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How long does it take for Metronidazole and Clarithromycin to take effect?
I have H.Pylori (Helicobactor Pylori) which is a bacterial infection on my stomach. Started taking the medicine 40 hours ago, still feeling ill. When will they kick in and start making me feel better?

Nowdays it is normal to be prescribed a triple combination therapy for H. pylori infection which usually consists of metronidazole (500 mg b.d.), omeprazole (20 mg b.d.), and clarithromycin (250 mg b.d.) for 2 weeks, followed by ranitidine 300 mg daily for 4 weeks. Because different people have a different reaction time to medications, there is no actual “set” time for the treatment to have an effective result. It would be normal to expect some relief after a few days and total relief during the two week regimen. The follow up treatment usually effects a cure. There are occasions when resistance to one or more of the prescribed drugs necessitates a change of prescription.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Hope this helps
matador 89

How long does it take for Metronidazole and Clarithromycin to take effect?
I have H.Pylori (Helicobactor Pylori) which is a bacterial infection on my stomach. Started taking the medicine 40 hours ago, still feeling ill. When will they kick in and start making me feel better?
Nowdays it is normal to be prescribed a triple combination therapy for H. pylori infection which usually consists of metronidazole (500 mg b.d.), omeprazole (20 mg b.d.), and clarithromycin (250 mg b.d.) for 2 weeks, followed by ranitidine 300 mg daily for 4 weeks. Because different people have a different reaction time to medications, there is no actual “set” time for the treatment to have an effective result. It would be normal to expect some relief after a few days and total relief during the two week regimen. The follow up treatment usually effects a cure. There are occasions when resistance to one or more of the prescribed drugs necessitates a change of prescription.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Hope this helps
matador 89
matador 89
Is there natural ways to deal with ventolin overdose?
I personally feel I am in the begining stages of ventolin overdoese. Is there anyway to stop it now, or chek if it really is?
  Overdose symptoms may include nervousness, headache, tremor, dry mouth, chest pain or heavy feeling, rapid or uneven heart rate, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, dizziness, seizure (convulsions), feeling light-headed or fainting.

Stole that from some website... I'd probably call a doctor.
H.Pylori and Acne? Am I done with both?
I've been suffering from mild but very annoying acne for a few years in my twenties. I was diagnosed with H.Pylori bacteria and prescribed Pylera (harsh antibiotics) for treating it. I know doctors link H.Pylori with acne rosacea. In a couple weeks after I finished the course of Pylera I noticed my faced cleared, I still have minor imperfections and lots of red spots on my cheeks, but miraculously all the cysts disappeared, my face is smooth and I don't see anything significant coming out. I thought maybe my acne is gone forever? How I would be happy!!!
it's been only three weeks, and I stopped using my topical acne medications about 4 weeks ago.
I spoke to my dermatologist. he was very upset that I stopped his treatment, but it only made my face dry and red (retin-a, rosac, brevoxyl, peroxide...). I asked him maybe since my H.Pylori problem is solved, I am done with my acne too. he said - "no way, keep using drugs I prescribe"... he said it's a temporary effect from taking antibiotics. is he right?
I was so happy to notice difference, and now he is assuring me it will come back...
What do you think, people?
  Hi Ellen. Clearly (no pun intended) the treatment for H. pylori has had an impact on the health of your gut, and therefore, on the health of your skin. I hope the benefit lasts.

Also, clearly, you need to find a more intellectually open-minded dermatologist. The current one is using dangerous drugs to try to mask your "symptoms" of acne and not working with you to find and fix the underlying CAUSE.

Best wishes and good luck.
Doctor J
i was just prescribed with a ventolin hfa because i recently got shortness of breath?
i was wondering my doctor prescribed me to take 2 inhalation every 4-6 hour should i follow her regime? or should i only use it when i cant really breathe good? she prescribed it to me with out doing any other test she just listen to my heart and my back in 3 different area front and back and just prescribed it to me, im just scared because im new to this inhaler thing and i only used it for 2 days so far and im feeling a lot better now i can stay longer with out using it. when i drank a pretty good amount of alcohol yesterday night i was able to breathe fine with no shortness of breath maybe its due to stress or anxiety that why i get shortness of breath?
How did your H. Pylori treatment go?
My husband was diagnosed with H. Pylori bacteria. His Dr. prescribed antibiotics. I think he will be getting Helidac theropy a combibation of bismuth (pepto-bismol), metronidazole (Flagyl) and tetracycline. His Dr. said this treatment can make you really sick and some people do not finish the whole round of antibiotics. What was your experience with treatment?
Lisa B
  well, i had it about 5 years ago. they had me on a set of 3 medicines and told me that it would be gone in 2 weeks. after 2 weeks - still there. so put me on for another 2 weeks - still there. so they switched to a different set of 3 meds, one of which was Flagyl. turned out i was allergic to Flagyl (not allergic to anything else in the entire world, even poison ivy, but i'm allergic to this?!). it made me look like i was sunburned (i just turned a really deep shade of red all over). so they switched me to a different set of 3 meds and kept me on that for a month.

they finally said it was gone after 2 months of different meds. i don't remember the medicine giving me problems (except Flagyl, and that was more humorous than problematic), but 5 years later I still have to be really careful what I eat. I can't eat any really high fat foods without my stomach going crazy, which it's only been doing since I got H.Pylori in the first place.

that probably doesn't help at all. i think each case is different. they still don't know all that much about H.Pylori except that it leads to ulcers if left untreated and that some meds are effective for some ppl, and different meds are effective for others.
What does lactulose syrup taste like?
I have to drink this soon for an IBS breath test and I like to be prepared. Also, how much do I have to drink?
Is this the same stuff you drink for a gestational diabetes test?
do you know me?
  Lactulose is a laxative. It is not the most pleasant tasting, but is better than Go 'Lytely or Fleet.
da d
allergy sinus or asthma?
for quite some time ive been batteling sinus problems, coughing, etc.
had sinus surgery two years ago for deveated septum.... then over past year have had horrible cough.... drainage.... loss of voice... been seeing ENT, respitory doctor, and still trying to figure out the problem.
It doesn't seem so heady...meaning nose running, headache ect. its more like upper chest lower throat, a lot of constant coughing... and a wheezing sound in my vocals when i breath in and out.. tightness of the chest and shortness of breath.
i did every over the counter, cough medicine, and z packs....
now im gona do asthma test and allergy test...
does it sound to you like it could be allergy or asthma? and what are the treatments involved....
Boo Boo
  Sounds like you have uncontrolled allergies that can possibly be causing some asthma. You are headed down the right path in consulting with either an allergist or immunologist. These professionals can perform simple skin or blood tests to determine if your symptoms are being caused by allergy, and if so to which allergens you are reacting. Based on the results, they will give you a 3 pronged course of action. First will be allergy control/avoidance, second will be immunotherapy (not done if food allergy is the cause), third will be medication. If you are experiencing asthma they will prescribe medications that will decrease the inflammation in your airways so that you can breathe easier. For example, I am allergic to dust mites, if I am not controlling my allergies I am terribly ill. But, I follow the allergy control procedures for dust mite control (basically setting up a dust free bedroom with some bedding and washing in de-mite) and I rarely need medication.
Just for grins, I will give you a link about those nasty little microscopic creatures and a link to how to set up a dust mite allergy free bedroom so that you can see how simple it was for me to do and get well.
Good luck!
Queen of the Dust Mites
Pylera, Omeprazole, H Pylori, Gastritis, GERD, Acid Reflux? Done with meds, still not feeling well.?
At first I had a mild stomach pain. Turned out I have H Pylori+Gastritis+GERD! The Dr prescribed me antibiotics but it didn't kill H Pylori. So Dr prescribed me Pylera. It had horrible side-effects. But I took it all for 10 days with Omeprazole and I am still taking Omeprazole (40mg/day). I still feel bad. Acid reflux bothers my throat and esophagus so much and I always feel nauseas, tired, dizzy, depressed... I didn't have these problems before taking the medications. Maybe I shouldn't have trusted the doctors and shouldn't have taken the meds. I think I have destroyed my healthy body with harsh medications. I feel so bad.....Did any body have the same experience?
i was just prescribed with a ventolin HFA inhaler does that mean i have asthma?
i got prescribed becuase i came in and said i have some shortness of breath and i cant breathe correctly and i cant sleep or eat maybe its due to stress and anxiety?
i got prescribed becuase i came in and said i have some shortness of breath and i cant breathe correctly and i cant sleep or eat maybe its due to stress and anxiety? i just recently got this and maybe im thinking about it to much this sucksss
no she did not my doctor did not do any lung test on me... only checked 3 area in front and 3 area in the back with her scope thingy or w.e that she use to hear but when i use the ventolin hfa inhaler i do feel a little better and breathe easier i just woke up and i havent used my ventolin hfa inhaler but i have shortness of breath im always trying to not use alot of the inhaler becuase i dont wanna be dependent on it
  well the doctor should have tested your tidal volume etc... (basically where you breath in to a tube) it will show how poweful your lungs are and all that... then decided whether you need an inhaler...did he d that?
What would be the effect's of taking the following prescribed drugs together?
And What would they do in regards to any alcohol in my system?

Thiamine Hydrochloride(Tyvera)
Valium (Diazepam)
Would they increase the reading on the breath test
  Are you taking these with or without medical supervision? If you're self medicating, you may have a lot of different effects depending upon how much of each one you're taking, so it's hard to tell. It is not wise to take any medication and then drink alcohol, especially the Valium. You're safest and best advice would be to consult your personal physician for detailed information. It is not wise for anyone on this forum to advise you regarding prescription drugs without knowing your personal background/physical conditions/mental conditions for using them. Good Luck, and please let your doctor know you have more questions for him/her.
What could pain in my back from taking a deep breath mean?
I have been experiencing back pain (localized to the middle-to-upper right region of my back) all day, especially when I take a deep breath. I've also noticed I get the pain when I move my right arm in certain directions, as well as if I twist my back to the right or left. But the pain is the worst when I take a deep breath. Could this just be a muscle strain? I'm not sure if pain from a muscle strain can be felt from taking a deep breath. Any advice and/or information would be appreciated.

daniel b
  There is a chance that you subluxated (partially displaced) a rib. This usually happens in the back from a traumatic incident, and can cause restricted and painful breathing. You also might have strained or bruised an intercostal muscle, located between the ribs. Either one would cause the symptoms you're describing.

A chiropractor might help, as well as alternating heat and ice on the area. Start with 10 minutes of heat, end with 10 minutes of ice.

Gentle deep breathing exercises can help a displaced rib readjust. Follow the procedure in the link below, except only breathe in to the point where you experience NO pain. You will find that you can breathe in deeper the more you do it.

Does an hiv test cover all kind of sexually transmitted diseases?
i've had an hiv test done last year, the result is negative/non-reactive. i'm paranoid since i'm sexually active again. i want to the test again. if i'll go to the doctor where i did the test before, will i only do the hiv test? i want to check all possible test which is connected with sex. do i need to do another test for all sexually transmitted diseases? thanks.
Loloy G
  A HIV test only tests specifically for HIV antibodies. If you would like to check for other diseases, just let your health-care professional know and they will arrange for the other tests to be done.

btw, do remember that HIV has a 3-6 month window period where it can hide in your body and be undetectable to tests. Always remember to go back for a second test to confirm your status.
Pulmonary Function Test?
So I'm a little aggravated. I had a PFT done back in October and my doctor said it was normal and there were no issues. The first time I took it I failed it because the nurse was Hispanic and I didn't know what she was telling me, nor do I think she knew what she was telling me. So another nurse gave me the test and everything came out fine. At the bottom of my test under Physician review it states: NORMAL PULMONARY TEST.

So I only took this test for the military physical to prove to them I do not have asthma due to having been prescribed an inhaler for Bronchitis in 2006. So I get a copy of my medical records and on the record states. "alveoli. Patient has increase in diffusion capacity indicating possible early bronchospasms. FEV1 and FVC are decreased indication mild asthma. May benefit from anticholenergic and B agonist combination inhaler." He also put in there reason for visit, problems breathing sometimes.. Which is absolutely false. Why would I come in complaining about breathing when I'm trying to convey to the military I have no issues with my lungs! Also he put on there under the lungs category: "abnormal breath sounds/voice sounds with coarse breath sounds. Wheezing was heard fine expiratory wheezing. Rhonchi were heard." IDK wtf this guy is talking about. I even asked him after he checked and he said everything was fine and heard NO WHEEZING.. and all my other records under lungs section state no abnormalities.. And I was just in a few months prior to that and everything was fine under lungs..

Is this guy anti-military or something? Can these records legally be changed by him back or once they're written they can't be?

Here are my PFT results under the %Pred column:

FVC = 104
FEV1 = 87
FEV1/FVC = 82
FET -----
FEF25 - 75 = 54
PEFR = 95
PIFR = 105

vital capacity
VC = 104
IC = 90
ERV = 142

Lung volumes N2
TLC = 109
RV = 121
RV/TLC = 108
FRC = 131

DLCO = 145
DLCO/VA = 143
VA{BTPS} = 101
VI[BTPS] = 92

The only one that was low was the 54% and I did some research and it seems to be normal.. But then again I'm nop doctor.

Are there any indication of a bad PFT here? Or is the Doc crazy....

Is iron deficiency anemia can be treated just by taking iron supplements like ferrous sulfate?
At first, I felt pain on my stomach and suffer it for few days. I thought it's just an ordinary pain until i decided to see a doctor coz after few days i felt so much pain under my right ribs everytime i breath and when i lay down i can't breath. After the blood test we find out that i have anemia. My red blood cells are just 4.31 while the normal for a female is 4.5 - 5.1 and i also need more hemoglibon coz mine is just 8.7 while the normal for female is 12.3 - 14.3 and also hematocrit is 27.1 while the normal is 35.9 - 44.6. I did not go back to my doctor, instead i just take foods rich in iron and vitamins like ferrous sulfate.

  you can bring back ur haemoglobin reading to the noral rate by taking iron supplemen or food reach in iron..
but sometimes they just do not work..because ur baody might be lack in vitamin c which is very important in iron absorbtion.
so, uve to take this supplementray also....vitamin k will also help...its important to have ur doctor monitor ur recovery..:)
What can I expect with am AM Cortisol Test?
They want me to do an 8am cortisol test with where I live I don't drive so the soonest I can get there is about 9, will that hurt the test or test results? What kind of side effects can happen from the test or the IV cosyntropin and why 3 diff times it says O as cortisol and ACTH the 3O mins cortisol then 6O mins cortisol and last queston I am private pay how much am I looking at getting billed for this test if anyone else kows? thanks so much!
fur k
  Cortisol is a test that should be done on time. That being said, usually for an 8am draw, I try to arrive at 7:30 in order to be able to let them get prepared. If you arrive after 9, you risk waiting as well as the set up time, and it can impact the testing. The test range is technically 8am to 10am, but my doctors want an 8am draw or as close to it as possible.

The stim tests can make you feel cold, sometimes not well - so it is best to have someone drive you. Some people feel nothing, others feel a lot. Yes, they are going to test you for both hormones at intervals to see if your adrenals and/or your pituitary is functioning.

It is up to the lab to set the prices. I would ask them. The doctor's office or lab who is performing the stim test may also charge a price for the test.

You did not indicate if you are testing for Addison's or Cushing's (the test is the same) so I will give you links for both.
Jen S
Could I possibly have candida overgrowth, I am 27 and cant get diagnosis?
I have gone through numerous tests due to my abdominal pains, they radiate to my sides and rear ribs, the general mood that describes me is "very uncomfortable" as in my body always feels that way in the torso area. I never could imagine a pain lasting for so long, only letting up a a few hours a day (but not even all the way) or when sleeping. Thank god I have great insurance, I look very healthy from the outside, but on the inside the pain is constant in the background, when it flares up sometimes I feel like life is not worth living. Here are all the tests I have had:

ct scan when this all started in june- normal
Ct scan with contrast 3 months in - normal
Ct scan with contrast again 6 months later - normal
mri of abdomen/liver/pelvis with gado contrast 6 months into this- normal
abdominal ultrasound - normal
Hida scan with cck - 83% ejection fraction
rib xray - normal
small bowel follow through - normal (possible intestinal spasming seen)
hydrogen breath test - spiked twice at 2.5 and 3 hours (abnormal?)
cbc and various blood work - normal except elevated ferritin 386, elevated alt liver enzymes 141, elevated total and indirect bilirubin ~2.2 (they say I have gilbert's syndrome which causes elevated bilirubin?)
colonoscopy 3rd month - normal
endoscopy 3rd month - normal
mri of thoracic spine - normal
hepatitis panels - normal
tsh thyroid test - normal
vitamin b12 test - normal
celiac test - normal
camera endoscopy - normal
various stool tests - normal

The only relief I get is from using magnesium citrate (a laxative) and dulcolax (a stimulant laxative) Then after 24 hours of not eating, when I am completely empty I start to feel better.. but very fatigued because I am hungry. Could it be possible that candida overgrowth could be causing my symptoms? Has anyone that had candida overgrowth in their intestines and overcome it, and do my symptoms sound similar?

I am also constantly suffering from a whitish tongue and bad breath (the dentist says my mouth is fine though) I have been taking these peppermint oil pills lately and I notice 4 hours after taking them I can taste the peppermint in my mouth, like it is in my blood stream. Could this be that "leaky gut syndrome" that is caused by candida?

The only test I ever tested positive on was that hydrogen breath test that spiked twice at the end, for possibly bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. I did a round of rifaximin, but it was only minimally helpful. Most doctors say I don't have candida because my immune system is not compromised and I do not have aids. What do you think?

I have to disagree with the lovely Tink here.

I'll break my answer up into a few sections of you dont mind.

1.It seems like you have some good doctors( or insurance or however it works in USA )that are actually really trying to get to the bottom of your symptoms and im glad they havn't thrown you to the pit of the psychiatrist or tried to stick on the "easy" label of fibromyalgia.

2.Presuming that your tongue looks likes the first picture that i have linked below,then this is actually bacteria.
This is something that is confused by many people including some medical doctors to be Candida(thrush) and sometimes M.D's have mistakenly prescribed people with this Antifungals in the belief that it was candida only for the patient to find no change/relief in symptoms ultimately.
The second and third photos are what Candida really looks like(warning: photos not for the easily startled)

3.I would really doubt that you would have intestinal candida overgrowth but the leaky gut Tony mentioned,hmm maybe?........
but this is controversial disorder however and there are some other avenues i think would be worth exploring first if your doctors havn't already done so.
I do think its a good idea to avoid Gluten like mentioned though.

4.Peppermint oil pills can cause some people reflux.The way to avoid this is to take Enteric Coated Peppermint Pills so that the pills are kept intact until they reach the small intestine.
If you mean something different regarding your "peppermint taste in your mouth" sensation and not this what i described above,the could you please elaborate further?

5.Have your doctors absolutely confirmed that your elevated Bilrubin levels are caused by you having Gilberts Syndrome or is this just something that they are suspecting?

6.Maybe you have some IBS or other intestinal motility disorder or Small Bowel Overgrowth but i think theres probably a more ultimate cause that is causing those symptoms too & they are could possibly be a secondary result & not the primary disorder.

7.Did the ultrasound include all of liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas?Were you asked to eat something the night before but then nothing after?

8.Ask your doctors for these tests if they havn't already done them(some of these you have probably already had?)
Fecal fat test,serum lipase,fecal elastase,MRCP,AMA blood test(not ana,you possibly already had that before too?),HFE gene test
and to check regarding these:
More test for Gallstones-they sometimes dont show up on abdominal ultrasound.
Primary sclerosing cholangitis,Autoimmune pancreaitis,Chronic pancreatitis,Pancreatic cysts,Pancreatic pseudocysts,Sphincter of Oddi dysfuction,Acalculous Cholecystopathy(no stones,ultrasounds often normal) and Ascending Cholangitis.
Web MD says HIDA scan "does not work when the patient's serum bilirubin is greater than 15-20 mg%."

10.What are your stools(poo) like?What colour are they?Do they have fat in them?Do they float?Are they sticky looking like tar?is there any undigested food etc etc?

11.Were you taking any pharmaceuticals or herbs prior to this starting or traveled to somewhere like Asia?

In the meantime,avoid fatty foods and be careful with fiber as it actually makes some constipation worse.

Take Care
AntiMalignin Antibody Screen for early cancer detection?
Is this test a real test? If it is and it is as effective as they say it is, why are people not getting this test yearly like a mammogram, pap, or colon check?
What do you know about this test?

read the page and you may find what u need.
Does anyone know what this means? Doctors,pharmacist?
Drugs metabolized by cytochrome P450 (e.g., diazepam, warfarin, phenytoin, cyclosporine, disulfiram, benzodiazepines): Omeprazole can prolong their elimination. Monitor to determine need for possible dose adjustments when taken with Omeprazole (7) ??????????

Anyways I do have anxiety and am wondering if it would be okay to take a xanax. I usually take half of a peach one so I think the dosage is .25 or .2.5????
I have to take prilosec for H.Pylori. I am done with the antibiotic (thank goodness...I took my last antibiotic at 3p.m. today.) I have to take prilosec for 2 more weeks. I don't really want too..
I still feel like crap..not from the ulcer but it seems like from the meds. I still have a nasty taste in my mouth and my tummy is queasy. I haven't been sleeping either. So my body is stressed.

How long does the prilosec stay in your body? The clarithromycin(sp)?

Since I'm trying to eradicate H.pylori is there something else I could take instead of prilosec...something easier on the tummy? I hate taking drugs that seem by the side effects it could hurt you more than help you

Thanx for any advice
  Prilosec is not an anti boitic to fight your Hlecobacter Pylori, but the Clarithromycin is. Prilosec helps reduce the acid in your stomach, and with the reflux you seem to have - nasty taste in mouth and queasy stomach. You would most likely get more of that taste without the Prilosec. If it's alright for you to eat soda crackers (Saltine cracker), eat that instead of peach. Stay with your medicine, otherwise, tell your doctor about it so, he could give you a different way of dealing with your problem - if it's available. If you are allowed, you can take some Gaviscone (a stronger form of TUMS), to help with your acid in your stomach.
What does a urinalysis and blood test usually test for?
I had a urinalysis and blood test the other day and they came back normal. I could have sworn I had a kidney infection or UTI. Do they test the samples based on what they are looking for or is there a basic test that screens for many things? Would they be able to tell if I was diabetic?
  Hello. I am a pharmacist and hope I can help. Urine analysis usually tests for bacteria, pus, glucose, and proteins in the urine. Bacteria presence and pus indicates infection. Glucose indicates diabetes. And proteins indicate kidney damage. Blood tests are the accurate tests used to determine if you are diabetic or not. Usually your doctor will order UA (Urine Analysis) which is a general test testing for what I mentioned above and CBC(Complete Blood Count) and blood sugar. These are the general tests usually ordered. If you had an infection it should have shown in the urine analysis. It could have been kidney stones which needs more testing and may include an ultra sound and that could be mistaken for infections. Stones cause pain too when they pass through the urine. Hope your questions are answered!
Any information on H pylori, I'm half way of Helidac treatment, do I have good prognosis?
  You can also drink a lil bit of olive oil a day. this will help with the condition. Just take the prevpack that the doctor prescribed and you should be ok. Prevacid and an antibiotic, i forget the name of it though
Can anyone tell me about what to expect when I go to do my heart stress test and if there are any side effects?
I went to see a cardiologist to do an EKG that my primary doctor sent me to, afterwards he told me he was the doctor who gave me a heart cather test when I complained about chest pain last year and he said that it only showed a abnormality in the test ,but not with me. After giving him my family history, well now he want to do a stress test with the administration of drug (dipyridamole). I am a little worried about this test . I did not have a heart attack or anything. Do anyone know the risk of taking this test?
Caffine intake while having a chemical cardiac stress test using Dipyridamole, Persantine?
I'm having this cardiac test. They say not to eat chocolate 24 hours before the test. But it will be about 19 hours before the test that I had equal to 1 chocolate bar.. This shouldn't really affect the test right? Am I close enough on the ballpark to let it "fly".
  let them know ahead of time.
ted j
Caffine intake while having a chemical cardiac stress test using Dipyridamole, Persantine?
I'm having this cardiac test. They say not to eat chocolate 24 hours before the test. But it will be about 19 hours before the test that I had equal to 1 chocolate bar.. This shouldn't really affect the test right? Am I close enough on the ballpark to let it "fly".

  let them know ahead of time.
ted j
Question about sleep apnea?
I went to the ER on Thursday after waking up with crushing chest pain and inability to move my left arm. Chest x-rays were taken along with an EKG, bloodwork and a stress test was performed. During my resting heart scan it was shown that I have a mild to moderate leak in one of my heart valves and I was asked three times if I had sleep apnea. The results of the stress test showed that my heart actually performs very well under stress but again I was asked if I have sleep apnea. How would I know this? I do not snore every night (only occasionally if I am exhausted) and I never wake up coughing or gasping for breath. I have had hypertension for the past 10 years and I am currently on Procardia XL for my hypertension. Any info would be appreciated.
  You need to be set up with a Sleep Study to be monitored over night for sleep apnea. Check with your Cardiologist and have him set it up. Sleep Apnea causes excessive strain on the heart due to lack of oxygen. From the symptoms you describe I would say that you do have it.
What are some ways to help me breath?
i have a cold and i can barley breath through my nose and i have advil congestion relief stuff and nasel spray but the nasal spray doesnt last long and idk if the advil is working any other ideas??
Hey There (:
If you have thyroid cancer will your TSH level in your blood test be off?
My throat has been hurting for a month and my voice is hoarse. Sometimes my throat hurts when I breath or feels dry. I don't have a cold or a runny nose or allergies or acid reflux. Is it possible to have thyroid cancer if your TSH levels are normal?
  Yes, you can have thyroid cancer and a normal TSH...I did. To tell you the truth, it really doesn't sound like you have thyroid cancer. Dry throat isn't really a symptom of thyroid cancer, pain is rarely. You could have a virus with your voice issue. I would suggest going to your doctor to make sure everything is okay.
I'm getting a HIDA Scan, what should I do?
at 15 a doctor diagnosed me with stomach erosion. i've been on Prevacid ever since. a few months ago another doctor told me to get a blood test, it came back positive for H. Pylori. I was on some meds that were too strong for me, so he changed them for Flagyl and Tetracycline. Went back to the doctor about four more times. Next up, he sends me for an ultrasound. results: my gallbladder was enlarged. He has scheduled me for a HIDA scan. I'm scared of needles, but I suppose I'll deal with that. I've been researching it and have read all the q's and a's on here. i suppose what i am looking for is a little peace of mind and some answers on what to expect from the HIDA scan. My main concern is where is the IV going to go!!! I'm not scared of the pain, i'm horrified of the needle!!

Does anyone have some advice on what to expect? Has anyone else had these similar symptoms and such?
  they will put a small iv catheter in your arm it is not as bad as a blood test. Then all they will do is take pictures with the nuclear medicine machine. I doesnt hurt and takes about 30 minutes. The hida test shows gall bladder function. Dont worry you will be fine it is not bad at all. I am sure the people giving the test will be very nice. Good luck
A 64 year old COPD patient has a complaint of increasing shortness of breath and productive cough of thick,...?
A 64 year old COPD patient has a complaint of increasing shortness of breath and productive cough of thick, yellow secretions. His respiratory rate is 22 and HR is 135. He has decreased breath sounds with expiratory wheezing. Which of the following medications would you recommend to alleviate the dyspnea/wheezing?
A) Vanceril MDI (Beclomethasone)
B) Amoxicillin (Agmentin)
C) Atrovent (ipratroprium bromide)
D) Intal (cromolyn sodium)
  C. along with Albuterol. Steroids, A & D do nothing when inhaled in an acute onset like this. This patient needs IV Solumedrol. Amoxicillin has no immediate effect either though we used to give aerosolized antibiotics but there were just too many localized reactions so it generally went out of use except in severe cases.
God bless.
Why shortness of breath while taking "Flecainide Acetate" for an irregular heartbeat?
I have had an irregular heartbeat for a few years now and have never been held back by it as far as physical activity goes. I was told that it is not normal but nothing to worry about and i can take this medication Flecainide Acetate which should make the irregular beats happen less. I have before even taking this medication been short of breath and told the doctor that however after taking this medication for about 2 months now i noticed while im playing basketball or football i am feeling twice as short of breath as i was before i started taking this medication. I also was reading that it could make your urine's alkaline level raise. My urine i have noticed is really smelly and is bright yellow and im usually pretty hydrated so im confused.
Is this shortness of breath common with this drug should i be worried about dying while playing basketball or football?
Call your doctor right away if you notice any of these side effects:

Irregular heartbeat
Chest pain
Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
Fever or chills
Skin rash, severe itching or hives
Yellowing of skin or eyes If you notice these less serious side effects, talk with your doctor:
Dizziness or lightheadedness
Nausea or vomiting
Diarrhea or constipation
Stomach cramps or loss of appetite
Trembling or shaking
Tiredness or weakness
Vision changes such as trouble focusing or seeing spots
Take care always
What is the difference between hepatitis c and hepatitis b?
What is the difference between hepatitis c and hepatitis b? And also can it be possible to have a false positive on a Hepatitis B test? My friend tested negative 4 months ago for it, but now she got a test again and it came back positive this time, but nothing has changed in her life. Same sex partner, no cheating, no drug use or anything. So she went back today to get another re-test, thinking that the positive test was a mistake. We won't find out the answers for a few days though. But basically the reason why she gets tested so often for this type of stuff is because she is trying to get pregnant with invitro, and they must test for all of these diseases before they will inseminate you with the fertilized egg.
Anyway, if she does really have Hepatitis B, why isn't she sick? And will she eventually get sick? And also, how long does it take to show up on a blood test before you do test positive for Hepatitis B, I mean can she have caught it a year ago, but it just now showed up?
  The main difference is that they are caused by different viruses.
Quit Tricor. I experienced shortness of breath, cough, trouble breathing.Any idea how long before it improves?
Initially my lungs felt like they were on fire inside; since stopping Tricor, it has improved but still not 100%; still have shortness of breath; cough and some "heaviness" feeling in my chest. It's been 2 weeks and the improvements seem to have stopped.
  I have been on Tricor for 3 months and just within the last month have experienced trouble breathing. I go back to the doctor in a week to get my blood results. I am not going to take Tricor any more starting today. Have you seen the doctor and have your symptoms improved to 100% yet.
Which HIV/AIDS test is best?

Tested negative for PCR and Western Blot test, going to do another one. It's been well over 6 months, so plenty of time for antibodies to be here.

Which test of the two links are the best to get one final test result?
Guys I just want to know the best one in your opinion, I'm already getting a test just for my peace of mind.
Flu? swine flu...................?
Okay so for the past 3-4 weeks i've been feeling really crappy, headaches, fever that comes and goes, chills, body aches, tonsils hurt, nausea, coughing, diarrhea.. I also got a flu shot about 4 weeks ago (keep in mind, i'm used to getting flu shots yearly and have never felt this way) I went to my doc..did an HIV test..negative..and i also asked her to test me for swine flu..just to be safe..she told me no, i'm fine, i don't have swine flu..just an ear infection.>She prescribes me moxatag 775 mgs for the ear infection which didn't even work because I still feel the same way.. so i'm gonna go back to her tomorrow to ask her again if she could test me for swine flu.. I mean I've been to this woman almost 3-4 times within the past 3-4 weeks asking her the same question..can you test me for swine flu..just to be safe and she keeps saying that even legal? why is it that she'll test me for everything else except swine flu?? I even called my insurance just to find out if i'll be covered and they said yes,they couldn't even understand why she won't test me for swine flu? what am I to do? I really hate feeling this way and I shouldn't have to endure feeling this way every day esp when all i want is 1 simple test...
Friggy **RIP...miss you so much
  There are 303 million people in the United States, less than 25,000 cases of H1N1 (swine flu) have been diagnosed. it tells you how overhyped the media is. If you don't believe me, go to

I'm a nurse and i'll tell you, testing for the H1N1 is a blood test that is only 50% accurate and it takes a week to get the results, so most doctors prefer not to test you for it.

The only concern you need is if you stop breathing or can no longer get out of bed because you are so sick. the H1N1 flu is no different than the regular flu, just more harsh symptoms.

Take medicine, keep your fever reduced, drink plenty of fluids, and stay home while you're sick while getting plenty of rest is all you need to do.
Samantha J =)
How acurate is the blood test for herpes??
Someone very close to me test positive on a blood test for herpes. Because they never had an outbreak,the doctors are unsure whether t's type 1 or 2. I was wondering how accurate the blood tests are. If the virus is dormate, can a blood test determine whether or not you have it? I recently found out that they don't do blood work for herpes when you get checked for STD's, so II went to the doctors to have a blood test done. Thankfully It came bake negative, but does that matter? I mean is it possible for someone to test negative and be positive and vis versa? I also read that the chicken pocs are like some form of herpes, or something of that nature. What about psoriasis?? The person I know tested positive, but they also have psoriasis. Is it possible that they might not have herpes?
  It is possible to get a false negative or positive test result. The margin of error is 5-15%, more on the older tests that do not disitnguish between the two viruses. You can get both false positives and false negatives.

Yes, the test can show up that you have it when the virus is dormant, because it tests for your antibodies to the virus.

Psoriasis has no connection at all.

Chicken pox is part of the herpes family of viruses, in the same way apples and oranges are both fruit, but it would not show up on the test.
Over-the-counter treatment for Asthma?

I have asthma, and a problem--I've been weezing and short of breath since last night, and ran out of my albuterol. I'm currently in a different state than my doctor and can't refill my subscription.

Do any of you know of an over-the-counter treatment for Asthma that might help? It's not a full on attack, just shortness of breath and a little weezing...
  OTC asthma inhalers are either very short lasting (a few minutes) or too low a dose to be affective..

Those prescribed inhalers are better.. Go consult a GP and get a new prescription from him..
Can i put a piece of soboxone in my urine test with out the levels becoming way to high?
I have a test today at my soboxone clinic and need to test positive but i'm on the vivitrol shot and cant take it, or can i?? if anyone nos n e thing on the matter your help is So Appreciated, Thanks
  The urinalysis stuff does not test for the drug itself, but for metabolic by-products. If you put suboxone in there well... that's just not going to work. I tmight even show that you were tampering with the sample.
What gums and breath mints don't contain sorbitol or aspartame?
I was reading online that sorbitol is bad for your stomach and I know that aspartame is bad for your health as well. What kinds of gums and breath mints don't contain these two ingredients.
  I found Spry gum recently at my local health food store when looking for the same kinds of things -- it's 100% xylitol.

Do be forewarned that some of it's flavors (like cinnamon) are longer lasting than others though. The peppermint and spearmint don't keep their flavor very long, especially compared to what people are often used to. Still works as gum though.
I take 15 mg Adderall XR daily. If I were to take a drug test, would I test positive for amphetamines?
I do have a perscription and I don't have to take a drug test. I was just curious what would happen just in case I ever did have to take one. Thanks!
  I believe it's an amphetamine salt combo.
Tell the tester what 'prescription' meds you are on & don't sweat it.
Don't pee in a cup otherwise!
delta d
Question about having legit drugs in my system for a drug test?
I have legitimate prescriptions for both Primidone (a barbiturate) and Clonazepam (a benzodiazepine), and will be having a drug test tomorrow. I know that they test for both of these kinds of drugs and I would obviously test positive for both because i take primidone daily and clonazepam to control my semi-frequent anxiety attacks. I was wondering, should i tell the test administrator and do i need to bring some sort of proof that i have actual prescriptions for these medicines? Thank you. I don't want to show up at the test and have them think I'm some druggy lol.
I actually am a pharmacy technician and the manager at the front end of the store wants me to open the store on saturdays for her because i've been trained to work front-end as well. So obviously my pharmacist knows I'm on the meds but i'll bring copies of my scripts just in case. Thank you all!
  Prior to the test, you'll be asked to fill out a form listing all prescription and over-the-counter meds you're currently taking, For proof, if they ask.. they usually get a name/contact number for the Doc that prescribed the meds to you.. Usually there won't be a problem if you list the meds you're currently on and do have a prescription.... It's when they find a drug in your test results that you didn't list, that causes issues.
what is an anterior infarct?
I am a 51 year old female, with a history of heart problems that runs in the family. My parents passed
in 2008. And i have a brother 65 and another brother that is 62. Now i was sent for a routine ekg from
the family doctor, which came back abnormal, possible anterior infarct. I have atril fibulation, which
my late mother had.
Have read that an infarct is death of tissue, where once oxygen riched blood can flow freely. Possible that i had a silent heart attack, . I am on blood thinners Coumidin , and have been since
2007. My doctor changed my beta blocker from betapace to lopressor which i will start tomorrow.
Now coming up this week , is a nuclear stress test ,and an echo test.
Any one have any feedback on this. Also i have been waiting on a test, from the breathing dept
of our hospital. Its hard to take a breath in and i am not getting enough air ,out due to neuropathy.
Of which i have in my legs. from a trauma to my broken ankle from 25 yrs ago. My cardiac doc
agreed that this can happened, nothing has been confirmed on the breathing test, but i take 3
vaporizer treatments daily.
Does all this spell blockage, or cardiac cath, or that the fact that i am scared to death. I am about
290 pounds and have chol, issues.
the stress part of this study is bugging me cause i do not know what to expect and it only lasts
about a half and hour. information from youtube.
I will be having these test next monday and tuesday after the superbowl.
Please help, i am scared. is this ever just treated with medication.
if this is true and my doctor has said this was a silent heart attack, the word possible was used
what is the next course of treatment, i am coumadin, and the lopressor is working great.
Does this spell out a cardiac cath, or bypass surgery, no one here wants to tell me.
The tech at the doctors office said after the echo that what he could see looked good.
is this treated with medication, it scares me.
will adderall show up on a 10 panel drug test? also will it show up on a hair follicle test?
I'm 14 and my dad has recently started drug testing me monthly. he takes me this clinic and does not use a home test kit. so my question is will adderall show up on a 10 panel drug test or a hair follicle test i have heard that drugs will stay in your hair follicles for up to 90 days is this true? if so is there anyway to pass it?
Laurence Mcmanus
  Yes if they are testing for adderall it will show up. Yes it shows up in hair tests for a lot longer than 90 days. They can tell a lot from your hair sometimes even foods that you have eaten, certain vitamins and minerals can show in your hair everything shows in your hair.
will adderall show up on a 10 panel drug test? also will it show up on a hair follicle test?
I'm 14 and my dad has recently started drug testing me monthly. he takes me this clinic and does not use a home test kit. so my question is will adderall show up on a 10 panel drug test or a hair follicle test i have heard that drugs will stay in your hair follicles for up to 90 days is this true? if so is there anyway to pass it?

  Yes if they are testing for adderall it will show up. Yes it shows up in hair tests for a lot longer than 90 days. They can tell a lot from your hair sometimes even foods that you have eaten, certain vitamins and minerals can show in your hair everything shows in your hair.
would tylox and morphine come up the same on a pee test?
or would they show up seperately or how does that work?
what all do they test for in a pee test at the doctors
how do pee tests work?
  Yes...they are both opiates.

Usually they have you pee in a cup and then they dip a stick in it. The stick has different boxes on it that are sensitive to different types of drugs. example...opiates,benzos,methamph.,marijuana,etc. and if any of those are present in your urine the box will turn colors.....oh...and no...they would not show up separately it would just show up as positive for opiates or oxycodone.
Morphine is stronger than a tylox but it's still oxycodone and an opioid ....lets say you had a prescription for tylox and you ran out and someone gave you a few morphine pills to take until you could have yours filled again. The script you have for the tylox would cover the morphine because they are in the same family. (example) It would be like fruit for instance...if someone was testing you to see what fruit you ate yesterday the test stick boxes would say citrus or reg. Now we know there are a lot of fruits that are in the citrus family but they're all still citrus. The boxes on the test would not say oranges,lemons, limes, would just say citrus, reg, etc. I hope I didn't confuse

It really depends...The basic drug test used by most corporate drug testing programs is called a Five-Screen (or NIDA-5 or SAMHSA-5) which is testing for five types of drugs:

1.Cannabinoids (Marijuana, Hashish)
2.Cocaine (Cocaine, Crack, Benzoylecognine)
3.Opiates (Heroin, Opium, Codeine, Morphine)
4.Amphetamines (Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Speed)
5.Phencyclidine (PCP, Angel Dust)
However, many drug testing firms now offer a Ten-Screen which expands to include five additional drugs:

1.Barbituates (Phenobarbital, Secobarbitol, Pentobarbital, Butalbital, Amobarbital)
2.Methaqualone (Qualuudes)
3.Benzodiazepines (Tranquilizers-Diazepam, Valium, Librium, Ativan, Xanax, Clonopin, Serax, Halcion, Rohypnol)
5.Propoxyphene (Darvon compounds)
Can a drug test tell the difference between percocet and vicodin?
My friend is taking percocet for his back.He ran out of percocet and bought some vicodin from one of our friends.He took a vicodin before his appointment (and all day before) and they tested him.The test came back that he had NO percocet in his system.Do they really have a test to determine you have specifically percocet in his body??If they do...seems very expensive.I just thought they test for the general ones like:opiate,cocaine,thc,etc.
  The confirmation test (usually GC/MS, or LC/MS/MS) can tell the difference between chemically similar drugs.
LABs test 1) Initial Test (IMMUNOASSAY)
2)Confirmation test
Some labs do
3)Adulteration test (for cheating agents- bleach,Creatinine,Nitrite,etc )
The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) requires that companies test for five specific categories of drugs.
· Cocaine – Includes Cocaine, Crack and Benzoylecognine
· Cannabinoids – Includes Marijuana and Hash
· Amphetamines – Includes Speed, Methamphetamines and amphetamines
· Opiates – Includes Heroin, Opium, Codeine and Morphine
· Phencyclidine – PCP

Depending on what profession you are in or what business or governmental department you are required to take a drug test for, there may be expansion tests required. These test for additional drugs such as:

· Barbiturates
· Hydrocodone
· Mehqualone
· Benzodiazepines
· Methadone
· Propoxyphene
· Ethanol
· MDMA or Ecstasy

Drugs that can be tested for, but are not commonly tested for include:

· Tryptamines
· Phenethylamines
· Inhalants
Pamela R
does codeine sulfate and hydrocodone show up the same in a simple drug test?
my dr has been giving me codeine sulfate(schedule 2) and i run out and took some lortab i had left from the denist a while back and my dr give me a drug test today so im wondering if they will show up as just opoid because im sure its just a simple test not gcms or whatever that expebsive test is. thanks
  If it's just a screening test (most likely if the doctor does it in his office), then it should just show up as an opiate. However, if it's positive he may send the sample for what's referred to as confirmatory testing. This may determine which specific opiate was detected and at what concentration.
should a patient be injected with Regadenoson after 7 minutes on treadmill?
during a recent cardiolite stress test, I was on the treadmill for 7 minutes. Because I am on beta blockers my pulse only went from 50 to 70, I was experiencing chest discomfort when the operator injected me with lexiscan (Regadenoson).Is this proper use of this drug and protocol? I have heart disease and a depressed st segment.The results showed a worstened st depression and pvc's like crazy and shortness of breath. The angina went away after a nitro and a few minutes.Is this proper?
  Yes this is the standard protocol, because the Regadenoson has a very short half life. The test is usually terminated if the person complains of anginal like chest pain. If you were complaining of chest pain, then I am not sure exactly why the operator would not stop the test. The worsening ST depressions may represent an area of your heart not getting enough blood flow (ischemia.) The nuclear imagining will provide additional details.

  The medications for this can cause lots of stomach symptoms and may continue throughout the course of the medications. You can try taking them with food which may or may not decrease the symptoms. And, it is always possible the symptoms can start decreasing but they can also get worse and worse. If they get worse, you need to be talking about your doctor to find ways to finish the course of medications so that your condition can be properly treated.
On a complete drug test for a clinic, does Darvocet show up different than Lortab?
I just found out that the bottle of generic Tylenol that my grandmother gave me was actually Darvocet. I took a drug test for my pain clinic & they do a complete drug test. Im so scared that I will get kicked out of my clinic over this mistake. Also how long does something like xanax stay in your system? I took 1/2 half the day b4 the test due to panic attack but it was my sisters.
  Given otherwise normal organ function, the general rule is 5X half life to wash out. So, since Xanax has a half life of 10-12 hours, it would be easily detectable for over 2 days.
BTW, who told you you had panic attacks? It doesn't sound like you have gotten to step one yet. Sorry, but that is the way it is....
I have a really bad cold!! plz help?
ok for like a week now i have had a bad cold and now its really bothering me!! like every 20 seconds i feel like im gonna sneeze then i don't but my eyes get all watery! also i can barley breath out of my nose! i haven't been coughing as much but last week i was coughing ALOT! i am 12 and nothing is helping! i had a gymnastics competition today and i didn't do my best because it was hard to concentrate when i wasn't feeling well. i feel tired and like i can barely breath. i am 12 years old and have tried taking children's Motrin but it doesnt help!! any medicines i should try!! i REALLY dont feel well!!
  It will pass, warm water with honey and lemon will help.
answer mine?;_ylt=AmoQr9ggbBfQeEr.fGjGp5Xsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090222140100AAlF9cI
Ali B
Dyspnea (Shortness of Breath) in 25 year-old?
I have shortness of breath on exertion, and sometimes for no reason at all. I am on singulair, advair hfa, albuterol, and atrovent, none of which seem to help very much at all, nor do nebs improve the SOB. I have history of smoking (2 pack years), but quit 5 years ago. This has been going on for 4 months. Lung X-rays normal, PFTs are WNL except for very high residual volume (about 30 times normal). Pulmonologist is unsure of the etiology of this. LFTs are normal with the exception of slightly elevated albumin. Iron 42, B12 1200.
Has anyone had a similar experience or have any ideas about this?
i have not had those tests, only a metabolic panel, all WNL (except for slightly elevated albumin). I like my doctor and think he's a good one, my only concern is that he doesn't seem very concerned that i can't climb the stairs without resting. (until 4 months ago i rode my bike 3 miles to work every day, ran, did yoga, aerobics, etc). now i get out of breath walking down the hall. just thought someone my have an idea of good questions i could ask him. i will inquire about those labs, thanks!
Susan R
what is resadenosine--i know it has to do with a myoview stress test. thanks for your help?
i believe it is a medicine that is used in a myoview stress test, does anyone know what kind of after feelings you have after taking this test. i have had this procedure with different meds but they either gave me horrendous headaches and made me extremely nauseous. just curiouis if this will do anything like that. thank you very much.
i was wonderin if a basic probation drug test can tell the difference between lorazepam and temazepam?
i dont believe so unless they send it to a lab and test the half lifes, but i just wanted to be sure because i got perscribed temazepam so that i could take other benzo's incase they test me for them, also, does anyone know the half life for these 2 off hand?
Chief Wahoo!
  No, don't think they can tell the difference. They can just tell you tested positive for benzodiazepines (the class they both belong to).

Temazepam: 8-12 hours
Lorazepam: 9- 16 hours
Low creatinine on a urine test, what caused it?
Ok, this other might be helpful. Female Systemic Lupus patient, on plaquenil, Arava and pain med. A doctor who was new did a urine and the result came back neg, for all drugs, but also had a low creatinine level. She said I deluded my urine for the test. I SWEAR that Idid not EVER do such a thing. I tried to explain it to her, but she insisted that is what I did. I have read that if you drink alot water and liver problem it might cause it. My liver functions test are alway elevated because of t arava I take. Someone, please, please, help? I know that this test is wrong for some reason. Thank you to anyone who can help!!!
Bridget M
  I know that drinking large quantities of water, peeing until it is clear will make your urine unable to be tested and many who have to take tests do this. It is now usually caught as so many do it now. I'm not saying you did it intentionally just saying that it can happen from drinking a lot, a lot of water and have seen many do it. It always comes back saying low creatine, could not be tested. Do you drink an abnormal amount of water? I just told someone on here last week that who was looking for a way to beat a test.
Butalbital false positive in a drug test?
My daughter failed an important drug test required for employment. The test detected Butalbital. My daughter is very anti-drug and therefore this is a false positive. I am trying to find a possible way this could show on a drug test, as in other OTC drugs or conditions that could influence the testing.
Does Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) show up on a advanced drug test?
Is flexeril a benzo? What does a half life of 8-37 hours mean? I take a drug test every month, how long before I take the test do I have to stop taking cyclobenzaprine? (assuming they test for it which I am unsure of)
I take a drug test that tests for

Cannabinoids (marijuana, hash)
Cocaine (cocaine, crack, benzoylecognine)
Amphetamines (amphetamines, methamphetamines, speed)
Opiates (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
Phencyclidine (PCP

and I am unsure if the lab checks the expanded test for

Barbiturates (Phenobarbital, Secobarbitol, Butalbital)
Hydrocodone (Lortab, Vicodin)
Methaqualone (Qualuudes)
Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Librium, Serax, Rohypnol)
Propoxyphene (Darvon compounds)
Ethanol (Alcohol)
MDMA (Ecstacy)

any help would be appreciated.
  Flexeril is not a benzodiazepine. I don't think it will show up on a drug test. It is not very addictive. I think it has some abuse potential and you can get some withdrawal effects if you stop taking it suddenly but it is not like heroin or benzos. You should be fine.
mark f
Tachycardia, abnormal Cardiolite stress test, need info!?
I have been diagnosed with tachycardia and went on Atenolol this week to control that.

Results of my cardiolite stress test were abnormal. I was out of breath and the Dr. stopped the test 3 1/2 minutes in although I could have walked more. Had rest and stress pictures done.

As soon as the Dr. looked at all the pictures a few days later, they called me in immediately (2 weeks before my follow-up) to schedule a heart cath. He was shocked but there is a circulation problem- that it seems there is a blockage or something.

I am 33. I am significantly overweight, but normal cholesterol, normal blood pressure. If my cholesterol is normal then why might I have a blockage? Is it just fatty around my heart?

Family history includes mother having heart attack before age 60 (diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol) and aneurysms.

Just wanting opinions since I am under a Dr.'s care.
Also been advised to take it very, very easy until the heart cath. I am feeling like a ticking time bomb or something!
I am not diabetic, blood sugar is fine. I didn't have gestational diabetes either with my kids, youngest is 3.

Mitral valve and tricuspid valve also somewhat leaky and insufficient but they did not think that was a big deal.
Proffalken- OMG- my sister (age 43) has a hypercoagulative blood clotting disorder and has had strokes. She also has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I don't even think I told them about the clotting disorder! We are genetic 1/2 sisters. Better let them know.
Heart size and strength are normal.
It's just sinus tachycardia, nothing else- I asked.
  actually you can have a blockage and your cholestorol be very low. Some people have clotting factor issues with their blood and it causes blockages very easy. I would definately talk to you doctor and see if there are ways to help control this. 33 years old is too young to be having these kinds of issues.
Can I open my pylera capsule?
I am trying to heal a terrible h.pylori infection but i cannot swallow pills.
I was told by the pharmacist that i cannot open the pylera but my dr said it is okay to open & put into applesauce. I am unsure what to do. I am wondering if anyone has taken this drug by opening it & what the outcome was.
  No, don't open it. You'll ruin the medication. MDs don't know that much about medication delivery. It is literally in the prescription information for Pylera to not open the capsules.
I am using Testosterone Enanthate?
i am using 1 mg of testosterone enanthate twice a week, 2 10 mg vials of test e for 10 weeks of injection the basic amount of time on it. i am wondering is the side effects going to be severe? or are they hardly gunna be there but some what noticable?? i also wanna stack Dbol with my test e is this a wise choice or is it good to get started with test e??
  I have injected steroids for years, and I am here to tell you that the results are not worth the side effects. I know that you are not going to listen to me, ( I did not listen either) but I have to try ! Get ride of the sh*t now,your health in the long run is much more important than looking ripped with your shirt off !
Can I Get Nicotine Out Of My System For A Urine Test In Less Than 24 Hours?
And, Do Standard Nicotine Tests, Like to the Lab, Test for Conintine? (however you spell it)
Im getting tested specifically for nicotine, because my mom thinks im smoking. im getting the test around 2-3 tomorrow afternoon. and i havent smoked since around 11-11:30 this morning, and ive been drinking water constantly, whats my chances?
  . I just looked it up and there is a urine test. I just put in "nicotine test" and the were a lot of options at a glance I didn't see about how long it has been in your system. Look them all up and see what you can find. LOL does you mother know you smoked and have given it up? Or you told her never, never,!! also it depends how much you smoked and time. like 3 a day or a pack a day. This is my motherly advice to you.Give it up it is not cool and then your mother can trust you.when you answer my little questions I will be back with advice
How long for Valium to leave the system?
A friend of mine snorted a small line of a Valium and is worried about a drug test. She thinks it's an extended drug test and she is about 100lbs. The drug test is in 2 days. She has been drinking a lot of water. What are her chances of passing?
  You friend is:

1) STUPID for snorting valium. It's a good way to end up with diseased sinuses, and possibly get a trip to the ER and even the morgue. Valium wasn't designed to be taken in through the sinuses, and there are additives in the pills that can cause all kinds of sinus problems.

2) Screwed. Valium stays in the blood for 7-10 days, and there is no way your friend will pass a drug test in 2 days. Drinking water won't help - there is nothing but time, and lots of it, that will clear the drug from her system, and your friend just doesn't have enough time. Passing the drug test just isn't going to happen.

I'm sorry for your friend, but I hope she learns a lesson from this. Please don't take it personally, but anyone stupid enough to actually snort valium deserves to fail the drug test and whatever consequences follow.
what is the the difference between a lexiscan stress test and a cardiolite stress test ?
as far as im aware they are the same except no treadmill is required for the lexiscan nuclear test?
  cardiolite is an isotope that is injected before and during exercise so that it shows up in the heart to see if there are any blockages in the arteries.
Lexiscan is a drug used along with cardiolite to make the heart act like it is exercising. It can be used as a resting treadmill and also with walking. It is used on patients that cannot walk on a treadmill or are walking on the treadmill and cannot walk long enough to get their target heart rate or the heart rate does not increase with exerecise usually because of drugs the patients are taking called beta blockers.

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Dr_Hattivatti: The best initial screening test for patients with suspected primary adrenal insufficiency is the cosyntropin (ACTH analogue) stim test
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