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How do I exercise with a total knee replacement?
I'm 29 with a total knee replacement. I am the youngest patient my doctor has ever done a knee replacement on. I need to start exercising. I can't run or do to much with my legs besides walk because of my TKR. How can I exercise with this knee replacement? Best answer with the most suggestions will get 10 points gladly. Thanks!!!
drewbaby from the dangerous crew
  Hey dude

(Exses to fitness equipments)
This persons site makes some workout to help with TKR but she has, like, this really boring voice.

(Look at her channel too)
This chick too but it's for the basic and if you've just been opened up.

Don't know anything else but to try to search "Knee training or Knee Replacement training"
How many people under 16 have had a total hip replacement?
I am 14 and undergoing a total hip replacement and I was wondering how many have also had this being so young. I have a-vascular necrosis and I was curious to the out-come and the recovery. Thanks!
  I've worked with a couple in my career;; infrequent, but, the kids usually think they can "heal" much quicker than an adult, so they tend to get back to their old routines (or should I say routines that they've been wishing for for a while) a little quicker than the average senior;; the doc's also know this so they make "adjutments" with your surgery;; the healing process takes 6 wks for tissue, 8wks for bone;; you will most likely be noncemented so this allows you to heal "better" (considering you will most likely need another replacement in your lifetime), but it also means partial weight-bearing @ the start;; get your upper trunk & arms strong so you can get yourself around easier after surgery;; you should be fine, but always talk to your doc about these things,hon;; I knpw it's hard when your parents & doc's do all the talking, but remeber that YOU are the patient;; you have EVERY right to ask, & they have every right to explain all this to you...good luck!!
Total hip replacement - How long does it last?
My son is 16 and has a hip which cannot be repaired due to total slippage of the femural head. Some time between now and 15 years from now he will need a total hip replacement. It all depends on when his hip becomes painful.

If you have any personal experience please can you tell me what kind of replacement hip you had, nylon/steel, steel/steel, ceramic/steel or ceramic/ceramic. How long has it lasted since the operation, has it given you any problems and how old were you when the replacement was made.

I have read that nylon/steel are easiest to fit without complications but last up to 15 years and that ceramic/ceramic can potentially last a lifetime but are prone to fracture and have no long term testing statistics.

I would particularly be interested in a reply from anyone who has had a ceramic hip fitted long ago.
Graham H
  They used to say an average of 10 years, but I believe it is longer than that now. I had my left hip replaced when I was 26 years old and I am now 38 years old. It's doing fine, no problems whatsoever. They used a titanium hip and attached it with both screws and glue. My doctor did tell me that the lifespan of a hip replacement really depends on things such as weight and activity level. Someone who is more active may need it replaced again sooner (due to wear and tear) than someone who leads a basically sedentary lifestyle like myself.
How soon after a total knee replacement should someone use a continuous passive motion (CPM) exercise machine?
My mom is having a total knee replacement and the doctor said it was up to her if she used a CPM or not. I know they help reduce stiffness and blood clots so I told her to use it, but I do not know how soon I should request for one. Is it okay for someone to use one right after surgery?
what is the best season to go for total knee replacement?
My aunt who is 62 years old has to go for total knee replacement surgery. I need your advice, when the knee replacement should be done? Will the temperature of 10° C - 0° C be okay? If no then what is the best temperature to be in during the post operation period?

I count in your advice, please help.
What do you know about total knee replacement surgery?
My grandma is having total knee replacement surgery next week and I was wondering what exactly she would be going through. Could anyone walk me through the steps of the operation? Also, how much pain is she going to experience? The doctors told her zero, but I know that has to be bullshit.
  My dad has had both of his knees replaced and gets around wonderfully now. I can not tell you much about the actual surgery. I do know from being there when the surgeon came out to talk to us, that the knee is taken out and a prosthetic knee is inserted. Because all of the muscle, bone, and tendons are affected, it is a lengthy recovery process. I don't know why any doctor in this day and age would tell anyone a surgery would be painless, that is just impossible to believe. My dad experienced a great deal of pain immediately after the surgery and was on heavy painkillers in the hospital as well as at home during the recovery time. There was a great deal of swelling as well and my dad had to ice it frequently. Your Grandma will want to follow the doctors' and therapist's instructions to the letter. My dad did everything he was told and has had an excellent recovery. On the other hand, my aunt had a knee replacement and wouldn't stay off it or do her exercises and she has had nothing but trouble with it. If someone can stay with your Grandma throughout her recovery it will help her out a lot so she can stay off the knee. It is quite painful at first, but after recovery, she'll be dancing the two-step like a teenager.
thigh pain 6 months after total hip replacement?
I had a total hip replacement in January 09. I recovered well, walking without a cane 7 days after surgery. I have developed mid thigh pain in the leg with the replaced hip.
  If your stem is uncemented, you may be experiencing what is called "end-of-stem" pain. If you click on this link you will find a discussion of post-THR hip pain which may interest you.
And if you scroll down to:
"Thigh pain in cementless total hip", you will find remarks that consider the kind of pain you may be having. In the final analyses, you need to bring this up with your surgeon if the pain persists. Here is what Dr. Surin says about end-of-stem pain:

"pain from a cementless femur component is quite frequent during the first two postoperative years, although the X-ray shows well healed shaft of the total hip prosthesis.

The pain if felt in the thigh, it may be worse during or after much activity / motion.

There is no known treatment for this type of pain. In some patients this pain successively diminishes and disappears completely, in other patients the pain lasts unchanged.

In some studies cementless prostheses with apatite coating proved to produce only slight thigh pain."
What leg motions can be done after an anterolateral total hip replacement?
Person had a total hip replacement (anterolatera). What are stable leg motions?
Isabel G
  Any necessary movement restrictions or precautions would be communicated to the patient by the surgeon and reinforced by the physical therapist. Those people are your best source of this information because they know what the surgeon did and how he did it.
I've had my hips replaced and had several restrictions & precautions imposed on me for several months. I believe that the surgical approach used on me was posterior or posterolateral and that the restrictions in my particular situation wouldn't be appropriate for someone who had anterior. Anterior or anterolateral approaches call for a different set of restrictions (or maybe none at all). Another effect of the anterolateral approach is that the patient may limp more or longer.
This explains surgical approaches:
This lists some of the possible precautions with the caveat that one should always discuss these with the doctor:
Are there total knee replacement options, other than traditional artificial joint replacement surgery?
I'm seeking alternatives to traditional knee replacement surgery. I would like to hear from arthritis and orthopedic patients who have experienced or investigated "biologic" (natural) joint replacements, versus "bionic" (artificial) joint replacements. I also would like to hear from people who know of any other total knee replacement alternatives currently available. Thank you.
Grieving for Dad
  Homeopathy prevents the need for surgery in many cases.
My Kid's Mom
What is normal for pain meds 2 months after a total knee replacement?
After 2 months of a total knee replacement, I'm taking (2) tabs of 5 mg vicodin/tylenol every 4 hours. My doctor wants me to cut back and I know this is in my best interest but I'm wondering what others are/were taking at the 2 month mark.
  It does not matter what others take. Every one heals at a different rate. And every ones pain tolerance is different. Stop taking them for a day and see if you can go with out. If your doctors are ready to tapper you of them then it must be about time. If it still hurts then talk to your doc.
How long till my knee feels better after total knee replacement surgery?
I had total knee replacement surgery and went to the rehab for a week, I have been home since thursday and it still hurts! I am taking pain medicine, but it just don't feel better. How long will this go on? Should I call a doctor? Do you know a good website that will tell me? Thanks for any info!
  Seems like a week is not enough of therapy for a knee replacement. Did they tell you yo continue these procedures at home? My brother had his knees done and I believe it was almost a month for him. He even used crutches for a week. Therapy has to keep bending your knee until it reaches a certain level of bending. Did you achieve that? If not, you need to go back to therapy. I would call the Surgeon who did it and inform him/her of how you feel. You might try medlineplus medical website and click on health topics. You could also try the Wishing for you the very best young lady and good luck with that knee replacement.
What's natural inflammation for when you get a total hip replacement?
My father got a total hip replacement 3 days ago and today is his first day in the house. My mother and I noticed that the butt cheek on the same side as the hip that got operated on is inflamed. It appears like a ball almost on that side. I'm just wondering if that's normal. He's taking pain killers. He just didn't complain this much all 3 days in the hospital but now that he's home he's LOOKs to be in pain. Sometime's he over exaggerates.
Pee Diddle
  Okay you won't like this but you have to feel your dad's butt cheek! If the skin is red and feels hotter in comparison to surrounding skin he may have an infection which needs to be checked over asap. Also check th wound to see if there is much leakage. Again this can indicate infection.

After only 3 days he will still have pain from the operation. However, the actual operation is pretty brutal and it would not be unusual to see bruising on his buttock and behind his knee where the surgeons have pulled to dislocate his old hip (nice eh?) He will be sore because of the incisions & brusing to his skin & muscle.

Men in particular can over exaggerate. Just give him some arnica tablets, remind him to take painkillers regularly and do not let him bend or twist at the hip for 8 weeks.
Where would I find information about financial support after a total hip replacement?
I am doing research for college and I have found most of the community resources I need, but I haven't been able to find any place the gives financial support for patients who have had a total hip arthroplasty (replacement) If anyone has any information they could share I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  If the patient is employed, he might have paid sick days to use until he is recovered. Once recovered, most patients can return to their regular employment or activities. The expensive part is the doctor, hospital, and rehab. Once those expenses have been covered (usually by some kind of insurance; less often by the patient's cash payment) there isn't a whole lot that's needed beyond their usual income. The employed individual may have paid sick leave; the retired person would continue to receive their retirement benefits regardless of health status..
How long does a total knee or total hip replacement last?
I know that it depends on usage and that everyone is individual but do you know in general how long they are supposed to last? I had a total hip done in Feb and just had a TKN (knee) done 6 weeks ago. I'm doing VERY well for a knee replacement and I'm VERY happy about that. But I never really asked my doc(s) about how long they work till they wear out requiring revision surgery. I've HEARD from 10-20 yrs but is there something more exact out there? I'm female, 44, osteoarthritis, hepc, asthma, and bipolar if that helps. Anyone? Do you know? Any serious replys (or guesses!) are greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks a bunch in advance.
I *do* have osteoporosis and Prednisone is what CAUSED this bone death/deterioration (I took it for asthma for only 1 1/2 months!). I also take (for other reasons as well) 1200 calcium, 1200 magnesium, and 800 of vitamin D daily. So I guess I've got it covered. Author sure seem to know what you're talking about......did you have a joint replacement as well or did someone you know have one? Unfortunately in 15-20 years from now I will be 59- 64 or so and will have to go through revision surgery if I have a normal life span. This all sucks in a big way but I did it once........I can do it again. Thanks to all of you but sorry #1 and 2.....I'm picking #3 right now cuz I think that #3 knows "where it's at" the most. Thanks #1 and #2 too though. You were all helpful!!!!1
  about 15-20 years unless you have osteoporosis are or taking medicines like prednisone which might weaken your bone structure where the appliance might come unglued - I'm talking about knees here but I'm guessing stats for the hip are similar.
If I were you I'd be taking a good calcium/magnesium supplement daily along with 800U of vitamin D. The vitamin D is what makes the calcium and magnesium work well so don't forget it. (read # 3)
What kind of exercises can a total knee replacement patient do to firm lower body?
I've had a total knee replacement done about 6 months ago. As prescribed, I've lost about 25 pounds so far and I am looking for a way to keep losing (about 25 more pounds) but also to firm and tone my hips thighs and bum...Physical therapy has no suggestions on what I can do "safely" but he also said that with his job on the line he is only allowed to suggest what his company deems "safe" or it opens them up for a lawsuit. Any suggestions?
try those links
i hope they help
Medications for a patient who underwent Total Hip Replacement surgery?
Okay, can anyone give me other possible medications that can be given to a patient that underwent total hip replacement surgery? Besides Tramadol for pain. You guys can give me the generic or brand names or both. I need it for my student nursing care plan, under the meds section. Thanks!
Paula Alexandra
  While in the hospital after both of my hip replacements, I was given oxycontin for pain after I was "weaned" from the PCA. I have no idea what drug the PCA was dispensing. Upon dismissal I was given
Tylenol-3 to take at home. I didn't like the T3 so I ended up taking just OTC Extra-strength Tylenol and Tylenol PM at night and it was enough. The T3 made me nauseous. Also I took warfarin (Coumadin) for 5 weeks. I was also given a muscle relaxant after my first surgery. I wish I had asked for a script for a sleeping pill as well.

This is just my experience. You will find that different surgeons may prescribe different pain & blood thinning drugs.
what kind of physical therapy in out patient would you get one month after a total hip Replacement?
I have had a total hip Replacement and now having problems getting into therapy but i have to do something my foot all swelled up my surgery spot all swelled my surgery side the knee barley bends where I never had problems with it before what kind of exercise should i be doing now HELPPPPPPP PLEASE....................................................
Linda K
How to get financial assistance for total knee replacement?
My dad is 65 and has Medicare. He needs a total knee replacement on both knees. He cannot stand or walk for any length of time and is in pain most of the time. Although he has Medicare, there is still a substantial amount that he would need to pay out-of-pocket for the surgery and post-surgical rehabilitation. He lives in Chester County, PA and does not qualify for any sort of Medicaid. Does anyone know of someone/somewhere where he can get financial assistance to help cover the cost?
  He should buy a Medicare supplemental insurance also known as Medi Gap for about $150 a month. You buy it from an insurance company, separate from Medicare. It picks up the balance of charges that Medicare wont cover.

Go to an independent agent locally who knows which insurance is available in your area and make recommendations.
How long does it take to recover from having your knee scoped vs total knee replacement?
I need a total knee replacement on my left knee and my right knee needs to be scoped. I am a 49 yr old male.
  Hi I am 42 and I have had 5 knee ops on my knee following a skiing accident that tore my ligaments and meniscus. The athroscopy or scoping is an investiagtory procedure and relatively simple. Recovery periods are usually quite quick but it does depend on whether they do any work whilst looking. The major ligament replacements involve fibre optics as well but the recovery period is long (months) I am not sure on knee replacements but I would guess the recovery period is much much longer.

I suggest you look at the website below and check the forum as you can get a lot of information from people with all sorts of knee issues.

Good Luck
Can a woman wear high heels after a total hip replacement?
I'm 21 years old and diagnosed with avascular necrosis. I will have a total hip replacement within two months. I love to get dressed up and I want to update my style. I want to wear high heels more and have a classier style. I know I will have to recover from my procedure before I can do a lot of things.

Will I be able to wear high heels once I recover from my surgery?

About how long will it take before I can wear heels again?
  Once you have fully (and I mean FULLY) recovered and rehabbed from your surgery, go ahead and try high heels for an occasion where you won't have to walk very far or stand very long. You may just decide that it's not worth it. I can wear up to a 2" heel with no problem although I've had both hips replaced. Just make sure that it's a comfortable shoe with good support if you're going to do much walking.
how long after hysterectomy did you notice the hormones change?
How long after a total hysterectomy did you notice the loss of hormones. I am not planning on taking any hormone replacement and am curious when the worst may be.
How long after a total hysterectomy did you notice the loss of hormones. I am not planning on taking any hormone replacement and am curious when the worst may be (as far as mood swings, I already have and have had hot flash's) I am 46 yr young. I am not worried about any sexual problems from it just more mood swings and patience lol.
  As I don"t know your age or whether you"re married or not it"s hard to know how to answer your question. I had a total hysterectomy 25yrs ago, & I went on H.R.T. this prevented me going through the change which is what happens if you don"t take any hormones.
Yellow Rose
What is the difference between cholesterol and total cholesterol values?
Is there a cholesterol value independent of total cholesterol? If so, is it used as part of the formula for total cholesterol. And how do HDL and LDL fit into the measurement of cholesterol vs total cholesterol. Any references would be appreciated. Thank you.
  Total cholesterol = LDL + HDL + (1/5 triglycerides)

For example, if one has HDL of 40, LDL of 100 and triglycerides of 100, then the total cholesterol = 100 + 40 + (1/5 of 100=20) = 160.

The LDL/HDL ratio is as important or more so than the total, and 2.5 or less is good. 100/40 = 2.5
Laurence W
i have been on Lortab 10/500 and it is not helping my very chronic pain so my dr. ordered Fentanyl 50 mg .?
So i want to know if the Fentanyl patch is going to make me sick???? I have severe scoloisis, 2 back surgeries last yr., lumber was fused, knee surgery last week so that i can have a total hip replacement when that gets well???? My back still hurts and will always hurt so what do you'll think?
  Duragesic patches are used quite often because they work. I apply them to my patients at my job and I've never seen anyone get sick from them.
Keep in mind that even though you are on a duragesic patch, and the dose you are taking is low, you may still need something in addition to the patch for breakthrough pain.
I've never seen a duragesic patch used by itself without another drug prescribed for pain to act as a 'buffer'.
What is the best form of hormone replacement therapy with the lowest risk for weight gain?
Due to severe menopausal symptoms, my doctor has placed me on hormone replacement therapy. We decided on a pill that is plant based, Cenestin. However, I have taken Cenestin for 4-months and now noticed a slow weight gain. Can anyone suggest another hormone replacement therapy medication that is not known to cause weight gain?
  I had to take Progyluton for irregular periods, and the info packet said it was for hormone replacement therapy too. And I didn't gain weight while on it.
colgate total good plaque whiteing toothpaste?
dose colgate total really get rid of more plaque germs? what is so good about colgate total?
deleteing if you dont fell like answering.
my dentist say its okay to swalow a little bit of toothpaste and its safe.
james bond 007
What will happen if I go through menopause with no hormone replacement or medications at all?
I have tryed bioidentical hormone replacement and had severe symptoms. I was currently given prometrium and estropipate. I read the possible side effects including increased risk of dimentia and I dont want to take that risk. Alzheimer's runs in my family. ( I am only 47).
Cindy B
  Menopause is a stage in life when a woman stops having her monthly period.It is a normal part of aging, marking the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to reduce bloating associated with hormonal changes. More information and remedies at
Diet pills and shakes together?
i was wondering if it is okay to take a diet pill that is REALLY working for me with a diet smoothie meal replacement drink?

It contains: Soybean Peptide (amino acid content), Conjugate Linoleic Acid, Dextrin and Cellulose, Glycerine Fatty Acid Ester, Particulates Silicon Dioxide, Lipoic Acid, L-karunichin tartaric acid, Q10.

And The Smoothie
Serving Size: 1 Packet

Supplement Facts: (Per Serving/% Daily Value)
Calories: 100, Protein: 15 grams (30%), Total Fat: 1 gram (2%), Saturated Fat: 0 grams, Trans Fat: 0 grams, Cholesterol: Less than 5 mg (1%), Sodium: 180 mg (8%), Potassium: 220 mg (6%), Total Carbohydrates: 7 grams (2%), Dietary Fiber: Less than 1 gram, Sugars: 5 grams.

24 Vitamins & Minerals: (% Daily Value/Per Serving)
Vitamin A (20%), Vitamin C (30%), Vitamin D (20%), Vitamin E (20%), Vitamin K (20%), Thiamin (30%), Riboflavin (30%), Niacin (20%), Vitamin B6 (30%), Folate (20%), Vitamin B12 (20%), Biotin (20%), Calcium (20%), Pantothenic Acid (20%), Phosphorus (20%), Iodine (20%), Iron (20%) Magnesium (20%), Zinc (20%), Selenium (20%), Copper (20%), Manganese (20%), Chromium (20%), Molybdenum (20%).
Aoki S
  well look there is alot of brands and alot names all over the world with alot of sexy pics on it :P men with 6 pacs and women with extremly flat tummy .. but u have to belive meeee THIS IS ALL FAKE specially the fat burning stuff and there is nothin that is really benfit without side effect ,getting striaght to the point THE TRUTH IS THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN MAKE U LOSE FAT THAT HAVE NO SIDE EFFECT .. all this ephadra free usless pills is a waste of money and time the things that really works is ephedren,clenbutrol and cytomel and the three are extremely dengreous and have proven death cases ..

my advice to u is that u keep ur money and play healthy and clean without taking any thing that wont make you any gain
and there is is one universal rule "the higher the risk the higher the return" so things that have no side effects (risk) actually have no return so dont waste ur time

i recommend that u read burn the fat feed the muscle e book it will realy help u understand the concept of fat burning

wish u luck and belive me you dont need those supplements i have tried 100s of them with no effect .. so keep on excersing and consume healthy meals and u will see great effects
Can you help me calculate dose of regular insulin?
If it's the U-100 vial with 10 ml total that means there is 1,000 units total in the bottle correct? Each ml would be 100? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
  Yes, I am a type 1 diabetic and have my bottle of insulin sitting right in front of me... each mL has 100 units of insulin, thus 10mL equals 1000 units.
I have been on hormone replacement therapy for two years, and I'm wondering if its safe to?
I have been doing fine for 2 years now on hormone replacement therapy, and I have started also taking feverfew for my migraine headaches, is there a danger taking both?
autumn wolf
  It depends on the type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) you are on. If you are on stuff like Premarin or Prempro, I'd encourage you to explore other options. Those medications are made from pregnant horse urine and are NOT the same as your natural hormones. The studies that question the health risks of HRT ALL use those medications.

However, if you are on bioidentical hormones and being followed by a gynecologist familiar with their use, then you are doing great and I encourage you to keep it up.

As to the use of feverfew in conjunction with HRT, I have not heard of any problems with combining the two. However, if you are currently taking Premarin/Prempro and switch over to bioidenticial hormones, you might not need the feverfew. A hormone imbalance is often the cause of migraines, so once you get your hormones straightened out, the migraines may not be an issue.

Another thought: have you tried cranio-sacral massage or chiropractics for your migraines? They have a good track record for that problem.
What is the insurance company which provides excellent and inexpensive MEDI-GAP policies for people 65...?
I am in Texas. My Mom needs a Medi-Gap policy. She has Medicare hospital part A and Medical part b. She had total knee replacement surgery last year, and has had mildly high blood pressure, which has been successfully controlled by a light medication (ZIAC) since it was detected. (It was detected early due to constant monitoring of blood pressure.)

There are no other medical conditions, not even osteoporosis or osteoperenia. She is quite healthy.

I am looking for cheap but good plans. If you have one or your senior loved ones have them, please tell me the name of the comapny and the monthly premium you pay. Thanks very much to you.
longview cycle lady
  There are two types of policies available. A Medicare Supplement, or Medi-gap, and a Medicare Advantage.

With the Medicare Supplement all plans are exactly the same, controlled by the government. Most people have plan F. A plan F with one company is exactly the same as a plan F with another. The only difference is price. In my area the average plan F premium for someone age 65 is around $150 and goes up with each year older. Some companies may not accept her because of the surgery. Part D prescription drug coverage is not included so she'll need a separate Part D plan.

The Medicare Advantage plans can be different between companies. They all have to cover the same but some companies will enhance the plan. There are small co-pays when you use medical services. A supplement doesn't have co-pays. The Medicare Advantage plans will cover an annual physical while a supplement does not. The average premium in my area is $26 per month no matter what your age and many have a $0 premium. All companies will accept her with the surgery. Some have Part D included.

This is much more complicated so my advise is to visit a local independent agent who deals with senior policies. The plans and premiums are exactly the same whether you use an agent or buy directly from a company.
THERACYL IS DANGEROUS it is just hormone replacement therapy; why don't lawyers sue THERACYL like HRT co.'s?
FDA PLEASE STOP ALLOWING THESE DANGEROUS HOMEOPATHIC PRODUCTS! Theracyl is just estradiol, progesterone and testosterone sprays without ANY dosing meter. If you buy prescriptions, like Estring, it's TIGHTLY dosed because WHY? The Women's Health Initiative showed that hormone replacement therapy was dangerous, caused higher rates of heart disease, dimentia, and cancers, and should only be reserved at small doses for short times for women who absolutely needed it.
All those lawyers suing because women got cancer from hormone replacement therapy---heads up!!! You should be suing this company too!!!
Why does the FDA allow this ancient quackery to be allowed in the midst of modern science and medicine??
  A great question, one best directed to the TGA though.
Probably the old 'natural' line. Natural like arsenic and heroine...
Hormone Replacement Therapy in young woman?
My best friend is at a loss right now and is looking for support from other women dealing with the same issues she is regarding needing hormone replacement therapy, but she is in her early 30's and is not in or nearing menopause. She is not having much luck with doctors and is starting to get very down. Does anyone have any suggestions of a chat room, message board or online community where she could find other women to connect with, share stories and tips.
Thanks so much!
  One place she may be able to find support is thru the Women's health messageboard at

Also, check through Yahoo Groups because you can find a group for just about every subject so there may be something there as well to help her find resources.

A 3rd site that may help you find information for her is at:
Does anyone or anyone you know have to be on hormone replacement therapy?
Because that person is so low on estrogen, petuitary works fine, the doctors have to induce her puberty and she's been on hormone replacement therapy for 5 years to produce estrogen?

It's that rare huh?

If you know that person does that person have trouble with getting aroused at all?
  I was on HRT for over 30 years. I felt fine and I had a great life and career. You don't state your age or this person's age. If they are a teen, why are you worried about their sexual arousal? All Estrogen does is make the body function like it should. All organs depend on it. Talk to the OBGYN or doctor that prescribed it if you don't understand the reasoning behind the therapy. This is not a rare condition. Talk your doctor face to face and get the facts.
Would being on hormone replacement therapy decrease sexual desire?
I'm 22 and been on hormone replacement therapy because my body does not produce hormones and estrogen on its own. At first I felt sexual desire and then after that I have no sexual desire whatsoever.

Is that normal?

I take premarin and progesterone.
I've been on the pills for 3-4yrs
Plain Jane
  Talk to your doctor. You may need to have one of your pills adjusted.

I have been on the Pill for thirteen years for my hormonal problem and they have actually made me have sexual desire. Before I started taking them, I had none.
Can I use regular unopened bottle water from a grocery store as a replacement for sterile water?
So I have a wound from recent surgery and it requires me to use Sodium Chloride Irrigation(I believe).
I am running out and the only way to get it, would be via pharmacy.
So can an unopened bottle of water be used for the same thing?

I know the irrigation water isp has some salt in it and the water doesnt.
Can it be used as a replacement.
Justin M
  Any time you are dealing with a surgical wound it is best to follow sterile practices. Contrary to popular belief, salt in water will not kill all bacteria and home-brew saline solution is nearly impossible to make.

You are more than likely being given something called "Normal Saline" which is 0.9% Sodium Chloride in water. Normal Saline has been rigorously sterilized to ensure patient safety. The added benefit of this solution is it is what is called "Isotonic", meaning it won't draw either water or minerals from cells. With a surgical wound, throwing off the salt/water balance of the cells can slow healing, so it is best to use the proper solution.

Bottled water is not sterilized and is intended for ingestion, which means that because of the saliva and acids in the stomach, there is a higher tolerance for certain bacteria because they would be killed by our digestive system. With surgical wounds, it is best to follow the orders to the letter and not to cut corners, as it could put your healing in jeopardy and puts you at risk for serious infection.
Vinny D
Does anyone have any suggestions about treatments for menopause other than hormone replacement therapy?
My mom is 50yrs old and she has been going through menopause since last Jan. She uses progestercare cream from the health food store but she doesnt want to do hormone replacement therapy or premprose because they increase the risk of breast cancer. Her doctor is telling her that she will develop osteoporosis if she doesnt get on some sort of HRT though. Can anyone give her any advice on what to do? Are there any natural ways that anyone has tried that worked? And does anyone know if not going on HRT can really cause osteoporosis?
  Your mom is on the right track using natural progesterone. It's the ONLY substance that has been shown to REBUILD bone, from the inside out.

(Natural progesterone does NOT cause cancer like synthetic HRT does. In fact, it helps protect against cancer.)

Estrogen (in the synthetic HRT) only delays bone breakdown, and it only works for four to five years. The problem is that it actually stops the bone from performing its natural cycle - breaking down old bone and rebuilding new to replace it. If old bone is not being broken down, there is no new bone being rebuilt! After five years on HRT, bone will be brittle.

Have her read Dr. John Lee's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause". He explains it very well!
He also gives guidelines for finding a quality progesterone cream. She may want to compare the one she's using to his recommendations.

Your mom's doctor is not fully informed. Dr. Lee says, "You can educate your doctor, or find a new one."
A Healthier You
Replacement for Starnoc?
I had been taking Starnoc(Zaleplon) for 3 years with much success. Since the manufacturer stopped making it I have been taking 5mg Imovane, I am not doing well on it, I am not sleeping well and I wake up feeling like crap in the morning, not just sleep deprived but groggy so I am reluctant to just ask for a higher dose of Imovane. Does anyone have any success with a replacement for Starnoc. One of the things I loved about it was that it did not make me feel bad in the morning
Bree Z
  Zaleplon is marketed in the US as Sonata. Starnoc is a Canadian brand name. It is still available in the US.
Colgate total???????????????
I just bought Colgate Total today, and I'm wondering if it actually works to whiten teeth like how it says? I'm 12-years-old and my teeth are ugly and I want them whiter so yeah. =] Stupid question; I should use it and find out but I'm anxious to know if it ACTUALLY does whiten. xD
  Hi! I had used and and i got very good results out of it. It gave me results very quickly and it is highly recommended. Try it and see the results yourself. Best part is that both of these are currently providing ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL to use. So get it now and put it to use. You will see the results within first week of using it. Good luck!
Best Ans.
Is Hormone Replacement Therapy of steroids from a licensed and FDA approved Dr. illegal?
I would like to know if I contacted an FDA approved licensed Dr. in America at a Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic for treatment of true symptoms and began using these anabolic steroids for medicinal purposes is it illegal? Also, can I be fired from my job if I tested positive in a steriod drug screen for this prescription?
Also, I have contacted this Dr. with this question and I am awaiting his answer.
  If a licensed medical doctor prescribes medication then it should not be a problem with a drug screening. You should check the credentials of the doctor to see they have American Board certifications in their area of expertise, then ask questions about litigation past or pending relating to medical malpractice etc. Do your homework on what the program is offering, not all doctors are above board unfortunately.
Does anybody take Evamist for Estrogen replacement?
Does anybody take Evamist spray for Estrogen replacement, if so is it better than the estrogen patch?
  it works way better my girl uses it all the time
Proceeddaneed .
Natural Hormone Replacement verses Hormone Replacement Therapy?
I am having difficulty trying to figure our whether or not to use Prempro or the Vivelle dot. Any advice? The Prempro would cost me about $37 a month where as the Vivelle dot (and a progestin) would cost about $60 a month. Supposedly the Vivelle is "natural" but when I read about the Prempro it has the same side effects as the Vivelle.
Shari P
  My friends mum who went through the change used some natural rub on cream she had gotten through a homiopathic doctor..and it worked wonders, if you can get it through nature you will be much better off...
What is the difference between Colgate Total toothpaste than Aquafresh toothpaste?
Which works the best: Colgate Total or Aquafresh?
Which toothpaste would clean off coffee stains the fastest?
Life Hater
  According to my dentist, he told me that they are very similar the only difference he could find was price.
Mistakenly took cefuroxime axetil too much!! Worry!!?
Hi all,

I had a bad cough and the doctor prescribed Cefuroxime Axetil tablets 500mg (one pill), twice a day for a total of 1g a day.

I read the instruction wrong, so I was taking two pills (1g), twice a day for a total of 2g a day. I did this for almost three days before I discovered my mistake.

I haven't seen any bad effect except my skin has develop itches that move around and I hope the itch will goes away soon. Are there any other bad effects I should be careful about? I have finished all my medicine and my cough has gotten better.

Thanks a lot!
  500mg twiced dailly is the maximum dosage stated for cefuroxime so you were certainly taking a high dose.

Serious overdose would have manifested as seizures. If you haven't experienced this then you are probably okay.

However I would suggest you see your doctor and explain the situation as skin rash is an adverse effect of cefuroxime. Also if you experience other symptoms such as nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; anorexia; abdominal pain or cramps; flatulence; colitis; serum sickness–like reactions (eg, polyarthritis, arthralgia, fever); phlebitis or thrombophlebitis, see your doctor immediately.
Kate from
What do you think of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?
I am over 50 and considering bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. any thoughts?
  It looks like the latesst expensive gimmick...
Compounded "bioidentical hormones" are plant-derived hormones that pharmacists prepare and label as drugs. The products are claimed to be biochemically similar or identical to those produced by the ovaries or body. However, the relevant chemicals (steroids) in plants are not identical to those in humans. To make products that work in humans, raw materials from the plants must be converted to human hormones synthetically. Thus, to the extent that they are potent, the "bioidentical" products would pose the same risks as those of standard hormones—plus whatever problems might be introduced during compounding.
The FDA regards "bio-identical" as a marketing term that implies a benefit for which there is no medical or scientific basis. Some were also making unsupportable claims that their drugs are better than FDA-approved menopausal hormone therapy drugs
Soft Peppermint Puffs?
How healthy/unhealthy are they? For about the last half-year I've gone through about 1 bucket(20 Ounce) a week, sometimes 2 or 3.

Per 3 Pieces (16 g): Calories 60 (Calories From Fat 0); Total Fat 0 g (Saturated Fat 0 g; Trans Fat 0 g); Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 0 mg; Total Carbohydrate 15 g (Dietary Fiber 0 g; Sugars 15 g); Protein 0 g; Pure Cane Sugar; Invert Sugar; Oil of Peppermint; Red 40; Red 40 Lake

Also, I don't know if it matters but I don't chew them I just squeeze them with my tongue and the roof of my mouth.
  Almost anything that you can consume needs to be done in moderation: large quantities of almost any food can be bad. Basically what you're eating here is a lump of sugar with a little peppermint oil and some food coloring. So what we're looking at is a large amount of sugar every week bad for you? Yes, and considering on your additional sugar intake, it may be slightly bad or very bad.

For a bucket of these, you're looking at approximately 560 grams, and with 3 pieces per 16 grams, there's around 35 servings per 20 ounce bucket. This takes your daily intake to:

Calories: 2,100
Carbohydrates: 525 grams
Sugars: 525 grams

Considering the average diet is 2,000 calories a day, you're intaking 300 calories a day (at a bucket a week, so multiply from there) in sugar, and about 75 grams of carbs and sugar a day. The calories aren't that bad, but these are empty calories with no nutritional value, and a pretty high carb intake per day on top of it. Would also be concerned about dental issues intaking this much sugar each day.

Conclusion: I probably wouldn't agree this is horribly bad for you, but it's definitely not adding to your nutritional value, and dependent on the rest of your diet, this could be tipping you towards something to be concerned about.
Donald Fountain
What are the effects of a total hysterectomy with the ovaries left behind?
I am 23 years old and mother of 2. I am going through issues with severe dysplasia that is getting worse. It is a genetic thing. With the birth of my last child, my uterus ruptured so it is now really weak on one side and pregnancy is pretty much out of the question. I am seriously considering a total hysterectomy with the ovaries left behind for hormone production. My family is really against the procedure because they are scared it will mess with my hormones and make me crazy. I really need all the information I can get before I willingly decide to go through with the surgery.
  You are talking about a partial hysterectomy. A "total" is when they take both the uterus and the ovaries. You should not feel much different except that you won't get a period anymore. You will not need hormone replacement therapy nor will you experience menopause since your ovaries will not be removed. You need to discuss this thoroughly with your doctor. Your family are not the ones who are having the health problem. If you are married, have your partner accompany you to the doctor's office. You both can ask questions and get professional answers. You won't be crazy. I had a total hysterectomy when I wasn't much older than you, and I am not crazy!!. Good luck.
Best estrogen replacement choice? Not menopausal!?
I am 26 female and naturally deficient in estrogen, and have not had cycles for over 8 years. I am a unique case because normally women have enoug or too much estrogen.
But I have suffered from progesterone dominance (and how it mimics cortisol excess) and the mayhem of symptoms that produces. Now I finally know to replace estrogen-- but there is so much out there, its hard to know what is the best kind.
I want the most natural replacement, of course, and I hope it could provide the full slate of benefits and relief I am looking for.
Many women have spoken about bioidenticals not being as good or effective as other estrogens (say conjugated) so I am concerned, though.
I know each womans experience and body is unique- so it might be a matter of trial and error.
But it would greatly help to hear other womens stories and suggestions.
  The problem is, estrogen and testosterone are very related, so if you get some estrogen into you, it may not stay as estrogen.

Has your DHEA-sulfate been tested - that is an estrogen source from the adrenals. LH and FSH are the pituitary source. You have not indicated if there has been any disease that has caused this imbalance.

I would perhaps try DHEA (a good brand like Natrol) which can be found over the counter, not too much, and see if that makes your own body make estrogen. If not, I use one of the bio-identical patches.

Sadly, it is trial and error - and getting a lot of testing, not just of androgens.
Jen S
Soft Peppermint Puffs healthy?
How healthy/unhealthy are they? For about the last half-year I've gone through about 1 bucket(20 Ounce) a week, sometimes 2 or 3.

Per 3 Pieces (16 g): Calories 60 (Calories From Fat 0); Total Fat 0 g (Saturated Fat 0 g; Trans Fat 0 g); Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 0 mg; Total Carbohydrate 15 g (Dietary Fiber 0 g; Sugars 15 g); Protein 0 g; Pure Cane Sugar; Invert Sugar; Oil of Peppermint; Red 40; Red 40 Lake

Also, I don't know if it matters but I don't chew them I just squeeze them with my tongue and the roof of my mouth.
I eat them one by one, and I'd say that other than them that I eat very healthy.

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