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How soon would I have an allergic reaction to Diflucan after taking it?
I had a very bad localized allergic reaction to some of the external yeast infection cream that I used (severe swelling and inflamation of the area). I just took Diflucan a little bit ago and now I am worried that I might have an adverse reaction to this as well since it could be in the same family of medication as the one I was allergic to. How long would it take for me to have a severe reaction if I were going to have one? I just want to know at what point I am safe.
Amy G
  First if you used one of the two OTC creams it is not in the same family.
Second if you are going to have a reaction to it the reaction should show up from 45 minutes to 4 hours.
Good Luck
Royce Ann M
Anyone know of anyone who had a severe allergic reaction after drinking a mixed drink called a yegerbomb?
My brother consumed 2 shots of jagermeister mixed with the energy drink roaring lion and had a severe allergic reaction to something in it he is currently in the intensive care unit on a breathing machine and i was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who also had an allergic reaction to this drink my brothers symptoms started as a rash all over his body and eventually his throat closed on him any help would be greatly appreciated
  sounds like he got a bad case of the hives.
i never heard of anyone having an allergic reaction, but it doesn't surprise me. has he ever drank jager before? has he ever had roaring lion before? one of them caused the reaction.
i've also hear that energy drinks mixed with alcohol are very dangerous for your liver and can cause some kind of toxic shock.
Has anybody had an allergic reaction to yaz? How long did it take to show up?
I just started yaz today, and i'm allergic to NSAID and sulfa based drugs, so i'm super careful with meds b/c i've had several severe allergic reactions to NSAIDS, I have an epipen, but if i hadn't i probably wouldn't have survived. So now i freak out every time i take a new med, so anybody had an allergic reaction to yaz? How long did it take to show up? Thanks for all ur answers!
  My sister had an allergic reaction the same day she started taking it.
Is it ok to stay home from work because a severe allergic reaction on my legs?
Because of a on the job accident, I received a tetanus shot which I had an allergic reaction to. The reaction has now spread to my legs... I know its not contagious but my legs are swollen and itchy!
  It sure is.
All you do is call off and say you are sick.
How common is it to have severe allergic reaction to the mri dye? what are the common symptoms?
I have food allergies, and chemical allergies. I need to have an mri scan with dye, ok to request scan with out dye, wise to go ahead with mri and risk having severe allergic reaction?
  I think the prior two answerers are confusing MRI contrast with CT contrast. They are completely different. Most people will experience a metallic taste in their mouth and a very warm hot, flushed feeling, upon injection of the contrast used for CT scanning. Some people will experience nausea, hives and, rarely, vomiting.

BUT, in over 10 years of MRI scanning, I have never seen a patient have an allergic reaction to Gadolinium, the contrast used in MRI scanning. There is no iodine used in Gad.

Can you have a MRI and refuse the Gadolinium? Sure you can. Are you sure that your scan requires this injection. Many types of MRIs are done without the contrast (knees, spines, shoulders for example).

Your best bet is to talk to your MRI technologist and even the radiologist, prior to your scan. They should be able to answer your questions and then you will have adequate information which to base your decision on....
Whats the Emergency Room Treatment for a severe allergic reaction?
If someone is having a severe allergic reaction to something (anaphylaxis) what do they administer to them in a hospital or emergency room? I know for self treatment you can get an epi-pen or epinephrine (adreneline) but what is it in Hospitals?
  The first priority in the emergency department is to protect the airway (breathing) and maintain adequate blood pressure.

The emergency team will make sure that your airway is open and that you are getting adequate oxygen.

* Oxygen may be given through tubes into the nose or by face mask.

* In severe respiratory distress, mechanical ventilation may be required. In this situation, a tube is placed via the mouth into the air passages to keep the airway open. The tube is connected to a ventilator ( providing oxygen directly into the lung )

* In rare cases, a simple surgery is performed to open an airway.

If blood pressure is dangerously low, medication to increase blood pressure will be given.

* An intravenous (IV) catheter may be inserted

* This is used to give saline solution to help boost blood pressure.

* The IV line may also be used to give medication.

You may need to be admitted to the hospital for further monitoring and treatment.

* Epinephrine – Given in severe allergic reactions, epinephrine is extremely effective and fast–acting; it acts by constricting blood vessels, which increases blood pressure, and widening the airway. Epinephrine is given by injection into the muscle, through an IV line, or by injection under the skin.

* H1–receptor blockers/antihistamines – Usually diphenhydramine (Benadryl); these drugs do not stop the reaction but relieve some of the symptoms. They may be given by IV, by injection in the muscle, or by mouth

* Inhaled beta–agonists (albuterol) – Used to treat bronchospasm (spasms in the lung) and dilate the airways; inhaled

* H2–receptor blockers – Usually cimetidine (Tagamet); given by IV or by mouth

* Corticosteroids (examples are prednisone, Solu–Medrol) – These drugs help decrease the severity and recurrence of symptoms; may be given orally, injected in muscle, or by IV line

* If low blood pressure does not improve, additional medications, such as dopamine, may be given.
What kind of testing is needed after a severe allergic reaction to a prescription medication?
My daughter was given the wrong medication by our pharmacy. Which caused a severe allergic reaction(Rash). I'm trying to find out what other testing needs to be done to ensure that no other problems were caused by this medication.
  If you know the name of the medication and take her to an allergist, they can test her (whether it is patch, scratch or intradermal testing) for the group of medications that would include the medication she has taken. Just because there is a reaction to one drug, doesn't mean that there aren't other medications of the same nature that wouldn't do the same thing.

Ex: I am allergic to Solarcaine (for sunburns), I was patch tested and found out I am also allergic to Novocain as well.
Is there anything to help severe allergic reaction to hair removal cream?
I have really sensitive skin and for some reason stupidly used Sally Hansen's Hair Removal cream. I'm having a severe allergic reaction, it itches and hurts and my (white) skin is now almost purple. I've taken some Prednisone that i got last time i had a really bad reaction to poison ivy since this is so similar, but it's old and not doing any good. i also tried aloe but it's not any better. i cant go to the doctor because i dont have insurance.
Does anyone have a suggestion? Antihistamines? Even something natural like putting some kind of food on the skin??
btw this is the second day but seems worse today. i only kept it on for about 5 minutes then took a shower. boy i dont know what they put in there but i dont recommend it to anyone!! :(
  OK some people have suggested that you put lotions and Vaseline on your legs. Please take my advice and don't the reason why is because Vaseline and lotions are like putting a thermal blanket over your skin particularly Vaseline it does not allow your skin to breath which is what your skin needs. You more then likely have a chemical burn from the product. When people think of burns they generally think of blisters and contacting a source of heat which is not always the case. You need to take a shower to make sure that you get all of the product off of your legs and allow nature to take its course. If they don't get better in a few days or get worse I hate to say it but you might have to visit the doctor.
Amy T
Zocor and Zetia for Cholesterol - Have you had an allergic reaction? What prescription did you change to?
Many years ago, I had a pretty severe allergic reaction to Zocor. I am afraid to take any statins now. My doctor says I really need to lower the Cholesterol - maybe try Zetia. Has anyone had a reaction to a statin and had to try another prescription?
  I had a painful reaction when taking Lipitor, Changed to Zocor... did not feel right either.
My Dr then prescribed Vytoryn.. and 2 months into it had a very scary reaction in not being able to lift my hands.
stopped immediately and now I am just taken Zetia...( not a statin) it has worked for me.
good luck,
Diet and exercise and oatmeal are still the best...though
has anyone ever heard of a bad reaction to solu_medrol?
I was treated at the local ER for a severe allergic reation to this Benadyrl/prednisone combo. I vomited and lost control of my continece and bowels when this was given to me intraveinously. The nurse siad that there was no way it was caused by the combo IV push?? I am just wondering if this is common and what to do if I have another allergic reaction and need Emergency care again for it?
  Call your pharmacist. They are so smart and helpful, and usually know more about medications than many doctors!

If you need a 24-hour pharmacist, just look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages. They have lots of ads.

Good luck to you! :}
In an emergency situation where a child has a severe allergic reaction could you get caught in a legal..?
In an emergency situation where a child has a severe allergic reaction could you get caught in a legal battle if you inject the child with the epi-pen and the child does not do this themselves? I heard that you are to assist the child by having the child hold your hand as you inject the epi pen or by having the child hold your arm, etc. Does anyone know anything about this? From a legal or non-legal standpoint?

Also, is this the precaution in case something goes wrong and the reaction cannont be stopped? What about the Good Samaritan Act or Law?

I know that if my child were having a severe reaction I would care if my child attempted to injected it themselves and they weren't at an age where they could use it properly (Like a three year old). At that point I believe someone else who could read directions and know what they were doing would be more suitable to use it.

Even so, any comments are welcome.
I work at a children's day camp and I asked this question on here because during training this issue was brought up. We were constantly told that if we did administser the medication we should always ASSIST and say that we ASSISTED the child, no matter what age..though I think saying you assisted a three year old with an epi pen seems a little odd and irrational since that would mean that a three year old took part in administering a shot of epinephrine..
  I am an EMT and as an EMT we are to assist adults with an epi pen. As for children, it is going to depend on the age of the child. It also depends on how you are related to the child. If you have had training in the signs and symptoms for that child's reaction.
The best thing to do is to call 911 when you suspect an allergic reaction. Even if you give the child the epi pen they are still going to need to go to the hospital. Always make sure you have someone call the parents. It depends on what state you are in and how the laws and protocols are written for EMS.
Best thing is to make sure you are educated on recognizing the signs of anaphlatic shock.
Can a severe allergic reaction cause urine to be cloudy for a while?
Can a severe case of allergic contact dermatitis (from allergy to tea tree oil) cause the urine to be cloudy for awhile until the Histamine levels return to normal?

I am hoping a doctor or nurse or other medical professional will read this and be able to help.

  If you had an allergic reaction to something you swallowed you would have more dramatic symptoms. I don't know all of the reasons a persons urine is cloudy but if your doctor isn't worried, I wouldn't either. Drinking orange juice can make your urine cloudy but it doesn't hurt anything.
22 month old suddenly suffering from severe allergic reaction to food?
My daughter in the last week has begun to suffer from severe allergic reactions (hives, compromised airway) after eating flour, grapes, and milk. She processed this stuff before, but I must now carry benadryl everywhere we go..... Does anyone know of any allergist in Illinois that might be willing to test her.
I have been told that they can only test on three year olds and above. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  That is not true. They will test on younger children but not if you call directly. Most allergist want a referral from your doctor. Not many will see young kids without it. The test is simple. It is done as a blood test or a prick test. They are both easy. If you speak to your doctor he should be able to fix you up with what you need. My daughter has alleries to food if it contacts her skin but she can eat it as long as it doesn't sit on her skin. If it gets on her skin she gets big bubble blisters and rash. Good luck.
Allergic reaction to Tindamax or new Serta mattress?
Okay so I am breaking out in severe hives all over my body which are extremely itchy. The allergist prescribed Prednisone to help but it's not really helping much. I am also taking Allegra to try an help. I stopped taking Tindamax on Friday which was my last dose but I also got a new mattress on Saturday. The hives started Sunday and have been getting worse since. I don't know if the hives are from my new mattress (which is in a zipped allergy cover since I an allergic to dust mites) or a delayed allergic reaction to Tindamax. Any ideas??
  I'll share my experience with Allegra. Allegra helped with my allergies, but the side effects were very bad, after first 10 days, symptoms got even worse, no appetite, severe anxiety trouble concentrating, severe neck/back pain, dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain, stop taking allegra after finding this web site, after one day headache and dizziness went away, 2nd day nausea and abdominal pain gone, able to eat. still having some back pain, do anyone have any idea how long before back pain go? I will look for something else for my allergies. Side effects: after 10 days, nausea, abdominal pain, dry mouth, decrease in appetite, dizziness, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, depression. I purchase Allegra through reputable they've been very reliable so far. Check this FDA link about Allegra|FDAgov-Consumers|FDAgov-WarningLetters-ICECI|FDAgov-ImportAlerts-Industry|FDAgov-MedWatch-Safety|FDAgov-Section-Drugs&output=xml_no_dtd&proxystylesheet=FDAgov&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&as_q=allegra&num=20&btnG=Search&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&restrictBox=FDAgov-Recalls-Safety&restrictBox=FDAgov-Consumers&restrictBox=Medwatch&restrictBox=FDAgov-WarningLetters-ICECI&restrictBox=FDAgov-ImportAlerts-Industry&restrictBox=FDAgov-Section-Drugs&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_occt=any&as_dt=i&as_sitesearch=&sort=date
Hope i helped.
Pip Reddding
If I got an allergic reaction from Cephalexin, does that mean I am also allergic to Penicillin?
I was taking Cephalexin for an infection I had. After a few days I developed a bad all over body itchiness. They said it was an allergic reaction. I know if you are allergic to certain antibiotic, you are also allergic to others. Because I am allergic to Cephalexin, does that mean I'm allergic to any other ones, like Penicillin?
  I often run into patients with a penicillin allergy. There's about a 10% chance of him/her reacting to a drug of the cephalexin class. I've never really thought about it the other way around.

Since you had what sounds like a classic allergic reaction to cephalexin, I'd avoid penicillin if possible just to be safe.
Would soybean oil be the most concentrated form of soy?
Reason I ask... I think I might be allergic to soy. I have had a mild reaction to soy milk, but yesterday I had a severe reaction to some dishes that had a lot of soybean oil.
  Generally, allergies can worsen with each exposure and that may be what happened to you. Soy milk would contain much more allergens than the oil, but you reacted more severely to the oil.

In many cases of allergies (shellfish is an excellent example), each time the person eats the substance they are allergic to, the reaction intensifies because their body creates antibodies against the substance. This is the primary cause of anaphylaxis, which is a condition that can cause the throat and airways to swell, preventing the individual from breathing.

Please read ALL ingredients before consuming anything and be sure to see your physician as soon as possible to determine if you are allergic to soy! He/she may wish to prescribe an EPI (epinephrine) pen for emergency use if the allergy is bad enough.
What can I do to cure my severe allergic reaction to pet dander?
My boyfriends son just got a cat for his birthday and I am severly allergic with my asthma...I spend 90% of my time over there and now I can't even walk in the door. I've tried zyrtec and benadryl..I don't know what to do and not sure I can afford allergy shots. Please help me with any suggestions you might have. Thank you so much!!
  Well the only way that the allergic reaction is going to cease is absense of the cat. You cannot cure yourself of an allergy (oh how people wish they could). If you are allergic to something, no medicine is going to help keep you from being allergic. Your only options are to stop going over there or rid of the cat.
does factive 320 mg have sulfur in it?
My doctor thinks I had an allergic reaction to Factive and that is why I'm broken out in a severe rash. I need to know what ingredients are in it so that I will know what I'm allergic to.
  Factive does not directly contain sulfur. It does however, have a sulfur derivative in it though. Factive is gemifloxacin, which is available as a mesylate salt. The mesylate salt is the part that contains the sulfur derivative. With that said, if you are allergic to sulfur, sulfa drugs, sulfonimides, or sulfates, there is the possibility that you may have a reaction just as severe as an allergic reaction to sulfur. However, Factive has a primary complaint of skin rashes. This may be either an adverse reaction or an allergic reaction (drug doesn't agree with your body versus something in the drug causes extreme histamine release in the body thereby creating an allergic reaction). In either case, the medication should be stopped and one should seek medical care promptly. This medication is a quinolone, to be exact, a fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug. If you are allergic to one drug in this category, you are at a higher risk of being allergic to the rest of the drugs in the same category. The rest of the ingredients in this drug are all inactive and do not play a role in the medication's reactions on the body. However, it is possible to be allergic to the inactive ingredients. I'm going to quote this from the actual manufacturer (LG Life Sciences/Oscient Pharmaceuticals) prescribing information packaging..."inactive ingredients are crospovidone, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, povidone, and titanium dioxide." I hope this information helps you out.
Allergic reaction to pre washed produce.?
This evening, I had an allergic reaction to some "pre washed" corn from the supermarket. I doubt I have a corn allergy, since I consume a large amount of corn products and have never had any problem of this sort before. My mother had an allergic reaction to some "pre washed" snow peas about a year ago, and we were thinking if we might possibly be allergic to whatever is used to "pre wash" produce. I have no food allergies, although I am allergic to mamal dander (cats, dogs, rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc.), dust and dust mites, grass, tree, and weed pollen, as well as octocrylene, a chemical found in some sunscreens. I have to take allergy medication all the time, so that might explain not having had a prior reaction. If anyone has any information about this sort of allergy, or an idea of what i might be allergic to, I would be appreciative.
Megan M
  It could be one of the chemical additives, but it also could be traces of another food on the surface of the "pre-washed" produce. It's likely not any animal dander since there are laws that would keep animals pretty far away from produce that is being prepared for sale.
I had an anaphylactic reaction a few years ago and was wondering what others who had a severe allergic reaction experienced? What did you react to? How long did it take after consuming/coming in contact with your reactor for reaction? and most importantly, have you had a second anaphylactic reaction to a different source after your first?

I've been interested anaphylaxis ever since my reaction a few years ago. Coming that close to death really changed my life. I'm just curious about other's experiences.
I don't need to know what anaphylaxis I experienced it first hand. I was wondering about personal experiences.
Alexa K
  I had it a few years ago. The itching began in my palms, then in the soles of my feet, then the roof of my mouth. Then my lips swelled and eyeballs itch. After that I passed out. It all happened in a few minutes. It was after eating nuts.
What caused my allergic reaction?
I think it was a south beach diet on the go drink packet. But i have never had an allergic reaction before until now. What could have been in it that i have never had before that could cause a reaction? The ingredients are inulin, whey protein isolate, citric acid, aspartame, maltodextrin, Lessthan 2% of natural flavor, soy lecithin, calcium carbonate, sodium and potassium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, dimethylpolysiloxane, Red 40.
The reaction started making my arms and legs turn red and start itching.
Please help
  There is no way to answer this for you because unless you are skin tested for each of these chemicals individually, there is no way of knowing what caused the problem. For any allergic reaction, benadryl is the drug of choice for 2-3 days until all of the symptoms are gone. And, avoiding the product that gave you the hives in the first place.
If You Have Rapid Heart Rate and Severe Tremors From Citanest?
at the dental office, what is the dentists supposed to do?

What if they do nothing and just look at you while you are having severe tremors and rapid heart rate and heat pains and palpitations across the chest? It's a severe reaction......... HELP!

Allergic to Bactrim, amoxicillin IVP, and hydrocholorithiazaide........ HELP
Born Valentine's Day
  They should at least monitor the vital signs and if needed, call 911.
How long does it take for penicillin to get out of your system?
I am in the midst of an allergic reaction to penicillin, and I would like to know when this will go away. I took 1,000 milligrams a day for four days, and noticed the allergic reaction yesterday. I have not taken any penicillin since Thursday night, but I still have the hives and itching. I've been taking Benadryl like crazy. When will the penicillin get out of my system and the reaction pass?
miss elaineous
  Penicillin has a pretty short half life (the time it takes for the amount in your body to be reduced by half) of about 1 hour. After 5 half-lives, ~95 percent of the drug should be eliminated by your kidneys. Some forms of penicillin such as amoxicillin may remain slightly longer in the body until eliminated.

Basically after a day if not re-dosed it should be out of your system. However the allergic reaction may last longer due to the histamine which still remains in the skin released by your white blood cells which view penicillin as a foreign substance. That's why the hives and itching can continue even though you've stopped the penicillin.

Keep taking the Benadryl™ and if you are still bothered by Monday your doctor could prescribe an oral steroid. Topical hydrocortisone cream can be used on more severely affected areas to help relieve some of the itching.
Is it possible i could get an allergic reaction from Baclofen if i was allergic to Klonopin?
I had a breakout in skin rash from a Klonopin (10mg) pill i had taken recently. It took quite awhile for the rash to go away and still slightly itches. Is there any way that because i'm allergic to Klonopin, that i will be allergic or have the same reaction to the Baclofen tablet (10mg) i will be taking soon? I really don't want to go through that rash again. Thanks.
  the two arent related in how they work. as to what they put in the pill...thats another story. you know how some cakes have eggs in them, and some are made without eggs? well if youre allergic to eggs, thats something you will want to know.

same with pills. i would ask your pharmacist if the two are chemically related. my hunch says no, but called the pharmacy and ask.

oh, and when you call the pharmacy, ask to speak to a pharmacist, not a tech.
An-Atomy ∞RIP∞ The Rev
What are the signs of an allergic reaction to Azithromycin?
Our daughter has taken 3 doses of Azithromycin after being diagnosed with strep. I've noticed that her tonsils are still swollen more so than when the diagnosis was made. I have a doctors appt today for her. Is this swelling normal or an allergic reaction? She does have an allergy to penicillin.
  i dont think she is having allergy to azithromycin, but it is only due strep infection.
Azithro allergy is quite rare, but can present with itchy rash. It is the most common presentation.
Can pitocin produce an allergic reaction?
Can the drug pitocin - used to induce and augment labor cause an allergic reaction?
  Any drug can cause an allergic reaction. I am allergic to Heparin, a common anticoagulant, it is one of the first things they push through an IV to keep it flowing. It is deadly to me, but harmless to billions of other people.
It all depends on one's body and if it sees the drug/allergen as foreign, and not benign and attacks it.
amanda the creek
allergic reaction to amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium in infants>???
my daughter was prescribed it and i think she is allergic to it she's 14months old..what are some symtoms of possible side effects of an allergic reations?
Allergic reaction to Ketalar?
I underwent (minor) surgery when I was 6. The anesthetic they used was Ketalar. When I woke up after the surgery, I remember I vomited many many times that day. Later, my parents told me that I had had a serious allergic reaction to Ketalar, and went into shock and that they had to revive me during surgery... Apparently I'm lucky to be alive :)

Is such a reaction possible with Ketalar? I looked it up, all I could find was minor reactions like rashes and stuff...

AND... is Ketalar still in use today (I'm 26)? if so, where and how?

Thanks for your help.

  sounds like you should always list the med as an allergy and not take any chances. the anesthiesiologist will discern which med will work for the next surgery. just because you didn't read your exact reaction in the PDR, doesn't mean that it didn't happen.
nancy jo
If I'm allergic to Lamicil, do I have higher chances to being allergic to Sporanox or Diflucan?
I have a toenail infection that I wish I could get rid of. I tried Lamacil and I developed a skin rash all over my back, so the doctor recommended I stop taking it. I then asked about taking Sporanox or Diflucan as an alternative but she said that since I had an allergic reaction to Lamacil that my chances are higher of having an allergic reaction to Sporanox or Diflucan and that it may even be worse. Is she correct or just trying to discourage me from taking these medications because of costs? (HMO)
  sounds like she is looking out for your best interest , you better listen to her on it and if you feel she isn't right , call your local pharmacist
mom of 4
Can you scare someone who is having an allergic reaction to produce epinephrine?
If you scared someone enough, would they produce enough epinephrine (from the "fight or flight" response) to treat their allergic reaction and open up their airways?
Bob J
  Likely not. Even if it was possible, you'd have to keep it up until they got to the hospital.
I had and injection done yesterday with i believe steroids. the dr was not direct about any instructions for pain or even an allergic reaction. I took a half of a 1000 mg percocet half and then a few hrs later i was n a tremendous amount of pain. I am now having flushed cheeks and alot of pressure n my ears can i be having an allergic reaction to the 2 meds togther?
Is severe coughing a side effect to a blood pressure pill called Triamterene?
I recently started taking this drug for high blood pressure and I have started severe coughing and can not stop. I work as a receptionist and switchboard so this is not cool at all. It always feels like my throat is scratchy and if I don't cough this stuff up it just gets worse. I guess I want to know if this could be an allergic reaction to this medicine or something else?
Jennifer W
  It is hard to say whether the coughing is due to triamterene. Although coughing isn't stated as a side effect of triamterene it may possibly be the cause.

The possible side effects of triamterene are:

Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Stop using this medication and call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:
numbness or tingly feeling; muscle pain or weakness; slow, fast, or uneven heartbeat; feeling drowsy, restless, or light-headed; urinating less than usual or not at all; shallow breathing; tremors, confusion; or nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).

Continue using triamterene and talk with your doctor if you have any of these less serious side effects:
mild nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea; dizziness, headache; dry mouth; or skin rash.

Side effects other than those listed here may also occur.

Talk to your doctor if the coughing persists and is bothersome.
Kate from
am i having an allergic reaction to my medicine?
hi, i have a condition called hyperhidrosis and my doctor gave me medicine to take, it is called glycopyrrolate and i was wondering could this cause an allergic reaction? i dont take it everyday but the days i do take it, my skin gets really itchy- especially on my face. that may sound strange but it has been happening after i started taking this medicine, so could it be the medicine? has anyone else had this problem? please help if you can, thanks :)
  Hi , you need to stop a acceptance this medication. Robinul® (generic name: glycopyrrolate) is good oral drug used for hyperhidrosis problems, but you have side effect, allergic reaction is frequent phenomena for glycopyrrolate. You can have also a dry mouth or dry throat often leading to pain in these areas.

Hyperhidrosis can usually be treated, but there is no cure.
You can use Aluminum chloride (hexahydrate) solution: Common brands of aluminum cholride solution (as anti-perspirant) include "MegaDry®" (which uses a non-irritating blend of aluminum chlorohydrate), Drysol®, CertainDri®, Odaban®, and Driclor®.

Or other oral drugs to treat the condition for example: propantheline bromide (Probanthine®) and benztropine (Cogentin®), also Zoloft®, often help alleviate symptoms. I would recommend a discussed with your doctor.
Jason Homan
Jason Homan
Before a Dentist Administers Citanest or Lidocaine?
do they have to take your blood pressure, or take a blood test?

And do they have to watch for your reaction there or should the dentist leave the room?

Also, if a patient has a bad reaction, or allergic reaction what EXACTLY should the dentist do, and who should they contact if it is serious? Should they try to give the patient anything or restrain them if it is a terrible reaction?
Born Valentine's Day
  Yes, it is always recommended to record the Blood Pressure before administering any type of anesthetic.

Ideally, the dentist or the assistant should monitor for at least a few minutes after administring the anesthetic.

Most of the time the dentist stops any procedure that might have been started, place the chair down and monitors the vital signs (BP and heart rate) every 5/10 minutes.

Also, continuous verbal communication with the mpatient is a must to assess the responsiveness.

There is no need to give anything else or restrain the patient.

In extreme cases, where the BP stays elevated, call 911.
has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to a medicine given to dogs called ivermectin? I have hives.?
My dog has mange. My vet told me to give my dog ivermectin. I have been getting hives since giving my dog this medication. My vet doesn't believe that I'm having an allergic reaction to the medication.
deanna g
  Well it sounds like you do.
Get some Benadryl Allergy capsules or tablets.
You sould see a doctor to make sure, it is the dogs
Just to be safe.
How Long Does the Allergic Reaction to Aleve Last?
I took Aleve for 5 days and I stopped taking it 10 days ago. I developed itching hands and feet and swollen lips, which I understand is a possible allergic reaction to Aleve. My doctor can't tell me how long it will last. I am controlling the symptoms with Benedryl, but this makes me very sleepy. How long will this last?
  well you took it for five days, so it had a chance to build a level and it is metabolized thru the liver, you can have traces for up to a month.
I went to the ER tonight for severe back spasms and i was given a injection of something called toradol.?
I was just wondering has anyone heard of this stuff??
I have never had it and was wondering if anyone knew how safe it was.
Also, if I did have a reaction to it or was allergic to it how soon would I know? The injection site burns.
  Yeah toradol is the only NSAID (antiinflammatory like advil) available through the IV. It's pretty much the same as advil but a bit more powerful. It goes into the muscle usually so that might be the burn, it'll go away though.
How do you know if u are allergic to something before you take it and get a reaction?
i was prescribed TRIMETH SULFA DS and the nurse asked if i was allergic... she told me side affects but i don't want to take its and have one
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  Most likely you will not have an allergic reaction. If you are afraid you will, have a benedryl at hand and take it if you experience hives, itching, flushing and/or a rash, the most common allergic reactions. The benedryl will stop those symptoms. For added precaution, take it with someone around who can call 911 in the extremely rare event that something worse happens. But I do think you are worrying too much.
what medication may cause an allergic reaction if a patient is allergic to penicillin and Ceclor?
  Allergies to Penicillin and Ceclor (cefaclor) means that the patient can not have any of the medications in the Penicillin or Cephalosporin classes of antibiotics. There are other antibiotics which can be given though, for example, erythromycins and quinolones.
Can you become allergic to lidocaine all of a sudden?
I was just perscribed lidocaine and was allergic to it - well - I felt dizzy, nausous, diarra, just icky. I also have this feeling when I go to the dentist. I have been ok with the dentist until 8 years ago when I passed out in the dentist office. And ever since then I am terrified about going to the dentist because of that. Was that a allergic reaction and can you become allergic to lidocaine and the dentist "caine"?
Had lidocaine in a mouthwash - had to swallow it.
  You can be allergic to just about anything, but you don't describe the usual allergic reaction. The dentist uses the same local anesthetic the doctors do, except their preps usually contain epinephrine as well- to restrict bleeding and extend the effectiveness. Epinephrine is the "fight or flight" chemical your body produces when you are stressed or frightened, and can cause all sorts of odd feelings- including the gut. To find out if you are truly allergic to it you would need to be specifically tested by an allergist. If you suspect you are, that would be a good thing to do, because allergies to medications that are injected can be quite deadly. They can show up all of a sudden, and can go from one mild to one life threatening reaction without warning. And since lidocaine is such a common local anesthetic, you would certainly need to know and have a medicalert tag to the effect. But what I think is you are dealing with an overstressed body in fear of the dentist, and the epinephrine isn't helping matters any. That's what it really sounds like. Still, get tested and find out for certain. Then if it's safe, you can always ask the dentist for a bit of a sedative first, which will help control the other reactions.

Note- you aren't supposed to swallow the mouthwash. You are supposed to swish in in your mouth and spit it out- not swallow it. You feel slighty icky because you just slightly anesthetized your esophogus, stomach and everything else. While it won't hurt you- it's not intended to be swallowed in much quantity.
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Can't swallow is that my throat closing up and/ or an allergic reaction!?
I've been taking astepro nasal spray and it hasn't seem to help my throat just gets sore and I can't swallow for a few minutes and I sneeze sometimes.I can't find any one that had a side effect of not being able to swallow and I read the warnings and one says immediately call your doctor if you ha e difficulty swallowing. Why is that? Is not being able to swallow a symptom of your throat closing? Am I having an allergic reaction?
  Call your doctor. They say call a doctor for a reason. It could be a sign of it closing up, or a serious infection that you don't want.
Am I having an allergic reaction?
I went to the dermotologist yesterday because I have eczema on both of my eyelids. I was prescribed Elidel AND Desonate - both were to be applied in any order and only for short term (2 weeks). I used it last night and this morning when I woke up, my upper face felt like it was on fire. My forehead and my eyes feel hot. Like when you get a sunburn and your skin gives off that "hot" feeling. I am going to call the Dr. in the morning but was wondering if anyone knew if this sounded like an allergic reaction because I am not usually prone to feeling side effects of medicines.

Thanks to all who respond.
A severe allergice reaction to allopurinol causing severe burns all over body? Have you ever heard of this?
Please explain?
Tracy T
  this allergic reactions can occur with every drugs,doesn`t occur in every people.
urgently stop the drug,go to the Dr. and tell him.he will change the medicine.
u can take any anti-histaminic like avil/cetzine.
if u take this anti-histaminics then go to the chamber with another one.
sayantan s
What IS anaphylaxis? How do you know if an allergic reaction is anaphylaxis?
What IS anaphylaxis? Like if I ate smth, and got a rash and my skin starts to flush and there's nausea or vomiting, is that still considered some form of anaphylaxis? Or does it have to be so severe that it involves death or hospitalization for it to be considered anaphylaxis?

  Addicted - Anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock, is an allergic reaction that can be fatal within minutes, either through swelling that shuts off airways or through a dramatic drop in blood pressure.

Anaphylaxis occurs in individuals when they are exposed to an allergen to which they are allergic. An allergen is almost always a protein that is treated by the immune system as a foreign substance. Contact with, or ingestion of this allergen will set off a chain reaction in a person's immune system that may lead to swelling of the airways, loss of blood pressure, and loss of consciousness, resulting in anaphylactic shock.

The most distinctive symptoms of anaphylaxis include:
Swelling of the throat, lips, tongue, or around the eyes
Difficulty breathing or swallowing

Other common symptoms of anaphylaxis may include:
Metallic taste or itching in the mouth
Generalized flushing, itching, or redness of the skin
Abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
Increased heart rate
Sudden decrease in blood pressure (and accompanying paleness)
Sudden feeling of weakness
Anxiety or an overwhelming sense of doom
Loss of consciousness

Thus, what you descrive is a sensitivity and/or allergic reaction but NOT severe to be called anaphylaxis. However, it could be next time you are exposed to the same cause. Talk it over with your doctor, taking careful record of what you ate before getting the reaction.
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I consistently have a severe reaction to local anesthetic. My vision blurs, ears ring, and I have vertigo.?
This has been happening for several years. My dentist uses carbocaine in hopes that I will not have a reaction but I always do. Is there anything I can do to prevent or at least treat these reactions? My Primary care physician has me start taking Benadryl a week before I have a procedure and I also take a strong pain killer to keep the amount of anesthesia used to a minimum. Depending on the severity of the reaction, it may take months for the symptoms to completely subside. And this past reaction was even scarier than usual because I got double vision and my respiration slowed. Can anyone help?
  This makes me so are having a terrible reaction and the best they can do is suggest Benadryl.
Have you heard of holistic dentistry? Do an internet search, read about it then try and find one in your area.
Do not let yourself go through this experience again!
What is the difference between Darvocet and Percocet? I am allergic to Darvocet, should I avoid Percocet?
I am allergic to Darvocet but have no reaction to Vicodin, which looks to be in the same group. I am wondering if I may be allergic to Percocet, since I'm allergic to Darvocet.
  Wow,i never heard of anyone being allergic to's not a very Strong pain pill.It has acetaminophen/tylenol and the narcotic called propoxphene.Vicodin & percocet are not the same.Vicodin has hydrocodone/tylenol in it perocet is quite a bit stronger it has oxycodone/tylenol in it.There are all pretty addicting so be careful what ever you end up getting.
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Does Latanoprost/Timolol eye drops cause an allergic reaction to some users?
given to use by opthamologist after reaction to previous eye drops
  Not usually. However, everyone is different and any medication can cause an allergic reaction to a person who happens to be allergic to that particular med.
the crusader
Im allergic to sulfa drugs, why cant I take Dyazide- what is the commonality they share?
Why would I have an allergic reaction to Dyazide if I am allergic to Sulfa antibiotics? What makes these drugs similar?
  I am so glad to know this as my 16 year old daughter is deadly allergic to sulfa drugs, too.

Well, I just did some basic research into it. You are absolutely right, every site, every article says over and over, if you are allergic to sulfa drugs, don't take Dyazide. But none of them say WHY.

So, I am sorry I can't answer this very good question. I owe you one for posting it b/c you brought to my attention something I knew nothing about and now I can warn my daughter. She doesn't need Dyazide or any diuretic now, but who knows what the future will hold? And it is so important to be an informed patient these days.

I can only guess that the two drugs must share a common compound in their make-up. It is so odd that every site would contain the warning with nary a word of explanation.

Take care.
patient allergic to keflex given ceftriaxone?
someone close to me had a non-severe surgery, and was given ceftriaxone (aka Rocephin) IV by hospital staff even though patient chart said she was allergic to keflex (aka Ceflexin)(rash, nausea). Did the hospital make a mistake by administering ceftriaxone even though they had record of patient that she was allergic to keflex?

She developed severe rash and had an acute renal failure in hospital and had to sit in ICU for 7 days, nearly died . Doctors/nurses won't confirm it caused the kidney failure but nurse says "the pharmacy made a mistake". Seeking legal/medical advice. thank you.
  saying that the pharmacy made a mistake is complete bull. the person that ordered the medication and the person that administered the medication is at fault. they should have read her chart very carefully and should have caught that mistake before giving it to her. sounds like a malpractice suit if you ask me.
Can my boyfriend have an allergic reaction to me?
My boyfriend and I has *** and he has gotten a rash all around that area... NOT on his P(we use protection). but everywhere else around there. I am on Vimpat (an epilepsy medication) and that is new to my system. This has never happened before... is it possible that my medication is coming threw my system and he is allergic to it?
The rash is red and itches as well as hurts. it seams to be spreading up his stomach and thighs and there is small amounts of it on his arms... Its almost like he has poison ivy on his body... How can we get this to go away ASAP! and is it possible that he is allergic to my medication?
Diane B
  I don't know. He should definetly go to the doctor and get seen. They will be able to tell him what the rash is, and what its from. Im really not sure if he could possibly be getting it from you. I'd say probably not if I had to guess. I dont see how he could get a rash from medicine that you are taking. good luck.
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How can I get Diabetes pills?
My mom takes Diabeta (glyburide) for her diabetes. Because of her bad reaction to insulin she continues taking the pill. Doctors only want to put her on insulin. Normally we get her the pills from across the border in Mexico. However, as it has become increasingly dangerous there, we are lost at how to attain her medicine. She only has 3 pills left. Any suggestions? The doctors won't listen! Help!
The doctors know she's on the pills. They tried taking her off the pills and put her strictly on insulin. It's the insulin she had a reaction to. This has already happened twice. Doctors don't know nearly as much as they should. Tell me I'm stupid when she tells them something and they don't believe her and try to force something on her only to have it create a reaction as she had orignally told them. They had to give her a shot of Benadryl for the allergic reaction. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
  I hope your mother isn't taking the pills and insulin together, when her doctor did not prescribe it that way.
Did it ever occur to you that she had a "bad reaction" to something that she bought down in Mexico? Does her doctor know she is taking those pills?
Diabetes is the last thing someone needs to be self-medicating for. Why do you think doctors go to school for nearly 15 years? They know more than you do about it. Listen to the doctor.
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Whats the chance I will have an allergic reaction to Norvasc after having a reaction to Prinivil?
Im 44 in good heath but overweight. I take meds for asthma. My blood pressure creeped up and my doctor prescribed Prinivil 10mg and I opted for the Generic Lisinopril. A week after starting the medication strange things began to happen.
First the irritating cough, which I found was normal. Then my right hand/fingers went numb almost on a rotating cycle. Then the dizziness and disorientation two hours after taking the drug. I was always totally wiped out , never hungry and always nervous and sweating. Finally after 2 weeks of this I woke up one night because my face was twitching uncontrollably. My tongue and lips were swollen and my throat so tight I could only whisper.
I spent 3 days in the ICU from the allergic reaction. So my doc has started me on Norvasc. What’s the chance this will happen again. IM SCARED! REALLY SCARED!
  You're a wreck
John T
Would someone who is very allergic to bees, still have an allergic reaction to inverted sugar cane?
A friend of mine had a Godiva Chocolate with inverted sugar cane in it. We're not sure where its from, only that the process occurs naturally in bees (which my friend is deathly allergic too). After eating only one, she had hives all over her body and couldn't breath properly. The symptoms, however, eventually disappeared. Do we have the source of the problem or should we keep looking?
just herself
  This issue is not related to bees. Inverted sugar is essentially cane sugar that has been pre-digested with enzymes (splitting the cane disaccaride into monomers). This makes it sweeter for the same calorie content.

An allergy to bee venom isn't the same as what you are describing. You need to keep looking. Document all the ingredients in that product and keep the list for when this happens again. Use it to cross reference.
I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide is it ok for me to use sodium benzoate?
I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide an ingredient in acne washes. If I use anything with it my face it will break out in hives and get swollen. I bought some teeth whitening thing and it says it has sodium benzoate in it. is it ok for me to use? I'm afraid benzoate and benzoyl are the same thing and I might have an allergic reaction.
Can it take 4 hrs before an allergic reaction happens from a drug (i.e stadol)?
  yes, especially if it's a coated pill or extended release. a lot of drugs don't get released into your system right away (hence the name extended release). if it took that long, it's probably not a serious reaction. if you want to know for sure, look up the "half-life" of the drug and whatever number you find, that means that's how long it takes for the drug to peak in your system.
if you are using stadol nasal spray, you would probably get a reaction in your nose right away like itching or a rash. but any other symptoms within your body, anything that would be a result of the drug entering your blood stream, could be as long as 18 hours since that is the half life of stadol.
can I take Levaquin 750 mg if I am allergic to penicillin?
I am allergic to penicillin and I have tonsillitis for the 3rd time. Can I take a Levaquin and not have a reaction? I really don't want to go to the dr again for the same thing.
  The answer to your question is yes.

Here's why:
Penicillins: are the first antibiotics discovered by mankind. There's different subtypes of penicillin. What they all have in common is a chemical ring structure called the beta-lactam. When bacteria make cell walls, penicillins interfere with process making the bacteria more susceptible to die.

Penicillin allergies are not uncommon. About 10% of patients taking penicillin will have an allergy to it. <1% will have really bad allergic reactions. About 10% will have what is known as cross-reactions: meaning that they will have allergies to the cousins of penicillins: the carbepenams and cephalosporins.

Levaquin belongs to a family of antibiotics known as the Quinolones. These are the antibiotics which interfere with the bacterial DNA gyrase a molecule used in DNA replications.

Levaquin also as side effects. Most commonly, tummy upset and rash. I will not list out every allergy because it is not in the scope of your question, (I can't recall every single allergy), and I don't want to worry you to the point where you don't take it.

Please remember that EVERYTHING has a side effect from acetoaminophen (paracetamol/tylenol) to soap.

As with all medications you are taking, it is best to know why you are taking them, how you should take them, what they do, and what are the side effects.

Summary and suggestions:
1. yes you can take levaquin if you have PCN allergy
2. Whenever the doctor prescribes you a medication, always ask him/her: why am I taking it? how much do I take? How do I take it? When will I start feeling relief? What do I have to watch out for? And what should I do if I think the medication is not working or doing something bad to me?
3. When you pick up the med from the pharmacist also ask the last set of questions...this will reinforce your knowledge.
4. If you live in the United Kingdom, pharmacies give out great information packets which are fun to read and also really informative.
If you are allergic to amoxicillin and come in contact with the pills, can you react adversely?
I have to give my cat some amoxicillin pills (been doing so for 2 days), and all of a sudden I have this swelling under my eye. I am allergic to amoxicillin. Possible reaction to touching the pills?
Amanda S
Do you know about the generic for Keflex called Cephalexin?
I was treated for mastitis with Tylenol with codeine and Keflex. I had severe vomiting and went to the ER and they changed the pain med. Now I'm having throat swelling and pain. Does this sound like a side effect of the Keflex? I don't have any other allergic reaction signs? I called the manufacturer but they were no help. I guess I can have the antibiotic switched to something else but I just want the treatment over with not just start another one. I have 5 days left. I am going to call the doc, but any advice or experience you have in using this would be most appreciated. I do have nausea and diarrhea which are expected side effects.
  With the statement of "throat swellling" you need to go to your Dr. or the ER asap. It is possible you are having an alllergic reaction and throat swelling is a sign of it. You can continue to expand the throat swelling to include difficulty breathing and even a shock like state. Sometimes these allergice reactions can be fatal so see someone now.
sweet sue
Can pollen allergies be passed on to others?
Well, I don't know if I still am but every Spring I got my allergies. Mid-way through Spring, I stopped taking my medicine and I was just fine. But that same day, my sister, who was not allergic to anything, suddenly got an allergic reaction to pollen. I asked my mom and my health teacher if they knew if that was possible but they said they never heard of anything like that happening and think it was just an interesting coincidence. I think that may be true but I would like someone else's opinion about this. Thanks to whoever answers this.
  Allergies are not communicable in the sense that bacteria are. You cannot catch someone's allergy the way you can catch their cold. However, allergies can be inherited, so perhaps your sister became allergic simply because you have the same parents.

Or maybe she just wanted to hog all the attention :o)
Unexplained sore throat since July 2010. Doctor's stumped.?
My name is Alisha, I'm 18 years old, caucasion, and am asking for any advice as to what may help! I have seen two doctors for this sore throat since July 2010, with no relief. When it started in July, I thought it was strep... because I've had that a lot previously and showed all of the symptoms. I have since then taken two prescriptions of Amoxicillin 250mg, Azithromycin, Vantin, then had an allergic reaction to the first pill of Amoxicillin 500, and discontinued that. I am now taking Clindomycin. I am sick of all the antibiotics that give me no relief, and having to take yogurt pills 4 times a day to prevent a second occurrence of thrush. The sore throat started immediately after receiving 3 fillings from my dentist, and the doctor's thought I could be having an allergic reaction to the dental fillings used, because I had a previous reaction to a retainer. So I had the fillings removed in November, and replaced with something different. This did not change my sore throat, and I stopped going to the doctor's again until now. I just can not handle this any more! As of this week my tonsils are red, and swollen almost out the the middle of my throat, making it hard to swallow and very painful. The back of my throat has a cobblestoned appearance, and has a few blisters. I have tested negative for mono, and a throat swab, and the CBC was normal. I also have severe GERD, and have been taking pepcid twice a day for the past few months. One doctor believed the cobblestoning was from this, but it has yet to go away after taking the pepcid, and seeing less acid reflux.
Any suggestions would be amazing! Hoping that someone can help!
~~ Yes I have been referred to one a few times actually. I haven't yet because I have not had any health insurance, and the doctor's visits are expensive enough! And yes I've done everything like gargling salt water, warm liquids.... everything! No relief. I also have had swollen lymph nodes for the entire 7 months. On days like this I can't even turn my neck without pain.
what is the % of people who take ranitidine (zantac) 150 mg tablets, who have an allergic reaction to it? Cath
I know allergic reactions are rare with zantac but glaxo smith kline the makers of zantac wouldn't tell me. They said my Dr. could call and find out but i know my Dr. is too busy to call them and he just tells me it is rare and I should take the med.
  Ranitidine is perhaps the safest antacid.I myself have prescribed and keep on prescribing it to n no of patients.None have reported with any side-effects yet.
But be careful if u r planning to conceive or prgnant.
otherwise feel absolutely relaxed about it's safety.
sameer p
I had an allergic reaction to adenosine given to me during a stress test. What would have caused that?
  I doubt what you had was a true allergic reaction, since our bodies contain adenosine naturally.

The most common reactions are chest tightness and shortness of breath.
allergic reaction or normal side effect? ?
I was just recently prescribed the sumatriptan succinate injection for severe Migraines.

I injected it into my thigh, following the directions.

After I injected it then I got really dizzy, a tingly/burning feeling in my nose, and felt a bit nauseous.

I was reading the pamphlet that came in the box and it said it might be red and sore at the injection site for about an hour.

I injected it about 10 hours ago, yet it still hurts terribly.
It hurts to walk, and it hurts to put the slightest pressure on it.

I dont bruise easily, and have never had this happen with shots before.

What could causing it to be so painful?
marine wifey {Sharpie}
  Get medical advice as the first person said. Afterward, you should report these side effects to the FDA at:

or by calling 1-800-FDA-1088
Allergic reaction with bumps (help, please!)?
um, ok, for the past few days, i'd say about since last thursday, i've been scratching my skin. whenever i did i noticed that i had like pimple-like bumps on them. i thought they were ordinary pimples on my skin. they were on my toes and my fingers.

the next day, friday, i noticed i was scratching significantly and i noticed that i two of the pimple-like bumps like next to each other so i assumed they were some type of spider bite that i got while i was asleep.

finally, on saturday (yesterday), i was scratching again and i finally told my dad about it but he dismissed it as something that i should put Lidex cream on. anyways, i'm wondering if anyone knew what i have? it really bothers me!

it's so itchy, and the bumps are NOT hives. believe me, i've had an allergic reaction that resulted in hives (and it was NOT cool). these bumps look like small pimples, but they are not filled with pimple pus. and i'm sure they're not CHICKENPOX either because i've had them already.

last year i was affected by herpes zoster on my eye. could this be the same thing or is it something entirely different? please help me, i'm really worried! thank you!! :)
  It could be bites -- an allergic reaction (try benadryl, if the itching stops, then thats what it is)... or simply clusters of mini skin warts (more common then you think in adolescence) son had those and they lasted for months - ugh!! The itching stopped but the bumps stayed - like 4 months... evenutally went away themselves...

look also into chicken pox (even if you have been vaccinated, or had them) you could have somehow been exposed and are having a small outbreak... especially if you had them once and the outbreak was minimal...

I would check with a doctor - rather is allergies, warts, chicken pox, etc - they can give you something that helps... if your dad brushes it off, talk to your mom, or school nurse!!

And don;t worry... everything you get now increases your immunity later... even allergies...
Can the ingredient protease cause an allergic reaction (specifically, as used in processed foods)?
My son is allergic/intolerant to certain food additives. The three that we've pinpointed so far are sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate/nitrite, and cochineal/carmine.

He broke out in hives after eating a bagged snack mix at school. The only ingredient in the list I don't think he's had before and that I did not recognize is something called protease. The only info I can find on it is technical chemical terms about inhibitors and such, and I don't understand a thing about it.

Can anyone tell me, in simple terms, whether protease as an ingredient in processed foods is known to cause allergic reactions? Thank you for your help!
  You betcha! Protease enzymes are used extensively in the bread industry. They basically are used to break down the amino acids that create proteins. Since allergy is where the immune system misidentifies benign proteins as enemy invaders, anything that affects the structure of a protein could cause your son a problem. Since his allergies seem to be with preservatives, as a rule of thumb he should take a pass on prepackaged foods. The good news is that things such as sodium benzoate and protease enzymes aren't good for least his allergy is preventing him from eating these exotoxins.
Queen of the Dust Mites
Is it rare to have an allergic reaction to ortho micronor?
how long after taking it will it appear?
Lindsay J
  Its rare but it would take about 24 hours for symptoms to appear.
Whats Up Doc
Is there a liquid ibuprofen with codeine available in the US and if so, what is it called?
Because of stomach surgery, I cannot take the Anaprox DS for my migraine headaches. I have tried Tylenol 3 w/codeine and Lortab (in liquid form) which seems to help, but may be having an allergic reaction from it.
Because of stomach surgery, I cannot take the Anaprox DS for my migraine headaches. Because I have no acids in my stomach anymore, I cannot take it as it will not dissolve. I have tried Tylenol 3 w/codeine and Lortab (in liquid form) which seems to help, but may be having an allergic reaction from it.

Liquid is the only way for me to get quick pain relief.
  Here are two sites that can help you with your migraines without pain meds.

and you can check to see about the ibuprofen with codeine at this site
Could i be allergic to neosporin I am putting on a cat scratch?
My cat scratched me pretty bad about a week ago, I cleaned it immediately and have been cleaning it and using peroxide/neosporin since. I noticed red itchy bumps around the scratch that seem to be worse when i use the neosporin? I've never had a problem using it in the past. Would betadine work better to help this heal? Are neosporin allergies common? Thanks!
Thanks guys. I had my dr. look at it just in case. Turns out I was having an allergic reaction to the cat scratch. Got some meds and it is looking a little better each day.
  Its possible that you can have an allergy to neosporin. Cats scratches and bites are bad to start with. There is something in the nails of their claws that our skins just doesn't agree with. Betadine would not be any better, in fact it actually inhibits healing. Soap and water has always worked. Since its been a week, keeping the wound moist with a topical antibiotic can also inhibit healing. Keep it dry and covered lightly. Hope this helps
Jim RN
Need Hemorrhoid Advice?
It started about 4 days ago one of my Hemorrhoid's popped out. My doctor gave me proctofoam hc and Ultram for the pain, because she said there was a blot clot in my Hemorrhoid. Now my question is, every time or most time I have a bowel movement like 1 or 2 more of the Hemorrhoids pop out. I used the proctofoam hc once, and the next morning there was only 1 Hemorrhoid, but I think I may have had like a allergic reaction to it, because I woke up feel very lightheaded, and felt like I intoxicated in a sick way. I finally threw up a little, and it gradaully went away while I was laying in bed, also I was itching a lot. Now I went to the bathroom and the other 2 popped out again, I don't know if I should use the proctofoam hc again or not. Also the main Hemorrhoid that popped out seems like its bleeding, but not severe, just looks like a tiny dot. I don't know what I should do.. Any ideas?
  I wouldn't use the proctofoam again until you call your pharmacist, and if you aren't comfortable with that, then call another pharmacy, and tell he or she the reaction that you think you had to the this medication. That person should let you know whether it could have been the medication or something else causing those symptoms. As far as the hemorrhoid bleeding, the bigger concern would be that it might bleed more later and a lot of blood loss is never good! Call your doc...See if there is anything else they can do for these persistent hemorrhoids!
Long term side effects of the drug Definity?
I was given this drug to enhance a echo of my heart, total of 3 cc. Iv push. I had a severe allergic reaction 1 minute after, rushed into ER , given drugs to help me breath , ct scan done , don't know why. After 6 hours I began to feel somewhat better so I went home. That was 5 days ago, I am still having side effects . I am told this drug is filtered through the lungs so it may take a while. I have pulmonary hypertension, Copd, Bovine heart aortic valve. Does anyone know how long this drug will stay with me ? The side effects are painful to have. Thanks
  The following is from
Please note - some side effects for Definity may not be reported. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist for medical advice. You may also report side effects to the FDA at or 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088).
This is not a complete list of all side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, contact your health care provider. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. To report side effects to the appropriate agency, please read the Guide to Reporting Problems to FDA.

Definity Side Effects - for the Professional
Clinical Trials Experience
A total of 1716 subjects were evaluated in pre-market clinical trials of activated Definity®. In this group, 1063 (61.9%) were male and 653 (38.1%) were female, 1328 (77.4%) were White, 258 (15.0%) were Black, 74 (4.3%) were Hispanic, and 56 (3.3%) were classified as other racial or ethnic groups. The mean age was 56.1 years (range 18 to 93). Of these, 144 (8.4%) had at least one treatment-related adverse reaction (Table 3). There were 26 serious adverse events and 15 (0.9%) subjects discontinued because of an adverse event.

Deaths and serious adverse events: Among the 1716 activated Definity® patients, 19 (1.1%) suffered serious cardiopulmonary adverse events including eight deaths. The deaths occurred several days after activated Definity® administration and appear to be related to the course of underlying disease. Of the 11 other serious adverse events, which appeared within days of the drug administration (2-15 days), all appeared to be a progression underlying cardiac and non-cardiac disease. However, a role for Definity® in the initiation or course of these adverse events can not be ruled out.
You should read the complete report on the website below.
It is possible you may be having an allergic reaction to the drug.
I if I were you I would make sure you report immediately to your doctor any adverse reactions without delay. If necessary call 911.
Anyone take or did take Amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium pills for infection?
I am taking the medication for a sinus infection. This medication is making me nauseated(which is normal) But I feel like I'm congested or I have a slight fever. I don't have shortness of breath or swelling so I don't know if its an allergic reaction. I have been taking Nyquil Sinus or Benadryl for the usual symptoms. I was just wondering if anyone had this reaction to the pills.
  Stop taking it! I took it and developed an allergy to it after just once. See your doctor ASAP because if you have shortness of breath you can go into anaphylactic shock. It only caused my soft tissues to burn and chap but yours sounds serious.
It's a New Day
Penicillin V reaction?
About 2 months ago I took penicillin V tablets. I took to tablets that day because your suppose to take 1 every six hours. after the first day of taking it I noticed small bumps on my arms and my feet were itching really bad. I didn't take it anymore after that. Then a couple of weeks later the skin on my hands and feet started to peel and i got a rash on my left foot. Is this a sign that I had a allergic reaction to it? and has anyone esle experienced this after taking Penicillin?
  my wife had that problem

it's some kind of allergic reaction

just tell the doctor that you can't take that and they usually will have a back up drug instead
You may be right
stopping zonisamide abruptly because of severe allergic reaction?
my girlfriend has been taking the anti convulsant/anti seizure medication zonisamide. She's been on it for 6 weeks. She takes 3 100 milligram pills at bedtime...3 days ago she was in the hospital because she woke up in the morning with a rash on her face and neck...the doctors said she was probably allergic to an antibiotic she has been recently taking for a sinus infection. she stopped taking the antibiotic immediately because of fear of that allergy to it ( antibiotic is amoxicillin)...anyways, now 3 days later, she wakes up again in the morning with even worse rash, now all over her entire body and her face was red almost purple..welts all over her body, massive itching and throat was feeling tight....went to family doctor after calling immediately this says that she's definitely NOT having an allergy to the amoxicillin because its been out of her system for 3 full days now, and her body rashes were not in accordance with a typical allergy to amoxicillin...the doc says she is definitely having an allergic reaction to the zonisamide...zonisamide is in the sulfa family and sulfa allergic reactions are known to be often fatal...she is now on 60 milligrams of prednisone, and 50 mg of benedryl every 4 hours for at least the next 6 days...she has to stop taking zonisamide immediately...the zonisimide was NOT prescribed by her family doctor but a specialist she sees for headaches...she was in a car accident and has brutal headaches that nothing else helped so the specialist put her on the zonisamide as a migraine treatment...I read that stopping zonisamide suddenly most likely will cause siezures...Now she does not have a siezure condition but went through a withdraw with siezures about 4 months ago because of the same situation..she was on trileptol (another anti siezure medicine) for her migraines...she was allergic to the trileptol and stopped it abruptly and wound up in the hospital for 6 days because of repeated siezures from stopping the trileptol suddenly....I fear her going into siezures with stopping the zonisamide...her specialist said to give her 1 tonight and 1 tomorrow night and stop it but her family doc said absolutely NOT...he said her next pill of zonisamide can be fatal due to the extreme severity of her current allergy reaction. Does anyone know the odds of her going into seizures from stopping zonisamide suddenly?? is it greater than her chances when she stopped the trileptol??? or less than her chances when he stopped the trileptol??? is there any sort of option for her??? I worry because I dont want to kill the girl, ya doc says take it and ween off, the other doc says its insane to give her the weening of right now, we're NOT gonna give her her dose tonight and we're stopping the med abruptly...we're in a rock and a hard place...I just want to know if its a likelihood that she's gonna go into seizures from this for a few days....the half life of zonisamide is around 60 hours or so from what I understand....Any help??? please!!!!!
i took non drowsy 24 hour claritin d for my cold and congestion?
does it make your nose itch or is it an allergic reaction??
Vicky W
If I'm allergic to Zinc Oxide, am I allergic to Octinoxate as well?
I've known since I was a baby that I'm allergic to Zinc Oxide. I recently purchased a moisturizer containing Zinc Oxide (I didn't know this at the time.) My face began burning, itching, and becoming severely irritated. I immediately washed it off and haven't used it since. However, I purchased a new moisturizer today that doesn't contain Zinc Oxide. However, it contains Octinoxate. My face developed the same symptoms, and turned red and irritated. Are Octinoxate and Zinc Oxide the same thing? Or do they contain similar ingredients? I'm trying to figure out what in this new moisturizer is giving my skin a reaction.

Thank-you. (:
  You may be allergic to more than one substance. In case of creams and dyes there is no guarantee that you will not be allergic to a product even if all the contents looks safe. The only way is to use it on a small area at a safe body part like below the arm and wait for 48 hrs. If there is no allergic reaction then you can use it on the face.
does allergic contact dermatitis make you unable to get the smallpox vaccine?
If you have Allergic Contact Dermatitis, not Atopic Dermatitis. Can you still get severe reactions from the small pox vaccine?
  The Center for Disease Control's website warns people with atopic dermatitis.regarding the vaccine, not people who have allergic contact dermatitis. It's always best to let your doctor know about this, of course, before getting the vaccine.
Robert W
i was put on famotidine and prednisone for my allergic reaction, when i went to the emergency room?
but soon they will be done, so what do i do? im going to my doctor tomorrow can she give me a refill or once they are done i stop don't bother ask for more, and i need a epi pen too?
  Each kind of allergic reaction is treated differently. Only if yours was anaphylactic or angioedema (esp involvement of the mouth or lips) would you likely require refills, much less an epi pen.

-ENT MD x30y
New medicine and hives all over?
My mom started taking Penicillin 2 weeks ago, but just started breaking out in hives today. She thinks it's from the medicine, but isn't 2 weeks a long time to go without having an allergic reaction? She hasn't eaten anything different today. Could it be stress related?

Thank you!
Also, her non-identical twin sister is allergic to Penicillin.
~*~Tabby Cat~*~ N.O.T.W.
  Under Penicillin's Adverse Effects are many different symptoms including "skin rash, hives, or itching". The recommendation is to call the doctor "immediately" if you experience this or any of the other symptoms listed on the paperwork when you (or she) filled the prescription.
Allergic to Factive- Can I get hives weeks later after on a steriod for first reaction to factive?
I took Factive about one month ago. It is a five-day antibiotic. Three days after finishing Factive, I developed a rash all over my body which itched very bad. The doctor then put me on a steroid which cleared up the rash. Just 3 days ago, I got hives on my throat/chest. They itch, but are not spreading. Can I have another reaction to Factive weeks later? I have not changed anything in my lifestyle. Please help. I have been taking Benedryl today which seems to help somewhat.
If you have asthma, Have you ever taken antihistamines.........?
to treat your asthma? And did it help in any way? Antihistamines like Benadryl, Claritin, Chlor-Trimeton, etc.
Im asking here for experience with asthma and antihistamines because myself, even though I have allergies, antihistamines never worked for me. Also, Asthma is caused by things other than allergies.
Well, I find it hard to believe that cold air and exercise are allergic reactions which cause asthma attacks. If they are and if everything is an allergic reaction, tell me this, why don't antihistamines work on asthma?
That last detail was directed to Matt
  Asthma is an allergy. Asthma is caused by the autoimmune systems response to a trigger. Asthma can be caused by a standard allergen like dust or it can be triggered by other triggers such as cold air, infection, presume. No matter what the trigger is, the reaction is still an allergic reaction.

Asthma is an allergic reaction. Mast cells degranulate and releasing histamines and leukotrienes along with other inflammatory chemicals. You can help prevent asthma attacks by taking anti-histamines on a regular basis. It will help a little. Leukotrienes are 800 times more irritating to the airway then histamines are.

You can take a Leukotriene modifier (Singulair, Aculade, Zyflo) to help block Leukotrienes but you will need a prescription for one of these.
Matt A
I would like to know if anyone has had a persantine cardiolite stress test and what kind of reaction you had.?
I had a horrible reaction. I thought I was going to go into v-tach. I would just like to know if this is a common reaction.
  Not unusual. That's why we almost never used persantine when I used to do them.

Adenosine gives equally good results with lesser side effects that last a couple of minutes at most. Also, patients often need an "antidote" to counteract the side effects of the persantine.
Beconase - allergic reaction?
I took Beconase nasal spray for my allergies friday night and a few hours later I got a cough out of nowhere... and then the next day my cough was pretty bad.
Then on saturday night i became extremely wheezy and struggled to breathe and woke up at least 6 times during the night as i must have stopped breathing..
Now it's tonight and it still hurts to breathe a lottt. Oh and earlier on today I coughed up greenish yellow phlegm
.....will i be okay? LOL and is it definitely a reaction to the spray because i'm not entirely sure..
very worried about sleeping now >__<
  It sounds more like you might have bronchitis or an infection than a reaction to the nasal spray. If this is not getting better you should probably check with your doctor.
Allergic reaction to tetracycline?
Two years ago my dermatoligist prescribed me generic minocylcine capsules (40mg). After about a month and a half to two months of being on them I became quite ill. First, I broke out in a rash. The rash itched very badly and began on my scalp and soon begin to appear on other parts of my body. The patches were about 6 inches or so, asymmetrical and very bumpy. After a few days I developed mono-like symptoms I was drained of energy with the occasional mild fever. I saw several doctors and none of them could find anything wrong with me, but one prescribed me about seven different medicines and said I should stop taking all other medicines. After about two weeks I was mostly back to normal and took the minocycline for another month, problem free.

Exactly a week ago I began taking Dynacin (100 mg) which is a tetracycline like before, and I've just noticed a small area of bumps on the back of my arm similar to what I experienced earlier.
Is it likely that this wasn't a strange illness and was an allergic reaction? Also what is an alternative medication to tetracycline to treat acne (a pill, I already use a cream)
Davis S
  I had the same thing happen because the dosage of tetracycline was too high. You might want to check with your doctor on that. Also, be sure that the drugs haven't passed their expiration dates, because they can be toxic if taken when expired. Good luck!!
How long can a herpes outbreak last?
My husband gave me herpes about three months ago. I am still having my first outbreak: it never went away and it is showing no signs of slowing down. I had a bad reaction to valtrex and famvir (almost all the side effects) and so now I am on acyclovir -- two pills 5 times a day -- which I started today -- we'll see if the allergic reaction continues. I have also been taking L-Lysine and several other supplements and immunity boosters. I have read that most outbreaks -- even first ones -- last only a few weeks. Has anyone heard of an outbreak lasting more than three months? I am suffering with the flu symptoms and fatigue along with the itching and burning. I have no other auto-immune related illnesses. What can be done to help this go away?
  Outbreaks can last for months. I have had one that that lasted for about 6 months and my sister had one that lasted longer than that.Don't let everyone scare you.
After 2 days of FML, my eyes are worse even more red and puffy. Any ideas for before I can see the eye Dr? ?
Update-- (Thanks Hyena)-- Dr. hasn't seen it, but he says it's probably an allergic reaction. Things are better, but still not back to normal-- just taking Lotemax now.
  Maybe you are allergic to the FML. You should go to the eye doctor when your eyes are still red so he can see how bad it is. Stop taking the FML and go get it checked.
Laughing Hyena
MY doctor gave me a prescription for NUVIGIL to make me more alert have you ever had a reaction to it?
It's the 250mg one. I have severe dry mouth. Nervous,,jittery. Let me know how you reacted to it. HELP
  all people are different you can not tell till you tack it
Atarax (sp) is that the medication like benedryl?
I am covered in skeet-o bites and I have atarax from a previous allergic reaction (i think). Should that help with the itching?
what are the side effects of flonase?
I have pretty severe allergies, no medicine really works for me except for flonase. It works great, the only problem is the side effects, I feel dizzy and extremely tired. Are these side effects a reaction to the flonase or just a reaction to the allergies in general?
Joe Morrison
  Possible side effects
SIDE EFFECTS that may occur while using Flonase 50mcg/act Suspension include dizziness; headache; nasal irritation or burning; nausea; nosebleeds; sore throat; or vomiting. If they continue or are bothersome, check with your doctor. CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience blurred vision or other vision changes; frequent, severe, or persistent nosebleeds or nasal irritation; loss of sense of smell or taste; shortness of breath; sores in the nose; unusual nasal discharge; voice changes; or wheezing. AN ALLERGIC REACTION to Flonase 50mcg/act Suspension is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; or unusual hoarseness.
Fashion Queen 561
What, in both Requip/Ropinirole and Cipro, would cause the same allergic reaction?
These drugs were taken 8 years apart, I just happened to have the same swelling of face, eyes, tongue and nose. I'm looking for the type/ingredient/anything that I could then look to avoid in the future?
Allergic Reactions
  Try looking for information on the following sites:
WebMD and
Rose C
i have the cream pramosone can I use it to relieve the itch around my vaginal lips?
I went to the doctor, said it was an allergic reaction to the soap I was using and this is what the doctor prescribed.
  Pramosone has hydrocortisone in it. It works on itching due to allergic reactions because it blocks the immune response.

Vaginal itching is usually due to a bacterial or yeast (fungal) infection. You do not want to block your immune response if you have an infection, because the infection will go bananas and then you will really itch. That is why the labeling for Pramasone says not to use it when you have an infection.

You can buy yeast infection treatment over the counter, but if you have never had a yeast infection before, I suggest that you not diagnose yourself. See a doctor to find out what it is.
Is there an easier way to find out if I'm allergic to nonoxynol-9?
I'm scared to use spermicide because I don't know if I'm allergic. Is there an easier way to find out if I'm allergic by testing it on another part of the body? Or will that probably not work?

Also, someone told me about octoxynol-9. Are people often allergic to that, too?

This probably sounds Like a dumb question. I'm just really curious.
  People can be allergic to anything. You could try testing the spermacide on your arm and see what happens. If you are allergic you will probably have a reaction there.
what are the symptoms of allergic reaction to zofran?
i was given morphine, zofran and protonix last night in the er and started having seizure like tremors and swelling at the iv site
People react differently to different drugs. However here are some side effects of zofran. They are blurred vision or temporary blindness, slow heart rate, trouble breathing, anxiety, agitation, shivering, feeling light-headed, or fainting, and urinating less than usual or not at all.
Your seizure activity may have been caused by the morphine as it can cause seizures. I have also included the side effects of the morophine for you. They are Shallow Breathing, Slow heart beat,
seizure (convulsions);
cold, clammy skin;
severe weakness or dizziness; or
feeling light-headed, fainting.
Less serious side effects are more likely to occur, such as:
warmth, tingling, or redness under your skin;
nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite;
dizziness, headache, anxiety;
memory problems; or
sleep problems (insomnia).

I hope this helps you.
Are allergy attacks likely to progressively get worse?
My son has moderate allergies (grasses, dust, eggs). His previous attacks have been rather mild- itching, hives, upset stomach, etc. until last night. He started having all over itching so I had him take a shower and gave him Benadryl. He seemed to be doing better and then started wheezing and having shortness of breath an hour later. That was the first time he's had respiratory symptoms during a reaction. Is it likely that his reactions may continuously get worse?

Fyi- We do have 2 EpiPen® Jr. for him on hand in case of a severe reaction.
He's 4. I just spoke with his pediatric allergist and he's to be reevaluated. And they said his attacks will get worse.

  How old is your son? I know allergies can be especially difficult during the younger years.

I think the best course of action would be to take him to a specialist, ASAP. My nephew has those problems too. We found out that he has short-term allergic reactions and long-term allergic reactions. That means if he eats something that we aren't aware of him being allergic too, he is asymptomatic for about three days to a week until he reacts.

That might be something to consider.

Good luck!
Gastrografin allergy?
Has anyone ever heard of someone having an allergic reaction to gastrografin- a contrast medium that shows up on X rays used to investigate various problems in the body? If so what are the signs and symptoms? Thanks.
  The following risks mentioned are higher in intravascular administration of iodinated contrast media, however, they are also relevant for the enteral use of GASTROGRAFIN.

Occasionally, allergy-like hypersensitivity reactions have been observed after use of X-ray contrast media such as GASTROGRAFIN. These reactions are usually manifest as non-serious respiratory or cutaneous symptoms, as mild respiratory distress, reddening of the skin (erythema), urticaria, itching or facial edema. Serious events such as angioedema, subglottic edema, bronchospasm and allergic shock are rare.

Patients with hypersensitivity or a previous reaction to iodinated contrast media are at increased risk of having a severe reaction. However, such reactions are irregular and unpredictable in nature.

Before any contrast medium is administered, the patient should be questioned for a history of allergy (e.g. seafood allergy, hay fever, hives), sensitivity to iodine or to radiographic media and bronchial asthma as the reported incidence of adverse reactions to contrast media is higher in patients with these conditions. In patients with an allergic disposition, known hypersensitivity to iodinated contrast media or a history of asthma, premedication with antihistamines and/or glucocorticoids may be considered.

Patients with bronchial asthma are at special risk of having bronchospasms or a hypersensitivity reaction.

Nausea, vomiting, mild angioedema, conjunctivitis, coughing, pruritus, rhinitis, sneezing and urticaria have been reported. These reactions, which can occur irrespective of the amount administered and the mode of administration, may be the first signs of incipient state of shock.

If hypersensitivity reactions occur, administration of the contrast medium must be discontinued immediately and - if necessary - specific therapy instituted via a venous access. To permit immediate countermeasures to be taken in emergencies, appropriate drugs, an endotracheal tube and a respirator should be ready at hand.

The small amount of free inorganic iodide from iodinated contrast media might interfere with thyroid function. Therefore, the need for examination merits particularly careful consideration in patients with latent hyperthyroidism or goiter.

There is an increased risk of aggravation of severe hypersensitivity reactions in individuals with severe cardiac disease and particularly in those with heart failure and coronary artery disease.

The need for examination merits particularly careful consideration in patients with a very poor general state of health.

With regard to the use of barium sulphate attention is drawn to the contraindications, warnings and possible side effects relevant to this preparation.
RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT)
Is there any chance of an allergic reaction?
I'm currently on Retin-A Micro and Benzaclin for mild acne. My doctor recently prescribed Optivar for my eyes. Will the Optivar react with the other medication?
  You can go onto a site like walgreens or rite aid and use their drug interaction search engine. Since they are medications you really should take it upon yourself to find out the correct information for your own safty and health. If all else fails call your doctor and simple ask
Anyone alergic to diflucan and have persistent recurring resistant yeast infections and oral thrush?
Helppppppp pleaseeeee........ Have an allergy to diflucan, face breaks out in a rash and throat swells. I'm on steroids for adrenal insufficiency and inhaled steroids for asthma. On top of the basically normal monthly yeast infection (no rude comments) I've had oral thrush for months and months. Nystatin helped but didn't get rid of it Amo B mouth washes (custom made) didn't help... Finally doctors argued with me it wasn't a fungal infection. Well i begged a doctor to culture it after months of it and well it is a fungus.. Now trying mycelex (sorry can't spell) i've used them before, and had no reaction, but up till december i had no reaction to diflucan. I know there is a chance of an allergy but don't know what else to do. Yogurt, probiotics make my stomach hurt like no tomorrow, garlic doesn't help. regular mouth washes, peroxide diluted mouth washes do nothing, cleaning tounge leaves it too painful to even talk or eat. I'm soooooooooooo in dire need of help doctors are even clueles
Thanks to any helpful advice... anyone out there allergic to diflucan, severe actual allergies not just bad reactions.... It's a rare allergy, but i am the unusal case in almost everything. i'm also alergic to codiene, loratab (vicodin), amoxicillin, spivara (all sent me to ER)..
  i was getting monthly yeast infections and was tired of getting over the counter medicine because they stopped working.

I started douching with two little caps of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of water for like five days, yeast infection is gone. Make sure the hydrogen peroxide only has distilled water and peroxide no other ingredients. a bottle of hydrogen peroxide should not cost more than a dollar.

Ohh and I had a pap soon after and got a test for yeast infection and it came out clear. my ph balance was excellent too.

it seems that your immune system might be low, try to take some vitamin supplements and keep eating yogurt even if your stomach hurts, what do you prefer white toungue or stomach pain?
help please...meds question.......?
my dic switched my meds from lithoid 300 mg twice a day to eskalith cr 450 mg 2 and 1/2 daily...i am scared to start these meds whats the difference when they are both lithium and could i have an allergic reaction even though i didnt to the first!
  Anything you worry about you should look up on WebMd, if you doc can't help you. You shouldn't need to stress about a med. I have taken meds that had the doses changed. Really Look into it.
clindamycin phosphate and Benzoyl peroxide Gel question?
I got this medication from my dermatologist. I have only used it twice and one side of my face is slightly swollen With one line that is where my regular color is showing through.
Do you think that this is a side affect or a allergic reaction to it?
The symptoms that you describe resemble those of an allergic reaction. There is no way of predicting if this will subside or increase to become dangerous. The only possible advice, without examination, would be to discontinue usage until seen by a medical practitioner. In general, Benzaclin is well-tolerated. The most frequently reported side effect is dry skin, which occurs in about 1 of 8 people who use it. Other side effects include skin reactions at the site of application (1 in 30), itching (1 in 50), peeling (1 in 50), redness (1 in 100), and sunburn 1 in 100). Diarrhoea, sometimes bloody, has been reported with topical clindamycin. This reaction, although quite rare, can be dangerous. Discontinuation is recommended if marked diarrhoea develops.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Hope this helps
matador 89
matador 89
is it okay for me to perform this lab activity?
in my ap biology class we are going to be doing a lab next week. we are using penicillin, ampicillin, kanamycin, and tetracycine and E. coli bacteria. i have a gluten, soy, all nuts, all molds, all trees, pretty much everything. would i have an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals or to the E. coli?
  It's possible you could have a reaction to some of the molds. Ask your instructor.
What's the difference between taxol and taxotere?
These are two chemotherapy drugs. Are they related at all? I have a friend who has ovarian cancer and she had an allergic reaction to taxol. Can she have the taxotere?
  Taxotere is an alternative to Taxol. It was developed because so many women were having reactions to Taxol. Taxotere has the same active agent, but it is suspended in a synthetic base.

People can still have reactions to Taxotere, but they are generally less severe. There is another form called Abraxane, same basic active agent, different formulation for the base.

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