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Is Mupirocin Ointment used to treat yeast infections in toddlers?
My son has had reoccuring yeast infections and one of them turned into MRSA a little while back. The antibiotic ointment tube they gave me was very similar to the yeast infection cream tube they gave me. I'm not really sure which is which. When I look it up, it says it can be used for yeast infections, but it also says it's used to cure impetigo, which is a skin infection. So which is it?
yeast infections?
my doctor told me I have a yeast infection. How do people get yeast infections? Is it cleared up easily?
  You have natural yeast and bacteria in the vaginal area. Some times you can irritate that area by useing certain soaps or even wearing certain underwear. A lot of women are very succeptable to yeast infections and its really normal to get at least one. Very common. Men can also pass on yeast infections although they dont have any symptoms because their genitals are not moist like ours.
Rachel L
Yeast Infections?
Ive been looking up information about yeast infections and i have all the symptoms of a yeast infection but cannot figure out what to do to treat it. Help?
Briana G
  monistat is a great applicator that treats yeast infections, i insist taking monistat-7, one with more days to treat the infection better.
Do Monistat 3 or other OTC remedies for yeast infections actually work?
I have a yeast infection and I am miserable. I don't have health insurance and can't afford to see a doctor. Will those OTC remedies for yeast infections actually work? I heard that they can cause more burning and itching before actually helping? What has worked for you in your experience?
  I prefer Monistat 1-day treatment (it means you only have to use it once rather than 3 or 7 days). There is a potential that it will irritate you more for a day or two, but that's because it's working, and the skin of your vagina and vulva are REALLY irritated, so it makes things more uncomfortable for a day or so.

If you don't have insurance, you CAN still go to a public clinic or Planned Parenthood and get medical assistance there. Just an FYI.
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Does gentian violet work for yeast infections?
I've heard it can be applied to a tampon and used for yeast infections, but it says for external use only.. hmm.. any comments?
allie m
  yes it does and you can pour it on to a tampon and insert it. also yogurt works the plain unflavored kind. you can fill up a cardboard tampon tube with the yogurt and "inject" it up there or you can freeze the tube and insert it that way...less mess.
Amber M
I get yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis at least once a year, Why?
I get a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis at least once a year sometimes I get yeast infections more often. I'm only having sex with one guy, he's been my only partner for a year and a half. I'm on depo and I think that may play a role in the reoccurring infections. Is there any causes I may be over looking?
Vonnie Babe
  you dont always get yeast infections from having sex. u get it from mostiure in ur body.

i would talk to your doctor and see what they recommand.

How can I avoid getting another infection?
Here are some things you can do to help prevent another yeast infection:
•Don't wear tight-fitting clothing or clothing made out of synthetic material.
•Wear cotton panties.
•Don't wear pantyhose or leotards every day.
•Use your blow dryer on a low, cool setting to help dry your genital area after you bathe or shower and before getting dressed.
•Wipe from front to back after using the toilet. This may help prevent the bacteria that normally live in your rectum from getting into your vagina.
•Change out of wet swimsuits or other damp clothes as soon as you can.
•Don't douche or use feminine hygiene sprays, deodorant sanitary pads or tampons.
•Also avoid using colored or perfumed toilet paper. These items seem to affect the balance of acidity in the vagina and can lead to yeast infections.
Metrogel for yeast infection,does it work?
I am suffering from a yeast infection. so i called my ob/gyn and asked them to write me a prescription for it. They prescribed me with Metrogel (metronidazole) to insert vaginally for 5 days. But everywhere I read says that this medicine will cause a yeast infection or make one worse because it only treats bacterial infections such as bv. so what do i do? does this med reallly treat yest infections?
  Metronidazole is definitely an antibiotic, I would question using it personally.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of it yourself, Ive found this site helpful.

and I know firsthand that yogurt works well.
what do recurring yeast infections have to do with diabetes ?
ok so in the past 3 months ive had 2 yeast infections and I've gone to the doctor for both. my doctor asked if diabetes ran in my family an I told her that both my grandfathers have it. my doctor said that if I keep getting these infections she's going to have to test me for diabetes. I'm kinda confused because I don't see the conection.
  Basically, yeast, which is a fungus, grows in warm, moist areas making the vagina a jackpot location for an infection. Yeast feeds off sugar so if you add high blood glucose levels, the infection will grow like wildfire. Actually, the yeast infections were what prompted me to start looking after my diabetes. I was one of those people who thought "I don't feel bad so why worry about it till I do". After living for months with almost constant yeast infections due to high blood sugar, I couldn't take it anymore. I was buying OTC treatments nearly every week and even went to the doctor for Diflucan. They would subside for a few days then it would start all over again. I am currently on insulin to control my sugar and the infection has gone away. It only takes a few minutes to have yourself checked. Why not just go ahead and do it? I can assure you, if you are diabetic and getting yeast infections they will not go away until you have your sugar under control. I had never had a yeast infection in my life before I became a diabetic.
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How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?
How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?
It been 12 days since i had intercourse so its not quite time to test yet but Im scared that i got pregnant. I have no signs but just a feeling. Is there any sign i can look for to detect pregnancy this early. I know a yeast infection is no sign but its just weird that I have one.
  I have never had a yeast infection with either of my pregnancies. I don't think the two have anything to do with each other.
How do you deal with yeast infections?
I know all about monistat and the prescription drugs (I'm one of the unlucky women that gets chronic yeast infections. I've already been to the gyn, and she said it's just something that happens). But how do you deal with the "discomfort" and everything?
  I have this same problem too! Aggh, it's so very frustrating, so I sympathize with you fully.

I started taking AZO YEAST tabs right before I get my period, which is when I usually get a yeast infection. This has helped. I also use Vagisil cream, and try to keep my bum as dry and as clean as possible by wearing a panty liner and changing it every hour or so.

I know diet can also effect the body ph, which is how yeast infections happen. Eating lots of plain yogurt with active/live cultures is helpful, as is reducing the ammount of sugar you eat when you have a yeast infection.

And get a new GYN, you should not have to "just live with this" problem.
East of Eden
Yeast infections?
Are there any home remedies to get rid of yeast infections
  You can eat yogurt but once you have an infection you are best going to the doctors for a cream. If you absolutely know it is a yeast infection you can use an OTC cream like monistat.
What is a vitamin I can take to ward off yeast and urinary tract infections?
I seem to get yeast and urinary tract infections very easily. What is something i could get at the health food store to prevent them?? Thanks!
  Yogurt is great in attacking those nasty yeast infections. The live and active cultures in them work wonders. As for the urinary tract infections they say that Cranberry Juice works, you can get it concentrated if you don't like to drink the juice.
How do I treat and keep ear yeast infections from coming back in my dogs ears?
Male lab and he gets recurring yeast infections in his ears. The vet treats it with medicine but it always comes back.
  well keep his ears clean and without hair, you might want to cut it, and give him the ear drops every 4 days.

good luck..
Sweet Bella
Does tioconazole really work for yeast infections?
I get yeast infections every now and then and don't have time for the doctor this week, so I bought some tioconazole and used it last night. Nothing is really better, but nothing is really worse either. I know it said most women don't experience complete relief the first day...but I just wanna make sure that this really is gonna work. Did you use it and did it work for you?
  Yes, tioconazole really does work to treat vaginal yeast infections. (if you have a vaginal yeast infection.)

You should notice some relief within a 2 or 3 days (Is this the one dose treatment that you bought?)
If you don't notice any improvement, then you may have a Bacterial Vaginosis infection which requires a doctor's evaluation and a prescription medication.
Would it be harmful to use Monistat if no yeast infection existed?

^(hypothetical because I'm fairly certain I do have a yeast infection, but not entirely sure. My mom's gyno told her just to buy me the stuff and bring me to see him if I have recurring yeast infections.)
  I don't think it is going to hurt you, but you should see a doctor if the monistat doesnt work because you may have a different type of infection that may need antibiotics.
Jordan H
What causes yeast infections before your period?
I had yeast infections before my period three times. What most likely caused this?
sergeant pepper
  Do they go away or stay after your period? I always feel like I have a yeast infection before every period, but the balance of natural yeast in your vagina gets thrown off before every period. If it doesn't go away after you start go to the doctor. Also wear loose fitting clothing and consume dairy products and lots of water.
Vaginal yeast infections treated with Gynazole 1?
I'm being treated for a yeast infection with Gynazole 1 cream, which is inserted into the vagina with a tampon-like applicator. About an hour later there was a frothy, white discharge in my labia and a more intense itching sensation. I don't understand how this could happen, seeing as the medication was inserted just an hour before. For those who have taken Gynazole 1 for their yeast infections, is this normal? Is it supposed to make the infection worse before it can be made better? Or is that just the cream that I see in my labia as opposed to what I assume to be infection-related discharge? What's going on?!
  It may be that the amount of medication was too much and you had some sort of reaction. I normally take something like Gynazole 3 or 7. You take those for 3 or 7 days. The dosage of medication is lower so that's why it takes longer for treatment. Some women just have reactions to the stronger dosage in Gynazole 1. Talk to your doctor about it. You still need to treat the infection. The discharge and itch are signs that you need different treatment.
How do they test for yeast infections in men?
I was wondering how they test men for yeast infections. Is it just a urine test or what?
  male yeast infections are usually on the outside of the penis, they can usually see it, but if not, they'll take a urine sample
Does anyone know a specialist in connecticut that deals with chronic vaginal infections or a vulva specialist?
I've had what one doctor told me was a yeast infection for about 2 months now that will not go away with the regular medicines. I've taken monistat 3, diflucan, and terazol 3 and it starts to go away then comes back. It feels like an itchy/burny feeling up inside that comes and goes with a thick yellow discharge. Sometimes the skin on the outside also burns and feels "raw". I've been tested for std's and other infections (BV and trich) and have tested negative for all of them and would like to see a gynecologist that specializes in chronic yeast or vagina/vulvar problems. Thanks!
  Look, any doctor can order a "Hemoglobin A One C" test (a/k/a the HA1C test) to see what your average blood sugar reading has been for the last month because you mgiht be borderline diabetic or outright diabetic.

I had a terrible yeast infection earlier this year! More than two months of prescription meds, prescription creams, you name it. I was getting sick and tired of wearing granny panties but I had to wear these white cotton things, ugh!

Turned out my blood sugar was out-of-whack and, once I got that under control, tah-dah! No more yeast infection! Now the Diflucan worked!
Miconazole treatment for yeast infections?
So i just got a yeast infection and have bought a 3-day miconazole nitrate kit to help. It says cream insertions should be done right before bed so they dont leak... I thought I'd be going to bed but now have to go out and about so how much less effective will it be if I have to go out and do things?
Is glycerin a major factor in why personal lubricants and condoms would be giving me yeast infections?
I (and my doctor) have ruled out many other factors that cause the "typical" yeast infection. Tight clothes, bathing suits, and etc. I also know it is a yeast infection and not something else. My immune system is not compromised and I am not on hormonal BC. Seeking solid knowledge that glycerin based products are causing this and others who may be sensitive to this as well. Thanks!
Great first answer!
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  That could be the issue. When I was 20 or so, my boyfriend and I used condoms and we got yeast infections.. I am still not sure if it was the lube on teh condom that caused it or not, but I try to be careful and only use Trojans now.

It sounds like you have already explored this already...but my best friend and sister in law cannot wear anything other than cotton underwear (doesn't matter if its thong or what we call "full butt" underwear) or they will get yeast infections.

Also I get them if I use any other tampons brands besides Tampax - don't know why.
How to I get rid of a recurrent yeast infection?
I have had a recurrent yeast infection for over a year now. Every time I go to the doctor she gives me Diflucan. Half the time she tells me I also have "a lil BV" so she gives me antibiotics too! Antibiotics CAUSE yeast infections. I've stopped going to the doctor because she doesn't listen to me and doesn't think it's a big deal. Well it is just ask my amazing boyfriend who has been dealing with this with me! It's never really terrible, but its just enough to mess up everything. I know that its yeast and not anything else because I've been tested for EVERYTHING. I've tried Diflucan, Monistat, Gyne-Lotrimin, Yeast clenses, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and many homopathic supplements including probiotics... NOTHING WORKS! I'm at the end of the rope and I just don't know what else to do.

The worst thing about this is that I believe my doctor caused it. I went in for my yearly and she said I had "discharge" everything seemed normal to me, but she did a test and said I had BV and a yeast infection. She prescribed me antibiotics and Diflucan. I didn't know whether or not to take them, but I heard that BV causes PID so I didn't want to take any chances. Ever since then I've been battling this yeast infection! Modern medicine is a joke. Everyone is just trying to make a buck and no one cares. I know I sound bitter, but this is ridiculous. I really just wish it would go away I'm about to have a nervous break down over freakin yeast infection.. Grrrr...
Male Yeast Infection?
Okay my doctor said I had a yeast infection last month and I took the medicines. However, I had sex with my boyfriend around that time [when i didnt know i had a yeast infection] and I think I passed it to him. I show no symptoms other than discharge and im too scared to tell him and I havent noticed anything weird on him either, but I have cream for yeast infections that I am planning on "secretly" applying it to my boyfriend without him knowing [handjobs] so I can heal him without him knowing he ever had a yeast infection [unless it healed already?] I dont know if I can make it worse but the medicine I have is called oxistat. It's unopend, but i dont know where id apply it on him. Please no smart remarks.
Also, I have noticed and have asked him if he has any weird symptoms and there isn't any. No itching, discharge, nothing. I am still scared for him though.
  One diflucan pill each will clear both yours and bf's. If bf is showing no symptoms, then he probably will be ok. If he gets yeast, it will burn when he pees and his penis will be generally sore. If he has it bot of you need to be treated at the same time, as you will pass it back and forth. Nothing to be embarassed about, it's not a std, just a risk you take having sex.
Yeast Infection Creams????-Please Help?
I was just prescribed Terazol 7 for my yeast infection. I was told to take it 3 days after my Diflucan. Will it burn me? If you have ever used any yeast infection cream, did it burn? for how long after you inserted it? How many days did the discomfort last? Thank you in advance for answering this question. I really would like to avoid the creams but the last time I took Diflucan it didn't work.
I do not have recurring yeast infections. The thing is it's really mild right now compared to what I have been through in the last two weeks. My vaginal health is basically depressing me. I have itching only after I pee. Once I use a wipe to throughly clean my vagina and anus afterwards I am fine until I pee again. If you have used Terazol can you please tell me about your experience.
I am also ending my period, I don't know if that has anything to do with anything.
The Taurus
  Terazol is better than over the counter creams in my opinion. It will burn for a day or two depending on how bad your infection is.

Try the cream on the outside to see if that works.

I have gotten yeast infections after my period before. I don't know if you're taking birth control pills, but sometimes they cause yeast infections.
Regarding yeast infection treatment, what's the difference between Miconazole and Tioconazole?
I have seen that drug stores sell miconazole and tioconazole over the counter to treat yeast infections. Is one better than the other? Thanks.
  They are chemical cousins, so they are both antifungals. But tioconazole is more effective and is a one-day therapy. It is usually more expensive than miconazole. Miconazole is a seven-day therapy, but many women fail to use it for 7 days and in many cases the infection returns.

If you can afford tioconazole, it's obviously a better choice.

Hope this helps.

Rick the Pharmacist
does miconazole nitrate cream 2 % work to heal yeast infections?
well i've never had a yeast infection before and i know that they say go to a doctor. but i dont have the money to go to a doctor. so does that stuff work to clear it up or what
and what is the percentage of me giving it to my husband?
  Number one- do not have sex while you have a yeast infection, you can easily pass it on to him. Try getting the stuff from the store, i've only had 2 yeast infections before and have used store stuff, they worked both times. If you don't notice an improvement within a few days, then see about a doctor. There are other things you can use, i've heard of women using plain yogurt but not sure about the effectiveness of that one, try googling self or home treatment of yeast infections or all natural treatments. If it doesn't improve within a few days, it may actually be a bacterial infection, not a yeast in which you would need to see a doctor for that
Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP?
I was perscribed this cream after see my doctor. She was pretty sure that I have a yeast infection. She also prescribed me some antibiotics.

How often is this medicine prescribed with yeast infections, and how does it interact with someone who has herpes simplex 2 that had a recent outbreak?
Jessica C
  You should not use this medication if you are allergic to nystatin or triamcinolone.

Before using nystatin and triamcinolone, tell your doctor if you have any type of skin infection (especially tuberculosis infection of the skin), or if you have chicken pox or herpes infection (including cold sores).
Also tell your doctor if you have diabetes. Topical steroid medicines absorbed through the skin may increase the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood or urine.
Use this medication exactly as it has been prescribed by your doctor. Do not use the medication in larger amounts or for longer than recommended. Topical steroid medicine can be absorbed through the skin, which may cause steroid side effects throughout the body.
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I have developed a yeast infection while taking Cefdinir, should i stop taking the medicine?
My doctor is unavailable for me today. Yeast infections are a side effect of this medicine, but I don't know if I should cease use of the medicine.
  you should not stop any medication unless talking to your doctor first.
wait until tomorrow when the office open's, then call and ask.

you can always go to the drugstore or supermarket to get monistat (to clear the yeast infection)
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How fast does Terconazole work?
I have had a yeast infection for 2-3 weeks (had no clue an antibiotic could give yeast infections). My doc prescribed Terconazole to me and it is for 3 nights. My 1s dosage was last night and so far I have seen a slight difference. It is less irritated and not really burning or itching anymore. Just curious to know how long until this yest infection is completely gone and I can feel like my usually happy self again?
Monistat Derm Cream? Does it get rid of the yeast infection?
I bought Monistat cream that says it relieves itching, but do I need to buy those capsules as well? I know yeast infections can go away on their own, and the Monistat is just to relieve symptoms etc. so if I just use the cream is that fine?
  Your good to go with the cream, just use it every day and even after you think it is gone, still use it for a few more days. it works great.
Good luck, you will be fine, OK
Can I use a miconazole cream for yeast infections while wearing the NuvaRing?
I use the NuvaRing for birth control. I have a yeast infection. The miconazole cream says "this drug should not be used with other vaginal products", but don't specify anything like the ring - only condoms and diaphrams.

I can't use diflucan/fluconazole for this yeast infection, so please don't suggest it.

I can't take the NuvaRing out for long enough to use the cream, so please don't suggest it.
Please note that this is an *internal* cream. I'm well aware that my vulva won't explode if I apply it outside. I want to be able to take the applicator and apply the cream the way the instructions tell me to: inside my vagina.
  Hey, just bringing this old question up for a vote.

If you have not found the answer you are looking for, please, feel free to use one of the following links from my personal collection:

My post is simply to encourage you to pick a "Best Answer" or to assist you in finding the answer.

Thank you!
Can bactroban cream be used to treat yeast infections?
And if so, could you explain why?
  Bactroban contain mupirocin and effective for only bacterial infections but not yeast infections.
Have clotting disorder, how do I get rid of this odd infection?
I have a myeloproliferative disorder (thrombocythemia) or high clotting factor and polycythemia vera due to JAK-2 genetic mutation and Lupus anticoag positive. I'm on a lot of medicines. Currently taking 1000mg Hydrea (Hydroxyurea) daily as well as 14mg Coumadin and an 81mg baby aspirin, Lamictal 150mg (for epilepsy), Benicar 40mg/12.5 HCT, Protonix for reflux daily. I'm having an odd problem which I'm not sure how to fix because I'm very limited in what antibiotics I can take. I keep getting repetitive yeast infections each month. They go away on their own right around my period. My last CBC showed a 12.7 white blood cell count, platelets were finally normal range at 347. Could the Hydrea be changing the Ph in my body to where certain bacteria are overgrowing and then the hormonal change is bringing them back in check? It's becoming an aggravating issue because I can't seem to shake these infections for longer than a couple or three weeks at a time. Up until I started the Hydrea I'd never even had a yeast infection. I've also been getting minor skin infections on various body areas as well. Is there any way to combat this issue without having to get an antibiotic that will screw my INR up? Sorry I'm so complicated, but I can't help it. There's got to be an answer right?
Could I use triamcinolone acetonide cream to treat a yeast infection?
I am also taking an antibiotic called sulfamethoxazole right now so if that triamcinolone does treat yeast infections could I use that as well as taking an antibiotic?
chelsea beadle
  The best way to get rid of yeast infections permanantly is to use natural remedies that attack it from the source of the problem.

For more information on yeast infections and natural remedies
Do these pills give people Yeast infections? someone told me that it does but i dont know..has anyone been on them? i take them for a bladder infection.
Erica R
  They are a hardcore broad-based "prophalactic" type antibiotic, and as such, CAN cause yeast infections...
Can a combined yeast infection and bladder infection cause a delay in your period?
I have a yeast infection and a bladder infection! My period was due around last week, but that's also when both of my infections had started. (The bladder infection could have started earlier.) I heard that a yeast infection usually doesn't delay your period, but what about both of them combined?

I'm taking medication for both of them now as well.
  I was always told that too. That a yeast infection never delays a period and blah blah blah blah.

Ok, I've had about 4-5 if not more yeast infections and EVERY TIME it has delayed my period. I'm pretty convinced it does.
I have a yeast infection and I accidentally used Vagisil instead of Monistat 7 in my vagina. Am I ok?
I have been using Monistat 7. That's the applicator insert that cures yeast infections. I accidentally grabbed the wrong tube and filled the applicator with regular Vagisil - the anti-itch cream. I didn't realize it until I inserted the applicator and pushed the plunger. Will I be okay? I know vagisil is an external cream. Please help.
  You should be fine. I have also put it inside my v and nothing happened. You probably shouldn't do it again though. Just watch it for the next couple of days and if you have any changes in your symptoms then call your doc.
is it safe to take nizoral vaginal inserts for yeast infections while pregnant?
and is it safe to take it with augmentin?
sexy mama
  I would recommend checking with your pharmacist as well as your OB/GYN (this is if it is a primary care physician writing the prescription, if it is not, then please check with your pharmacist).
Is Oxytetracycline used for ear infections?
Is it used to treat Ear infections because my doctor prescribed me Oxytetracycline? Please help?
In the internet it says nothing about it being used for ear infections.. But is it possible for this drug to deal with ear infections?
  Sometimes we have to let the doctor be the doctor.

Not all uses for a specific drug are listed in its profile. Oxytetracyline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It has many uses, not only those listed. One reason your doctor may have chosen this medication is that you have recently been on other antibiotics or perhaps you have a drug allergy. If in 48 hours you feel no relief, contact the doctor. However, I believe you will find an improvement in your condition.
Do the hormones, progesterone and insulin have anything to do with each other?
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in February. 2000mg metformin, 5 mg glucotrol, 1200mg lopid. Since then all of the problems I have been having with lack of progesterone, periods lasting for 3 months and aweful yeast infections, deforming leg cramps, insatiable thirst, and a few more symptoms are all fixed, I hope. My question is does my period problems have anything to do with my having diabetes or vise versa.
In January my BS was 480+ , my A1c was 10.8, my Triglycerides were 846. now my BS is 106, last check my A1c 9.0, and Triglycerides are 511. period and yeast problems are better. I'd like to say everything is great, but don't want to jinx it. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
alice b
  Very good question, first of all I know that sugar feeds yeast and you will continue to have yeast problems while your sugar is on the high side. I know this becuase my Gyn diagnosed me just from the type of yeast I had. I have very similar symptoms to yours, my thirst got so bad I would drink tons and tons of water and still have sticky dry mouth. I found out that this is the reason people go into a diabetic coma, they dehydrate. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago because of uterine cancer, so my periods are not effected now, but I used to have terrible ones. I take 2000mg of metformin per day as well but not the other meds. Go speak to your doctor and go and see help in the natural area as well. I believe that the two can go hand in hand when common sense is applied. For instance if your blood sugar is way way high, an herbal remedy may not bring it down fast enough and you can have long lasting damage from it.

Main thing is eat like they tell you and stay away from sugar until you have yourself balanced. Then do in moderation. It's hard but you can do it... God knows if I can anyone can.
Karen L
I am HIV+ & on Truvada & Sustiva,I have a quick build up of what i beleive to be smegma I been tested for all?
sorts of things and they have ruled out all sti's, fungal or baterial infections, yeast and they just say it is dry skin i need help please someone help me here i am going out of my mind and its affecting my sex life now to
A is worries
  try eccurine its a lotion for dry skin it works relly well drink plenty of water for hydration
Can I Get Rid of Yeast without the Candida Diet?
My doc suspected I had systemic yeast in my stomach whein I went to her complaining of chronich sinus infection & post nasal drip. I tried the diet for this past month and it works. I just don' want to have to do this forever. The only supplements I've been taking are grapefruit seed extract & acidophilus. They're supposed to get rid of the yeast as well. But are there any other supplements I can take to get rid of the yeast? I've heard of Candex & ThreeLac. Does anything else work? Or do I have to stay on the diet for ever?
  Unfortunately, this problem does not go away just by taking medication/supplements.Diet plays a big role in treatment.
The best diet is stay away from anything that feeds yeast e.g. sugars, carbs, etc. when your system gets free of yeast you can go back to your regular diet.
Taking anti-yeast products?
I bought Candex because a nutritionist strongly suspects that I have a yeast overgrowth problem (my tongue bleeds and has a white patch), I have bad reactions to sugar...However, doctors don't agree with her that I have a yeast problem...She is very knowledgable, and doctors have not been able to help me, anyway...I was wondering, is Candex safe to take, in the event that I don't really have a yeast problem?
If a bad reaction is possible, what kind of bad reaction?
  In most people it helps some have a bad reaction only thing I can say is try it see what happens
rose j
i was prescribed flagyl & gynazole 1...?
for BV and yeast infection...
i was just curious, does my partner need to be treated too.
like, could i have passed BV or my yeast infection to him??
and can i have sex on these antibiotics for my BV.
i havent taken the one for my yeast infection yet...
Katy C
how long does fluconazole actually take to start reducing the symptoms for a yeast infection?
I have never had a yeast infection before, unfortunately i was prescribed some antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, and the side effect was lo and behold...a yeast infection! I was given fluconazole by my doctor, but the itching that accompanies a yeast infection along with the nasty looking white, thick discharge has taken a while to dissipate. It is now, the fourth day since i took the fluconazole and my symptoms barely seem to be, i was wondering if normally fluconazole takes a while before it begins clearing up the uncomfortable symptoms that come with a yeast infection. I've read information on this, and the majority states that it DOES indeed take about 3-5 days to start making some serious this really the case?
  Hello, having personally suffered the same thing you are, and also being a registered nurse that looks after people with infectious diseases ( which is infections) I do understand what you are going through.

Firstly fluconazole is certainly a drug for yeast infections however it is an unusual one to be prescribed first off. Its almost like killing an ant with a huge sledgehammer!!!

It does take at least three doses of any type of antibiotic or antifungal to see improvements. For this to really be fast though usually a pessary (small medicated capsule that is inserted into your vagina at night) is prescribed.

The latest treatment is one pessary, once only, and the same medication that is in the pessary is also given as a cream to stop external inflammation and itching.

This treatment however uses a different drug - cotrimoxazole. If you note.. the last part of that drug is "zole" which is the same as your fluconazole... it is in the same class of drugs.

If you do not start seeing improvements then go back to your dorctor or to your pharmacy, I am here in Australia and the drug that I have mentioned can be bought over the counter.

Good luck. I know how it feels.
HELP! im a 14 yr old girl w/ yeast infection! idk how 2 use miconazole 7? no applicator? discharge sour sm.?
my discharge is soury and so i think i have a yeast infection so my gma gave me some miconazole 7 cream but it has no applicator what do i do? should i wait and get some new yeast infection stuff from walmart? never been to gyn about yeast infection...idk what to do. when u have a yeast infection is the discharge sour? HELPPLEASE
Luna Lovegood
  If this is the first time you have had this, don't take anything, you should go to your doctor. Regular physicians can see you as well if you don't have a GYN yet. Your regular family doctor can then give you a referral.

If it smells fishy, it is NOT a yeast infection, and it will NOT be cured with over the counter meds.

If it itches, burns, and the discharge looks kinda of clumpy, then it could very well be a yeast. You can find over the counter meds, and it works pretty well. The best is Monostat 1, its the most expensive, but its better because it works in one day. You can still use the cream your grandma gave you, just apply it around the opening of your vagina, and around your labia to relieve itching and burning.

*You need to get the applicator with the capsule to put up there, the cream alone wont work.

Also, be advised, that sometimes women have a natural discharge that cleans out the vagina. Sometimes this discharges can be clear, with an egg yolk consistency, to light pale yellow, to a white color.

Since you are only 14, I would much rather have you go to a doctor so that they can better help you figure out exactly what it is.

Remember, wear cotton panties, try NOT to wear thongs on a daily basis (they are not that sanitary) and for the time being, try not to wear tight jeans or any tights pants for that matter. The more sweat and moisture you allow in the vaginal area the worse it will be.

Good Luck, make sure you make an appointment for yourself for good health!
Piano's LUVR
i have strep throat and i took cephalexin will that work?
Cephalexin is used to treat infections caused by bacteria that are susceptible to the effects of cephalexin. Common infections that are treated with cephalexin include infections of the middle ear, tonsils, throat, larynx laryngitis, bronchi bronchitis and pneumonia. It also is used for treating urinary tract, skin, and bone infections.
Bob Sagat
  of course!!
trust your doctor & trust the med.
you must believe in it
the chi master
does anyone know if Solodyn antibiotic for skin causes yeast infections commonly?
i've been on this pill, Solodyn, precribed by my dermatologist for a couple of months and he prescribed it for another 2 months today. i've lately been feeling like i have to pee alot and i don't i don't know if that is something to do with it?
any ideas?
it burns a little.
  Yeast infections sometimes occur with any antibiotic. The antibiotic kills off the bacteria in the infection (that's what it is supposed to do). But with the bacteria gone, any yeast cells can grow without competition. You might want to read this Web page, which mentions this issue with respect to Solodyn.

On the other hand, frequent urination is not a common effect of Solodyn. If anything, it is likely to make you go less frequently.

Bottom line: you need to tell your doctor what is happening. He may want to treat you for a yeast infection as well. Call the doctor's office and tell them your concerns. Good luck!!
Can a yeast infection hurt my baby?
I'm 31 weeks pregnant and today i went to he doctors and i told them how i had a milky discharge and how i was hurting,it turns out i have a yeast infection and he gave me a prescription for Terazol 7 0.4% cream. I was just wondering if anyone has had this problem before? See i've never had a yeast infection before and if this med don't work then i'm going to be worried as hell. Can it harm the baby?
  Hi there,

Even though you're pregnant the following natural suggestions I have for your should be perfectly safe. Of course I'm just putting it out there for you, its your decision in the end, although at the very least I think treatments 1-4 should be fine.

There are many things you need to start doing and addressing if you are suffering from a yeast infection. To start, do the following:

1. Wear loose clothing and undergarments, oxygen kills yeast, going commando and wearing nothing down there if possible is even better.

2. Get some unsweetened yogurt and rub it onto a tampon, insert the tampon and do this continually until the yeast infection is gone.

3. Cut out any and all sugar, alcohol and yeast from your diet. All three will promote the infection further.

4. Start drinking cranberry juice, pure not from concentrate with no added sugar, I know this goes against the no sugar thing but the acid content in the cranberries will alter the PH balance of your vagina and cause the yeast to die off.

5. If you can tolerate it, use a raw garlic clove and apply it to the infection, this may burn so dilute it with some olive or coconut oil, both of which can also help eliminate the yeast, especially the coconut.

6. Take a probiotic with at least 50 billion live cells per pill, this is key in redistributing good bacteria throughout your body, and effectively end the yeast infection. You must do this continually until you have eliminated your yeast infections and Candida entirely.

7. Lastly if all else fails, begin adding 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a bath. Only fill the tub up high enough to submerge your genital area. Stay in the tub for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Hope this helps, the yogurt is the key really, by putting good bacteria directly on the area you will eliminate it quickly. Make sure it is unsweetened and ideally keep an eye out for a variation called Kefir which has even more beneficial bacteria in it to snuff out the infection.

For more natural therapies for Vaginal Yeast Infections check out my source box.
Why is it so hard to get my Doctor to prescribe Fluconazole to me?
I have had some reoccuring yeast infections and have used the 7 day stuff and it just doesn't work. So I have been getting the Fluconazole from my Doctor the past couple of times and it has worked. So why is he now saying he doesn't want to give it to me anymore? Is it dangerous? What gives?
  pregnant? nursing? possibly taking a drug that would affect it? maybe he thinks you're using it for a reason you shouldn't be or getting it for someone else? doesn't seem dangerous, but maybe he feels you might be dependant?

can you use silver sulfadiazine on yeast infection?
my friend has a yeast infection and she just wont to know can you us silver sulfadiazine to stop makin it burn. an can it afect you in anyway. also she wonts to know how longs does a yeast infection last with out treatment
lady t
First Yeast Infection. Still here?
Yeah, so I went throught the perils of my 1st yeast infection around the end of Sept. It got to the point where I got scared and went to my doc who did a swab and VOILA...she saw "budding yeast". I was prescribed Gynazole-1 and Nystatin cream. Within 2 days, my pain subsided and my worries were gone.

Cut to today. I still have those pesky little clumps. Whenever I wipe myself, I see them on the tissue or my hand. I know it's gross but it happens. It's not alot of clumps but still enough to know something is up. Also, there's still a slight discomfort after sex. I have to lube up, which is something I never had to do. Afterwards, I feel a very slight discomfort like soreness. It's nothing compared to the pain of the yeast infection but something still isn't right!

Has anyone every experienced this? I'm popping Acidophilus pills like candy because I want to be sure all my friendly bacteria comes back. Someone said that maybe my PH levels were still off. I don't know. I even did a Monistat-3 treatment about a week ago to make sure I killed any lingering yeast.

Honestly, I think all those chemicals from the treatments probably dried me out. No still doesn't explain the little clumps that look like dead skin.
divine intervention
  The clumps like dried skin could be as a result of something called Smega which can occur around the clitoris and other areas.

Also, because of the issues of the PH levels if they are off it can be an indication that you may be dealing with an infection called bacterial vaginosis (an example only).

I would recommend getting back in touch with your doctor to see what she thinks could be going on.
how long does it take for fluconazole 150mg tablet to cure a yeast infection?
How long does it take for fluconazole orally 150mg tablet to cure a yeast infection? I took the one time only pill, the dosage one week ago - on Wed Jan 16. And I think my yeast infection is gone, but I'm not sure exactly...I never had a yeast infection before (I'm 21 years old) so I don't know.

And also how long will it be until I can have sex again with my boyfriend? Thank you.
  about 3 to 5 should be good to go
just wonderin
How can i stop having Urinary Tract Infections and why do i get them all the time?
HI.I always suffer of (UTI)Urinary Tract Infections,I started to get UTI's at the age of 16. Last month i had a UTI and my Doctor gave me antibiotics to kill the infection,he said that he found a bacteria in my urine and he also mentioned the word e coli. I heared all of the ways you can get a UTI.How can i stop getting this infections?
Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused by bacteria and are 10 times more common among women than men. The risk factors include - A new sex partner or multiple partners. More frequent or intense intercourse. Diabetes. Pregnancy. Escherichia coli (E. coli) often passed from the anus to the vagina by using toilet paper and wiping in that direction. Wiping in the opposite direction is recommended. Use of irritating products such as harsh skin cleansers. Use of irritating contraceptives such as diaphragms and spermicides. Use of birth control pills. Heavy use of antibiotics. A blockage in the urinary tract (benign masses or tumours). A history of UTIs, especially if the infections were less than 6 months apart.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

I add a link with details of this subject

Hope this helps
matador 89
matador 89
Yeast Infection - Can any of these creams work that i already have?
I dont think Ive had a cream for a yeast infection - But I do have some creams here...Wil any of these work:
Fluocinolone acetonide cream, triple antibiotic ointment, elidel cream, ammonium lactate cream...Just wanna see if I have any medication or if I do have to buy something at the store. Also this yeast infection is just starting, last night me and my partner had unprotected sex. He is curious if he needs to go to the Dr or is there anything over the counter for males?
Thank You
  no, none of them. You can buy canesten creme over the counter and both use it, also ou can now buy a single dose oral treatmeny which saves a lot of itching. Alternatively you can apply a tampon dipped into Live yoghurt, the natural bacteria in the yoghurt will re balance the bacteria internally, this is also quite soothing too.

Also buy some condoms whils you are in the chemist, yeast in the last infection you want to pick up !
Can a yeast infection and ammoxicilin cause a late period?
Okay, so, I took ammoxicilin (2 giant pills daily) for 10 days. Then, due to that, I got a yeast infection. I was supposed to start my period on Saturday (this past) and didn't. I still haven't gotten it, but I am still treating the yeast infection (it won't seem to go away, a few more days and I'll go to the doc). But my question is, can these medications ( ammox and Equate Miconazole 3 Day Treatment) cause a late period?
a grrrl
  Antibiotics can interfere with birth control medications, however often they induce a period, not prevent it. Antibiotics counteract the hormones of the birth control medication. Essentially, many antibiotics render birth control useless. It is important to know this because having unprotected intercourse during your use of antibiotics could result in pregnancy.
what causes urinary tract infections in children?
I have 2 granddaughters who have both had these infections in the last month. Could they be exposed to something at home to cause this?
  They could be.
Or it is more likely that they are dehydrated...
I am not a medical professional but I do work with children and the most commen cause I have heard of them in children is that they hold their urine too long. They need to be encouraged to go when they need to go.
How long do I need to wait before having sex after taking diflucan to cure yeast infection?
I'm suffering from a yeast infection, I've tried to treat it with the over the counter monistat, it relieved most of the symptoms but they came back a few days later. My doctor prescribed me the one dose of diflucan, if I take it today how long will it take to cure my yeast infection? and how long should I wait before having sex?
  Diflucan takes about 2 days for you to feel releif, and you should be cured by the day 3.

From personal experience, I would advise you to wait until day 5 (after taking the pill) before sex.
im using vanos cream for yeast infection is it okay?!?
my big sis told me to use it, cause when she had a yeast infection she used it..
and it was given by her doctor.. but i dont trust alot of doctors.. due to some experiences.
so im just asking if anybody else used it or something and that its safe...
=/ please and thanks.
  I'm not entirely sure if this will get rid of your yeast infection, but i know that cream is used to relieve inflammation in the skin and can relieve redness. If she is speaking from personal experience then by all means trust her. If you're uncomfortable with using medications such as this and prefer an all natural way, as weird as it sounds yogurt is incredible for yeast infections. but make sure it's plain yogurt, no sugar added; it helps restore your bodies natural bacterial levels and instantly relieves the itching and pain.

Good luck
Can i use mupirocin-ointment to clear up a yeast infection?
I have a yeast infection and at home I have some mupirocin-ointment 2% and I would like to no if I can use it to stop my yeast infection? And would it hurt me if I use it?
Cody Poe
  You can use, and it won't do any harm, but it won't help the infection either. Mupirocin is an antibiotic. If you have a yeast infection you need an anti-fungal.
Can Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium (amox/kclav 875 mg) cause a yeast infection?
I was prescribed it by my doctor for ten days, twice a day. Normal tablets. I had pneumonia. I was wondering if it could cause a yeast infection?

I often get a yeast infection after any antibiotic. The antibiotic kills off the bacteria and the yeast have a party. It is very normal and totally sucks.
Is there a difference between bladder infections and urinary tract infections?
I've comonly been diagnosed with Bladder Infections, but there was a time I was told I had a Urinary Tract Infection. The only difference I noted was that during Bladder Infections I didn't pee out blood like when I had a urinary tract infection. I was just wondering if there is a difference or if they are both the same?
Kristin S
  Yes they are the same try drinking more cranberry juice NOT cranberry juice cocktail just cranberry juice, it will help your body clean out all the ickys
Candida Yeast Syndrome-truth or myth? Candex vs Threelac?
Do we need these expensive products or can we starve the excess yeast by eating less sugar/sugar producing foods?
  there are many candida diets, and yes you can starve the yeast, it is hard, and irritating, but if you take the herbs and eat the right foods then you are on the right path, try the web search for candida diets
D and L M
Yeast Infection help!?
I had pneumonia and I was put on steroids and antibiotics..this combination gave me a yeast infection. I got the monistat 3 day pack and I used it completely. The discharge is gone but it is still really itchy and sore. Does this mean it didn't work or should I wait a few days? When I use the cream everything goes away. What should I do?
  It sounds like the infection hasn't been completely cured. I have found most over the counter treatment to be useless, or they only work in the short-term. Take a look at the link below for the only treatment which worked for me.
After nearly two months, and 3 different treatments why hasn't my penile yeast infection gone away yet?
I've had my penile yeast infection for almost half a year now. It wasn't until around new years that I went to a doctor about it. It only had the itching and dry skin symptoms. No discharge. The doctor prescribed me 90 mg of nystop, which lasted me for a month and a week. It wasn't completely healed. I then used monistat 7 for the next week, and it still didn't heal. Now I'm on Monistat 1, and it's still here. Since about the third week of using nystop, I started avoiding all sugars, all breads, all noodles, all msg, and all cheese. Started eating more onions, garlic, sugar free plain yogurt, and cottage cheese. So, why is the yeast infection still there? Any tips for permanently removing that yeast infection so I can start eating burgers and pizzas and RANCH again?
Any ladies have advice for a yeast infection that won't go away?
I have had a yeast infection for about 2 months that just won't kick with the meds I've tried. I tried Monistat 3, Diflucan pill, and Terazol 3. Just went in yesterday to have it cultured as before all the doctor did was look at it under a microscope. No std's, no thongs, eat lots of yogurt, no scented soaps etc. Not sure what else to do.
  Quick! Have a Hemoglobiin A1C test done to see if you're running high blood sugars! I recently had a yest infection from hell and could not get rid of it, like you, it just kept hanging on for 2 months or more...nothing worked... then found out my blood sugar was running unusually high! Now that I have my blood sugar back under control, no more yeast infection!
How long does fluconazole take to cure a yeast infection?
My gyno diagnosed me with a yeast infection on the 24th. She prescribed me a pill called "fluconazole" to treat it. Her directions were to take the first pill that same day, and take the second pill 3 days later, which was today. She also said to buy vagisil external itch cream for my itching and irritation.

Well the itching and irritation has gone away, most likely because of the vagisil though. How long do I have to wait until I know my yeast infection is completely gone?
Dark Samus
  Your symptoms usually go away with in 3 days after the start of the medication, and unless it was a bad yeast infection it should be cleared up in 7 days.

Good luck!
Alana S
How long does fluconazole take to cure a yeast infection?
My gyno diagnosed me with a yeast infection on the 24th. She prescribed me a pill called "fluconazole" to treat it. Her directions were to take the first pill that same day, and take the second pill 3 days later, which was today. She also said to buy vagisil external itch cream for my itching and irritation.

Well the itching and irritation has gone away, most likely because of the vagisil though. How long do I have to wait until I know my yeast infection is completely gone?

  Your symptoms usually go away with in 3 days after the start of the medication, and unless it was a bad yeast infection it should be cleared up in 7 days.

Good luck!
Alana S
Yeast infection ( terazol 3)?
ok I have a concern I am on my second yeast infection in the past year the first time I got it my doctor (back then) gave me dilflucan for the yeast as well as merto gel for a bacterial overgowth (she told me NO sex while on treatment) this time I have a new doctor and she only gave me a vaginal cream this time (3 day application) I asked about having sex and she said it was not a problem as long as I have sex before the applications. This is the complete opposite of what my previuos docotor had told me? What's going on?

she gave me terazol 3 (3 day application at bedtime)
  There are things I disagree with for both doctors. Your first doctor was treating you for a yeast infection and bacterial overgrowth... those two do not usually go hand in hand. A yeast infection usually result from a bacterial depletion. We have good bacteria that keep yeast in our bodies 'in check'.... so I'm confused about that... You may have had a yeast infection and bacterial infection at the same time or something.
the first doc was right to tell you not have sex. While men can get yeast infections, it's rare that they have symptoms. The problem is that they can actually pass a yeast infection back to you, thereby defeating the purpose treatment. Plus, I would think it would mighty uncomfortable to have sex with a yeast infeciton anyways.....
yeast infection ( terazol 3)?
ok I have a concern I am on my second yeast infection in the past year the first time I got it my doctor (back then) gave me dilflucan for the yeast as well as merto gel for a bacterial overgowth (she told me NO sex while on treatment) this time I have a new doctor and she only gave me a vaginal cream this time (3 day application) I asked about having sex and she said it was not a problem as long as I have sex before the applications. This is the complete opposite of what my previuos docotor had told me? What's going on?

she gave me terazol 3 (3 day application at bedtime)
Cuts on vagina after yeast infection?
I went to the gyno today, they told me i had a really bad yeast infection. And i got gynazole-1.. used it.. helped out a lot.
but now, I've got cuts from scratching and everything, so what can i do to make them heal faster?
  They will actually heal all by themselves pretty fast. Just keep "down there" dry and make sure to clean it really well in the shower.
Xander's Mommy
If you have interstitial cystitis can it cause you to have bladder infections?
I've noticed I have similar symptoms to interstitial cystitis. I had on and off bladder infections from May of last year to February of this year no idea why doctors couldnt do anything except give me antibiotics for it to cure it. Is it possible that if I have interstitial cystitis that's why I had bladder infections??
  Cystitis is basically bladder infection. So you do have a bladder infection. For you to treat your cystitis and don't want it to return forever there is one simple thing you could do. Take lots of water. Compute the volume at 50 ml/kg/day. The urinary bladder is part of our excretory system and most metabolic wastes pass through it. Bacteria are basically scavengers and they feast on dirt. They are happy and thrive well if the environment where they are in are full of dirt which is their food. The best way to eliminate wastes thoroughly is through flushing it with much water. Eliminate their food and they die and are gone. Water is the best cleansing agent and this is what you need, not antibiotics. Water is more natural, safer and cheaper option. Make it a habit to take much water and you will not only enjoy relief from your cystitis but also better health. A cleaner internal environment is the best approach to wellness.
Cmd Ok na dok
How do I know if yeast infection is healing?
I went to the doctor and they said i had a yeast infection. They gave me Terazol 3 suppositories that have to be inserted vaginally for 3 nights. Tonight is the last night and I was wondering how long it will take to completely clear up? It still itches a little but the discharge has almost gone away completely. Thanks for your help!!
  Hi Dani,

First of all, it's a good thing that you decided to run to the doctor to get treatment for your yeast infection. As you know, most people who acquire that condition think that they don't really need to see a doctor or have themselves checked.

With regards to your question, it is pretty easy to tell when a yeast infection is healing. First, you have to consider whether you have followed the doctor's prescription strictly. You can't expect healing totally from it if you have missed some doses of your medication or still ate foods that can aggravate yeast infection. A good sign that you are healing from it is that symptoms eventually start to wear out. That means, when you used to feel burning, soreness, itching, and have vaginal discharges before you underwent a treatment, they should all disappear or lessen in severity the moment you complete it. You should no longer feel those symptoms anymore if your body have successfully treated the bacteria that's usually causing yeast infection.

Also, you should also begin to feel lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated since people who suffer from yeast infection tend to experience unexplained fatigue, muscle pains, and alike.

I hope I answered your question and help you in any way.
Ava Lyka
Girls only question..?
kwell, i have a yeast infection and im on my period and i HAATEEE pads ill put them on for 5 minutes and freak out and i cant wear tampons bcuz i have a yeast infection ( i like tampons) so i was wearing panty liners.. and now my flows really heavy so i dont know what to doo
i cant wear tampons or pads or panty liners! o.O
I tried wearing a pad and it leaked...
My told my mom i have a yeast infection and she ignored me i keep telling her but she wont listen so ive started eating yogurt every day cuz i dont have money
  Treat your yeast infection with vagisil as soon as possible!! For now, just deal with pads. I know they suck, but is a panty liner any better when you have to change it every ten minutes? If you want to try a better Pad, try always infinity, they're as thin as pantiliners!!!
Abby M
i have a yeast infection for 3 days now- took a diflucan & didnt help & i will b on my last night terconazole?
IT subsides during the day but acts up at night in the morning. I have been bathing in salt water and that seems to help. I have no fould odor what so ever and my discharge was that of a yeast infection but is gone. The itching is still there. How long does it take and should it have subsided by now?
Jo Jo
Can Zonegran cause Vaginal Bacterial Infections?
Taking for Epilepsy but keep getting Bacterial Infections that won't clear up. Are they related in ne way?
  This is what I found on the web. I hope this helps you.. It doesn't say anything about Vaginal Bacteria.. Are you sexually active?

Use of ZONEGRAN was frequently associated with central nervous system-related adverse events. The most significant of these can be classified into three general categories: 1) psychiatric symptoms, including depression and psychosis, 2) PSYCHOMOTOR SLOWING, DIFFICULTY WITH CONCENTRATION, AND SPEECH OR LANGUAGE PROBLEMS, IN PARTICULAR, WORD-FINDING DIFFICULTIES, and 3) somnolence or fatigue.
please Email me if you have questions!

I wanted to add something. i just read about a case where a young woman kept getting rashes, which turned into Vaginal Bacteria infects as a effect of this medication. Her dortor said it was an allergic reaction. she lived with it for over a year! It may be a good ideal to contact your dr!
can metronidazole give me a yeast infection? my doctor prescribed me metronidazole and now im paranoid that its giving me a yeast infection. if so what do i do because i have 4 more days left on this medication.
  Yes. all antibiotics can cause a yeast infection. Yeast is normally present in the vagina of a healthy woman relative to the quantity of normal bacteria. When antibiotics disrupt the flora and kill the normal bacteria, it disproportionally offsets the amount of yeast: causing a yeast infection.
Can Mupirocin be used for a yeast infection?
When i was pregnant a few years ago I would get a small rash in the crease of my thigh and my privates that had and a odor and had moisture to it. I know that sounds really disgusting lol. My doc told me it was a yeast infection, I have the same symptoms and I have a tube of Mupirocin, can this be used for that? Thanks for any help, and anyone planning on leaving any rude answers or comments can move on to the next question. Thanks
Jessica C
  Yes, Mupirocin can be used to treat a yeast infection. When I got a yeast infection last year my OBGYN prescribed Mupirocin Ointment 2%. You have to apply it like 3 times a day for 10 days. It will also help if you eat Yogurt that has active cultures in it, like Yo-plait.
Is it okay to take monistat during your period?
I have a yeast infection and I am planning to see a doctor soon but in the meantime I've been taking monistat 7. I just got my period andwant to know if it is still okay to take. Also I'm feeling more burning and itching after using it is this normal?
If anyone has any other tips on getting rid of a yeast infection please let me know!
  Yes, it is fine to use monistat while on your period, just make sure to only use pads and not tampons, as they will remove the medicine.
Vicky D
my clit treating my yeast infection will it go away?
so i was checking if i was back to normal and decided to touch my clit and it kinda hurts not as much as before i am currently on my 5th day of using terazol 7 will the pain go away? or does this usually happens when you have yeast infection?
  I have had yeast infections and they have NOT been "painful", only uncomfortable and itchy.
I would say if you are hurting, especially this many days, you really need to seek medical attention. Make an appointment with your doctor. It might be another medical condition that needs treated a different way.
GOOD LUCK Sweetie!
Can I consume alcoholic beverages while using Monistat 3?
I have a yeast infection and I'm using Monistat 3. I'm wanting to drink (vodka, nothing made from yeast).
Good idea/bad idea?
What will happen (if anything) if I drink?
  I would recommend staying off all alcohol until your yeast infection is completely cleared up.

What is a good idea to drink though is water and cranberry juice.
Paramedic Girl
NuvaRing ?
I just started NuvaRing three weeks ago. I recently started having a buring sensation during sex (we always use lube so it wasn't dry) and then today I noticed my discharge has turned very thick and yellow. Is this a side effect or do you think it could be a yeast infection? I've never had a yeast infection before, can the doctors test for it?
  Most likely, it is both a side effect and a yeast infection. Symptoms of a yeast infection include burning or itching and thick, clumpy white-yellow discharge. These are actually quite common with the Nuva Ring, if you have many more in the next few months then they will probably switch you to a different method. The doctor will be able to identify it right away, and you should definitely see a doctor if you have never had a yeast infection before to make sure that's actually what it is. The NuvaRing can cause an increase in discharge for some women. When I used it, I noticed it to a degree but it was thinner and clearish-white and never burned. So I would reccomend getting it checked. Remember to have your partner treated for the yeast infection as well, because otherwise he will keep giving it to you. If you do have a yeast infection, an over the counter anti-fungal cream should be rubbed on the tip of his penis for several days. Don't have sex while either of you is being treated. Good luck, hope everything works out :)
Natural or OTC remedies for yeast infection?
can't see my regular doctor right now because i'm away from home are there any good remedies, natural, otc, whatever, to treat or deter the onset of a yeast infection?
  Yes! There is! And it is the only thing that works permanently instead of - like medicine - working for a few weeks and making it worse the next time.

It's Grapefruit Seed Extract which you can buy in health food stores everywhere. The cure is over 7 weeks and was developed by a French endocrinologist (a doctor specialized in the gland system). She had recurrent yeast infections and was fed up with what her colleagues prescribed for her and which either didn't work or had only had a temporary effect.

The description of the cure is a bit long and rather detailed. If you are interested contact me by email and I'll send it to you.

Wishing you all the best!
Lisa J
Lisa J
Can I get a yeast infection if I drink milk and then take a solodyn pill?
I'm eating frosted flakes with milk, I have to take solodyn pills for my face, will I get a yeast infection if I take one after I eat?
Sarah Elizabeth
I always see a Fog around light?
For a while now, I've noticed that in most cases when I see light, there is fog around it. It can be very annoying, and
I live in Hawaii, and I know the occurrence of an actual fog is very rare.
I've recently been having chronic eye infections (which I have been prescribed with Zylet), and visually my eyes are weak with one slightly stronger than the other, and have been very sensitive since the infections started.
Should the fog be something to worry about?
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  You should have it checked out immediately. It is the symptom of a few things. Only a Dr should diagnose this.
where can I find out about urinary tract infections?
I work for an elderly woman and she asked me about how or why do women get urinary tract infections. I told her I'd look it up on the internet and give her an answer.
  tract infections are tricky. it is very common for women to get this kind of infection. many people think the only way to get this infection is byhaving sex. this isn't completely true. tract infections are caused by bacteria getting into the urethra. this kind of bacteria usally comes from the anious. so an infection can be brought on by having sex and not washing yourself right after, some soaps, not cleaning the right way after using the bathroom, not changing your underwear everyday. when a woman getts this infection it doesn't just mean theres bacteria in the urethra. . it also means it could be in the bladder, uritoures, and or the kidneys. seeing how all these organs are vital to the urinary system. i've heard that the reason way women get this infection is because the urrthre is only 3 inches long. men are less likely to get this infection beacause their urethra is 6 inches long and they dont have to wipe the clean themselves. therefore they are not introducing any bacteria to their systems.

the way to per vent the infections are...
- drink plenty of water
-drink crane berry juice
- empty your bladder each time you use the bathroom
- and to cut out too much sugar(bacteria feeds of sugar)
-whipping from front to back
-and clean under wear

Im not a doctor , but if someone does get a tract infection it is very important to see a doctor. the infection can become severe. the infection can back up into the kidneys which will be a lot worse. so you must see a doctor to get antibiotics ASAP.

i hope what i had to say helped a little :)

oh and sorry about the spelling it's 2:30 in the morning so my spelling is a bit shotty.
Where can I find the lovastatin quantities in the various red rice yeast products available?
Red rice yeast is still available, but it's effectiveness in lowering cholesterol depends on the amount of lovastatin contained. I've been frustrated in trying to figure out which products have the most lovastatin and how much each product contains. Anyone know where I can get this info without paying for it.

  Have you got high cholesterol?

If so go onto a low fat diet. It is safest and can't kill you like statins may do, they kill off the michochondia and so the cells die.

The liver makes all the cholesterol you need anyway.

prescribed antibiotic & OTC yeast infection cream at the same time??
azithromycin 5 day pack aka z-pac
tioconazole 6.5 % 1 day treatment aka monistat-1

I just stared the z-pac treatment today, took the first 2 pills about 1/2 hour ago. Can I take the monistat too or should I wait & see if the z-pac treats both the chest/sinus infection & the yeast infection?
  I would wait a few days before treating the yeast infection, the antibiotic may cause it to get worse. antibiotics such as azithromycin are broad spectrum and kill all bacteria in the body including the good ones since enhances chance of yeast infection. If you already have one theres a good chance it will get worse. You could start on some of the oral OTC meds out there to control symptoms, AZO makes one. There are also probiotics that help to maintain balance in the body, acidophilus is a good one, you can buy it at any drug store.

hope this helps..!
Vaginal irritation on Vivelle Dot?
Has anyone experienced any vaginal irritation while using the Vivelle Dot? This is maddening.
I've been tested for yeast twice with this and it isn't a yeast infection. The gyno has no idea what it is.
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  The Dot IS a hormone supplement, so anytime you introduce or alter hormonal levels in your body, it is entirely possible to throw off the bacterial levels that control yeast...which is what I suspect you're suffering from.

Talk to your doctor and make sure you're's probably a simple matter of taking acidophilus and getting an Rx for Diflucan to treat the yeast...but make sure it's yeast first.
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Is it ok to take Keflex for infections that are spreading across my face?
I have had flu like symptoms for the past couple of days and it has cause any sore or zit or anything like that to become infected. Some of these infections are like beneath the skin on my face and have caused a lot of swelling. I have some Keflex that is about 2 months old. Would this help kill the infection?
  check with a doctor or pharmacist.
maybe it's something bad you're eating. it's a strange flu that's going around
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Medicines for Fungal infections....anybody?
Can anybody name ointments which contain "Clotrimazole" or "Terbinafine Hydrochloride" in India?Plz help.....
Or...can u tell me names of ointments to cure fungal infections?
  I can't name anything specific, but look at the active ingredients in creams, lotions, or powders used to treat athlete's foot (a type of fungal infection).
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If I suffer from one type of autoimmune disease, is it likely that I'll be susceptible to others?
I have autoimmune hepatitis and frequently have inner ear infections. They Stopped for the past 5 months.

I was on a very high dose of prednisolone (steroids) and azathioprine. This has now been reduced and the inner ear infections are reoccurring.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this?
(I'm asking for a referral from my doctors but I'm interested in other people's experiences.)
  Autoimmune diseases cluster that is if you have one there is an increased chance that you will develop another.
Monistat 3 Day combination pack versus Monistat 7 Day treatment? Which is more effective?
I'm almost 100% sure I have a yeast infection. I get them frequently. Every time I've gone in for my regular women's checkup, I wind up testing positive for a yeast infection and so my obgyn prescribes me medicine to get rid of it, but I haven't been able to go to my regular checkup lately because I no longer have any health insurance and just to go in and see my doctor would cost me $50 outta pocket which i can't really afford right now. So since I'm almost 100% sure that what I have is a yeast infection, I want to try treating this myself this time and I'm going to be buying some Monistat but I don't know which kind to go with. I'd like to get rid of this dang infection before the weekend so I think the 3 day would be my best choice, but is the 3 day treatment as effective as the 7 day treatment? If it's not, I'll just go ahead and get the 7 day treatment because I don't want to wind up wasting my money or any more time on something that doesn't work.
  the 3 day, and even 1 day are just as effective as the 7 day. i don't know why anyone would ever do the 7 day anymore. i usually use the 1 day treatment and it goes away completely in about 3 days.
Anyone alergic to diflucan and have persistent recurring resistant yeast infections and oral thrush?
Helppppppp pleaseeeee........ Have an allergy to diflucan, face breaks out in a rash and throat swells. I'm on steroids for adrenal insufficiency and inhaled steroids for asthma. On top of the basically normal monthly yeast infection (no rude comments) I've had oral thrush for months and months. Nystatin helped but didn't get rid of it Amo B mouth washes (custom made) didn't help... Finally doctors argued with me it wasn't a fungal infection. Well i begged a doctor to culture it after months of it and well it is a fungus.. Now trying mycelex (sorry can't spell) i've used them before, and had no reaction, but up till december i had no reaction to diflucan. I know there is a chance of an allergy but don't know what else to do. Yogurt, probiotics make my stomach hurt like no tomorrow, garlic doesn't help. regular mouth washes, peroxide diluted mouth washes do nothing, cleaning tounge leaves it too painful to even talk or eat. I'm soooooooooooo in dire need of help doctors are even clueles
Thanks to any helpful advice... anyone out there allergic to diflucan, severe actual allergies not just bad reactions.... It's a rare allergy, but i am the unusal case in almost everything. i'm also alergic to codiene, loratab (vicodin), amoxicillin, spivara (all sent me to ER)..
  i was getting monthly yeast infections and was tired of getting over the counter medicine because they stopped working.

I started douching with two little caps of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of water for like five days, yeast infection is gone. Make sure the hydrogen peroxide only has distilled water and peroxide no other ingredients. a bottle of hydrogen peroxide should not cost more than a dollar.

Ohh and I had a pap soon after and got a test for yeast infection and it came out clear. my ph balance was excellent too.

it seems that your immune system might be low, try to take some vitamin supplements and keep eating yogurt even if your stomach hurts, what do you prefer white toungue or stomach pain?
Help!!! yeast infection and problems with vagistat!!!?
i had a yeast infection so i bought Vagistat-1. i used monistat before and had no problems, so i figured the same would go for the vagistat. i read the directions thoroughly and did everything correctly. however the medicinedidnt drain out overnight n just started to thismorning. its still coming out but in very small amounts and my inner lips are so swollen that i cant even walk right of wear underwear without discomfort. will this go away? or am i allergic? plz help!
Lindsay L
  If your infection persist after all otc meds have been tried, you need to see a doctor. The human body still has many mysteries to it. I would definitely not play with things that happen concerning my reproductive organs. Left you a link to check out, it might help. For the time being, I wouldn't take a bath because the hot water can be like a catalyst to whatever infection you might have.
Can the antibiotic Doryx (Doxycycline Hyclate) cure a yeast infection?
I am fully aware it is described to treat mild to severe acne, so please let me know your thoughts.

I have a yeast infection & I want to take oral medication instead of vaginal medicine/suppositories.

I have the aforementioned antibiotics in my medicine cabinet & I was just wondering, is it okay to take this medication for this type of infection?

Thank You Kindly.
  antibiotics CAUSE yeast infections. NO the doxycycline will only make your yeast infection worse. antibiotics frequently cause yeast infections because in addition to killing the bacteria that is making you ill, it also kills your normal bacteria that keep the yeast under control in your vagina. Yeast is a fungus, not a bacteria, and it normally exists in the vagina without trouble, but an imbalance that kills off the normal bacteria that also exists in there, allows the yeast to over grow.
Sorry, but you have to treat yeast with an antifungal, not an antibiotic.
Yeast infection or something more serious?
This all started 1 month ago, My periods were late and I started worrying... On the day my frequent urination started I had this weird light pink creamy like discharge... and it kept going, I was tested for UTI and ghonorreah and chlamedia they all came back negative, I then went to the doctor and he said U ahve a bladder infection for which he game me antibiotics... During all of this I kept urinating and urinating non stop...a week later I went to another doctor and she did some swabs and it came back positive for candida that time I got my periods, I went back to the doctor she said to treat the Yeast infection with over the counter stuff, I did use monistat 3 days and on the day after the 3rd day it felt like my infection started this point I had this weird mucous stringy discharge, she game me diflucan but nothing and I am presently on a 7 days terazol cream...Now my bladder seems to hurt same as my ovaries and the constant urination is still there.
I really don't know what to do.. is this still a serious yeast infection or should I consult a gyne???? Can a yeast infection cause frequent urination??!!! Or my bladder and the weird discharge are 2 separte things?? Help anyone?
Katia C
  I know EXACTLY how u feel, and believe me when I tell u, u r not alone. There's a lot of people I've saved on here as contacts that r going thru the same thing! Sit back because this is going to be long, but I know you're looking for help so hopefully u would not mind. The problem is, these doctors don't know what's going on with people 2day wih all these sicknesses going on and our men coming back from Iraq with all kinds of stuff. I had been suffering from bv and yeast infections and none of the medicines that the nurse was giving me weren't working. They worked while I was using them, but the second I stopped, it came right back. I had a real strong urge to urinate every 20 minutes and nuthing hardly came out, and like u, they tested me for UTI, chlamydia and ghonorreah and they all came back negative. I was in and out of the ER and I kept getting the same results. My fiance tried to support me and make me feel as positive as possible but he just had no clue how that mess affects your life and how you perform during the day. Finally, when the bv left, that's when I had problems with the frequent yeast infections. My own gynochologist couldn't even help me out when I went home from school to see her. Finally, I got tired of going to the doctor and just took it upon myself to do what I felt I needed to do, including going to the store and getting monistat. Only I had got the 7day kind. And I guess the difference was it worked for me, better than anything they tried to cure me with. The frequency was there for a while but it finally left. But all I can tell u that a lot of this stuff comes from stress. I got so tired I changed my diet. I'm a really small person but it didn't make a difference. I started eating yogurt at least 4 times a week, took pop out PERIOD (I'll drink it every blue moon but not as much as I used to. Haven't had it in like over a month now) I stick to water, cranberry juice, or vitamin water. Maybe gaterade every now and then. But mostly water and cranberry juice. When I get an urge for candy (which I still eat but not as much) I sub it for fruit. It veggies every once in a while and take your vitamins (flinstones vitamins work just as well for adults as they do kids.) And although I didn't want to do it, they say when u take a shower (no baths) clean down there with just plan water and make sure everything is off the vulva area. I have a seperate towel I use to wash down there and I clean gently with warm water in the vulva area and around the labia area. And when I get out the shower, I pat dry with tissue and dry with a blow dryer on low EVERY TIME. Sometimes our towels can carry bacteria from the dirt it picks up from the rest of our bodies which is why I pat dry with the tissue. That's just me of course. And also I use Rephresh. I went back to my nurse because my frequency had come back after a month, but for the first time everything was fine. The Rephresh does make it look like u have a yeast infection for a minute but it's not an infection it's just the product. It works for a lot of people but some don't have good results from it. My nurse told me everything was normal but my ph balance was low. So i do stick to my habits, and make sure I use Rephresh twice before my cycle comes, and twice after it's over, because that's when your ph balance is at it's lowest when it comes to menstrual. Also, I have to take Yasmin to keep my cycles regular and also to help my acne. My cycles r the exact same way. Most of the time it comes from a lot of stress, and if not stress, if you're a really small person like I am, it happens a lot. Try these habits and see how they work out. So far I've been infection free for a little over a month now, and hopefully I won't be having these problems anymore. Six months was more than enough for me. And if u use tampons, cut them out if you're having infections. They make the infection worse. for the first time in a long time I'm about to go back to them but I'm going to try Kotex instead of Tampax because of how the Kotex pads made me feel comfortable during my infections. That's all the advice I can give u from my six months of struggle. But try what I tried. It may take a while to see results but u should see something if u continue to stick with the habits.
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yeast infection and gynazole 1?
I've had this yeast infection for six months. Back in Nov., I took over the counter monistat and that greatly reduced the intense itching and such and such. I still had symptoms but I eventually saw the doctor in April and took the gynazole medication prescribed last Mon. (April 28th). I still have syptoms. Should I take another dosage of the gyzanole? The doctor said it should work, but I still have different discharge. What should I do?
  Because you are having a different discharge this discharge could be as a result of bacterial vaginosis (an example only). I would recommend going back to your doctor to have her examine this discharge again before trying the other dose of gynazole to see what she think could be going on.

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