo this causes the cancer to be unsupressed so the shorter time the cancer has to grow the better. I have a support site for thyroid cancer, maybe you might want to join and talk to others with cancer. There is also a free LID cookbook for you
How many stereoisomers are possible for cortisone acetate?
is there any continual feed system similar to a baclofen pump, that can be used to deliver valium?
Looking for a better delivery system for valium other than by pill. Need to have a slower and more even release. Injection into the muscle works but not fesiable. An IV injection is too much too fast.
matt b
  I don't believe so. At least not that I have heard of yet. Would be nice though, I agree.
Momma P
Am I paying too much for arestin? What should I do?
I had a deep cleaning visit and was not told that arestin would be injected soon after the cleaning. The cost of one injection per tooth was $110 and my insurance does not cover for the same.
What should I do? I was asked to pay upfront.
From what I understand in this website the price for one injection is not more than $50.
Please advise.
  Get into a discussion about cost, make it clear you would like to know the charges for what is being done, and you need to be aware of what YOUR plan covers and does not cover....every plan is different and it is YOUR responsibilty to get the information.
Does Ketotifen Fumarate 0.025% eye drops contains Cortisone?
  Each mL of ZADITOR™ or equivalent contains: Active: 0.345 mg ketotifen fumarate equivalent to 0.25 mg ketotifen.
Inactives: glycerol, sodium hydroxide/hydrochloric acid (to adjust pH) and purified water. Preservative:
benzalkonium chloride 0.01%. I see no cortisone listed
Is there any body who has the experience of taking entecavir/injection of pegylated interferon ? 10 7IU?
Is it true that the side effects of injection pegylated interferon may hurt immunity so the body can no longer make blood ?
  thats a toughy
does anyone know about the blood thinner lovenox injection?
I had two miscarriages the doctor put me on loveox because he says I have blood a clotting disorder and the lovenox injection may prevent me from miscarring again but I'm scared that it may harm the baby, but then again I don't want to miscarry again. We really want to have this baby, does anyone have any advice for me, I go see my gynocologist tomorrow.
Ms Tracey Lyn
  Lovenox has been used for a long time and has a proven track record to prevent blood clots. I'm not too sure about using it in your case, but just either ask the pharmacist as they are experts in the field of pharmacology, or try reading the pamphlet that comes with it. Both of these have vast information about the medication, it's uses and side effects. Then if you're still not sure you have the answer you're looking for then ask the doctor. Remember to make a list too, as to the exact questions you need the answers to. The last thing you need is to be stressed out because of worrying about a medication you're not sure on taking. List the questions concerning how this will effect you and your unborn child as it develops in your uterus. Please try to make this the wonderful part of your life it should be by putting the answer to this question out of your mind. Good luck and God Bless
Heparin Sodium Injection alternative?
My wife suppose to take Heparin Sodium Injection daily 2 times. It is so painful. Do we have alternative for this injuction ? Please share some ideas

Seriously, this is where the homeopathy/mystic crystal revelation stuff gets people hurt or worse. Heparin is an effective, predictable and carefully-prescribed drug. It has no equal, rival or parallel in modern medicine.
What to do about infection from IV?
Nurse inserted IV incorrectly in vein on left hand last Sunday. Another nurse opened a vein in opposite arm and I was released the same day
My left arm is painful and has begun to swell. I am taking 500 mg penicillin for tonsillitis infection and 75 mg cortisone acetate for adrenal insufficiency with instructions to reduce dosage to 37.5 per day over the next 10 days
Arm is bothering me. Soaked it in epsom salts the last two days but it remains same. Thought being on Penicillin and Cortisone would resolve this problem too.
It's hell to be an old woman! (64)
I've been on steroids since I was 22 for adrenal insufficiency with side effects appearing the last few years: loosing elasticity in skin; cataracts; limited resistance to illnesses.
Awaiting for diabetes - seems to be the only side effect I don't have - or maybe I do and don't know it.
I know I should return to hospital and show them my arm, but don't want to to sit in Emergency for half a day.
  Apply ice. Otherwise, apply icthammol glycerine with cotton twice a day. There may be staph. infection, which is penicillin resistant. Take cloxacillin, flucloxacillin or methicillin. Fucidin applied locally is also effective for staph.
I have to have an injection tomorrow,very worried?
I have to have an injection in my buttocks tomorrow,I'm terrified of needles,will I have to remove my briefs completely for the shot? The shot is Bicillin for my strept throat,and how bad will it hurt? Can my briefs stay up for the shot,or do they have to be removed?
Matt Mitchell
  Matt, you will be fine. Most of the time, Strep throat bacterial infection is treated with antibiotic pills taken over a couple of days. A "shot", when given, is always given in one buttock, either one, in the upper outer quadrant. You will not need to remove your briefs, but only to lower the back brief side half-way to expose the upper, outer half on one side. The shot does not hurt any more than a mosquito's sting. I always look away when I get any shots in my butt or arm. Try it. As for any shyness about exposing your butt or genitals, you should routinely have to do so every year when you get an annual physical exam during which the physician needs to check your groin for any hernia and perhaps feel each testicle to see that they are in place and normal in size and consistency. This the doctors do routinely many, many times with no embarrassment. Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Untreated strep throat can result in serious and permanent body damage to the heart and/or kidney.
norton g
I'm getting an injection tomorrow,worried?
I have to have an injection in my buttocks tomorrow,I'm terrified of needles,will I have to remove my briefs completely for the shot? The shot is Bicillin for my strept throat,and how bad will it hurt? Can my briefs stay up for the shot,or do they have to be removed?
Matt Mitchell
  At least one of your buttocks (butt cheeks) will have to be exposed. It will hurt some, but the benefits you'll receive from the medicine towards your strep throat far out weigh the minor pain and embarrassment you'll have to deal with.
If you are bothered by the sight of needles, just ask the doc to keep it out of your field of vision prior to receiving the shot.
It will all be over in a few seconds and then your throat will start to get better. You most likely will feel an improvement when you wake up the following day.
I have to have an injection tomorrow?
I have to have an injection in my buttocks tomorrow,I'm terrified of needles,will I have to remove my briefs completely for the shot? The shot is Bicillin for my strept throat,and how bad will it hurt? Can my briefs stay up for the shot,or do they have to be removed?
Matt Mitchell
please help, anyone answer..? ?
I was just recently prescribed the sumatriptan succinate injection for severe Migraines.

I injected it into my thigh, following the directions.

After I injected it then I got really dizzy, a tingly/burning feeling in my nose, and felt a bit nauseous.

I was reading the pamphlet that came in the box and it said it might be red and sore at the injection site for about an hour.

I injected it about 10 hours ago, yet it still hurts terribly.
It hurts to walk, and it hurts to put the slightest pressure on it.

I dont bruise easily, and have never had this happen with shots before.

What could causing it to be so painful?

I injected it yesterday and today it is still sore as well as a black and clue bruise all around the injection site. I do not bruise easly and this has never happened with shots before.

has anyone else had this problem? is there something I can do to reduce the pain while injecting the medicine and keep it from bruising?
marine wifey {Sharpie}
Other than telling you to call your doctor, the thigh hurts the most. ask your doc. if you can inject it into your buttock. if so, imagine each individual buttock is divided into quarters, or imagine 4 circles touching each other in a square pattern. The upper, outer quarter, or outer, upper circle (towards your side, not your spine) is the “safe spot” to avoid other important structures like nerves or large blood vessels. Remember the idea is to inject into the thickest part of the muscle, so feel around within the selected area for a thick place and avoid areas that feel “shallow” or close to bone.
but never int he same spot two times in a row.
as far as your medicine, here is some info.
they also have a nasal spray and a pill.
some side effects, are Injected sumatriptan may cause the following side effects:

A feeling of warmth or coldness
Burning at the injection site

However, this should not be used in conjunction with certain antidepressants. only use when needed, taking too often will cause the headaches to hurt worse when it wears off.

But most importantly,
Do callyour doc. it shouldnt hurt for this long. but if its the first time expect your body to not be used to it.
Good luck,
Try some stress relievers like yoga or meditation, a nice bath, compresses on your head,etc.
I hope you feel better.
Can you tell me about a cortione drug called ACTH?
It is a form of cortisone based on adrenaline glands.
Charlie V
  ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) has a therapeutic category of Adrenal Corticosteroid. Brand name is Acthar; generic name is corticotropin.

Its uses: Infantile spasms; diagnostic aid in adrenocortical insufficiency; acute exacerbations of multiple sclerosis; severe muscle weakness in myasthenia gravis.

Dosage forms are injection, gelatin.

Try searching for "corticotropin" (the generic term) if you are unable to find it by the Brand name, Acthar.

This website:

is from WebMd Health (drug search for corticotropin). It will lead you to numerous conditions that the drug treats...
Why do doctors prescribe D2 when D3 is more effective?
When I first diagnosed with osteomalacia, and a vitamin D level of 5, I was given an oral dose of Sterogyl 600,000iu (D2-ergocalciferol). There was no improvement.
Two months later, I was given an injection of Sterogyl, again 600,000 iu of Ergocalciferol (D2).
I did some reading, and saw that findings proved that D3 was far more effective.
I therefore took 5000 iu of D3 (cholecalciferol) daily, and went on holidays to a sunny beach side resort where I exposed my skin between 1pm and 2pm every day.
I did this for a month - after two weeks, I was in a lot less pain, and at the end of the month, my blood tests showed my Vit D had raised to 90.
I went back home, and following doctors orders I had the second and final injection of Sterogyl 600,000 iu (D2-ergocalciferol) exactly 2 months after the 1st injection.
Over the next 4 weeks following the 2nd injection, I got sicker and sicker, and my blood test showed that my Vit D level had fallen to 18.
Obviously, the injection of Sterogyl (D2) had nothing to do with my improvement the first time, as proven by the lack of effect of the 2nd injection.
My question is - Why do doctors prescribe D2 (ergocalciferol) when D3 (cholecalciferol) has been proven to be more effective? Has anyone actually gotten better on ergocalciferol?
"Found this while researching the topic
"there is no such thing as prescription vitamin d3 is because d3 is a natural substance and d2 is a synthetic substance. A natural substance can't be patented and natural substances can't be labeled as 'drugs' and therefore can't be made into a prescription."


For Tink - How can you generalize on a subject that you obviously do not have the foggiest idea what is actually being prescribed?? Most Doctors certainly do NOT prescribe D3 - to say otherwise is a lie...ironic that you treat Nosey as a liar...
  They only prescribe D2 because it's written up in their practise protocols that they follow blindly. They don't read orthomolecular medicine journals or keep up with the holistic journals and studies.They get no lectures on nutrition at medical school.
Conventional medicine is being run by the drug companies.
No one has ever benefitted from D2 because it's useless. It's also the form of D that's added to "fortified" foods.
Good for you that you did your own research. In effect you cured yourself.
So now you've found out for yourself that the person with the greatest interest in your health and wellbeing is you, and that when you get "medical advice" you're best off checking things out to make sure it really is the best thing.
How does penicillin affect my Depo Provera contraceptive injection?
I have been using the contraceptive inject (depo provera) for a year and and i have recently developed tonsilitus and my doctor proscribed penicillin. Will this do anything to the affectiveness of my injection as i have been told it does with the pill.
  Apparently not as depo is directly administered and doesn't require to be absorbed through your gut..
Where in minnesota can i buy b-12 that is hydroxocobalamin injection type?
I am looking for a pharmacy in minnesota that sells a form of vitamin B-12 - hydroxocobalamin that is of an injection type. It would be multi-dose (10cc vial). It would contain 1000mcg/ml of vitamin B-12
  You cant,and you wont!!!
Is it possible to join the British Air Corps if I have allergic reactions or anaphylaxis requiring adrenalin?
I suffer anaphylaxis requiring adrenaline injection. I have never used an injection but was told to carry one when I was stung by a bee when I was three. I didn't have much of a reaction but allergies can change over time. Does this mean I am not eligible to join the British Air Corps? Can I get rid to the allergy?
Graham Kelly
  my friend served 18 years in the US Navy with severe anaphylatic allergies to bee stings she served in dessert storm as far as getting rid of allergy go to medical doctor may be able to desensitize you however this does not work on ALL PEOPLE
pecola princepessa
What should I do if 2 of my 5 cartridges of insulin (Levemir) in one box cracked?
I have been diabetic since 1990, so insulin is not a new thing to me. I have been using insulin cartridges for at least 9 years. This is the first time not 1, but 2 vials have cracked on me. Both vials looked visually ok and after 1 injection they cracked and while I was giving myself my next injection. I am curious what I should do, or if anyone else out there has had this problem..
  Return them to the pharmacy asap for replacement.

IF they refuse, call the company. You should find their number in the insert in the box, with the insulin.

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