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thyroid cancer?
Im 15 and i was wondering if i could have thyroid cancer? my lymphnoids under my chin and near throat have been swollen for almost a year (in february). But i have a small lump by my thyroid. Also, when i push on the lyrenx and thyriod it moves to the left. Could this be cancer?
  Honey, quit freaking yourself out (even though I do it all the time).

Go to a doctor and find out for sure.
You could drive yourself insane if you let your imagination run wild. I should know, I do it all the time! (like now with a lump IN my back!!) AHHHHHH

Seriously, go to a doctor and just find out what it is.
Where are the top sites in the US for thyroid cancer evaluation and treatment?
Female, 62 years, on Synthroid for 20+ years after thyroid stopped functioning. Recent ultrasound shows two solid nodules (under 2 cm, one in each lobe) and a 3rd nodule "in the upper pole." Thyroglobulin blood test abnormal. Hoarse voice. Had thyroid scan today. Internist felt growth 3 wks ago which prompted ultrasound. Internist suggests biopsies next at area diagnostic center. Earliest date available Oct. 10. Is this good advice or should I seek endocrinologist exam now? Am a 6 year uterine cancer survivor at an excellent, regional cancer center, which does very little with thyroid cancer. What are the top centers for thyroid cancer? What would you recommend doing in my situation?
Jan H
  I had tumors on my thyroid and had it removed when I was seven years old. I would definitely talk to an endocrinologist, if I were you. No matter whether the advice you were given was good or not, the endocrinologist will know what is best for you. Baylor in Dallas is an excellent hospital. They've done all of my thyroid related surgeries.
What is the percentage of a person under 21 having cancer in their thyroid?
I am curious as to the chances of someone under the age of 21 found with thyroid Nodules having cancer. I was told that there is I higher risk for those in their teens to have thyroid cancer found with nodules than those over 21 found with thyroid nodules. I was wondering if that is true and just how much of a greater risk the teens are at.
  The cut off for childhood cancer is under 20 years old 1.8% of thyroid cancers occur in the age group, that is about 665 cases – do the math.
Does calcification in thyroid nodules mean you have cancer?
Ok so I had a thyroid biopsy done because there were multiple nodules found in my thyroid. I was told they are about 2 cm, (the 2 largest ones) The tech and the doctor that was performing the biopsy they said that I had calcification in the nodules, from what I saw the calcification was a little less than half the size of the actual nodule. Now does this indicate thyroid cancer?
  Actually, calcified nodules of the thyroid account for only about 5% or so of thyroid cancers in general.

What needs to be done at this point is have the pathologist take a look at them to be sure.

A thyroid uptake scan is usually done BEFORE any biopsy would be done -- typically looking for what are termed "cold nodules." These are suspicious for cancer.

Best of luck to you!
Thyroid cancer.................?
What is the first symptom you would experience if you have Thyroid cancer???????? And if a cancer/disease gave you a list of symptoms and you only had one of the symptom and that symptom is a common symptom for other things... but u didnt have any of the others... should you get worried that u have that disease/cancer?
Gabby S
  What are symptoms of thyroid cancer?

Early thyroid cancer often does not cause symptoms. But as the cancer grows, symptoms may include:

A lump, or nodule, in the front of the neck near the Adam's apple;

Hoarseness or difficulty speaking in a normal voice;

Swollen lymph nodes, especially in the neck;

Difficulty swallowing or breathing; or

Pain in the throat or neck.

These symptoms are not sure signs of thyroid cancer. An infection, a benign goiter, or another problem also could cause these symptoms. Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor as soon as possible. Only a doctor can diagnose and treat the problem.
How long can someone live who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer?
I have a dear friend diagnosed with papillary cancer of the thyroid. She had a surgery already and will undergo other treatments in the future. My friend is still in her early 30's and has children. She is a very optimistic gal and lives life to the fullest. But somehow, I am concerned for her. I don't know how long she will have to live (as in the case of other cancer patients) and would want to spend more qualtiy time with her and make up for the times that were lost.
Also, I learned from my friend recently that the cancer cells had spread to her lymph nodes.
  It is very difficult to say without more specific information. Often surgery can remove all the cancer and future treatment often relates to level of the thyroid hormones which are reduced due to the thyroid having been removed.
Your friends post operative appointment would discuss all of this with her. She will also have had tests to see if the cancer had spread.
By the sound of things her optimistic outlook may have came from her follow up appointment.
Maybe you should discuss your concerns with her. This may reassure you. Best wishes to you both.
If you have thyroid cancer will your TSH level in your blood test be off?
My throat has been hurting for a month and my voice is hoarse. Sometimes my throat hurts when I breath or feels dry. I don't have a cold or a runny nose or allergies or acid reflux. Is it possible to have thyroid cancer if your TSH levels are normal?
  Yes, you can have thyroid cancer and a normal TSH...I did. To tell you the truth, it really doesn't sound like you have thyroid cancer. Dry throat isn't really a symptom of thyroid cancer, pain is rarely. You could have a virus with your voice issue. I would suggest going to your doctor to make sure everything is okay.
How can a thyroid cancer metastasize into only one part of the body?
My brother had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and his cancer managed to metastasize into his liver. My question is, how is it that cancer in one part of the body can metastasize into one part of the body but not the surrounding areas? Or is it just a matter of time?
Jojo Rivers
  It happens that way cancer.I have found that the liver is much more susceptible to mestatization than other organs because of its functional ties to soo many organs as well as its role in the the body.if he has been treated with chemotherapy or radiation its likely to get the brunt of the effects because of its clean up function.....hopefully in trying to manage it the doctors won't set off a series of mestizaton on the other organs due to exposure of more chemotherapy agents due to the livers reduced function.
I hope you and your family the best.
Thyroid Cancer?
I have been told there is a chance that I have thyroid cancer. I will be meeting with a specialist at the end of the month to determine what will be happening next.

I guess my questions are many:

1) What are good resources on the net to find out more? I figure Web MD would have good info - anything any better and more specific?

2) What are the options? I know every case is different, but is there anyway I can know what I am facing - so that I know what kind of questions to ask once I meet with the doctor?

3) What chances are that it could spread? Where could it spread to, and what other symptoms would I be looking for?

(I've been told that the tests for my thyroid are normal, but I know I have had a large thyroid for almost 20 some years now. But this is the first it has hurt like this in a long time - I have the raspy voice from time to time, and can feel extremely fatigued with a temp)

Any info anyone can give either here or by email would be aprpeciated.
Mike S
  I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer 5 years ago. First I'll answer your questions.

1-Best resource for thyroid cancer is

2-There aren't too many options. Once diagnosed with thyroid cancer, you must have surgery to completely remove your thyroid gland. This is called a total thyroidectomy. Afterwards, you will have to take a pill everyday for the rest of your life. After surgery, most people will have RAI. That stands for radioactive iodine. Thyroid glands suck up iodiine. So the radioactive iodine goes in and "kills" any remaining thyroid tissue or cancer tissue. It's taken in the form of a pill. The radioactive isotope is called I-131. Some doctors will say that surgery is enough. But the RAI really is what goes in as the "cleanup crew" to kill any remaining cancer.

3-Thyroid cancer is a very slow spreading cancer (usually). If it spreads, it's usually to the lymph nodes nearby. Some very rare thyroid cancers can spread to the lungs or brain but usually it's slow.

Most thyroid cancers are very treatable and some would even say it's curable. First step for you will be an ultrasound of your thyroid. Next would be a biopsy which is called a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA). A needle is inserted through your neck, into your thyroid, and cells are removed. Sounds painful but it's not. Takes less than a minute and feels like a pinch. If the results come back as cancer, you'll have the surgery and about 2 months after surgery you'll have the RAI.

Best of luck to you. The thyca website is really wonderful.

mari m
What are some questions to ask your doctor after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer?
I'm getting the right part of my thyroid removed tomorrow, because the left part showed evidence of hurthle cell cancer.
Can you give me some questions to ask my surgeon?
  I found these question to be very useful before surgery (I knew I had cancer going into surgery) The site itself is wonderful, you can always email any sort of question and someone will respond quickly! Good luck!
What is the treatment for thyroid cancer?
I have enlarged nodules and am wondering about treatment for thyroid cancer, if in fact I do have cancer. I have enlarged nodules on my left and right side.
  You have a 95% chance of NOT having thyroid cancer. The treatment for thyroid cancer varies depending on the type and stage. The most common types of thyroid cancer (Papillary and Follicular) always have a surgical removal of the thyroid and (sometimes) follow up treatment of Radioactive Iodine (I-131) to destroy any remaining thyroid tissue. Levothyroxine is needed for life since a total thyroidectomy results in one not being able to produce thyroid stimulating hormone. Try not to worry, good luck with everything!
Are thyroid nodules less or more likely to be cancerous when one has been taking Synthroid for 20 years?
Female. Age 62. Thyroid stopped functioning 20+ years ago. Now I have 3 nodules (2 solid, per ultrasound) and elevated Thyroglobulin. Hoarse voice. Cannot find any reference to incidence of thyroid cancer in people who have been on synthetic hormones for years.
Jan H
  Taking thyroid supplementation for hypothyroidism, whether synthetic or not, does not raise your chances of developing thyroid cancer. The nodules were a coincidence and not caused by the thyroid hormone supplementation. If you had not had the supplementation you would not have lived this past 20 years or if you did you would have been very miserable with symptoms. I've been on thyroid supplementation for much longer than twenty years.

Here is an ACS web page discussing the few real risk factors for thyroid cancer.
Is there something I can take over the counter to replace levoxyl?
I had thyroid cancer about 5 years ago and they took my whole thyroid and put me on Levoxyl and I have been on it for five years. I can not afford going to the doctor to get a new persciption so i need something like a herb or anything else I can get over the counter. Plus I am gaining weight and need help. Please help me with an answer! I really hate not having a thyroid!
  I have been on levoxyl for about 5 years and I have lost weight. I am pretty healthy tho and only take 25mgs daily. I don't think you should get off the lavoxyl with out talking it over with your Dr.
The thyroid gland is very important and they tell me to never stop taking it.
Can depakote interfere with your thyroid blood tests?
I have the understanding that Depakote is not only to treat depression but is said to help those with thyroid symptoms and
people who get migraines. If a person has all the symptoms of hyperthyroid and a nodule is found on their thyroid but they have been on depakote because it was thought they were manic depressive. Then when they go in for their thyroid tests their
thyroid tests come back normal. Could the depakote be interfering with their thyroid test results?
  I can't find anything that states that Depakote is said to help those with thyroid symptoms. I can't see how it could possibly help either.

It is extremely common for hyperthyroidism to be misdiagnosed as a mental illness such as bipolar though, due to laziness on the part of the doctor, and unwillingness to run the right tests.

This is from the product insert:

There have been reports of altered thyroid function tests associated with valproate. The clinical significance of these is unknown.

CNS Effects
Irregular menses, secondary amenorrhea, breast enlargement, galactorrhea, and parotid gland swelling. Abnormal thyroid function tests (see PRECAUTIONS).
Lisa A
What is a Thyrogen Injection?
I am having my second series of scans following my thyroid cancer treatment. I was told I could have a Thyrogen Injection which would spike my hormone levels and they could perform my tests without me having to go off my thyroid medicine. Are there any side effects to it and what exactly does it do?
  Thyrogen is a recument TSH and you won't have to go hypo for a scan. It lessens the time you are hypo, when you are hypo this causes the cancer to be unsupressed so the shorter time the cancer has to grow the better. I have a support site for thyroid cancer, maybe you might want to join and talk to others with cancer. There is also a free LID cookbook for you
I have thyroid cancer, my thyroglobulin continues to be high, should I see a cancer specialist?
I have had 2 ablations, my thyroglobulin is 239, I am concerned and would like to have opinions about seeing a specialist
dona w
  was it your family doctor who asked for the tests and gave diagnosis?.what is his plan for you?have you not seen a specialist? i don't know what has been done for you thus far,or your last test results or what meds you are on etc. but i would call the doctor today and ask him what's going on.suggest to him you would like to go see a specialist.the doctor you want is called an endocrinologist. ask for the best in town.sometimes we have to take action if the doctor seem to be moving at a snail pace,when we have illness.
I had a thyroid ultrasound at the endocrinologist and he saw 3 nodules?
My endocrinologist told me that he could see 3 thyroid nodules on ultrasound and that my thyroid is inflamed. But when I got a second ultrasound approximately 2 weeks later they said that everything is fine. I haven't gone back to the doctor yet, but I'm majorly frustrated because I'm still having some symptoms that made them think I had a thyroid problem in the first place (tachycardia). Does anyone else know what this could be?? thanks!
  Nodules alone don't always cause symptoms, so they may not even be related to your condition.
mom 2 4
Is it possible to have thyroid nodules shrunk without having to take them out surgically?
I have a few nodules that are caused from my thyroid. Had a biopsy that came back okay. My doctor wants to take half of my thyroid out if I so desire. I do not want the operation. Can I have them "go away" without the surgery? Please help.
  Yes, but you need to talk to your doctor. ((
Thyroid Cancer Pain? What is the Cause and treatment?
Is there an experienced Oncologist that can answer this? I have Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 1 (M.E.N. 1). It first manifested with parathyroid tumors (benign) as well as Thyroid Tumors (papillary malignancy). The indicating symptom which led to the diagnosis was severe joint pain in all major joints. The pain was first attributed to high serum calcium levels (13+) and an assumed psudogout condition from the high ca levels based on the joint pain. Total thyroidectomy/parathyroidectomy completed. Then Metastasis to both lungs with approximately 20 3mm papillary tumors which after a V.A.T.S procedure found the tumors were mixed with sarcoid tissue. this is where I am at now.
My question for you is this: I am still experiencing massive joint pains in my major joints. All blood chemistry is normal now and RA tests are negative. I take massive Morphine doses in order to just get up out of my chair. The joint pain is crippling, and none of my doctors have been able to find ANY REASON for the pain. CT's and MRI's are negative for psudogout or cartilage degeneration.
Can the mere existence of the Thyroid Cancer tumors in my lungs be the cause of joint pain? Can my body just "hurt" because I have cancer? Is this type of complaint common? My doctors are less than understanding and are always hesitant to prescribe the pain meds for lack of a positive diagnosis and no physical evidence as to the cause of the pain. Could it be the sarcoid tissue causing the pain? Please help. I am so frustrated with my doctors, they never prescribe enough pain meds to allow me to get on my feet for any length of time, and I have 5 young kids to try to keep up with!
  You might want to contact ThyCa they would probably be able to help with some of your questions (Papillary Q's)... but they don't deal with M.E.N. Sarcoid tissue can cause aches and pains. I really think you should look for another doctor, one that will listen to all your concerns.
Enlarged Thyroid?
Im sixteen, I was told I have hypothyroidism at age fifteen. When I went for a check up my Doctor told me I have a enlarged thyroid, and is sending me for a ultrasound. I take Levothyroxine Sodium and told that it is working. Is a enlarged thyroid something I should be worried about?
  Enlarged thyriod is called goiter. Doctors are real good at keeping it from enlaging very much. So it no longer poses the problem it once did. Just take your pills and pay attention to what the doctor tells you.
On Victoza how long before I get full effect of the drug?
Does it take time to get into system. Like a week? Victoza how long before it could cause thyroid cancer too?
  Liraglutide (Victoza) is a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist. It functions as an incretin mimetic. Incretin mimetics have a rather high incidence of gastrointestinal side effects. The word incretin was first coined in the late 1890s. The first article on incretin mimetics was published in 1906. Incretin mimetics are available as inject-able only. Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitors have a nearly identical effect as incretin mimetics but are available in oral form. They have fewer side effects than exenatide (Byetta) and liraglutide (Victoza). Sitagliptin phosphate (Januvia) and saxagliptin (Onglyza) are the 2 DPP4 inhibitors available at this time. The pharmacologic principles of drugs is as follows. There is a single dose effect which is not very interesting as physicians do not typically prescribe a single dose of a medication. Pharmacokinetics means what the body does to the drug in terms of absorption, distribution, re-distribution, and metabolism. This is easy to measure and typically takes no longer than a week to achieve steady state. Pharmacodynamics means what the drug does to the body. This is typically unknown or only partially understood. Pharmacodynamic steady state typically requires 2 to 6 weeks for the full effect of the drug is known. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.
john e russo md facm faafp
Tell me about your experience with Thyrogen treatment.?
I am about to undergo Thyogen treatment as a follow up to thyroid cancer. I have so many questions -- did the 2 shots hurt? Did you throw up from the shots? How bad was it going low iodine? Anything else i should know?
Xhasted Mom of 2
  I have been through it several times for the same reason. The shots were not too bad. Everytime that I have had the shots, I have gotten headaches along the line of migranes. I never threw up. I stay on a low iodine diet. Be prepared that they may tell you after your scan to come back the following day. When they told me that, it terrified me. I saw my nurse in the hallway and I asked her about it and she said that it is sometimes happens. Good luck as you go through the treatment.
Anyone know anything about side effects for Thyrogen?
I had thyroid cancer 8 years ago and am getting a body scan. Instead of getting off my medication for 6 weeks the doctor wants to give me 2 thyrogen shots before he does the scan.
Thank you so much!
Barbara T
  These are the side effects that I found for you. It also states that if your 16 or younger you should not take it. It's used to determine thyroid problems and to treat thyroid CA. I hope this helps.

Common side effects:

Head Pain Less Severe
Feel Like Throwing Up

Infrequent side effects:

Flu-Like Symptoms
Throwing Up
Numbness and Tingling
Feeling Weak

Rare side effects:

Feeling of Throat Tightness
Feeling Faint
Life Threatening Allergic Reaction
Reaction due to an Allergy
Signs and Symptoms at Injection Site
Overactive Thyroid Gland
be happier own a pitbull
Thyrogen injections for Thyroid cancer?
has anyone had these treatments for a radioiodine injection and scan? I am having my first injection on monday and i have to do something quite important later that day. i'm wondering about any side effects....did you feel jittery or nauseous or anything else i should know about that might prevent me from going about my day???
any information would be greatly appreciated!!
  I had thyrogen a couple months ago. I didn't have any side effects. The whole appointment took about 2 minutes and I went straight to work afterwards. Nausea is listed as a possible side effect, but it's a small % of people.
Pathophysiology Help?
I can't seem to find these answers in my textbook, I'm assuming that the first answer is to further produce thyroid hormone but I'm not sure and as far as the second my best assumption is negative feedback since most hormones are regulated by such a system.

Increased thyroid hormone levels in the blood result in:
A) further stimulus to produce thyroid hormone.
B) decreased release of thyroid-stimulating hormone from the anterior pituitary.
C) increased secretion of thyrotropin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus.
D) inhibition of parathyroid hormone release from the parathyroid glands.


To adapt to high hormone concentrations, many target cells have the capacity for:
A) negative feedback.
B) positive feedback.
C) up-regulation.
D) down-regulation.
  Increased thyroid hormone levels would cause decreased thyroid stimulating hormone from ant pituitary (Answer B)... an example of negative feedback (Answer A- you're right)
Enlarged spleen, thyroid nodules, swollen lymph nodes in neck?
I just found out that my spleen is swollen, and that is what is causing the pain in my upper left abdomen. I've had thyroid nodules for years, but recently they are much larger, and the nodes near them are swollen now. I am waiting for results of CBC, Hepatic Panel, and mono spot, and have a thyroid ultra-sound scheduled for tonight. Does anyone else have similar symptoms? What could be causing all this?
  First off, you have ALL the classic signs and symptoms of Mono, so I'm glad they are doing a mono spot!

Enlarge spleen is a condition that normally happens when you have mono due to the fact its a 'filtering' organ and trying to remove the infection. Same with the enlarged lymph nodes in your neck. I'm curious to know if you have a sore throat or have been weak for the last couple of days!

As for thyroid nodules, experts know that thyroid nodules run in families. This means you are more likely to have a thyroid nodule if one of your parents has had a thyroid nodule. Or they can form when a person has been exposed to to much radiation.

Hope this helps!
What make pancreatic cancer so different from other cancers?
From everything that I have read about pancreatic cancer it is uncurable. Breast cancer, leukemia, and other kinds of cancer can be cured/brought into remission and I was wondering what is so different about pancreatic cancer that does not allow this type of cancer to be cured/go into remission?
  Pancreatic cancer can be treated for cure under very specific conditions. It spreads by local invasion and via lymphatic channels. If it is caught early prior to invasion in the local vasculature, it can be treated for cure via several procedures - Whipple (pancreaticoduodenectomy), Total Pancreatectomy, or Distal Pancreatectomy. A major issue is catching it early. The symptoms of this disease early on are usually no symptoms, vague abdominal pain, mild discomfort. It is hard to detect. There is also no good screening that is cost effective. The reason for this is the cancer is not that common, and the tests available are not that cheap. This makes for a very inefficient screening method. The ones out there currently that can detect pancreatic cancer include CT scan of the abdomen and Endoscopic Ultrasound. Both of these tests have their own drawbacks. CT scan of the abdomen involves radiation that may set you up for a cancer. Endoscopic ultrasound requires sedation, a specialist (gastroenterologist), and has risks of perforation. Also the tests need to have a high degree of sensitivity (meaning that there is a high number of people who have the disease also test positive). Endoscopic ultrasound is being used more for symptomatic pancreatic cancer, but I do not know of studies used for screening the general population.

Another issue is it's proximity to other organs. It is near the duodenum, stomach, inferior vena cava, aorta. It is also a part of the biliary system and liver. It can spread to many important organs easily.

There is some increased hope on the horizon as new chemotherapy drugs are being developed. Dr. Vickers at the University of Minnesota is doing clinical trials on a new medication that will hopefully help with treating the disease.
My tsh level is 0.04, after taking tapazole for my overactive thyroid. What do you think is wrong?
Most people's thyroid levels improve with tapazole and mine seem to be getting worse, even though I feel physically better.
star 70
  It takes time for the medication to work my specialist told me at first that it would take 6months to a year for it to fully work. For me its been two years and my specialist is looking in to decreasing my tapazole and maybe going off it for good.
Just talk to your doctor, it just may be a wait and see sort of thing.
Breast Cancer?
First, how young have you heard of women getting breast cancer? I think it might be not as common for a 18-29 year old to get breast cancer, than it is for a woman over 30 right?

And also, Is it possible to catch somehow breast cancer before the tumor is big enough to tell apart from the normal breast? If you only have a little aching in one spot, a family history of many cancers including breast it likely?

Just getting opinions, thank you.
  Breast cancer is more common the older you get. But women in their teens do get it. It's just very rare.

Yes, it can be possible to find cancers before they are big enough to tell apart from the normal breast with tools such as mammogram and MRI.

If you have aching in one spot and it persists through more than one menstrul cycle, yes, you should get it checked out, probably with an ultrasound.

Has anyone in your family been tested for the breast cancer genes? Maybe they could get tested and give you a better idea of your risk. Info below.

Good luck.
Can a person with prostate cancer transmit any form of cancer to his mate?
Is it prossible to transmit cancer to another person by contact? Case in point: An acquaintance of mine had kidney cancer and prostate cancer each of which have been successfuly cured. Later his wife had uterine cancer. Could her malady have been transmitted by the kidney/prostate cancers?
Rudy N
  Cancer is not a transmitable/contagious disease.

It is more likely that they were exposed to the same carcinogen (cancer causing substance).

Either that, or plain bad luck!

You haven't mentioned their ages or how long they have been together, but if they are an older couple, age is probably the biggest contributing factor.
What percent of deaths from lung cancer are the result of smoking?
I know that you can die of lung cancer without ever having smoked. My grandfather never smoked but had cancer of the lymph nods. It spread to his lungs and that's what killed him. So he officially died from lung cancer. Of course when I mention that he died of lung cancer, people are less than sympathetic. The more I look into it the more cases I find like this. So what is the actual percentage of deaths from smoking?
I say that he died of cancer and then they ask what kind I explain but all they seem to hear is "LUNG CANCER".
  From the National Cancer Institute: "Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women in the United States, and 90 percent of lung cancer deaths among men and approximately 80 percent of lung cancer deaths among women are due to smoking."

What I don't understand is why you allow people to draw a conclusion that's misleading. If someone asks what he died of, you can reply, "He had cancer of the lymph nodes that spread to his lungs."

My condolences on your loss.
i take a multi-vitamin,calcium supplements,a thyroid pill & chondroiten/MSM/glucosamine for knees,is that ok?
I mean,i don't want the calcium cancelling out the vitamin,or the vitamin blocking out the MSM/glucosamine/chondroiten tablets,and I don't know about the thyroid pills cancelling out anything,so that is why I am asking.
I try not to take them all at the same time,so,I don't know about that.
I take the thyroid in the am.
an hour later, the glucosamin/msm/ and then calcium with a meal.
then an hour after that,the vitamin.

can anyone help me better understand this,as I want my body to absorb all these that it needs.

Thank you !!!!!!
I was diagnosed with " a touch of arthritis" about a year ago,after a severe fall,in which all my weight landed on my left knee. It grinds whenever I climb/descend stairs. As for the thyroid: I was diagnosed with that,too, about 6 years ago. The vitamin: My diet isnt the greatest,and i am told at 41,i should take one. As for the camcium: I take that because I dont think i meet the daily requirements for calcium. It isn't a question of "Should I be taking them," it is a question of "if I do, how will they interract with each other and will one block the others's absorbtion?" That is what I am asking.
  Good Day dear,
Your doing the right thing. At your age all you can do is feed the body what it needs and the building up part is history.

The young nurse has it right, Take your D with your Calcium dinner or your last meal of the day.

Take your vit. after you eat and finish up with the dishes. As for your knee, drink a lot of water, about 2 gals a day and flush your system and you will find you stop retaining a lot of water and loose some water weight. Loss of weight is the only thing left you can do for a bad knee joint.

I should have said, also to spend time in water doing leg lifts and left and right turns or circles about 6 inches in dia. This will help the leg to maintain what you have built up in muscle.
John M
New evidence for cancer cure is kill the cancer stem cell?
Evidence keeps growing that to cure cancer, you must kill off the cancer stem cell. For the last 30-40 years, cancer treatment has focused on just the cancer cell, and not the cancer stem cell. This is like killing the weed plant you see above ground and leaving the root behind. The root will regrow the weed, just like the cancer stem cell will regrow the cancer cells.
Now, Tykerb has been shown to kill off breast cancer stem cells in some types of breast cancer, Parthenolide/DMAPT kills AML (leukemia) stem cells and other cancer stem cells, GRN163L kills myeloma stem cells. Cyclopamine and the new water soluble version kill prostate cancer stem cells and myeloma stem cells. Clinical trials to start soon. So, will this finally lead to some cancer cures? I await the evidence.
Nick P
  Very interesting. But if you have terminal cancer and are out of options are you going to wait years for the trials to be completed. You would likely try something that is available now.
How can you tell the difference between testicular cancer and epiditimitis?
I heard that a lump that is painless cud be cancer. Could it be cancer if it is painful. Also, how fast does testicular cancer spread. I'm rly nervous about this!!!
  A lump that is painless or painful can be cancer and as far as the speed of spread if it spreads at all, the best and really only answer should come from your oncologist/urologist. The first step to take if you suspect you have a problem, is to make an appointment with a urologist. This is his/her special area of medicine and if necessary you will be referred to a oncologist, a cancer specialist. Not all lumps are cancer and not all pain in the testicles means cancer. I just recently had a severe infection in one testicle and the pain was terrible but, it was just that - an infection and it is being taken care of with a course of antibiotics courtesy of my urologist. Don't be nervous, get it checked out and won't you be pleasantly surprised to find out you have nothing to worry about? Good luck and best wishes.
Peter M
my mom has adrenal gland cancer and a brain tumor and is taking the drug mitotane what is it?
my mom said that her cancer counts for her adrenal cancer came back good and that the chemo worked on her adrenal cancer and its gone but the doctor put her on the drug mitotane and i thought that was for cancer that cant be cured my mom said its just a precaution pill im scared she might be lying.
  What drug a patient takes does not determine whether or not it can be cured.
Mitotane is a drug used to treat adrenal cancers. It helps to reduce symptoms and reduces tumor bulk in addition to prolonging life. Without treatment the median survival is about 3 months. With treatment it can be as much as 5 years.
I have no idea what a “precaution pill “ is.
How common is prostate cancer in people in their 20's?
I am currently only 21 and I think I may have prostate cancer. I constantly feel like I have to piss even when I really don't. I also have the lower back, stomach, and other pains associated with prostate cancer. I also for the first time in my life find myself having to take naps to get through the day (fatigue is also sometimes associated with prostate cancer. All of the online studies say that prostate exams should start between an age of 40 - 50. How often do people my age get prostate cancer?
mike K
  not very often. That is why they do not check for it until then but your prostate can be swollen for other reasons causing problems like this. Consult a doctor. Do not worry too much but be active in getting to the root of this so it does not get worse
Audrey M
Is it possible to have a complete thyroidectomy, start on synthroid and not gain any weight?
I just had a thyroid biopsy result come back as suspect for papillary cancer. My doc wants me to have it removed within the month. Is it possible to take synthroid and not gain any weight? I'm only 31 and I'm a little nervous about taking it for the rest of my life.
Tired Mum
  I was diagnosed July 2008 at 21 with papillary thyroid cancer and had a Total thyroidectomy and neck dissection. It is possible to be on Synthroid and not gain weight, but it all depends on the person. You should be kept slightly hyperthyroid (TSH suppression) to keep any cancer cells from returning, but it can cause excessive hunger (which may or may not lead to weight gain). On the other hand, being slightly hyper can make your metabolism work faster, possibly leading to some weight loss. I'm not sure how you will react on Synthroid, but I wish you nothing but the best! Good luck, God bless...I know you'll be cancer free soon!
what exactly does it do?
i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and they prescribed it but i was told it doesnt do anything for the thyroid. i'm going to an endocrinologist to get whatever i need for the thyroid but why the fuck am i taking this stuff then? it makes me dizzy and nauseous and i dont want to keep taking it if i dont have to.
Sarah Beth
  The thyroid gland does have an important role in regulating your blood pressure an heart rate.
Your hyperthyroidism can end up in excess secretion of thyroid hormone, which in turn can increase your blood pressure and heart rate.
Atenolol is given to counteract the negative effects generated by hyperthyroidism,not treat the thyroid gland. It basically falls into the group of drugs called beta blockers.
I doubt it can make u nauseous though, try an alternative blood pressure lowering therapy by asking your doctors about calcium channel or potassium channel blockers.
Can a regular blood test show signs of cancer in general?
I know that blood tests can't diagnose specific cancers, but while having a routine blood tests, if someone has cancer wherever, can the lab detect abnormalities in the blood that usually means cancer, or that would have to be screened to see if its cancer??? otherwise whats the point of a routine physical if something serious like cancer can easily get passed by, unless you go screening or get MRI's or whatever.....Just thought i'd ask..thanks
  No a regular blood test will not rule cancer in or rule cancer out. It is only one piece of the puzzle.

Cancer can be extremely difficult to diagnose in young healthy people. Unless there is a specific reason to look in a place, cancer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A young healthy person may have a general feeling of something not right, but can dismiss symptoms as being something else . . as can a doctor. Often cancer is asymptomatic until it is in an advanced state.

A routine physical is not much good at catching early stages of cancer. In fact it is no good at all. My son had a well physical one month before being diagnosed with stage IV abdominal sarcoma. He had metastasis all through his body, and his regular pediatrician did not find it during examination. Unfortunately, this is very common.
What is the approximate survival rate of the stage IV lung cancer?
One of my very close relatives was diagnosed to have kidney cancer on September last year. She underwent a surgery, which reportedly went very well. However, she went back to re-check this summer and was detected that the cancer has spreaded over both of her lungs. Since this September, she has been taking a medication named Gefitinib, which is supposed to be the only effective drug against lung cancer as of today.

But I would really want to know what is her real chance of surviving from the lung cancer.

Thank you very much.
  Panda is right, kidney cancer that has spread to the lungs is not lung cancer it is still kidney cancer.My wife is stage IV kidney cancer and is on one of the targeted therapy Panda mentioned sunitinib (brand name Sutent). She is doing better on this, than any other therapy she has tried.I think targeted therapy is the best thing going for kidney cancer at this time.
My T3 and TSH is low and my T4 is high. Should I be taking liothyroxine along with levothyroxine?
I have been hypo thyroid for years and have never been given anything except the levothyroxine. I have been feelling really tired and rund down. Memory is gone , fuzzy thinking. Hormone test shows hormones all outa wack also. I am female and have high testosterone. Does this have anything to do with my thyroid?
  You may have problems converting T4 into T3 in the liver. Levothyroxine is T4 only medication. There is T3 medication and natural desiccated thyroid hormone which treats T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. Other problems associated with thryoid problems is vitamin B12 deficiency - also causes memory problems/fuzzy thinking, iron and vitamin D deficiency. DHEA - pre­cur­sor to the hor­mo­nes tes­tos­te­rone and estro­gen is produced in the adrenal glands. Thyroid imbalance is lined to adrenal fatigue and cortisol problems (stress hormone). Have you had your cortisol levels tested? The links below go into more detail.
lung cancer?
could i have lung cancer or any kind of cancer if it kinda hurts when i breath. and how do u know u have lung cancer? but i was playing in the snow outside for like 4-6 hours.
Zidane rocks
  no i doubt u do!
do u have asthsma???
umm it could just be cuz u were out in the cold but if it still hurts tomorrow afternoon then go to the dr.

but i realy really doubt it is cancer!
bam bam is single
what happens if my multiple thyroid solid nodules unremoved?
I have 5 solid thyroid nodules more than a year ago, what happens if I left them untreated?
  Thyroid nodules can be several different things. the majority of these nodules are benign, but thyroid cancer is a possibility. Nobody should delay getting any sort of thyroid nodule checked out. Usually these tests include an ultrasound and needle aspiration biopsy, which are bots quick and painless. there is no reason to delay treatment in this situation.

check out this web site on thyroid nodules and the different possible causes for more information:
Pancreatic cancer?
My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late may. The cancer was inoperable so they started her on chemo and trial drugs. Well the cancer has been seeming to diminish as well as her tumor marker until this past month.When her CT scan came back the cancer on her pancreas was completely gone but her tumor marker was around 10,000. My question is what does her CT scan and tumor marker mean and what prognosis would you give her.Thanks.
  CT scan stands for computer tomography. It is basically a very fancy x-ray that allows doctors to see details of your organs. So if the CT scan shows that the pancreas is tumor free, it means that the chemotherpy is working to shrink the tumor size. That is good news.
I'm not sure what the tumor marker is. Doctors look at different chemicals in the blood that are produced by or in response to cancer. Without knowing which tumor marker they were looking at, I can't tell you what the number means.
Pacreatic cancer is difficult to treat. I am glad your mom is responding to the chemo. If you have questions, ask your mom if you can talk to her doctor. He or she won't be able to tell you everything you want to know, but he may be able to explain what's going on with you mom a little better.
How high are my chances of getting skin cancer?
Yesterday I was at the pool with my friend, and she told me I have high chances of getting skin cancer. I have blond hair, blue eyes, very pale skin, I get burned easily, lots of moles and beauty marks, and I actually have a family history of cancer. She said these all made my chances higher of getting skin cancer. If so, should I use more sunscreen? What SPF? How can I help prevent skin cancer but still go outside regularly? Thanks for all of your help!
Emma ♥
  There are simple things you can do to try and protect yourself from skin cancer.

1) Wear a hat when you know you'll be outside for longer than half an hour. It doesn't have to be a full blown sun hat, a baseball or newsboy hat will do.
2) If you know that you'll at the beach or the pool, make sure you apply SPF 50 sunscreen.
3) The suns UV rays are strongest the hours between 11am and 4pm.
4) Remember, concrete sand and water can reflect the suns rays, so even if you are just going to the park you can put on a little bit of sunscreen.
5) If you were make up ever day, they make foundations with SPF 15 in them.
6) Wear chap stick or put in on under any other lip products(Lip gloss, lip stick) because chap stick normally has SPF 5 in it.
7) Don't go sun tanning or to tanning salons, because these both will increase your chances of radiation.
Lung Cancer?
my father died of lung cancer. the brothers and sisters of my father all died of cancer, too. am i gonna die of cancer also? is cancer heriditary? how can i protect myself?
  There is good news and bad news.

The Good News: Many times the traits for something like cancer will skip a generation.

The Bad News: The Good News is not guaranteed.

This is still a good indicator for you to see a doctor and get regular chest XRays. Remember, lung cancer is very serious, but, as with any cancer, the sooner it is detected the better your chance of recovery.

A friend of mine had lung cancer discovered in the very early staged because he was having a CAT Scan of his heart. He lost 1/3 of his left lung and has been cancer free for the last 4 years. He make it clear to all his friends that his was caught at the very earliest stages, before it spread to others areas.
Is it just me or dose it seem that everything causes cancer?
Im forever hearing about resent findings that
this causes cancer and that causes cancer, studys show this and new studys show that.

Maybe our whole lifestyle causes cancer
I'm both jokeing and serious when I say that.
  To blow the whole theory that the environment and lifestyle we live is the 'cause' of cancer .. . please remember that cancer is an ancient disease that has been found in fossilized human remains as well as Egyptian mummies. The real 'cause' of cancer remains unknown which leads to speculations that our environment or industrialization 'causes' cancer. Other than a handful of cancers that can be linked to genetics or radiation or asbestos . . there is no known reason why one person exposed will get cancer while another will not.

The majority of people are absolutely stunned to learn that cancer has always been around. the only reason it is more noticable is because people are now surviving cancer:
breast cancer?
can you please help me with any of these questions?

1. What type of disorder is breast cancer? (autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, sex-linked dominant, sex-lonked recessive)

2. What are the comlications from haveing breast cancer?

3. What is the name of the protein involved in breast cancer?

4. Description of inheritance pattern of breast cancer.

5. What tests can be done to determine if someone has breastcancer?

6. what treatments are available?

7. What are researchers doing?

8.websites that can provide more info.

  go to

for answers to all your questions.
Not so looney afterall
What are side efffects and results of T3/Cytomel for hypothyroid?
I am 16 and yesterday my doctor prescribed me T3 because my thyroid is very underactive. I am wondering if there are any side effects from the drug when you first start taking it. How soon will I see a difference in my energy level and overall sense of well being? Also, in the past year i have gone from 115 to 135 pounds because of my thyroid and I was wondering how fast will I lose weight and how much?
  That's unusual to be given T3 instead of T4 or T4/T3. I only know of a few people on straight T3. It should gve you more energy. If you feel the energy is going away mid-afternoon, perhaps splitting your dose into a morning dose and an afternoon dose may help. With Cytomel, you should see slight improvements in just days because T3 is the active hormone.

About weight, you won't lose by the medication alone, but you should have an easier time losing with diet and or exercise.
Thyroid Nodules?
The docs have found 3 nodules in my thyroid and tomorrow I am getting a needle biopsy. Has anyone had a needle biopsy in their neck before?
Don't answer if you aren't serious 2pts are not worth stressing me out with stupid replies. I am scared !!! all I can picture is Reagan from the exorcist getting this done
  Yes, I have had an FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) on my thyroid. That's just a fancy term for a biopsy. They told me that I had a 4cm sized nodule on my thyroid and that I would have to get a biopsy. I was so scared. The only part that hurts is when they numb the thyroid before performing the actual biopsy. It feels like a burning bee sting. Then, you can feel nothing. It's realtively short and sweet, and all that's left on your neck is a tiny, tiny hole. It's less than when you get blood drawn because the needles (yes they will use several needles on your neck to take samples, probably about 4 or 5) they use are so small. I waited a week to get my results and they told me that they didn't get enough samples and I would have to repeat the procedure. Apparently, this is common. So, I went in again, and the doctor told me that there was nothing there to biopsy. Apparently what the ultrasound people saw was not a real nodule, but was actually inflammation, and with use of the Synthroid, they had gone down. I was beyond relieved. He said that the tissue of the thryoid is so different from any other tissue in the body, that sometimes what they think they see as a nodule is not really a nodule. During all this though, I did a lot of research, and I found that having more than one cancerous nodule, is not common. If you have more than one nodule, then it is usually inflammation. Don't quote me on that though, that's just what I remember. My advice to you though, is to ask whomever is performing the biopsy their opinion on your nodules. Do they really think that it's a nodule, or does it look more like inflammation? They might go ahead and perform the biopsy anyway, just to make sure, but at least you can be comforted in getting different opinions as to whether they think it's cancerous or not. Don't worry, it's not too painful, it's just uncomfortable.
Cancer detection?
can cancer be detected by ol fashioned X-rays? Bone cancer?
  X-ray will only highlight a suspected mass. Mass as in, it doesn't belong there. Not mass as in massive.
Next would be an MRI to do a full body scan for any suspected mass(s). Followed by biopsy and blood work.
My sister-in-law is going through the same thing for suspected bone mass. One possiblity bone cancer. Biopsy answers all.
thanxs but only for thyroid professional doctor?
my best friend is sick since 5 years started with her monthly perd change, head pain ,eyes and been to many doctors did all the test and finaly one dr said she is having problem in her thyroid but that is not showing in her blood or xray city scan then gave her parlodel since then evry 6months she go for blood test and stop he medicine and she started feeling bad and milk comes out of her bobs littel and test is showing that she need to get back on medication and also she started taking nortirlen with that since 5years i want to know if the thyroid is normal size where is the problem and why white milk comes out is there any place she can go to get help from top doctors if u got the site or email plz send me
  PLEASE ... tell your friend to get a second or even third opinion from a certified doctor. This is NOT the place to ask such a question with so many possibilities and tests that need to be run, etc.
☆ Mrs. L ☆
What are my chances of getting breast cancer?
My Great-grandmother had breast cancer; I don't know what age she got it. My great-aunt (my great grandmother's daughter) had breast cancer and my mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer in December was diagnosed when she was only 41. I asked her today if it was hereditary and she said yes. I'm only 12 and I want to know my chances of getting breast cancer. I've seen my mom go through all this stuff and I don't EVER want to go through the things she is. Also, how can I prevent getting breast cancer?
Keke ♥
  I got it at 37 with no family history. Most cancers are NOT hereditary, only like 10%. It is possible you could get it, but there is no prevention and no way of knowing. Don't worry, treatment is rotten, but it's not THAT bad and it is one cancer that you can recover from and live a long time with no problems. There is a blood test that can check if you have the gene that is linked to b.c., but it is very expensive and rare so don't worry about it at your age.
Hyperthyroidism- What can I do in my day to day activities to help lower my thyroid levels?
I have been diagnosed with a mild case of hyperthyroidism. My thyroid levels are at 14, the average is usually between 10 and 12. I am hoping to find a way to lower this before my next appointment with my doctor, a month away as we are watching it. Are their any vitamins or foods that I can eat to help reduce these levels?
  Eat a good balanced healthy diet, no sodas, coffee, tea and other products with caffeine etc, have a regular exercise schedule and study well. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR DOCTOR FOR CLOSE OBSERVATION. It seems you and your doctor are doing a good job
Did Cytomel cause my thyroid gland to swell up?
I have been on Cytomel for about 2 months. Around 2 weeks ago, I thought my double-chin looked a little more doubled. Then 3 days ago, I really noticed my thyroid gland is swollen up!

The soonest appointment I could get with my Endo is in about 3 weeks.

Could the Cytomel have caused this? Is this something I need to be seen for right away?
  If dose is too small on RARE occasions it can happen.
Why is cervical cancer called cervical cancer, if the cervical area is the neck?
I'm taking an anatomy class, and we learned that the medical term for the topmost part of the spine is the cervical area. Isn't cervical cancer cancer of the cervix, though?
  In anatomy, 'cervical' is an adjective that has two meanings:

1 of or pertaining to any neck.
2 of or pertaining to the female cervix: i.e., the neck of the uterus.

Don't skip any of your anatomy classes.
Marg J
What is the difference in hypothyroidism and thyroid disease?
I have hypothyroidism and want to take some sinus medication. It says don't take if you have thyroid disease.
  It sounds like hypothyroidism is classified as thyroid disease. I wouldn't take that medicine!
Can you tell me about methimazole for thyroid?
My grandmother just started taking methimazole for an overactive thyroid. From what I've read on the internet, it has terrible side effects. She's on two 10mg tablets a day, have any of you taken it, and how were the side effects and did you get better? Did you gain weight? Was it from increased appitite, or does the weight just happen? Thanks for any info. you have.
▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Easy◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
  Unfortunately, all medications cause side effects.
You have to weigh the benefits of getting better against the side effects.
Pros and Cons.

Usually, side effects diminish or get better after a person has been on the medicine for awhile.
If she is experiencing Extreme side effects, she can contact her doctor and discuss this with him/her.

Let her give the medicine a chance - it may really help her get better

She is lucky that you are watching out for her!
Keep checking on her!
Why does everyone have a theory on what causes cancer, without any kind of believable reason?
Everyone has some bullsh*t idea about something that causes cancer!! Where are people getting their info from, Today Tonight? Examples, just from this site today are hair dye, fake tan, and deodorant. Have a think about it, ppl! If these common items caused cancer, girls, the fresh-smelling, and the tanned would have no hope. Does anyone else think that this is one of the more hypochondriac and annoying trends??
Well, then, if every bloody thing causes cancer what hope do we have anyway?! I'd rather chow down my char-grilled steak and have a life rather than worrying about every stupid little thing that someone at some time thinks might cause cancer. It's like on that Jennifer Anniston movie where she has a ferret and eats bar peanuts - despite the fact that they're filthy - they taste good. Go wrap yourselves in cotton wool if thats what you think will save you from 'de evil cancer'.
  People always seem to have to have either someone or something to blame for everything because I think it makes them feel better having a concrete explanation as to why something is. My 5 yr old son has cancer and I asked the doctors the same questions - was it something I exposed him to? or something in the environment.?? . .and they all say the same thing that sometimes it just happens and cells go bad and there isnt a concrete answer all the time. In my opinion - the "people" that say all these things cause cancer are just covering thier butts and saying it now in the hopes that in the future should they actually be found to cause it they can say "well we warned you" but in realtiy as you said if it truly did then the FDA would have pulled it of the shelves a long time ago. I mean at this point you can get cancer from sitting in the sun to long - so really its a bunch of garbage. Live your life - cause you could die falling out of bed tomorrow. . . . . .
I am going to take levothyroxine sodium for an underactive thyroid. How much should I take?
I was informed of the problem when I was in the hospital for an unrelated injury and they ran some blood tests. This was over a year ago and I have demonstrated all of the symptoms of an under active thyroid over this past year. I am going to take levothyroxine sodium to combat the problem, however, I have no idea what to base the dosage amount on. Should I use weight, BMI, or something else? Thanks.
  isn't this a prescription drug? i think your doctor should recommend the correct dosage!

"Dosages vary according the age groups and the individual condition of the patient, body weight and compliance to the medication and diet. Maximum dosage may reach 400 mcg per day but that is rare. Monitoring of the patients condition and adjustment of the dosage is periodical and necessary."
special k
Has any one taken Amiodarone, Pacerone or Cardarone?
I was given Cardarone (Amiodarone) for 45 days in December of 2006. As a result of taking it my thyroid numbers, triglyceride, HDL and LDL numbers are horrible. It is a half life medication. I am just wondering if anyone has taken it and had similiar problems, and if so how long it took to get it out of their system. I would also be interested to know if their triglycerides, HDL, LDL and thyroid numbers ever returned back to normal.
  Sadly amiodarone is a very "dirty" drug with a high incidence of serious side effect that range from liver dysfunction to thyroid problems to lung fibrosis. The most common are thyroid problems, either underactive or over active and liver problems which can range from mild elevation of liver enzymes in blood tests(common) which resolve with no damage on withdrawl of the drug to full blown cirrhosis(rare). The reason why amiodarone is used despite the problems associated with it is that it is by far the most effective heart rhythm controlling drug and will often work where all else fails.

Its half life is extremely long, and may take up to 9 months or more to wash out of the system. Even then sometimes the thyroid does not return to normal though it often does.

Hope this helps
my friends mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. she did 2 surgeries and took it out, but the result comes tuesday whether the cancer spread or not and whether she needs chemo! will my friend's life be different??
  It depends on many things. It does cause a strain on the family but everybody has to lean on each other. If her mother does have cancer, she needs to keep in mind that people beat cancer all the time and her mother can too. Chemo sounds terrible but they can treat a lot of the problems associated with it nowadays, such as nausea. Another thing is that if her mother does receive chemo, her hair will fall out, she won't look like she feels well, and she'll probably feel run down. The important thing to remember is it's the medicine that is doing that, not the cancer. She'll return to normal after treatment.

Talk to your friend and try to help her keep some sort of normalcy in life. Don't ask her about her mother's health all the time because spending time with her friends may be the only relief from the scary situation she is going thru at home.
Sandy Sandals
Cancer medicine - Gefitinib for skin cancer?
Does anyone know if Gefitinib or ZD1839 is effective for treating skin cancer?

My father was recently diagnose with undifferentiated perineural squamous cell carcinoma - it is a rare form of the more common squamous cell carcinoma and given a short time to live.

We are trying ever possible angle.

Any info on this drug or any cancer drug and centers who specialize in this form of cancer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
  Gefitinib (Iressa) is in clinical trials to determine how effective it might be against recurrent squamous cell carcinoma. From my reading it appears they are trying this drug as a treatment to prolong life rather than as a curative agent. Here is the web page for this trial at MD Anderson.
Iressa was initially used as a treatment for squamous cell lung cancer and there was hope that the drug would also help people with recurrent squamous cell skin cancer. The results so far are very preliminary. The side effect profile appears to be tolerable.
Remember not to get too caught up in statistics. If your father happens to be a responder then the drug works for him. Do not let the reported low response rates (when used for head and neck internal squamous cell cancers) discourage you too much.

For more info you should try and contact the Dr conducting the studies at MD Anderson. He might answer an email or call from you even if the clinical trials were closed. Since this is the last month of the clinical trials the final results should be apparent by now.

all the best to you both
Can Gleevec help my sister who has stage 3 breast cancer that has now gone into bone cancer stage 4?
the cancer has spread thru out her body and she has a few spots on her liver, plz advise. thank you
  It isn’t used to treat breast cancer or bone cancer, but she does not have bone cancer and any treatment for bone cancer would not help. Her oncologist has all the information needed to know how to treat her.
Can 'Gefitinib' Really help suppress cancer?
Hi, my mum is diagnosed with cancer and the doctor perscibe this medicine called 'Gefitinib'. May i know will it actually helps my mum? please i need urgent answers.. pleaseee
to add-on my mum actually diagnosis with lung cancer.. please someone answer me.. pls...
  It is impossible to answer your question because everyones chemistry is unique to themselves . . Gefitinib is one of the new less toxic targeted therapy drugs . . it has all the ingredients to work . . but some patients do better than others when taking it. There still is no 'cure' for cancer . . only treatment that may or may not work depending on different factors. But at least your mother has a chance using this new drug . . she will know soon enough whether it is working or not . .if no significant response in a few months than she will be switched to something else.

Is there other options besides taking synthroid that can help my hypothyroidism?
I was diagnosed with Graves disease when I was 17 and had my thyroid removed my radiation. I went through many thyroid perscriptions for about 4 years and had a hard time finding a balanced level. I haven't taken my synthroid medication for over 2 years. Over the past couple months, I've been experiencing sympthoms of hypothyrodism. Is there other options other than going back to the synthroid that I can take?
Becky M
  You could try ARmour. It contains both T4 and T3, where Synthroid is only T4. Many people don't convert enough of the T4 to T3, so they still have some of the hypothyroid symptoms. Armour is a natural thyroid medication that has been around for over 100 years. Many who switch to it, feel so much better. Me included. Link below
How to fix hypothyroidism after thyroid being removed via surgery?
A friend of mine have part of her thyroid being removed several years ago (not sure exactly why), and logically she's having hypothyroidism problem currently, although the doctor gave her medicine to meet the requirement.
Anyone know how to fix this problem?
Oh yes, she's been having bad mood and seems to forget simple things.
She is also gaining weight, but unfortunately no none seem to be able to stop her from consuming hi-fat/cholesterol food.
Is this common in such problem?
  There is no way to fix the problem. She will be on a thyroid medication for the rest of her life. After you start synthroid it will take about 6 weeks for the medication to start really kicking in. I bet the reason she had part of her thyroid removed was due to hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). Now that she doesn't have all of her thyroid it has become underactive. They do the procedure because it is much easier to treat hypothyroidism tan to treat hyperthroidism. I hope this helps. She just needs to take her medication at the same time every day and in a matter of a few weeks she will likely be okay. Tell her to take care of herself to. Eat right and exercise.
Will doctors do a hysterectomy because of family history of uterine cancer?
I am 24 and have had all the children I'm going to have, for sure. I have a very extensive family history of cancer, uterine cancer in particular. The 3 women in my family that had uterine cancer were diagnosed at a young age and had radical hysterectomies to treat the cancer. I was planning to have my tubes tied after I had my daughter but I'd much rather have a hysterectomy if a doctor would perform it because of my family history. Would a doctor do it?
  No, a doctor wouldn't do it until you are diagnosed with uterine cancer. What you are talking about is a "therapeutic" hysterectomy. You are "anticipating" uterine cancer. There is also a possibility you won't have uterine cancer. Your gynecologist may want to perform yearly ultrasounds on your uterus to check for cancer.

Most insurance companies will not pay for a hysterectomy unless it is deemed "medically necessary". You have not been diagnosed with uterine cancer.
What is really considerd early detection of cancer?
How fast do cancer progress? Is it a time frame of spreading or just the different stages happen at different speeds? Also is there any data about how fast cancer spreads on average or estimates.
  It depends upon the type of cancer as to how fast it progresses. The more you know about your type, grade and stage of cancer, the more closely you can predict your risk.

The best detection is going to be regular screenings and family history. For certain types of cancers there are now tests available to detect whether you *might* be at a higher risk than the average person. You can read about those here:
What is the relationship between plantars warts on the feet and cervical cancer?
I read something about the HPV virus that causes plantar warts being connected to increased chances of cervical cancer?! I know HPV as related to genital warts can cause cancer, but if someone has plantar warts, should they be concerned about cancer?
  You been reading a comic book?

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
Thyroid - Chronic allergies/sinus - Please help !!?
I have developled bad allergies/sinus/post nasal drip the past few weeks, which is not helping my enlarged thyroid. My nose has been severly plugged, I've tried nasal irrigation which only makes my ears pop and my nostrils swell worse, I cannot get any air through my nostrils.
My throat fills with phlyem real bad, feels like my throat/mouth always has honey, makes it hard to breathe, with an enlarged thyroid. I constantly clear my throat of thick white phlyem all day long. I have been prescribed Zyrtec, Loratadine, Singulair, Allegra D, Flunisolide, Guaifensen, they do not work. I've tried Benadryl allergy/sinus, Tylenol severe sinus, Nyquil, Afrin, they do not work. Vicks vapo rub worked for awhile. Nothing is working, I've been like this for a few weeks. Doctor, allergist or surgeon, is no help at all. My nostrils swells bad, so I breathe through my mouth. Feels like my thyroid is trapping phylem in my throat.
No sinus infection. Any advice appreciated.
  You need some serious antibiotic. Have you tried rocephen. It's a shot. It works really well.
Does anyone know if Medication can actually shrink thyroid nodules?
My doctor is actually giving me the run around saying he wants to do surgery to remove my thyroid. In the same breathe, he says it's all up to me if I want the surgery . I heard that medication can actually shrink nodules. I have a couple of them. Is there any truth to this?
  The probability of nodule shrinking is about 10 to 20%
What does a high ratio of FSH/LH and low thyroid levels mean for a teenager?
What does it mean if the FSH LH ratio is high and the thyroid levels are low for a 14 year old?
What are the symptoms, treatments and anything else?
  FSH ( Follicle Stimulating Hormone) LH ( Lutenizing Hormone). FSH stimulates follicles in the ovaries to grow and secrete estrogens. LH stimulates the ovarian follicle and ovum to develop to maturity and secrete estrogens. It means you're hitting puberty. Low thyroid levels ( hypothyroidism) shouldnt be an issue at this age, unless it is congenitial (happened at birth), but the symptoms of hypothyroidism are Nervousness, tremors,insomnia, weight loss, menstrual irregularities, leg cramps, fever, heart rhythm abnormailites ( dysrhythmias), hair loss, enlarged facial features. It's treated with drugs like Levothyroxine, Liothyronine.
Mita B
My uncle died from pancreatic cancer. Does this mean my dad has a good chance of getting it?
Recently, I have been doing a fair share of research on cancer. Pancreatic cancer is the scariest of them all, and my uncle died from it, although I had no idea then that it was as serious as it is. I read that people can get familial pancreatic cancer. Does this mean that my dad could get it? He has type 2 diabetes but he goes to his doctor regularly and it seems he has it under control. What are the chances he could get it? What are the chances I could get it? Thanks in advance.
  Cancer is rarely hereditary - fewer than 10% of all cancer cases are. Cancer diagnosed after the age of 50 is even less likely to be hereditary.

Pancreatic cancer is no exception; it's thought up to 10% of cases of pancreatic cancer may be due to a rare inherited faulty gene.

If your uncle is the only person in your family to have had pancreatic cancer then no, it is extremely unlikely that there is any hereditary factor.

A sign that a cancer MAY be hereditary within a family is when several members of the same side of that family have had the SAME type of cancer, especially if some developed it at a younger than usual age.

Diabetics may have a slightly increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

From the information you have given us, neither you or your father are at increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

We don't 'all have the cancer genes in us' as somebody has said here, though that is a common misconception.

Cancer occurs when something happens to NORMAL cells; it's caused by normal cells changing so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. The uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form. If not treated, the tumour can cause problems by invading normal tissues nearby or by causing pressure on other body structures.

The idea that we all carry cancerous cells just waiting for something to trigger them is nonsense.
thyroid nodules?
anyone have any experience with thyroid nodules? had an ultrasound and here were the results:

Size of left lobe: 4.5 cm (L) by 1.7 (W) by 1.1 cm (D).
Size of right lobe: 4.4 cm (L) by 2.0 cm (W) by 1.1 cm (D).

Multiple nodules are demonstrated in the right lobe, with the largest measuring 0.4 x 0.3 x 0.2 cm in the superior pole of the right lobe.

... : (
Peggy L
  Your thyroid is in the normal range for size. The nodules are excpetionally small. Do you have any symptoms of thyroid disease. Are you taking any thyroid medication? Having a 'lumpy bumpy' thyroid is more common than people realise. Unless you have symtpoms of thryoid disease I don't think you have any thing to worry about.
Maria C
What ahppends when colon polyps are removed and then tested postive for cancer?
Does that mean that u have cancer or that u would have had cancer if they werent removed?????
inside and out
  it means you have cancer.
the cancer may be gone now that they were removed . you probably should have a checkup yearly now that you have this trate
Robert F
Why is radon a treatment for cancer when it causes cancer?
Alright. I'm doing a study on radon but I get stuck. I'm presenting it and I need to know...How does something that causes cancer treat it as well?
  "Inverse" is on the money as usual.
Radon gas is a risk factor for cancer - particularly lung cancers.
Any type of radioactivity may cause mutations in cellular DNA and lead to cancers.
Radiation therapy is a focal treatment to one area. We know that normal cells and cancer cells will be injured and killed by the radiation.
Many chemotherapy drugs can cause mutations of DNA and potentially cause cancer.
High does of radiation and chemotherapy kills cells - both cancer cells and normal cells.
What we count on in cancer treatment is the normal cells recovering from the damage of chemotherapy or radiation while the defective cancer cells will not. It's a close balance in may cases. I used to say that we have to 'half kill' someone to cure a widespread cancer like Lance Armstrong's widespread testicular cancer.
People who have had their cancers cured by radiation, chemotherapy, or combinations of the two are more likely to develop secondary cancers later on. But these are the best treatments we have right now. You can't let someone die from a cancer they already have because there is a small risk that your treatment may cause a different cancer years later.

There is no perfectly safe treatment in medicine - and certainly not in cancer treatment. Aspirin and penicillin can kill people. Riding in a car is not completely safe. Sunlight may cause cancer. We take our chances each day with many risks.
What's the difference between liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver?
Is there a difference between liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver? If so what is it? Someone on here said I am at risk for liver cancer cause of how much I drink but that confused me cause can liver cancer be caused by drinking a lot? I know cirrhosis can be but what about liver cancer? And which hurts more cirrhosis or liver cancer?
Kathy Loris
  Liver cancer or hepatic cancer is properly considered to be a cancer which starts in the liver.
The most frequent liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (also named hepatoma, which is a misnomer because adenomas are usually benign). This tumor also has a variant type that consists of both HCC and cholangiocarcinoma components. The cells of the bile duct coexist next to the bile ducts that drain the bile produced by the hepatocytes of the liver. Cancers which arise from the blood vessel cells in the liver are known has hemangioendotheliomas.

Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrosis, scar tissue and regenerative nodules (lumps that occur as a result of a process in which damaged tissue is regenerated), leading to loss of liver function.
Cirrhosis is most commonly caused by alcoholism, hepatitis B and C, and fatty liver disease, but has many other possible causes. Some cases are idiopathic, i.e., of unknown cause.
well wisher
What happens during a skin cancer screening?
I signed up for a free skin cancer screening at my local clinic. I'm curious if anybody knows what is a skin cancer screening? Do they just look at your skin or do they run actual tests? I have one unusual mole in particular that I would like to know if it's cancerous or not, but I'm wondering if this is just more of a consultation rather than an actual test for skin cancer? Just wondering so I know if I would just be better off making an appointment that specializes in actual skin cancer tests?
Nothing Makes Sense
  They just look and refer you to a doctor if they see anything they don't like.

I think a direct appointment about that mole is a good idea.
Why are there 2 scans with Thyrogen plan and can first scan show spots and second one clear? Which is correct?
I have had a full thyroidectomy in March of 2007. Then 3mos later radiation (RAI) and now...8mos from surgery doctor had me to the Thyrogen plan. Today was first of 2 scans. Tech saw "spots" in the intestine and said, wait and see tomorrow. I am confused. Why were they there in the first place? Is it possible for there to be thyroid cancer cells in the intestines? And which scan will be correct?
  The spots there could be something benign (like inflated lymphatic nodes due to some disease you recently had).
It could be theoretically cancer, but not very likely.
Ar S
earlier today my ex-boyfriend mentioned he might have testicular cancer. a few months back, when we were a couple, i noticed he had a large lump in his testicals. i questioned if he had ever noticed. surprised for my discovery he said no. he said he read some sort of article which mentioned possibilities of cancer. he hasnt had a proper diagnostic from a dr, so this hasnt yet been confirmed. though we are not together his situation worries me. are there any signs which accompany this type of cancer?
  Yes. I have never seen a guy yet who did not know something was wrong. They don’t have doubts.
These tumors grow large rather quickly and are accompanied by swelling.
Can I stop bone density loss if it is caused by prescribed medication?
I take thyroid meds and now have osteopenia T score -1.5 Can this bone density loss be stopped or will it definitely develop into osteoporosis? I will need to take the thyroid medication the rest of my life. I'll see my doctor on Friday to discuss it, but in the meantime, I hope someone out there can put my mind at rest. Thanks.
  You can't stop it altogether but you can certainly slow it down. You should be taking calcium daily and at least 1000 iu of vit. D daily. You might also wasnt to consider taking a bisphosphonate such as Actonel, Boniva or fosamax. They are prescription as well.
Somebody said that the use of Taxol to fight cancer can spread cancer in the body is that true?
Just wondering wouldn't that be too risky for cancer patients if that is true, and if it were true do the risks outweigh the costs?
  no its a very silly thing to say
I cant even begin to Start why that's total rubbish
so amongst 100 other reasons i will leave it at there are no studies or any scientific reason on how this could be possible
Lordpercywooster XXV
How many poeple on here know someone who is under 40 with bladder cancer?
I am almost 39 and female and never smoked in my life and have bladder cancer. It has spread to my lymp nodes.I will be seeing a specialist this week. This may not be treatable. But I just need to know if you or anyone you know has or had cancer of the bladder under 40? and it is not as rare as people say becasue I have it.
Heaven bound
  Bladder cancer under 40 years old


Yes, I think it is very rare, certainly nowhere in numbers to breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer.

Medicine today is treating all kinds of cancers and getting better everyday with pharmacological advances and nutrition regimens that can enhance your immune system.

Your mental attitude plays a major part in fighting the progression of the disease and recovering from any therapies. You fight it, girl. Pray. And take an active role in your condition. This means you crack open the books. You question your medical providers. You make INFORMED DECISIONS. You make the lifestyle changes that the professionals say will benefit you, such as reducing other stressors in your life. You fight it, girl. And pray. I will include you in mine.
Prostate Cancer?
Hi. My father has recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and if I may add is doing quite well. I just want to know how you feel about the disease, what you think of the treatment radiation, and if anyone here or anyone knows people who have Prostate Cancer.

-Cassie <3
  Like any kinds of cancer, the prognosis depends on the size, location, histologic or tissue type, extent of spread and whether it has already spread to secondary site or not. Low grade and small prostate cancer usually progresses slowly. The doctor may just follow with the blood test (PSA) and only act when the level increases. Then, there are different options depending on your feeling of various potential and real complications of different treatment (surgery, radiation, hormonal, etc.).
Unfortunately some patients have cancer spread to the lymph nodes or bone causing problems and can be fatal.
How do i set up a fundraiser for ovarian cancer?
I am 19 and my grandma has ovarian cancer. I want to do a car show in a parking lot or park or somewhere like that. I want to have a donation bucket to raise money and give it to an organization that supports ovarian cancer.

How should i go about starting this? Where do i start? And any helpful tips?
  You should contact an organization that is already founded and active. Fundraisers and drives are always in the making and in action. You can generate more money and you can get all of the tools you need from the your community organizers or organization headquarters. There's no reason for you to 'pioneer' your own fundraiser when there are already many out there. IF you absolutely are stubborn and you want to feel the rewards from just getting out and doing something or putting a donation jar at a store or event then you simply go to the place that you want to place it at and tell them your story. One of the first questions you will confront is: Who are you affilliated with? If you haven't researched or contacted organizations then you can't simply say you are affilliated with them. Well, you can but if they aren't aware of this you can be arrested for fraud. AND, some places won't accept non verifiable legitimacy (your word) as a precursor to accepting donations. Research or google ovarian cancer. If you want to help your grandmother with money for her medical bills then the best thing for you to do is to connect her with an existing donor base. There are millions of people who need help and help is out there; you just have to find it.
Uterine Cancer?
My mom just found out she has uterine cancer. About 5 years ago she had a huge cyst the size of a grapefruit removed from her ovary and they said it was non malignant. (non-cancerous) What I am wondering is, if she has a hysterectomy, will she be o.k. or could the cancer have spread to other areas making her at risk of dying from this disease ? I am really worried about her. She's 56. Thanks.
wow that's really informative...not.
  Hi, I had endometrial/otherwise known as uterine cancer at 31. When a complete hysterectomy was done, I became cancer free without having to undergo chemo or radiation. That was 2 years ago. She will have to keep regular cancer checkups with the gynecologist oncologist. During the hysterectomy, they will check to see if the cancer has spread by doing a lymph node dissection and abdominal washing. Pathology reports from these come back quickly. The report will also tell you the stage and grade of her cancer which will determine the likelihood of it returning. My stage and grade was 1b;2. Best wishes. Google Mayo Clinic endometrial cancer.
take a bow
Pancreatic Cancer?
How bad does pancreatic cancer hurt? I've heard it hurts like hell when the cancer is around stage 3 or 4. But.. any of those who know please tell me.
  I have stage 4 and have almost no pain. Not sure why. Most docs I talk to are suprised I take very little pain meds. I assume that I am the exception.
Of course I hope this continues until I leave for the next great adventure.
If you were diagnosed with breast cancer, is the chance of you getting ovarian cancer high?
Also, what would you need to do to ensure that you don't have ovarian cancer?
  Well many in my family were diagnosed with breast cancer and after 5 years of being a survivor, my sister developed ovarian cancer but it had nothing to do with breast cancer. Tumors will show breast cancer cells if it metastasizes. So, the chances are not higher. Be blessed
Memere RN/BA
How do I tell the difference bwtn anemia and thyroid problems?
I never had anemia till I had my first child, that was 5 years ago. I've been dealing with it ever since and every child I've had after him it has gotten a little worse. I'm thinking its a nutritional defincientcy that my children took and I never replaced it somehow. I want this taken care of and cured. But some friends of mine said that I might have thyroid problems and to get it checked. What is the difference btwn the two and how can I tell? I'm not sure what to do. If anyone has experienced this or knows what to do please help, I have to chase after three children and need my energy. lol I would love to go to a naturopath but just don't have the money to do it.
  You need to get a blood test to determine what you have. There's no sense messing around trying to figure it out on your own. It's great that you've investigated it to a point, but once you realize you will need treatment regardless of which condition you have, you're only delaying it by looking here. Call your doctor and make the appointment. The sooner you get it done the sooner you will be treated and you'll be back to your old self.
Marianne D
Thyroid nodules?
I had a thyroid ultrasound..results are slightly enlarged gland. 4 nodules total, 3 are solid 1 is mixed...2 on right side one is consistnent with fibroadenoma the lower pole mass is indeterminate due to mixed echogenicity.....
the left lobe two adjacent hypoechogenic mass lesions consistnent with adenomata...can someone please explain these results for appt. with endo is not for 3 weeks....all are 8 and 7 mms.
diane E
  The hypoechoic nodule: in general terms it means it reflects less ultrasound then surrounding tissue. Such nodules have 20 % risk of being malignant compared to 5 % risk for hyperechoic nodules.
The fibroadenoma is actually the term describing the benign (NON-CANCEROUS) tumor in the breast; I never saw this term in description of thyroid ultrasound result.
The mass of mixed echogenicity means the tissue it composed from is not uniform, but is not meaning it is cancerous.
The mixed nodule means it contain some fluid (colloid) as well as some solid material (could be fibrous tissue). More then one nodule in many cases means the nodules are benign (not cancerous)
The biopsy (FNA) is in many cases performed if nodule is greater then 1 cm in size.
Unless I missed some features from your report, your nodules could be watched for 6 moths, followed with another ultrasound; if size is the same they usually monitored on annual bases.
I have thyroid problems and my doc it's safe to take propylthiouracil if I want to get pregnant,is it true?
I'm 26 years old and for about a year i have been having thyroid problems and recently the doctors said i might need a operation and I told them wait what if i want a baby and he said that they would prescribe a medicine called PTU ( propylthiouracil) and thats it totally safe for the baby. but I have been doing my research and everything i have read said yes that it will harm the unborn fetus. So I dont know what to do my mom said that she doesn't want me to have kids then I recently spoke to her and she said that she wasnt against but as you can see she is no help at all. SO please anyone help me out? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO?
How can you prevent cancer in general?
I saw a tv show a long time ago and it said that your body produces cancer cells every day but eating healthy and certain food destroy them. Can someone post the foods that help prevent cancer in general and also some tips on how to avoid getting it, thanks.
Audi 4ever
  You can eat foods that TRY and help you avoid cancer but as with all aspects of life there are no guarantees. The easiest way to reduce your chances of developing cancer are to never use tobacco or be around second hand smoke, rarely drink alcohol and avoid exposure to many of the modern world's carcinogenic chemicals like strong herbicides, pesticides, asbestos, diesel and gasoline fumes, solvents and many other strong cancer causing chemicals.

Some of the many foods that are supposed to reduce your chances of developing cancer are blueberries, apples, broccoli, carrots red lettuce, green & black tea, grapes and many other fresh vegetables and fruits. If someone tells you that one particular food or juice will prevent you from ever developing cancer then you can know that person is not telling you the truth.

It is still debatable whether eating certain foods will stop you from getting cancer since many types of cancer have a genetic, environmental or viral trigger or triggers that influence whether or not a person develops cancer but in any case most of the foods touted to prevent cancer taste great and are much better for you than the average American fast food diet anyways.
If thyroglobulin is less than 0.1 and my Tg antibodies 205U/ml. N=up to 100.What do I do?
I had breast cancer stage II in 2006. I had a lumpectomy in my right breast on 5 July 2006, removed all lymph nodes (16 out of 25 were cancerous), then followed by chemo and radio therapy. I have started hormonal treatment since April 2007 till now. I was following that hormonal treatment with regular check ups. All tests were fine. During those years I was feeling terribly depressed, fatigued, weak and sluggish. Since then, I've been on anti-depressants: cipralex for a couple of years then replaced by Lustral (sertraline150mg) and Trittico (trazodone 50mg) daily.

In August 2010, I started noticing that the tumour markers are rising. In January 2011, based on blood tests and PET images, I found out that the cancer recurred as pulmonary metastatic disease (scattered small lesions with SUV less than 5 but one big lesion with SUV 8). I've been given letrozole (femara) in addition to the Tamoxifen (Nolvodex) I take. My Ca125 is 38.9 U/ml (N: up to 35) & but Ca15.3 is 149 U/ml (N: 6.4-58) now. They were much higher months ago.

Later in December 2010, I just discovered that I had hypothyroidism. T3, T4 were normal, but TSH was very high. I have been taking Euthyrox 50 micrograms (Levothyroxine sodium) since Jan 2011. T3, T4 & TSH were fine last month and thyroglobulin was fine too.

As I mentioned in my question, now that my T3, T4 & TSH are normal, but my thyroglobulin is less than 0.1 ng/ml (N: 1.4 - 78) and my Tg antibodies is 205 U/ml (N=up to 100), what does this indicate? Could I be prone to thyroid cancer? what symptoms should I look for? what should I do next? Thank you for your help.
  Breast cancer is highly linked to vitamin D deficiency. Optimal 25(OH)D serum - 80ng/ml or 200nmol/l.

"Patients low in vitamin D were 94 percent more likely to see their cancer metastasize and 73 percent more likely to die from it, compared to women with normal levels of vitamin D in their blood, researchers found."

Vitamin D deficiency linked to breast cancer >>>

High thyroid antibodies is indicative of autoimmune thyroid disease. With your symptoms - Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. (approx 90% of hypo patients have hashimoto's). Hashimoto's patients have genetic defects with the vitamin D receptors so higher vitamin D supplementation is needed. Note: high vitamin D supplementation can cause magnesium deficiency so supplementing with magnesium is advised as well. Many undiagnosed/poorly treated hypothyroid patients are on antidepressants. CA levels can also rise due to inflammation.

Effective strategies for addressing the autoimmune aspect of Thyroid disease include:

Avoid wheat
Correct vitamin D deficiency
Improve gut flora
Reduce stress
Correct underlying adrenal issue, such as DHEA or cortisol imbalance
Correct oestrogen dominance. Consider using Natural progesterone
Detoxify mercury and other toxins. (Testing for mercury toxicity is available at Sensible-Alternative Clinic)
Supplement selenium to lower thyroid antibodies. Also helps with conversion of T4 to T3.
Correct an iron deficiency.
Herbal medicine Bupleurum, Turmeric, Rehmannia and others

Thyroid disease >>>

Hashimoto's - the autoimmune attack on your thyroid >>>

Vitamin D deficiency and hashimoto's >>>

Why do i still have thyroid symptoms when my lab tests are normal >>>
I am only 13. :( I know that breast cancer tumors are usually really small ... like a pea or a grape. But mine are big and they seem as if its just 1 big one in each breast. Both breasts seem to have the same structure and form of the lump. I am still going through puberty, so could it be the milk glands developing? Never had any history of breast cancer in my family. How long should they last and will they ever go away?
I'm a girl...the name is just fake.
  This is nothing more than your growing breasts. At 13, you have more of a chance to be abducted by an alien. Breast Cancer does not manifest itself in both breasts at the same time, You are still going through puberty and it is your developing breasts. See your doctor, he can put your mind at ease in 5 minutes.
Breast cancer?
I'm 21 and today when I do someting with my right hand, something hirts near my right breast. Can it be breast cancer? I have my period now. Is it common for a girl my age to get it? None of my family members had breast cancer.
  It's probably not breast cancer. I've never seen a breast cancer manifest itself in a pain like that.

To be totally sure, you should see your doctor, but my guess is that it is not. You probably strained a muscle that runs through that area.

Good luck!
What is the difference between breast cancer and breast tissue cancer?
What is the difference apart from the location (do not include the symptoms)
What are the possible rates for a 15 year old to get breast cancer and a 15 year old to get breast tissue cancer?

I really need to know if my friend is lying to me, I only found out yesterday the she had it.
Foolish Soul
  Breast cancer and breast tissue cancer is the same thing there is no difference. From 1975 to 2000 1.3 in every one million 15-19 year olds were diagnosed with breast cancer. It is very unlikely your friend has breast cancer if she is only 15 years old.
Help me about Cancer Cell : "Mesenchymoma"?
Hi all, please help this urgent case:

My friend's dad is diagnosed to have a colon cancer and cannot be removed through surgery since its also attached to the aorta.
The cancer cell is diagnosed to be a Mesenchymoma cell.
The doctors now urged us to use this Imatinib Mesylate Capsules. (Glivec)
The medicine/capsules is originated from the US.
Would you please let me know if you got information of these: many survival rate/percentage of recovery of the people that is diagnosed to have this kind of cancer? effective this drugs to fight/cure this cancerous cell? there any other way to cure this cancer/to kill this Mesenchymoma cell except consuming this medicine, cemotherapy, and surgery?
Thanks before.
Emon K
  This is a relatively rare cancer that is extremely malignant.
The patient's oncologist is in the best position to recommend treatments.
What kind of bleeding does colon polyps/ cancer show?
besides occult (invisible) blood, i have heard of colon cancer and polyps causing bleeding, besides the other symptoms like diahrea and constipation and very thin stools like pencils.....i have also had a family member who had a polyp and bled ALOT in the toilet....supposeldy this is also the case with cancer but i was just wondering if most cases with this type of cancer bleed in that fashion, besides the tarry black sludge like stools that are also common....i was just wondering
  this doesn't sound like cancer. polyps will cause bleeding though as well as fissures and hemmoroids. However, what you describe sounds liek Crohn's disease. (I got it...I should know!) I suggest going to a gastroentrologist asap!
Is Capsaicin more effective than Cisplatin at KILLING Cancer?
Since cancer is just your normal cells that have gone crazy and won't stop growing and dividing, what is the point of Nearlly killing yourself with chemo every few weeks without KILLING the Cancer between chemo treatments??
Russell m
  Data are not there to support this. Anti cancer cell properties of capsaicin are being looked into, but nothing clinical useful has been developed yet.

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