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Tramadol hydrochloride capsules 50mg ,legit?
Hi I was searching for cheapest source of tramadol hydrochloride capsules 50mg and i found this,

is it legit?
  No. All it does is search websites in its directory for search terms. These websites will probably mostly be scam ones.
Tramadol Hydrochloride or Ultram - any side effects ?
I have excess weight. My doctor has advised me to order a portion of Tramadol through the Internet shop -

Please, prompt to what of them can be trusted?

All many thanks!
Flirck M
  I'm confussed.
This is not a weight lost type drug. It's for pain control.
Sandie B
Has anyone taken Tramadol hydrochloride, Acetaminophen for pain?
I am wondering if it makes you loopy? I have a script for pain, but worried that I will not function well with a 7 year old at home. Any info? I get nervous about painkillers. Thanks!!
  I was recently prescribed Tramadol 100mg tablets for my tendinits, after a month of using these i felt that i didn't need them anymore.... later did i realise that my body had become dependant on them. I suffered withdrawals such as insomnia, flu like symptoms, headaches, restless legs, depression.

I am just passing on my experience of Tramadol, please type tramadol into the 'search for questions' section on yahoo answers for other peoples stories about using Tramadol.

Hope you get better soon. x
christine b
how long does it take to be physically addicted to Tramadol?
how long does it take to get addicted to tramadol hydrochloride or ultram? Like how long would you have to take them then stop suddenly to experience withdrawal symptoms?
Little Spamy :D
  That is something hunni that noone can answer really, as it depends on the person.

But you will understand that you are addicted to it if:

Using the medication in a manner not prescribed
Taking more of the medication than prescribed
Reporting lost medication in order to obtain more
Asking for refills long before refills would be due
Using several doctors and pharmacies to get more tramadol
Stealing the drug or asking others who take the drug for a few pills
Thinking about or obsessing over when the next dose can be obtained or taken

Those who are concerned about tramadol addiction should speak with their physicians. Physicians can help determine which methods are safest for reducing and finally ending intake of this drug, while the person experiences less severe withdrawal symptoms. Programs offering ultra rapid detox, which quickly exits the drug from the body and ends physical addiction, best serve some patients. However these people will still require follow up work with a drug treatment program.
Femme Fatale
can you get high off of "tramadol hydrochloride"?
Bobby G
  Yep. I've taken 3 at a time. (Chewing 2 and letting the other one slowly dissolve to keep the high up.)
  One of the crappiest Opiate based narcotics ever made in my opinion. And I will say this so someone else on here can interject. It has a 9 hour half life and is a 50 to 100 mg pill. On this half life, if you take four a day your gonna have up to 400mg's in you. If half gets depleted in 9 hours that's 200 left. Than 9 after that 100 than 9 after that which would be 27 hours 50 and into the next day. So if the drug holds a 100mg to 50 mg foundation every 24 hours you can see how it can build up in you. WITHDRAW is not 21 days but it can take up to 21 days to get out of you and I have the most credible sources in the world!

This is a very weak opiate which randomly hits receptors and it gets it's extra punchy feeling of euphoria from it's anti-depressant serotonin channeling properties. Which incidentally can trigger terrible manic thoughts, depression, not sleeping, suicidal tendencies if the blood level is not maintained at a functioning level. Take it with Prozac and your done. Withdrawal can include brain Zaps. Does that sound good? Extreme blood shot ,baggy eyes.

If you are not a person physically dependant on opiates this can be a good drug. I have heard actual pharmacologists refer to it as a joke. To A person physically dependant on opiates this drug in my opinion is a death sentence. One; there are still people that believe the lie it is a non-narcotic, non-opiate. OKAYYYYYYYY! And pigs fly, right?

It is totally synthetic and on a physically dependant person and a person that was a user of this drug for a long time, the withdrawal is hell and in my opinion worse than anything I ever felt. And minded there was nothing else in me! I personally think a person is better off taking hydrocodone. I would not recommend this drug to my worse enemy. I heard a pain managment person say on here withdraw is only two days. Nonesense! The drug will not even be out of your system in two days. And half life has nothing to do with when a drug gets out of your system. Example marijuana has a half life of a few hours but it stays in you a month. Alcohols half life is a half hour per ounce but it stays in you 24 hours.

You need methadone or another opiate to get off this stuff. It is next to impossible to wean off this in the doses it is calibrated in and half life. I have wrote many things on this drug in my previous questions. Look by all means. Type in Ultram sucks on Google. This drug SUCKS! Can it help you if you never took a pain pill, yea. Do I think a person should be on it for years? HELL NO. Should I put the fear of God in people instead of tell them its just wonderful, absolutely! I am not going to lie to you like pharmaceutical giants that claim Ambien is non habit forming .
Heres a link for further reading;
tramadol hydrochloride capsules are they for arthirtus?
  yes they can be used for most any pain including arthritis. They are fairly new and expensive..but the main benefit of them is that they do not have codeine or narcotics in them like many other pain killers (Tylenol 3 etc). The benefit of that is that you do not get side effects of constipation or acid reflux or hemmorhoids which are common with long term use of Codeine and other narcotics.

I have had no side effects at all. Ask your doctor and if he supports you, give them a try and see if it gives you some relief.
Taking Ultram or Flexiril while treating chlamydia with Zithromax?
Hey there, I recently found out I have chlamydia so bought the treatment for it Zithromax they gave me a box with 3 500 mg Azithromycin. The symptoms of chlamydia have not yet gone away because im only on my 2nd pill (its one every 8 hours). I sometimes use Tramadol (Ultram Hydrochloride) or Flexiril (Cyclobenzaprine) recreationally basically just be cause I like the feeling, do not try to tell me that getting high of pills is stupid, senseless, dangeroues, etc. I dont care, i am not and addict and will not become one. My dosage of tramadol is usually 3 50mg capsules and Flexiril ill usually take about 50mg. I dont mix them, they are just two muscle relaxants that I like to use. I was wondering if take my zithromax on the same day I take tramadol or flexiril if it will have any negative effects? and if it will heal the treatment of my chlamydia.
Thank you
  a friend of mine also has same she takes others besides the ultram.everyone is different but shouldnt be any major side effects,maybe a tummy hunger pain if anything..

can i use tramadol hydrochloride( a strong pain killer) with ibuprofen?
  Tramadol/Ultram is a non-narcotic analgesic medication for pain. Tramadol HAS NO anti-inflammatory properties. It is prescription only.
Ibuprofen/advil/motrin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which when used at 400mg strength is for pain and fever treatment. When used at 600mg strength is useful as an anti-inflammatory. Over 600mg is not efficatious and has a higher side effect profile like gastric ulcers.

I believe the company that makes tramadol is comming out with a ibuprofen/tramadol combo soon like their acetominophen/tramadol combo called Ultracet. Both are prescription only.
tramadol to nucynta withdrawls?
I have been taking tramadol for about a year now and i asked to have my med changed because over time i was getting a lot of anxiety from the tramadol so the doc put me on nucynta. im getting night sweats ect. at night scince ive been taking the nucynta for the last three days. Am i having withdrawl from the tramadol or is this a side effect from the nucynta?
what's the difference between oxycodone hydrochloride and oxycodone with acetaminophen?
And what does acetaminophen do when mixed with oxycodone or hydrocodone?
  Oxycodone hydrochloride - The narcotic pain reliever is mixed with aspirin

Oxycodone Acetaminophen - The narcotic pain reliever is mixed with Acetaminophen
Acetaminophen relieves pain by elevating the threshold to sensing pain. It reduces fever through its action on the heat-regulating center of the brain. The combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen or hydrocodone acetaminophen achieves greater pain relief than either taken separately
Is Tramadol Hydrochloride a habit forming drug? Do you get the "high" feeling or does it cut the pain
just wondering b/c it was given to my 17yr old.
lanie j
  I don't know about Tramadol Hydrochloride but Tramadol gives you a high. I had Tramadol a couple of years ago and I became high as a kite in the beginning as well as addicted. I would not recommend anyone to take it for a longer period of time, at least not without close supervision from a doctor.
what would happen if i take Tramadol 100mg tabs with Celecoxib 200mg ( brand name is COBIX-200)?
I'm 45 yers old and currently on Tramadol for about 1 year
I'm Insulin dependent
My physician doesn't know that I'm on Tramadol,
I don't drink, but what would happen if i drink alcohol

thank you
  There a few issues involved in your situation that relate to drinking alcohol.

First, alcohol can raise your blood sugar, which may be problematic since you are diabetic. As long as you limit your intake to 1 or 2 servings, this probably won't be a serious problem.

Secondly, celecoxib is an NSAID (the same class of drugs as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) On their own NSAIDs can cause irritation to the lining the of the stomach - for example, elderly people experiencing stomach bleeds while on chronic aspirin therapy. Alcohol is also irritating to the lining of the stomach. When you combine the two, you increase your risk for developing complications.

Thirdly, tramadol is a medication that causes CNS depression, with symptoms such as drowsiness, confusion, and impaired coordination. Alcohol is also a CNS depressant, so in this case as well it can increase the risk of complications with the tramadol.

While none of these are reasons to completely avoid alcohol, they put you in the situation of needing to be especially cautious if you do choose to drink.

It's always a good idea for you physician and your pharmacist to know all the medications you are taking. This helps to prevent dangerous drug interactions and complications.
Rachel C
Just took aspirin when can I take theraflu?
I am feeling ill and thought that perhaps an aspirin would do (325mg) Well it didn't. I took the aspirin about an hour ago. How long do I have to wait until I take theraflu? acetaminophen 650 mg, diphenhydramine hydrochloride 25 mg, phenylephrine hydrochloride 10 mg
Jennifer Thorson
  you can take the theraflu now.
Is oxycodone bad for your liver w/out the acetaminophen?
I have oxycodone hydrochloride (oxycontin) and there isn't any acetaminophen in it so is it bad for your liver still since I know acetaminophen is, but not sure about the oxycodone alone.
  Oxycodone is not bad for your liver at all, in fact, you always want to make sure you get pure oxycodone instead of an oxycodone / acetaminophen pill. The vast majority of people finally know that acetaminophen damages the liver badly, but they don't know that pills with acetaminophen will also cause damage to the body if they're taken on an empty stomach. You should always eat a cookie or 2, or something of that size, before taking acetaminophen and other types of pills. However, oxycodone can be safely ingested on an empty stomach.

Also, just for further information: oxycontin is not exactly the same as oxycodone. Oxycontin is extended-release oxycodone. Compared with oxycodone, oxycontin is formulated differently and it always has some type of coating that is required to ensure the oxycodone is released over an extended period of time.
My dr gave me 3 scripts one being carbamazepine but i red that you could get SJS and TEN from it how likely is this? I have never had a liver probelm but i am over weight due to depression ( I eat because of it but i am dieting) Also they gaveme a script and i got the meds and it said dont take if you are taking tramadol and i take Tramadol for TMJ (a jaw problem) but i havent had an ain butt recently the only way ican sleep is taking 100mg tramadol 50mg benadryl and 1000 mg tylonal PM I dold my dr this and she didnt say anything about it im wondering if they say on the bottle dont take with tramadol perioud or how long you should not take tramadol ect. Also I would like to know how you feel on the carbamazepine does it help with the mood swings. Or does it just make you to tired to care.
1 day ago
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Also please excuse my spelling i have dislexia.
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Also why does it say to avoid sunlight. Will swimming 30 min 3x a week hurt me cann i just add sun screen? I have light skin so i dont sit and bake I just use swimming as my actvity.
  My checking on the interaction of tramadol and carbamazepine is that the combination can increase seizures and increases problems with the liver. The possible problem with the liver is monitored through blood work. If your liver profile goes bad, they will stop one drug or the other. If you don't have seizures (carbamazepine is also prescribed for seizures), then you may not be affected, but watch for signs.
I am not an MD, but I think what your doctor is trying has some risk involved, but all medication does. Be watchfull and monitor yourself for side effects, tell your doctor, and require more explanation than you say you are given. You have to watch for yourself in this new world of medicine.
Also. carbamazepine will increase your sensitivity to light and sunburn. You have to be cautious. High PF sunscreen is necessary. Good luck.
Can I use Tramadol Hydrochloride if I am having an anesthetic?
Having an Open Surgery Carpel tunnel Operation but having a general anesthetic I need the results ASAP
  You probably shouldn't, but you should ask the doctor or nurse or anesthesiologist who is doing your surgery to be sure.
What is the difference between vicodin and tramadol?
I have been taking vicodin for a while for back pain/headaches. I am thinking about switching to tramadol because it is cheaper and easier to get. What is the difference between the two?
My question is if I have been taking vicodin for awhile or hydrocodone am I going to go through withdrawel symptoms if I switch to tramadol? Also why does everyone on her always jump to the conclusion that if you have a question about opieds you are an addict?
john h
  Vicodin is a combination of Tylenol and Hydrocodone bitartrate which is an opioid analgesic and antitussive with unknown mechanism of action but it is thought to be related to the presence of opiate receptors in the central nervous system. It has an action similar to those of codeine which mostly involve the CNS and smooth muscle .

Tramodol is a centrally-acting opioid analgesic that exerts its effect through the inhibition of norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake .

Both are used for acute and chronic pain, and both have addiction potential. If your MD is prescibing these medications for you, either should be readily available at your pharmacy. Take precaution whe using Vicodin, because of the Tylenol content. Tylenol is toxic to the body if you take an excessive of 3000-4000mg per day.

Also, I would suggest you talk to your MD about non-narcotic medications that may prevent you fom getting headaches. Beta blockers, Tricyclic antidepressants, Valproic Acid, Calcium channel blockers and Topamax are all known to have some measure of effectiveness in preventing chronic daily headaches. As with any medication, please use with caution, and under the supervision of an MD.
can you get high off of the following?
first off. this is not to get me high. im trying to figure it our so i know whether to watch how many are being taken and if i should worry that my daughter is going behind my back.

the pills are by prescription and they are as follows:

topmax (topiramate)
ultram (tramadol)
Amitriptyline hydrochloride
Meclizine HCl
jackie f
  Ultram is an opiate. Opiates get you high. Its effects are similar to codeine.
about oxycodone and acetaminophen?
So, Im taking oxycodone for back pain and am concerned about the acetaminophen, as it supposedly causes liver damage. Ive heard of soaking them in water then filter it to remove the acetaminophen. Does anyone know if this actually works? Thank You.
angela g
  This is not a useful method for pain control. This is an addict's method. If you are taking 12x325 or 8x500 or whatever adding up to 4000mg a day over time, max safe dose, liver damage is unlikely in the absence of alcohol. If you need more than that or are on for years, your doc can prescribe pure opioid.
What is better, Vicodin with a higher amount of Acetaminophen or less?
Is higher the Acetaminophen mg mean more aspirin? I went from 7.5/500mg to 7.5/750mg. And I think the other works better. Which is better? If the Acetaminophen is less is the Hydrocodone more or stronger?
  First of all acetaminophen is not aspirin, it is acetaminophen, which is tylenol. Acetaminophen is added to opiate pain killers because acetaminophen keeps the opiate working longer. In theory, more acetaminophen should keep the pain killer working longer.
why do they tell u not to mix night quil liquid with another medication that contains acetaminophen??? will it cause overdose if i took 5 tablespoons of the liquid with only 1 500mg tablet of acetaminophen?
  5 tablespoons of Nyquil seems like a heck of a lot.
Yes, that's why they tell you that. Acetaminophen, when used correctly, is great for pain and fever. But in higher than recommended doses, it can cause liver damage. That's why they tell you not to mix medications. In the dose you just described, you were probably close to exceeding the maximum recommended daily dose of it.
Smiley Sue
It it safe to take Oxaprozin and Tramadol at the same time?
I'm in chronic pain which is why I'm on Tramadol.
I am also on Amoxicillin and Oxaprozin.
Is it safe to take all three at the times they say on the bottle? Or should I take them separately?
Here's the info:

Amoxicillin-500MG (1 Capsule twice daily)
Oxaprozin-600MG (2 Tablets every day)
Tramadol-50MG (1 Tablet three times daily as needed)
Reply is relatively safe, but I agree that you should always check with your pharamacist on things like that...they can pull your whole list of medications and run a drug-drug interaction profile on them.
Tramadol (such as Ultram) is an opioid agonist (means it binds to the receptors of the pain in the brain)
while Oxaprozin (such Daypro) is an anti-inflammatory...means like celebrex / advil ... and works on the inflammation part of pain...
as long as you don't drink while on those medications and not mix them with over the counter stuff such as (Advil - Ibuprofen..) you should be OK.
Once again, check with your pharamacist or doctor when in doubt.

You can post medical questions on this free new health forum website and get answers from certified physicians:
The difference between Tramadol and Ultram ER?
I've been taking Tramadol 50 mg for a while, and recently my doctor prescribed me 14 Ultram ER 300mg, and says to take only one a day. Im wondering what are the difference between these two? Are they the same thing but one has more mg, or are they completely different? And which would be more effective?
So taking an Ultram ER 300mg would be like taking 6 tramadol 50mg throughout the day?
  They are exactly the same drug but Ultram is slow release of 300mg across the day whereas 50mg of tramadol will only last you a few hours. If you have chronic pain, an extended release like Ultram is probably better, giving you a "base"of pain relief across the day, rather than letting it build up. By the way, Paracetamol and Tramadol(or Ultram) work well together and do not interfere with each other.
Add- yes but with the 50mg, your pain level will go up and down (according to when you took the tablet) so if it's long term pain, I would stick with one 300mg tablet a day.
Emmy the Nurse
Out of codeine and dextropropoxyphene, which is the strongest pain reliever?
Particularliy in combination with acetaminophen (Paracetamol, Tylenol) as follows:
500mg acetaminophen and 8mg codeine phosphate
325mg acetaminophen and 50mg dextropropoxyphene napsylate

500mg acetaminophen and 8mg codeine phosphate


325mg acetaminophen and 50mg dextropropoxyphene napsylate

Your question is which is stronger- well the Darvocet is.

But the real question should be- what is more effective for pain.

That answer is- It depends on the type of pain and severity.

Darvocet is stronger.
You've got a friend
Mexico medicine...?
I've been to Mexico once when I went on a cruise ship. When I was looking around in the shops, I saw that they had Tramadol for sale on the shelf. I know Tramadol is a prescription only medicine in the U.S. Can anyone tell me what other pain medicines are sold there??? Such as Hydrocodone, Nalbuphine, Stadol, etc.
Purple Sparks
  I'm sure you can find most of those there. The times I've been there I've bought typical stuff that you can find here over the counter because they are cheaper (cough tablets, ibuprofren, antibiotic ointments etc.) I have seen others buy Antibiotics such as Amoxicillin and Penicillin without prescriptions but be careful when coming back to the US with them because the laws here are obviously different when it comes to prescription drugs. If you are caught with any of these and have no prescription for it you could be in real big trouble. Not only that you just need to be careful when self medicating period.
Just how does it work ????
Below are some of the common cold medicnes and there contents i would like to know how they work in the body the most info you can provide plesase


Guaifenesin= expectorant

Vicks Nyquil cough
Dextromethorphan= cough suppressent

Dextromethorphan hydro bromide

Doxylamine succinct

Robitussin cold md cough

Acetaminophen pain reliever Warning suggest may cause liver damage

Chlopheniramine malete = antihistime

Phenylephine nasal decongesant found I kids products

Menthol= cough drops

Zincum gluconicum product cold eeze claims to get rid of your cold faster

Anas Barbariae hepatis claims it reduces flu period and symptoms



Hydrochloride sufficate



Chlorphemiramine maleate

Oxymetazoline hydrochloride



Naproxen sodime
Talking Hat
  you have done so much research and still depend for an answer??

Please send me ur phone no
What is the difference between Vicodin 7.5 750 and hydrocodone acetaminophen HP 10/660?
My Dr. changed my medication from Hydrocodone 7.5 750 to Hydrocodone Acetaminophen HP 10 660. What is the difference, if any, and how will the new med benefit me. What would be stronger than the Hydrocodone Acetaminophen HP 10 660, if that does not help? I am in alot of pain. Thanks
  The first number in either of the meds 7.5/750 and 10/660 is the miligrams of hydrocodone in the medication. The second number is the miligrams of acetaminophen. Vicodin and hydrocodone are the same drug, hydrocodone is just the generic name whereas Vicodin is the trade name. The med he changed you to has more of the narcotic, and less of the acetaminophin. As far as needing something stronger goes, that would be up to your doc. There are stronger drugs like oxycontin and hydromorphone, but I would hope you don't need those. Take care.
using tramadol for lower gut pain?
i been having pain in my lower gut,sometimes severe,but always a constant tightness,especially when i eat or drink anything,im 44 male,taking copegus/interferon ,how well will tramadol help with pain,and any ideas what i have going on down there,i do have a colonoscopy orderd,but not till july,
  I would say no, you should not use tramadol. It is a narcotic-like painkiller with potential for being habit-forming.
mother of two
using tramadol for lower gut pain?
i been having pain in my lower gut,sometimes severe,but always a constant tightness,especially when i eat or drink anything,im 44 male,taking copegus/interferon ,how well will tramadol help with pain,and any ideas what i have going on down there,i do have a colonoscopy orderd,but not till july,

  I would say no, you should not use tramadol. It is a narcotic-like painkiller with potential for being habit-forming.

How does acetaminophen reduce fever, and is it bad to use when trying to get over a virus?
I've been sick for about a day now and I have to be somewhere very important tomorrow. Is acetaminophen slowing my healing process?
Storman Norman
  Acetaminophen is an analgesic so there is no way it can affect your healing process. The main mechanism of action of paracetamol is considered to be the inhibition of cyclooxygenase (COX), recent findings suggest that it is highly selective for COX-2. Cyclooxygenase (COX) is an enzyme that is responsible for formation of important biological mediators called prostanoids, including prostaglandins, prostacyclin and thromboxane. Pharmacological inhibition of COX can provide relief from the symptoms of inflammation and pain.

If you have more questions, u can post them in:
ahmad h
Question to Tramadol users?
In the last two months I have been on a medication called Tramadol. I am also on several other medicines (Lyrica, Synthroid, Cytomel, Maxzide, etc.). Within the last month and a half-I'm assuming within the time-frame of my body getting used to the medicine-I have been getting these really horrible feelings of dread and terror. Is this a normal side-effect or could it be a conflict of some kind with one of my other medicines?
  anxiety neurosis ,
Is it okay to take Unisom and Tramadol at the same time?
100 mg of unisom
150 mg of tramadol
Is this okay? Or will i become sick?
  call your pharmacist, walgreens are usually 24 hours.
Acetaminophen has been linked to Respiratory Disease and Lung Function capacity reduction?
"Oxidative stress may increase the risk of asthma, contribute to asthma progression, and decrease lung function. Previous research suggests that use of acetaminophen, which is hypothesized to reduce antioxidant capacity in the lung, is associated with an increased risk of asthma. We hypothesized that acetaminophen use may also be associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and decreased lung function".

Could High Acetaminophen use be linked to Sleep Apnea as well?
Black Sheep 1
  The study you cited (McKeever, Am. J Resp Crit Care, 2005) is a population-based study examining the effect of chronic, daily use of pain relievers on lung function. Of the 3 types studied (aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen), the rates were 8%, 4%, and 2% respectively among daily users. Most people use pain relievers for temporary relief. If they suffer from chronic pain, they should seek medical attention.

Sleep apnea is a disorder where patients breath inadequately or stop breathing during sleep. The most common cause is obstructive sleep apnea, where the soft tissue in the mouth/neck collapse and impair airflow. The most common cause is due to obesity, though there are non-obese patients with this disorder.

Presently, there are no studies that definitely link acetaminophen use with obstructive sleep apnea.
Dr. C
Where can I find these meds, without paying a fortune n without a precription, they are tramadol n vicoprofen?
I dont want to spend much, I have neck and back pain and the cost of going to a doctor is too much for me. I also cant find this medicine without having a fee charged or something. I take ultram or tramadol but want to find it cheaper, the vicoprofen works best but I dont want to have to pay for the prescription or counseling etc. HELP!!
  walmart has 4 dollar prescription fills. also call your insurance company as they may know places in your area to fill it.goodluck;)michele
Flu and Fever a virus bug?
I just took a left over perscribed ibuprofen for fever that has not expired yet. It has 600mg. I have all the symptoms of a flu though can I now take a theraflu tea it contains
acetaminophen 650mg ----------for reducing pain and fever
pheniramine maleate 20mg ---------------antihistamine
Phenylephrine hydrochloride 10mg-----------nasal decongestant
or would that be to much medicen in my body? I weigh 130 pounds 5'5
  Your max dose of ibuprofen would be 800 mg every 8 hours. This can be taken in conjunction with those other medicines in TheraFlu.

You can definitely take acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen together. Often times, I tell people to alternate between them every 3-4 hours for lots of fever and pain.

The antihistamine and nasal decongestant don't have any interactions with the ibuprofen so you can continue to take the Theraflu as directed and the ibuprofen 600 mg every 6 hours.
Can you take acetaminophen and naproxen sodium at the same time?
Can you take acetaminophen and naproxen sodium for pain at the same time.? My father takes 8 acetaminophen tablets a day for arthritis and had a fall. Can he take naproxen sodium also?
  Yes you can take those meds together, they are from completely different families of drugs. Although I would not recommend continuing either of them for a long period of time. Long term use of acetaminophen can cause liver damage, but not addictive. Naproxen is an anti inflammatory which will help your father with any pain or swelling he may have right after his fall, it to is not a narcotic or additive but it can damage the lining in the stomach causing pain with possible GI bleed if used long term.
How much acetaminophen is needed to cause liver damage?
I'm currently taking Darvocet and each pill has 650mg of acetaminophen in it. I was told to take up to 3 per day, but that seems like a lot to me. Also, does anyone know anything about the other ingredient in Darvocet? I know it's sort of like codiene, but how so?
christina f
  Darvocet N-100 is Propoxyphene with Tylenol. The maximum amount of Tylenol and adult can take in a 24 hour period is 4 Gm or 4000 milligrams. More than that is believed to cause liver damage. Propoxyphene is the narcotic pain reliever in the drug it is probably the lowest on the scale for pain relief.
How bad is it to take acetaminophen and ibuprophrin at the same time?
Have a bad cold and taking sinus med for congestion, pain and runny nose. Has acetaminophen in it but not enough, headach still there. Have Ibuprophrin avail also but don't want to OD or anything.
chris f
  Its really fine. In fact, you can take 3 ibuprofen with one extra strength Tylenol, or Medication containing it. Only do this for a very short amount of time, as it can cause liver damage. It has a non narcotic effect on the pain,and I use it very often with hydrocodone with Tylenol.
Robin B
I think i'm getting a cold. My throat has been hurting for two days, and i just woke up with a small ear ache. All I have to take for it is the Truly(i dont know if you guys have that brand in the states) Brand Acetaminophen.
Will it work?
and its extra strength, how many should i take?
  Acetaminophen (it is for minor pain and fever) is Tylenol (actually Tylenol is acetaminophen,but anyway) if you are older than 12 years take every 4 hours as thing you should know is acetaminophen can cause liver damage if you take too no take more than 2 every 4-6 hours...Feel Better
Can you mix a decongestant with a pain reliever?
I have a cold, and I also have wisdom teeth coming in. I have Phenylephrine hydrochloride for the cold, and a pain reliever pill containing Acetaminophen and Aspirin for the tooth pain. Is it safe to take both at the same time? (Just the usual, recommended amount of both.)

Also, would there be any side effects from mixing them? (Like dizziness or something.)
  As long as the Phenylephrine hydrochloride has no other meds with it it is fine. For any drug related questions call a pharmacist at any drug store. They can give you the best info
Is it safe to take acetaminophen while taking Mobic?
I take the Mobic for a bad knee, but acetaminophen helps me sleep better.
  Absolutely NO!

It is not safe taking NSAID's (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) when taking acetaminophen. You need to choose one type or the other but not both or take the chance of killing your liver.

Is it safe to take the generic for Claritin D and take two Pain Reliever Pills?
Is that too much acetaminophen or is it ok? Does Claritin D have acetaminophen
lip balm junkie
  The Claritin D and generics for it have the antihistamine and a decongestant. There is not any acetominophen in either the Claritin D or the generic, so you may take a pain reliever or two. When you are taking acetominophen, though, be very careful to keep your '24 hour intake' of it to below 1000 mg. per day. If you take acetominophen, you'll need to take more in four hours to keep the 'pain' away, so add up the milligrams of the pills you are taking. You may want to take another 'pain killer' that also relieves inflammation. Most people take ibuprofem, which can be 'piggy-backed' with the acetominophen for greater pain relief. If you are 'sick' for more than five days with this 'self treatment' you will need to see a doctor, because of the possibility of needing other treatment for you to get better, and to also keep from 'overdosing' on basically 'good drugs' accidentally.
Kris L
What's the difference between these pain pills?
I was taking Naproxen with Advil, but it made me feel sick to my stomach.

So, the doc put me on Sulindac with Advil, which made me even sicker to my stomach, along with some other bad side effects.

Now, he has given me Tramadol and I feel pretty good right now.

All they are in the same class of drugs or can someone give me some more insight as to the differences of Naproxen & Tramadol?

Anything special to watch out for?

Thanks for any help.
  Naproxin and Advil are both NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. By taking both at once you are basically over-dosing because the two medications are so similar. I'm not familiar with Sulindac. But given your reaction, I guess it is a similar medication. Tramadol is not an NSAID. So you are not getting the overdose effect. Did you tell your doctor you were taking the Advil? If he knew you were taking it he shouldn't have prescribed another NSAID or he should have told you to stop taking the Advil. If you are taking multiple pain relievers, make sure they are not in the same class of drugs.
James L
Tramadol, Flexeril and Promethazine the risk of seizure can I take?
I've taken 3 tramadol earlier today last one around 6pm. It made my stomach hurt so I took a promethazine around 10pm. Now, the pain is back and I want to sleep is it safe to take my flexeril? I don't have a history of seizures but when I check the interaction it says theres a risk for seizures. My pharmacist says that's only if you've had history of seizures who do I believe?
Count Drakul
  i take Tramadol daily and I have taken Promethazine with it. It may increase the effects of tramadol and the drug interactions site does say it may cause seizures but i think that is very rare. You usually have to have a history of seizures for this to happen usually. It is also associated with large doses of Tramadol, 300mg and up. The Flexeril should be fine too. 9 times out of 10 the pharmacy wont tell you to do anything dangerous but sometimes the drug interaction checker will scare you. It's always good to be cautious though, you don't want to be another Heath Ledger.
Deep Thinker
Does the Acetaminophen in percocet reduce the effect of the ocycodone or increase it?
My doctor gave me 7.5/500 oxycodone/acetaminophen.

How is this compared to the 7.5/325?

I'm guessing the increased milligrams of tylenol subdue the "drunken" feeling of the Oxycodone, because I can't really notice any difference?

Or, am I wrong?
  Acetaminophen theoretically increases the amount of analgesia (pain relief) obtained from opioids (like oxycodone) but if there is an increase, its marginal.

They also put acetaminophen and other drugs in with opioid medications to deter abuse- too much acetaminophen will make you sick and kill your liver (FDA allows 4 grams or 8 500mg pills or 12 325mg pills in a 24 hour period).

The acetaminophen should not have any effect on the sedation or intoxication from oxycodone so 7.5mg w/, w/o or w/ more acetaminophen should all feel the same.
Bradley R
Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Anticonvulsants?
I take 450mg of Trileptal daily.
I was reading up on anticonvulsants and acetaminophen and how they can cause liver problems. Can a serious dose of Excedrin (250mg acetaminophen, 250mg aspirin, 65mg caffeine), more specifically 8 Excedrin taken at one time, interact with my Trileptal? Aside from the expected side effects, nausea, hyper-activity, and possibly racing heart, will I have any liver problems? Any long term liver problems? Or should I get my ass to the nearest hospital?
  Drugs usually have two names, the generic and the brand

This information is from the drug interaction site of which
I placed the link below:
Interact of OXCARBAZEPINE (in Trileptal, Trileptal Suspension) may interact with ACETAMINOPHEN (in Excedrin Extra Strength)
Oxcarbazepine may increase the rate at which acetaminophen is broken down by the liver. This may result in less effective pain relief due to the diminished amount of acetaminophen. In addition, the increased amount of metabolite (break-down product) may increase the risk of liver damage. Ask your healthcare provider about these drugs and this potential interaction "as soon as possible".

All medications, whether over the counter..herbs.. herbal teas..or medications prescribed by other doctors should
be checked out first with the doctor you are seeing for
this condition and prescribed this drug for you.

Here is the site I got this information from, so you can
check in the future about whether a drug may interact
with any other medications you have:,4109,,00.html

The liver is a very quiet organ when it comes to a problem
with it. It may show no signs or symptoms that there is
anything wrong with it until the cells die and it cannot
perform the functions it once did to keep the body healthy
and alive. Many people are walking around not knowing
they have damage to their livers until a doctor may
discover it when they are trying to find answers for other
medical problems. I definitely would arrange for a
doctor appointment and tell the doctor about it. It is better
to have a few blood labs drawn than to risk facing having
to have a transplant.
How serious this may be depends on your own body
chemistry, the action of the drugs in your body, and how
often and how much you took of these drugs.

There are two types of blood tests the doctor can do:
one will show if there is damage to the liver, known as
the liver enzymes and the other will show if the liver is
functioning well, known as the liver function tests.
He may even feel to see if your liver has enlarged any and
may do an ultrasound to see if it has developed inflammation.
The inflammation has to be controlled by drugs so the
liver will heal, if can lead to permanent damage and
death of the cells.

Overdosing on just tylenol is very easy to do as many
combination drugs have tylenol in them. Doctors don't
always have the time to explain to patients what drugs
may interact, that is why pharmacies give a paper to
read with your medication when you get it. If you are
not sure about a drug interaction, you can always call
your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it.
Don't be afraid to do this...they have all the information
right there with the drugs they need to tell you this from.

You have definitely taken too much of this medication
at one need to decide whether you should
get in contact with the doctor office now or later...I
cannot make this decision for you.

I hope this information is of some help to you.
Is it okay if I take this these pills?
I had 5 teeth pulled and my dentist only prescribed 16 Tylenol 3's and I've taken them all. It is night time and I am in pain all the way to my ear now. Is it okay if I took Propoxyphene napsylate, Acetaminophen or acetaminophen and oxycodone? I happen to have some lying around from someone else. Please tell me which pills I should take if I can. Please I'm in pain!!!
  Have the bottle from the Tylenol 3's, and call the pharmacy where you got them. I'm praying they're open 24/7. If they are, tell them what you're going through, and they will guide you.
If that pharmacy is closed, call a 24-hour pharmacy. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Pharmacies." Talk to the pharmacist, and tell him/her exactly what you're going through. They are so smart. Let them guide you. I'm so sorry for you. Pain is the worst. Good luck, hon. :) Do you have any Nyquil in the house to knock you out? That might be the best solution.
My friend is 14 years old and took some pills to trip?
my friend weighs 120 pounds and is 5'6 height. He took some (Day Time) softgel pills to trip, The ingrediants in each softgel is Acetaminophen 325mg, Dextromethorphan hydrobromide 10mg, and phenylephrine hydrochloride 5mg. How many softgel pills will he have to take to trip and not over dose?
Henrey B
  your friend is an idiot, the acetaminophen alone will cause liver failure if he took more than three, the Dextromethorphan can cause respiratory failure if he takes more than two. This stuff isn't for "tripping".
What happens if i take 1000mg of acetaminophen and 2600mg of ibuprofen and benylin all at once?i need to know!?
i took 1000mg of acetaminophen and 2600mg of ibuprofen and took benylin all at once and i dunno whats going to happen! will i die????
i took 1000mg of acetaminophen and 2600mg of ibuprofen and took benylin all at once and i dunno whats going to happen! will i die????

and also i might need to mention i dunno but i have migrain disorder and i have gastochrondritus . and , i did that because i was mad and thought i might die in my sleep to make me happy but now im scared and have a sharp pain in the middle of my tummy
Celeste F
  call the Triage nurse @ your local hospital. They will tell you whether or not you need to come in and have your stomach pumped. Like one person said it is not that good to take so much ibuprofen all at once. Benylin I am not sure what it is, but you don't specific how my you took of that. I can't imagine why you would do such a thing or what you were trying to prove, but I would certainly either call the ER and talk to the Triage Nurse or the Poison Control line NOW!! Good Luck. I hope all turns out well.
How long to wait until i can take a Darvocet?
I was prescribed some Ultram (tramadol) 50mg and Darvocet 100/650mg for a torn stomach muscle (ab muscle). Im supposed to take 1 tramadol but i can take 2 if the pain starts getting worse. How long should i wait in between taking 100mg of ultram and taking a darvocet?
I was also prescribed both to see which medicine works better for me.
  This medicine is used for moderate pain and fever. Propoxyphene is a potent, narcotic pain-reliever and has a sedating effect. It's able to reduce the pain, though it may not relieve it altogether, and also works as a cough suppressant; while Acetaminophen is a non-narcotic analgesic with antipyretic qualities. These two together work on nerve signals in the brain to block the perception of pain and give greater relief than when taken separately, while Acetaminophen also brings down fever.
For More information visit here :

If I switch from vicodin or tylenol 4 to ultram or tramadol or ultracet, will I feel less loopy?
I need occasional pain relief and hate the vicodin or tylenol 4 the doc gives me because I don't feel like myself. Yes, it helps the pain but I like being more clear-headed. Does ultram, ultracet or tramadol have the same effects as vicodin or tylenol 4?
James Watkin
  You may or may not feel similar side effects with the tramadol. Dizziness, drowsiness and weakness are the most common side-effects of tramadol. Also, contrary to the above responders, tramadol is a synthetic opioid, and can be addictive. I have had several people come to me complaining of having withdrawal problems with tramadol, and I have had to assist them through these issues. Additionally, a serious side-effect which is notable with Ultram (tramadol) which is not a significant issue with most opioid pain relievers is the risk of seizures, as it lowers the seizure threshold in susceptible patients.

You will often have responders on YA tell you that this medication is similar to motrin, or tylenol, but it is a narcotic. When it was originally released, it was felt that due to the composition of the drug it would not have abuse potential, so it is not controlled. This has now been found to be incorrect.

You may have equal, better or less lain relief with tramadol, and equal, better or more side-effects. It may be worth a try, but don't take this medication thinking it has none of the risks of other pain medications.

Good luck with your pain control
Cetirizine hydrochloride (zyrtec) from online pharmacy?
hi...i used an online pharmacy to buy 180 10 mg cetirizine hydrochloride pills (generic zyrtec...for allergies)...normally they are oval but the ones that came in the mail are round and unmarked. they came packaged in little boxes labeled cetirizine hydrochloride and it has all the info on the boxes and also the bubble packs but ive never seen them round and unmarked before. i just want to make sure that i didnt get ripped off and that they are in fact 10 mg of cetirizine hydrochloride. any help is appreciated. thanks!
  generics never look like the brand name pills.

if you are concerned, call or email the pharmacy and double check that you got the right med, but if the package has good labeling then you should be ok
Dancing Girl 1
snorting drugs . i need lots of information ?
i need to know EVerything about snorting acetaminophen/codeine phosphate . can u die ? . whats the side effects ? please please please tell me as soon as posssible. i heard that it does something to ur llungs like every other drug but is it okay to just do it once ?
its not for pain i need i want to do it for fun . but i need to know if its really bad for me . i just wanna do it just once . so will i die ? please no stupid mean comments , im dead serious . Acetaminophen/ codeine phosphate
Nicole M
  sometimes just once will kill some people.
flying saucers
What will happen If i mix Fluoxetine hydrochloride, Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, and Ambien CR?
  Consult your doctor.
[ ★♏ . A I R ]
what are the dangers in oral ingestion of 30 pills of oxycodone/acetaminophen 5-325M?
Last night, over the course of about 4 hours, I swallowed about 30 pills of oxycodone/acetaminophen 5-325M. I slept fine and feel fine today. What should I be concerned about? This was not a suicide attempt.
  Go to the ER... NOW... please go soon... Liver damage, kidney damage, lasting affects on your body that could be fatal.

You don't need to take ANY more Oxy for a while.
Ashley M
how much hydrocodne is in the liquid elixer Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen?
how much hydrocodne is in the liquid elixer Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen? and how much acetaminophen? is it 2.5 in 5ml?

thanks in adbance
Amy S
Can someone please help me with a question about Midol and Ibuprofen?
Hi, I use medications with ibuprofen like Motrin and Advil to deal with cramps. However, I have recently noticed that I suffer from quite a bit of bloating also so I'm thinking about switching to Midol which is also supposed to help with bloat and fatigue. One thing I've noticed about Midol is that it does not use ibuprofen for pain relief, it uses something called Acetaminophen. Anyway I usually take 1 or 2 200 mg of ibuprofen to deal with the pain but Midol uses 500 mg of Acetaminophen for each gelcap. Does anyone know if the two drugs have equal pain relieving power? Thanks, your answers are much appreciated.
I did say I'm planning on switching to Midol not taking both and I've gone to but I'm trying to find out if ibuprophen and acetaminophen have equal pain relieving power or do you have to take more or less.
  I take midol because cannot take any ibuprofen or aspirin products and it does have less of the pain reliever than your ibuprofen,but midol has caffeine in it. and in pain relievers the caffeine absorbs the medicine to help it to work faster. you should be able to go to for info on midol and caffeine with pain relievers
Are the following classified as narcotics: 1.Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride 2.Chlorpheniramine Maleate &..?
Are the following classified as narcotics:
1.Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride
2.Chlorpheniramine Maleate
3. Dicyclomine Hydrochloride
Please let me know for each item. Is there a list available online where the names of narcotic items used in medicnes is listed?
  You can check on the web site It has all you want to know about any med.
I was wondering if it was safe to drink alcohol tomorrow night if I take my last flexeril tonight?
I've been prescribed Flexeril and Tramadol for my back pain, both say do not consume alcohol with. SO I was wondering if it would be safe to drink alcohol tomorrow night, if I take my last flexeril now, and my last tramadol was hours ago? I think it would be but just wondering if anyone knows much about these medications?
  Flexeril I know a little about I take a small dose myself. You should be fine if yours is around 5mg. Tramadol don't know a thing about.
Rose M Colton McPherson Portz
how to make Diltiazem Hydrochloride for injection stability?
we make Diltiazem Hydrochloride to dry powder for injection , but it degaretion after one month. it have another substance. how to make it stability? Diltiazem Hydrochloride must be preserved in tight,light-resistant and cool containers.
zheng y
  Why are you asking this? If you are working for a legitimate company making diltiazem, the chemists would know what to do.
If you're working for a less than legitimate company.....
Do any of these rx drugs get you fucked up.?!?
ChlorproMAZINE Hydrochloride
Hydrochloride Extended-release
Lescol XL
Zocor (simuastatin)
Augmentin XR

any of them?!

thankks (=
not looking for remarks..


  One is an antibiotic(for infections),One is an Antihistimine(for allergies)....what are you doing,going through your parent's Medicine Cabnit?!?

I'm not going to "help" you...but I'm sure we have plenty of people who will,they believe in "helping" kids get "high safely" around here!

Why don't you go join a sport...or something useful that will encourage your health/body....NOT DESTROY IT ;-)
Mrs Jim
Poll on over-the-counter pain relievers...?
Which OTC pain reliever do you prefer to use or is most effective at decreasing your pain?

a) Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

b) Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin)

c) Naproxen (Aleve)

d) Aspirin (Bayer, St. Joseph)

e) Ketoprofen (Orudis KT)

f) Combo pills of acetaminophen and aspirin (like Excedrin)

g) Other - if you choose "Other", please list
Sigh... only two answers so far. I need at least 30 for this to be an even remotely legitimate poll.
Common Sense
  Ibuprofen for sure. For some reason extra strenght tylenol doesnt even work as good as ib does.
bRi!--It's a GIRL 3/4/11
Any cures for people with Hepatitis C for headaches ?
A friend has Hepatitis C. Her liver is weak due to the Hep C. I looked up a list of things she should be avoiding and taking more of.She's not supposed to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen because it weakens the liver. However, she got a really bad headache today and couldn't take anything to relieve the pain. Any ideas for home remedies to relieve headaches or any other medicines she can take?
Any advice would be appreciated.
  Most books say that the typical approach is low dose acetaminophen (500-1000mg) per day which most texts say isn't too harmful, but that would probably assume you were not in the later stages. I hate to say it but in many cases I see narcotics being used such as a low acetaminophen hydrocodone combo. 10/325 or something like that to minimize the amount of tylenol. I have to say this but, opiate pain medications can be very addictive as I cannot suggest someone resort to that unless they are aware of the potential dangers if they aren't already. Oxycodone is not supposed to be harmful to the liver, or at least not that any research has found yet that I'm aware of. So, that is sometimes used if the dr. feels it is appropriate. I would assume that a plain oxycodone pill minus the tylenol would be the best bet if absolutely necessary. I guess it would all depend on what other health problems you have and what parts of your gastrointestinal system are most sensitive. Even the oxycodone while not particularly harmful to your liver can cause constipation and that probably wouldn't be real helpful if your friends liver is weak. It's really tough to find a pain med that is side-effect free... although exedrin has always worked wonders for me, tylenol and aspirin by themselves do nothing, but small doses of caffeine are added to dilates the blood vessels.

I have been making a list of herbal remedies that are safe and effective, and it seems that she may find an answer there. Ultimately, it is up to her doctor to decide what is best suited for your friends case. Try searching the links below and perhaps you may find some info she can discuss with her doctor there.

There is a link below where you can find a lot of storys from others. The first is a topic on pain meds, and the other is just the entrance to a forum of countless others dealing with this disease.
Bradley F
Phentermine Hydrochloride online?
What is the best that you have used? or does anyone know of a website where I can get Phentermine hydrochloride without a perscription. I want the tablets not capsules. My sister was buying them from and now they do not have them.
With My Forever
  Go to
(I know it is a body building website)
Click on Other Treatments
Click Weight Management
Select the dose you want and put in your cart
Fill out info for billing and shipping.
After you have paid, you will see a questionnaire pop up. Fill this out and make up a fake name to go into the Physicians info spot. After you finish filling it out (of course saying you are very healthy) Click Submit.
You will see at the very top it will say Your order has been successful. It will look like you need to do something else because the screen stays on the same page you filed out.
Just X out of the screen and your meds will get to you in 2 days.
I order from this place only....and you do not have to wait for your script to renew before you can order more.
Best of all it is an American pharmacy out of Jacksonville, FL.
Mixing naproxen,acetaminophen and fexmid?
I have a lot of muscle pain that flares up occasionally. I had a prescrip for 500 mg of vimovo (naproxen and esomerprazole magnesium) and Fexmid 7.5 mg (cyclobenzaprine). I took the naproxen thinking it was a muscle relaxer and then took two 500 mg of acetaminophen. I checked the internet to make sure that was not a problem and it looks okay. But i would like to take the fexmid (muscle relaxer) but do not want to have an interaction. Anyone know about this? Thanks for your help.
  I do not know what the espo magnesium is but you can take the flexeril (FEXMID) with the acatamenophen and naproxin.
Teeth whitening after tetracycline hydrochloride?
I've tried Britesmile and it didn't do much at all. Anyone know of any other system that will work after taking tetracycline hydrochloride?
  Your NOT going to find anything that will remove that staining.

Zoom Whitening, is the best system out there, that i have seen. I perform the Zoom Whitening Treatment in my office. Plain and simple it wont whiten Tetracycline stains. Nothing will.... Not even, Internal Bleaching. I've seen it (internal bleaching by the doctors) and done it (the Zoom treatment).. and its just NOT going to happen.
what are lincomycin hydrochloride and lidocaine hydrochloride gel use for?
  Lincomycin hydrochloride is mainly used for fighting respiratory tract and soft tissue infections.

there's another type: It is indicated for the infections due to Staphylococcus,Streptococcus Pneumococcus and anaerobes. It may cause enteritis of pseudo-menbrane after prolonged administration. Patients with hepatic insufficiency should use prudently.

Lidocaine hydrochloride is used as a pain reliever. Lidocaine (lignocaine) belongs to a group of medicines known as local anaesthetics. Lidocaine acts to block temporarily the pathway of pain impulses along nerve fibres. This relieves or prevents pain in the area where it has been injected. This preparation is injected to provide local anaesthesia for minor procedures, such as dental surgery.

you can check out these websites. it's good. good luck!
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
I failed a drug test for meth-amphetamine. I don't do drugs, so I was wondering if pseudoephedrine hydrochloride contained some type of ingredient to cause this. I took Sudafed 12 hour sinus relief.
  yes it could of caused a positive result-- this is one of the chemicals used to make meth. it should be out of your system in 3 to 5 days-- ask for another test
Can someone allergic to compazine safely take tramadol?
  I dont see why not. They are two completely different medications. Compazine is an anitemetic, antipsychotic and is used for nausea, vomiting and some psychotic disorders. Tramadol is a central analgesic used for management of moderate to severe pain.
Funky Monkey
Hydrocodone Bitartrate Oral Solution?
I know this is going to sound awful but I figured I should try anyway.

Just recently I was released from the hospital after a surgery. I as given prescriptions for Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Oral solution and Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen pills but, while taking the dosage prescribed (for the oral solution), we were unable to manage my pain. I later called my doctor who simply told me "take more". My family has a history of having weak livers so the thought of taking such a large amount of Acetaminophen made me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I contacted my doctor who said I would be fine but I was still uncomfortable. While doing my own little research, I found that I could safely extract the hydrocodone from the pills (which honestly led to my boyfriend wondering if I was using it for more then just my pain) but I was unable to find if I could extract it from the oral solution....

My question is.. is there any way to extract the hydrocodone from the oral solution? Would the cold water extraction work?
  ok ill let u know
bear cub
How many mg's in a tramadol (Ultracet) pill that says O M on one side and 650 on the other?
Also, what is the street price of them?
  They are 325mgs-37.5mg, and no you can't get high off of it, if you want to do this your self, next time go to pill and you can find out the source of any pill.
I never heard of anyone selling these, but the price would be very low, like maybe 75 cents not over a doller, but it's almost the same as extra strength tylenol, so why would anyone want to buy some crap like that? Now if you had Viccodon, percocet, oxy's, then ya, you would make some cash.
leah j
does a non narcotic pain reliever such as tramadol or relafen show up in a UA?
  Relafen is not as readily detectable as tramadol but both are prescription and it would be better to use Ibuprofen if your concerned
is it safe to take 3 acetaminophen and codeine phosphate?
is it safe to take 3acetaminophen and codeine phosphate?
each tablet contains
acetaminophen USP.......... 300mg
codeine phosphate...... 30mg?
Big NO
That will blow your liver away bud.

Do not do it. Switch to ibuprofen or aspirin. Drink tons and tons of water or juices.
I do not know what your body weight is, but that is enough acetominaphen to really do some damage.
is it safe to take 3 acetaminophen and codeine phosphate?
is it safe to take 3acetaminophen and codeine phosphate?
each tablet contains
acetaminophen USP.......... 300mg
codeine phosphate...... 30mg?

Big NO
That will blow your liver away bud.

Do not do it. Switch to ibuprofen or aspirin. Drink tons and tons of water or juices.
I do not know what your body weight is, but that is enough acetominaphen to really do some damage.
Is Pramoxine hydrochloride the same as hydrocortisone acetate?
I used hydrocortisone for relief of some eczema around my mouth and it worked fine. I was wondering if Pramoxine hydrochloride is the same thing? I did some searching and they both show up together.
Look Its Jay
  Pramoxine is a topical anesthetic used to reduce itching.
Hydrocortisone is a steroid.
Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) ok during pregnancy?
I am having problems digesting my food. I am 5 months pregnant. My Dr. told me to take Betaine hydrochloride and pepsin with my meals to help me digest (HCL). Is this safe during pregnancy? My Dr says it is, but I see conflicting reports on the web.
  What you are seeing on the web is talking about exposure to vapors of hydrochloric acid, not about taking pills with a meal. Sort of like saying you can't drink from the municipal water supply because it is treated with chlorine when we know that chlorine gas is poison, especially to babies.

However, if you are still concerned, there are alternatives. You can take digestive bitters (Chamomile, Chickory, Gentian or a product called Swedish Bitters) at the start of a meal to increase your production of HCL. Also very helpful to sip vinegar water with meals. Mix 2-3 teaspoons apple cider vinegar and equal amount of honey in a little hot water. After it's dissolved, add cool water until it tastes pleasant.
Janet S
NyQuil or Theraflu for a cold?
I am about to go to bed and was thinking what should I take before I do so? I have body aches, feel clammy and have been tired all day. I also feel very horse I guess would be there term? I guess congested in my chest would better describe it. I want to wake up feeling better =) So Should I take Theraflu for FLU & Sore throat or Vicks NyQuil (nighttime) Multi-sympton Cold/Flue relief.

Theraflu contains Acetaminophen 650 mg Pheniramine maleate 20 mg and Phenylphrine hydrochlodride 10mg

NyQuil contains Acetaminophen 500 mg Dextromethorphan 15 mg and doxylamine succinate 6.25 mg

So which is the better to take?
Whitey's Latina
Is there anyway to chemically remove the Acetaminophen from Vicodin ES to make pure Hydrocodone?
Is there anyway to chemically remove the Acetaminophen from Vicodin ES to make pure Hydrocodone? Perhaps a coffee filter and some common household items?
  I wouldn't think so but if you can do it send me some!
Can I take Tylenol while taking Nabumetone and Tramadol?
I have been having headaches recently and am not sure what I can take to help bring the pain down. Does anyone know what I can take?
Any difference between different types of diphenhydramine hydrochloride?
I go through quite a bit of benadryl to deal with allergies. Is there any reason why I shouldn't start buying the cheap, generic over-the-counter sleep aids containing the same dose (25mg) of diphenhydramine hydrochloride as benadryl?
  If you live in the United States then the FDA should ensure that any product advertised as containing 25mg dephenhydramine HCL will be the same as benadryl (the pink ones). If you take the green ones it'll have additional ingredients as well.
Hector S
Why shouldn't Diabetics have Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride?
I am diabetic and wanted to take some Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride) and in the information leaflet that comes with the tablets it says do not take if you are diabetic. Whats the reason behind this?
Thanks but this isn't a site and cannot find what you want me to read....really need someone who knows the answer as I have already searched the net before coming on here and asking!!
Thanks formley_bob :o)
pleurisy and tussicaps?
i have really bad bronchitis and pleurisy. i was prescribed tramadol and benzonatate ( they called it something pearls..they are like little gel caps). Well, the tramadol has not helped with the pain at all. I called the dr. today and told him, and he called me in something called "tussicaps". Has anyone ever heard of this? does it help for pleurisy? the pain in my chest is terrible!! I can hardly take a deep breath. it feels like i am being stabbed all the way through to my back. the prescribtion for the tussicaps says take 2 a day, if i take one and it doesn't help can i take another one a little while later or do i have to wait a certain amount of time? I would call and ask the Dr., but they are closed now and won't be back till after Christmas. Help!!
They did give me an antibiotic, zithromax. They also asked me if i had a productive cough, and i told them that i's green with little thready red in it. I had a chest x-ray but it was clear. they actually gave me 2 print outs when i was for bronchitis, and one for pleurisy. so, i don't know what i have but that is what they told me i had. either way, the medicine they gave me doesn't seem to do a thing! it's been about 2 weeks now and i still feel like my chest is going to cave in!
Cha togar m'fhearg gun diola
  Bronchitis and pleurisy don't go together. The pain in your chest is more likely to be strained intercostal muscles from coughing. Pleurisy happens when you have pneumonia, atelectasis, chest wall injury, a history of pleuritis from TB, some pneumoconioses. If you had told your doctor you have pleuritic type chest pain I'm sure he would have ordered a chest xray to check for what I listed above and a few more things.What he did order is a cough suppressant. This will reduce the number of times you cough and therefore lessen the strain on your muscles. If you had a productive cough he/she would have asked you what color you are bringing up. But that didn't happen or he/she would have ordered an antibiotic for you and not a cough suppressant.
Do not exceed the reccomended dose of any medicine that your doctor prescribes or you get OTC. Go to an emergency room and let them decide what's best.
God bless you and keep you healthy.
How Many Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Can I Have In One Day?
I am 15, and have been prescribed fexofenadine hydrochloride 120mg. How many of these can i take a day for added effectiveness?
i am prescribed to take 1 a day, but is it safe to take more?
  More is not always better, and it's true in this case. If you are prescribed 1 a day then it's not safe to take more.
what is donperidone, Lansoprozole, tramadol,Mebeverine, Prochlorperazine and Loperamide?
My dad takes these tablets as he had cancer 3 years ago what are the side effects?
clare m
  Lansoprozole......antiulcer agent........side effect dizziness headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea

tramadol....analgesic (pain)..........side effect dizziness, headache, somnolence, constipation, nausea

prochlorperazine.........aniemetics, anitpsychotics........side effects extrapyramidal reactions, blurred vision, dry eyes, constipation, dry mouth

loperamide..........antidiarrheals...........side effect drowsiness, constipation

the side effects i listed are the most common.

the donperidone and mebeverine are not listed in my book....check your spelling.........will be glad to look them up for you
Is there a risk of addiction to the paracetamol tablet under the brand name UNIFLU?
Uniflu tabs contains among others (i) paracetamol 500mg, (ii) diphenhydramine hydrochloride 15mg, (iii) phenylephrine hydrochloride 10mg. It is indicated for symptomatic relief from influenza, colds, nasal & sinus congestions, coughing, fever, headaches, allergic conditions, hayfever, etc.
Lonely Man
  There is no physiological mechanism by which anyone can become addicted to paracetamol. There have been reports of addiction to combination products where paracetamol is combined with an opioid medicine, but this has nothing to do with the paracetamol component.
Phenylephrine hydrochloride has had cases of addiction however tolerance is more reported and is recognised in most countries as non addictive.
Im more concerned about diphenhydramine hydrochloride which continuous use of this medication can lead to dependency and addiction.

I suggest you seek medical help if you feel you are unable to stop taking this medication

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HealthExec2U: @AshleyElleXoXo ok, stop using it. Your body might not have a good reaction to the acetaminophen or tramadol hydrochloride they contain.
Aniferous54: Pill imprint AN 627 has been identified as Tramadol hydrochloride 50 mg. Tramadol is used in the treatment of pain; back pain; fibromyalgia
QuestionsManUK: #Icefilms - Health & Beauty i have taken 50 50mg tramadol hydrochloride over the last 3 days will i die?
CHIRO_EDGE: Read food labels carefully - pyridoxine hydrochloride or thiamin hydrochloride R chemical (man made) forms of B vitamins added to food.
cornerworker: @pueblokc use wimpy ones like tramadol/ Ultram. When I'm in the hospital I get Dilaudid.
tsangels5: @DrPatty1 I'm pretty sure ur right! I know the gabapentin tramadol and savella aren't doing the trick.